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Is Vontae Davis on the trade block?

The NFL is aflutter tonight because the Indianapolis Colts are working on a big trade and, of course, no one really knows the specifics but fans across the league are speculating it involves their team.

Miami fans being no different, there is much speculation the Dolphins might be involved. And that speculation further includes the idea that Vontae Davis is the player the Dolphins have on the trade block.

Before we go that far afield let me share the facts:

Indy owner Jim Irsay tweeted Thursday, "SERIOUS TRADE WINDS Swirling! We're talking given (sic) up a high pick for SERIOUS Vet/Starter! ...these deals often crumble n don't reach completion"

Then the Colts' colorful owner added, "Colts fans.. Your GM Mr. Grigson isn't afraid to roll the dice n aggressively improve OUR Indiananpolis Colts n my check book stands ready."

Well, the Colts are in serious need of offensive line help. They are also known to be needing cornerback help. So Dallas cornerback Michael Jenkins comes to mind. Except the Cowboys, through sources, are denying Jenkins is going to be dealt.

And Davis comes to mind because he lost his starting job to Richard Marshall this training camp when he came to camp overweight and out of shape. Davis is back in shape now, but he has still not been able to regain his starting job. And, if you have any memory, you know Davis has a history for being suspended -- having suffered that fate once last year when he showed up late and hung over to a practice after a night of drinking and also in 2010 when he was similarly kept out of the starting lineup but got into the game in the second quarter for breaking a team rule.

Aside from that, it must be said, Davis is not a star. He's a roller coaster -- sometimes very good, sometimes bad. He averages three interceptions and 10 passes defensed per season.

None of this means Davis is about to be dealt. That must be said. But I have an uneasy  feeling about this. Call it instinct.

I did try to reach out to sources to either confirm or deny that Davis is on the block. No one returned a text. Not a one. This, by the way, is rare. The only time this happened in the past 12 months is when I asked if Chad Johnson would be released. Obviously, no one wanted to say anything until the player was actually cut. Afterward, I got confirmation texts on the topic.

All I'm saying is I'm getting the silent treatment on this topic and that raises flags for me.

[Update: At 1:56 AM I got a text message back from a team source. The source was aware of what is being said about Davis and called it, "rumors." So that suggests this is not serious.]

Having said all this, I believe we'll get a very, very clear message on whether Davis is indeed on the block Friday evening when the Dolphins play the Falcons. If Davis does not play you can just about bet the Dolphins are trying to deal the former first-round draft pick.

So would I be surprised if Davis is traded? At the risk of sounding naive, yes I would. He's only 24 years old. He's a kid. There is reason to be optimistic he might mature in the next couple of years and become the player his gifts suggest he could be.

He is also cheap. Davis is signed through 2013 and because he's still on his rookie contract, he'll be making only $957,500 this season and $1,136,250 next year. That is a bargain for a starting cornerback. That is a bargain for a No. 3 cornerback.

And ...

Even if Davis is a failure as a starter, the value of a No. 3 cornerback in the NFL is huge. That player is on the field anywhere 50 to 65 percent of the time in today's pass-happy league. I would suppose the Dolphins would be more comfortable with Davis in the game than Nolan Carroll, who is a nice player, but hardly a lockdown cornerback with the same potential as Davis.

The only way this is a great idea from a purely football standpoint -- off-field and drinking issues notwithstanding -- is if the Dolphins get a first-round pick in return for Davis. That's what they paid for him. A second rounder? Yes, the Colts may not be a very good team and might again draft quite high next year.

But it's simply bad form to continue giving up players that cost high picks in exchange for lower picks. That's what the Dolphins did in trading Brandon Marshall for two third-round picks after giving up two second-round picks for him.

So getting a second or third-round pick for Davis after drafting him in the first round would feel wrong. There is, of course, a caveat to that. What if the Dolphins could get a second-round pick and tight end Coby Fleener or perhaps a wide reciever.

Vontae Davis for a second-rounder and T.Y. Hilton?

I might do that.



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Robby, that was my guess also... Just talked to my friend who loves Donald Brown, to stick that rumor in his ear! He has season tickets to Indy. :)

Maybe Chris Chambers will be ready by game one. Maybe that is what they are secretly banking on. We all know that we do not have anyone that scares the opposing defense. Given the opportunity, I could turn Wallace into another Brandon Marshall in one weeks time. I want to be compensated though!

Geez, an entire post an a rumor?

I hear they are flying another Fire Ireland over the stadium for the home opener....


