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Excellent training camp update right here

The quarterbacks were solid today at Dolphins camp.

Matt Moore, working with the starters most of the day, did nice work in Inside-the-30 team drills today, finding Davone Bess for a TD against the starting defense. It took Moore seven plays to get in the end zone from 28 yards out.

Ryan Tannehill, who took mostly second-team snaps, also threw a 13-yard TD pass to Marlon Moore over Nolan Carroll. It took Tannehill three plays to get in the end zone.

Working with the third-team offense, David Garard got his unit in the end zone in one play. He threw a 28-yard strike to Chris Hogan. Done. It was as if Garrard, the best QB in camp so far, was making a point.

(Meanwhile, let me say that Hogan has impressed the heck out of me. All he does is make plays. He doesn't drop passes. He's simply productive. Having said that, it hasn't translated to him getting more than third-team reps so far so he's not quite a factor yet. But did I mention that I love the guy? Keep an eye out.)

Here is the play-by-play of the Inside-the-30 work today:

First team

1-10-28: Reggie Bush 4-rush.

2-4-24: Bush 1-yard on sweep.

3-3-23: Matt Moore scramble for 5.

1-10-18: Moore pass to Charles Clay on misdirection play gains 4 yards.

2-6-14: Moore incomplete.

3-6-14: Moore incomplete.

4-6-14: Moore TD to Bess.

Second team

1-10-28: Lamar Miller gains 10 yards on a pitch left.

1-10-18: Ryan Tannehill scrambles for 5 yards (tight end was supposed to be in flat but wasn't).

2-5-13: Tannehill to Marlon Moore for TD.

Third team

1-10-28: David Garrard to Chris Hogan for TD.

Fourth team

1-10-28: Miller no gain.

2-10-28: Pat Devlin incomplete.

3-10-28: Delay of game.

3-15-33: Andrew Mcdonald false start.

3-20-38: Devlin to Marcus Thigpen for 14 yards.

The first-team offensive line has been stable since the start of training camp with LT Jake Long, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG Artis Hicks, and RT Jonathan Martin.

As I said on twitter during practice, coach Joe Philbin obviously believes more in cohesiveness and cohesion along the line than the previous regime which often experimented with varying combinations of linemen in the name of finding position flexibility.

I suppose it could be argued that the previous regime was always making changes because the players ultimately never locked down spots. That is true.

But do you believe Artis Hicks has locked down the right guard spot? No way.

And yet he has been locked at the starting RG position since camp began. There has been no experimentation.

One thing that did change on second team today was that Lydon Murtha did not take his usual reps as the second-team RT. Those went to Andrew McDonald, a rookie from Indiana. For Murtha, who was supposed to be the starter last year before getting hurt and was supposed to challenge for the job this year before Martin basically took the job, this is not good news. If today is an indication, he's heading in the wrong direction.

It was interesting to see rookie Lamar Miller get first-team snaps today. If you're a loyal reader of this blog or my columns, you know I really liked the Miller draft selection by Miami. Well, today he got the repetitions with the first team in team drills at the end of practice.

He didn't do antyhing in those eight plays but did a nice job with the second-team on Inside-the-30 work earlier in practice when he took a pitch and went around right end for 10 yards. A defender had the angle on him and he simply outran him to the edge. A safety was the only player between Miller and a TD.

Miller's speed has made him a candidate for kick and punt return duties since camp began. He's running second- or third-team on kick returns today (depending on the day) behind Steve Slaton with Marcus Thigpen also getting second-team work.

Here's what Miller thinks of his status:


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Good job Mando, sounds like the defense is getting torched out there.

Moore had better win the backup qb job decisively over Tannehill or his future as a Dolphin will grow very very short. Also, if he wins backup qb decisively over Tannehill, it forces the fins to carry 3 qb's this year. If Not, they'll only carry 2, Garrard as starter and Tannehill as backup.

Garrard 3rd string is no surprise.


If you'll notice, the 1st team offense led by Moore, scored thier td on 4th down and 6yds to go. Meaning under normal situations the defense won.

During a regular season game, noway we go for it on 4th down a 6.


Garrard working with 3rd team on this drill, Tannehill 2nd team, and Moore 1st team. Pretty much suggest to me where the coaches are ranking these qb right now, except in reverse order.

Garrard ----starter
Tannehill --backup
Moore ------next flight out of Miami

Doesn't make any sense to release either of the two vets. If they do, the same day someone with playoff aspirations will sign him to be their backup. Too valuable a commodity to let walk for nothing.

Devlin is practice squad again.

Moore and Hartline. Tick Tock

The guy on the last post talking about McCarthy This McCarthy That. Neither Phil or Mike Designed the GB Formula. Mike Holmgren brought the WCO to Green Bay.