Sparano was a bad HC. He couldn't coach players up to play better. He couldn't develop a guys confidence with all his micro-managing. The 1st round picks have been good so far. Vontae is good when he wants to be just immature with his attitude, the way he talks, conducts himself, basically everything about him. But he is a good CB. Odrick looks promising and good but not sure how he fits a 4-3. Pouncey is going to be a beast at C or possibly guard (remember that prediction fellas). Tannehill better then advertised thus far.

The problem is that round 2 and after. The swing and completely missed o-linemen, WRs, Pat White, Koa Misi is what has set this franchise back. Now Sparano wasn't good at bringing out the best in those guys so let's hope Philbin is true to his Green Bay roots and has that ability. However, Ireland/Parcells are much to blame. They couldn't hit on a later round star to save their life. Parcells left because he saw what direction this team was headed. Love Parcells but he killed us Dolphins with his worst work ever. Ireland on the other hand has had just 2 seasons out of the shadows and appears to have not set any further plan in place to come up with difference makers on either side. Miami has solid to good players across the board, none elite/great at what they do besides the the no brainer Jake Long.

Monte, I heard that too. Good.

if the Fins stink again this year, I don't see any way that Ireland survives.....but a new GM also means the possibility of another new coaching staff......so possibly alot of turnover/change again at the top, possibly new schemes for the offense and defense.....not great.

Check out our predictions for tonights preseason game against the Flacons, and what to look for in the game.

how would trading Davis be helpfull to the Dolphins? Another 2nd rd pick that always duds out? Our last several 2nd rd picks were duds. Think, a QB, a RT, a RB, and on and on and on, its a never ending cycle. Either just trade the #2 pk every year or hire a new GM. Compare what the Dolphins have picked at #2 to what they could have picked at #2 and youll see how badly the fish have fared. We know what Davis is, and I say keep him.

They should've fired Ireland instead of Sparano. No coach can succeed without any talent.

thanks BPA

Don't mind me. I talk a lot but none of it means anything.

Andy, agree with you on Sanu. I liked him a lot at Rutgers. Not the fastest guy but such a big and reliable target. Physically reminds me a lot of the guy KC took out of Pitt .. what's his name again, Baldwin???? Oh well, can't win them all ...

Trade some average player on high earnings and free up some cap space for some quality newcomers.Who? any player at all.

Solid analysis Andy. The only thing I might question is that we have solid to good players across the board. If we had average players across the board I would expect we'd be an average team say 7-9 to 9-7. But my guess is most in the know would be shocked if we threaten 8-8 this year. Personally I think we will win six games or so due to playing some bad teams with below average QBs. We'll see.


I like Sanu a lot. He plays very fluid and athletic and if you anyone ever saw him play he plays faster then some BS 40 time which is the most over rated event at the combine. Any guys can train like a track star and light up a 40 time but time and time again we see guys who are supposed to be fast but can't get seperation or run away from a defender. Sanu can. He was highly productive in college. Most receptions ever in a season for a Big East player. Broke Fitzgerald's record. What was not to like?

Ireland is in over his head and it's too bad the owner knows nothing about football because if he did he would see the lack of talent Miami has compared to the rest of the league on both sides.

don't trade davis unless we get a 2nd for him. his brother was the same now he's one of the best TEs in the league. Davis needs to become more mature and Philbin is the right guy to get him there.

bond, david bond, When Welker was here, he was a not so great 2nd option. Here are his stats his 3 years here.

2004 0 receptions, 0 yards. 0 TD's
2005 29 receptions, 434 yards, 0 TD's
2006 67 receptions, 687 yards, 1 TD

Right now anyone of you would be happy to get a 2nd for him if you saw these stats. It was Saban who traded him.

They should've fired Ireland instead of Sparano. No coach can succeed without any talent.

Posted by: Fin 77


Ross is a football moron. Remember he was doing a coaching search while he still had a coach. Cowher put him in his place saying he wouldnt interview while a HC was employed. LOL. And how about Ross honoring the opponent Tebow? Absurd. Or saying Henne was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino? The worst owner I've ever seen.

Stra8balla, No I don't think 3 Hartlines would put up Megatron numbers individually. But collectively they would do fine. In Green Bay the highest drafted receiver is Jordy Nelson who was drafted in the 2nd round. I don't know what you know about Hartline but he's 6'2" 200, and runs a 4.7 40, and a high hurdler at OSU. He average 15.7 yards per reception last year. His 1st 3 years compare favorably with Nelson's 3 years. He could make a difference when he comes back.

Guys the problem with Ross is he knows nothing about football, real estate sure but football zippo. Ireland butt kissed him and kept his job then he pretty much stabbed Sparano in the back like Brutus did Caesar. Im looking forward to wacthing the game today specically to see what Tannehill does, I dont care about anyone else cause you already know what they bring to the table. Mediocracy!

Poizen I hope I'm wrong too. I hope we go 14-2 and I will wear a pink shirt that says "Mr Wrong" every day for a year.

Andy, I agree tha the management we've had during the last 5 years or so has been awful in terms of handing out contracts and managing the cap. No way a team with only a pro bowl left tackle should be in a bad cap position. That is awful.

What exactly is dawn Aponte's job? Isn't some of it supposed to be how to properly structure a contract so that it minimizes the cap effect and to make sure we don't overpay for players???

Man, the information is out there even to the public. KC Joyner does a great job of ranking players position by position and even though it's not perfect, gives a pretty good idea as to what each player's performance is relative to their peers.


I wish Ross and Ireland brought mediocrity to the table! It would be a huge upgrade to stinking.

Mike, your points about Welker prove that our organization is garbage. Welker went to a good team and showed what he can do.

In fact, I'm surprised Welker's 99 yard TD last year is not more discussed. In addition to the fact that Welker has put up 6 straight 100 reception seasons or something like that plus all the super bowls etc since we lost him, then then he has a 99 yard TD against us in a game in which we give up 850 yards for an ll time record.....absolutely 200% pure *humiliation*. I honestly can't think of a more humiliating story in the history of professional sports, in any sport.

Look this one up: What was the longest pass play of Dan Marino's career? Hint: not even close to 99 yards. Not even 90 yards.

And we all know Marino took hundreds of snaps from his own 1 and had plenty of chances to have a 99 yard TD pass.

Nope, the only 99 yard TD pass in the history of any game involving the Fins was AGAINST us in a humiliating nationally televized game and it was done by our Wes Welker, who was not really given a chance to be more than a punt returner and was thought of as at typical marginal white guy when he was here.

There should be a movie about Wes Welker and the Dolphins.

Hey, is Ross going to honor Tebow again this year?

The longest pass play of Marino's career was 85 yards. He did it twice.

Wes Welker, a 5'8" former Fin, went for a 99 yard TD against us last year in a humiliatingly nationally televized game in which we gave up 700 yards and 86 points.

Vontae Davis was a Parcells pick.

Tim Couch, btw San Diego cut him that's how we got him, so they didn't see his talent either. Saban traded him because of cap issues. We tendered him a 1st and a 3rd. The tead just couldn't pay him after NE signed him to an offer sheet.It had nothing to do with missing his talent. Besides he had shown nothing in his 1st 3 years that he would be as good as he is.

Tim Couch, wrong again TIM, the score was 38-24, NE totaled 617 yard, Henne threw for 417, and the Phins totaled over 500 yard of total offense.

Another FIRELAND stud.

not sure why the 99 yard Welker pass/play should get more attention....he beat 1 mediocre CB (who didn't even miss the tackle.....just got behind him and he was gone)--the masterful touch of Brady makes that play, not Welker.....he simply catches a 15 yard ball in the air and gets to the end zone mostly untouched--hardly some great play by WW

I know Mike. Henne was great that game too. I was complaining about our defense.

Regarding mando's article...
There's very few guys on our team I wouldn't trade for picks. Definitely a few untouchables, but way more shoulder-shrugs.

One stipulation though... Ireland isn't the one to use the picks. In his hands wine turns to water.

Vontae? Maybe. Depends on what we get.

Honestly though, I think this is a gut reaction by Mando, and it should've been understated. He may be right... but there's really no evidence he is. Just a feeling that something's amiss, and he took his best guess.

I like to talk a lot, but I know nothing. As a matter of fact, I AM A WEALTH OF USELESS INFORMATION.

trading vontae davis robs our secondary of one of the few faces it has capable of instilling fear into the opposing offense. great defensive teams like pittsburgh play tough, and the only two tough guys in our secondary currently are vontae and reshad. davis can certainly hold his own, and will only get better. the only reason that should determine his release is if he is NOT coachable. we all know he lacked conditioning last year, ala tom brady and the pats(game 1), with our defense somewhat ailing this preseason, it would be a huge loss even if he was only slotted to play as the third cornerback. we know what he is capable of, and so far this preseason, our secondary has been shredded, by a back-up QB none the less. loosing vontae would be devestating.

Irsay on twitter . . . remember, twitter starts with twit

Mando you were right. I was wrong. Vonte out of here.

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