Who was Coach and Offensive Coordinator before McCarthy? Mike Sherman.

Who's offense are we installing? Shermans with Philbins Philosophy. Up-Tempo, Zone Blocking, Multiple WR's.

McCarthy was Shermans OC before he became Coach.

Take that back. McCarthy didn't coach under the same team as Sherman. They Taught the Same System. The Holmgren WCO.

But Sherman was the one that gave the Go Ahead to Draft Aaron Rodgers. Not McCarthy.

Take that back, Sherman and McCarthy didn't coach under the same team. They Run the Same Offense, The Holmgren WCO.

But Sherman is partly Responsible for Drafting Rodgers and McCarthy is not.

All these talk about Miami trading for Mike Wallace is not gonna happen because he will never wanna play for a sorry team that he knows will never even have a wildcard chance.

Shocker on Murtha. So many fans with wet panties over how good he would be. Another fine example of how none of you know a dam* thing other than to buy the hype these non intelligle reporters give you.

Carry on Ladies!

I like the general vibe of this training camp. It's like Minnie Pearl once said at the Grand Ole Opry: "The dead and mangled bodies decaying in the steaming Vietnamese jungles shall not deter me from performing tonight."

Onward, Miami. Do not pause on the path to glory nor absorb the naysayers.

3 picks for D Thomas was moronic. He's 4th string.

1. Totally agree that they shouldn't cut Matt Moore if he loses the starting QB duel. He is a very valuable commodity in that he is a borderline starter in the NFL (at worst) and he is signed for only $2.5 million which is nothing. $2.5 million for a solid backup at the most important position on the team? That is excellent value.

2. I would sit Tannehill for at least the first 10 games and see if Garrard can keep the team in the mix for a wildcard. IF (big IF) Garrard plays just above average, this team can definitely compete for a wildcard because the rest of the roster is pretty damn good.

Julio, you are a clown. D. Thomas is better than all the Steelers RBs put together.

I had written off the season a few weeks ago before camp started. But if Garrard can put together a nice season (like Moore last year), I think this team can do some damage. I like the rest of the roster.

Hi Armando, is real nice to read your blog again...
by the way how look the kid we draft from Stanford to play Right tackle? I know he was playing left tackle in College, and the change of position is not that easy, and I would like to know how goes the transition in your own opinion?

I hate to break it to some of you.....but this is not only practice ....but is is ONE series.....

I know we all love to here the first sentence on the 20th page of the 2nd chapter of a book....then (in our minds) make-up a beginning, middle and end to the whole book....but this should be hard for those with even the most vivid imagination should have a hard time trying to see thru their crystal ball.....


kinda patting yourself on the back with that headline....aren't ya..... :)

No one in the office today so I spent the afternoon watching Youtube of Ryan Tannehill vs Baylor, Arkansas and didn't finish Oklahoma State but some quick observations to rehash:

1. Tannehill has a very good strong arm.
2. He throws a great deep out route (NFL starting QB must).
3. He has a very good feel for the position, natural.
4. He runs the up tempo system very well.
5. He will make Davone Bess a 70 plus catch Wr because his favorite target at A&M in clutch downs is Swope who is similar in skill set to Bess.
6. He has elite athleticism (only RG3, Cam and Vick will be more athletic at the position)
7. He had about 10 drops in those 3 games none more then Jeff Fuller (Critical ones too!).
8. He's a quick starter but struggled in crunch time as did the offensive line and Wrs so not all his fault.
9. He forces throws
10. He has great touch on his passes.

The tenor is remindful of the 1977 camp where expectations were subdued yet a youthful team exceeded those projections and enjoyed substantial success that endured for a moderately lengthy span. I sense similar dynamics at play here, with a productive synergistic energy evident.

We seem to agree on most things but we're not seeing it the same on Moore. This was a team that was down and out when he took over last year. Go back and look at the first three games under Henne. Awful, just awful! (and please don't mention the New England game to start the season. I watched two defences that just weren't up to speed and it showed in week 1. Go back and look at the game against Cleveland. Painful to watch! The time had no life and energy and was just going through the motions.
What am I saying? I'm saying the same as Mark. You can never have enough depth at QB. Colts lost Manning last year and foolishly had nothing behind him. If we have ANY hope this season, then we need to keep Garrard AND Moore. I'm not interested in a 3rd round pick for Moore (I don't believe you'd get a 3rd anyways. I believe it would be more like a 5th). To me that does nothing for this team and it exposes us to playing a rookie early should Garrard get hurt. I'm not for it. Not with a guy who's had back problems.
Posted by: Craig M | August 03, 2012 at 02:05 PM

Andy, anything about Tannehill in though videos remind you of Henne, Ive seen many times where posters refer to Tanneheill as Hennehill?

I can't remember the team being this upbeat at this time of the year for quite some time. Fast paced and a lot of tds. Unlike the past couple of years where all I heard was int and incomplete in the preseason.

Mark In Toronto/Fake GM,

If Garrard wins starter outright and Tannehill is very close to or is outright better than Matt Moore. How will the Dolphins be able to keep him? Tannehill's already making backup qb money at least, being a 8th overall qb pick.

Moore's in the final year of his contract, no way in hell he resigns for 3rd string backup money. With Garrard's age and 1yr contract, even should Tannehill be announced 2013 starting qb, it would be much easier to sign Garrard to 3yr backup qb. He already understands Tannehill's the future and more likely than not will be annointed opening day 2013 starting qb. Barring a catastrophy or Tanny going brain dead on the field.

Moore will be starting. Its a no brainer. Garrard is no part of the rebuild. Benching the team MVP for a 34-35 yr old average QB isnt happening.

i could see them putting moore out there as trade bait but don't think they would flat out cut him. moore actually did the worst of the 3 QB's in that drill. squeaked out a 1st down then a would be FG.

tannehill is quickly passing him. i'd love to see T-Hill be the starter. i think it is still a possibility. it's not like he's a distant 3rd in the race. he's right up there with the 2 vets. if he's just slightly below garrard the why delay the future?? i'd rather deal with a bit of up and down now. no one expects much from the fins so they can survive some growing pains with a rookie QB.

If they knew for sure they were getting Tanny they wouldnt have even signed Garrard.

Amzing that guys are already to get rid of Moore, ONE week into training camp.....HILARIOUS!

What an impatient, knee-jerk fanbase the Dolphins have. Wish I could play some of you guys in fantast football every year. I'd have no problem wrapping the seaon up by week 8. You be tossing all the stud players aside because they had one bad game. HILARIOUS!

...I think it is a 50/50 propisition that Moore will be traded, or released should he lose out on the starting job. The Phins could keep him as a backup, dependant on how Tannehill performs the rest of camp. There is also the longshot Devlin who could end up having a say in the numbers game, but who appears destined for the practice squad at best.

We will keep 3 qb's which ones? Which order. This IMO is dependant on Tannehills maturation. No way do we release Moore if the coaches see Tannehill as less then ready. should Tannehill prove he is capaple. I would think it would be sianara for the loser of the starting job between the Vets.

Only about 20% of the posters here seem capable of multi-dimensional thought patters, lucid grammatical structure, and coherent spatial processes. The rest appear to be quite stupid.

After watching Henne, Moore looks like Superman in comparison!!!!!!!

Moore gets the fist pump fg. VERY exciting news on Tanny, but gerard is our starter.

..Craig M..I'm not personally saying "Get rid of Moore" I'm trying to look into the future as to whay MAY happen should a few scenarios play out. saying that Moore may not be a Dolphin come week 1 is a reasonable scenario.

We don't know how the young guys will develop. It is that far fetched to think that Tannehill out plays Moore in camp? Could Devlin show enough for the team to be forced to make a decision that he (Devlin) should be the number 3 starter? could we be offered a decent piece to plug in from a team in desperate need for a quarterback. A need Moore could fill should the cards not go his way here?

The team could also be thinking they will keep both Moore and Garrard reguardless. The thinking being it is very unlikely the starter will start every game, and at some point we will need a competant backup. The plan being that Tannehill will sit at all cost? I don't know, none of us do. Just trying to cover some possibilities. No knock on Matt Moore.


A few similarities could be because of the crunch time numbers not equaling fast starts but like I said for Tannehill just from the naked eye seemed like the whole team melted in the crunch leaving him the scapegoat. Henne didn't have much to work with at times and wasn't always his fault either but Henne just lacked "IT" where I see Tannehill having the "IT" factor. Also the forcing throws could be a similarity but what QB hasn't forced a bad pass or there.

That's where the similarities end for me. There is so much more to look at with Tannehill. His athleticism, his touch, his fluid movement when delivering a ball on the run are all traits that Henne never had. It's unfair to expect Henne a statuesque pocket passer to be athletic or make fluid throws on the run but at least have the prescence of mind not to rocket every ball in there for a thudding catch. That might have been the single most thing I hated about his game the lack of touch he delivered which caused receivers to be stuck in the mud and lack of YAC.

I don't know why the hate on Tannehill. He's a great athlete for the position, has a strong arm, gets the chance to work with Sherman who's system he ran very well in college. Tannehill could be a good QB as is with experience IMO but he also has more untapped potential then RG3 or Luck. Now potential gets guys fired at times but can also make you look like a genius. Let's hope for the latter.

No way Moore's kept as a 3rd string backup. He's virtually untradeble because he becomes a fa at year's end. He could probably be a starter for a bottom 5 nfl team. That's the only kind of team we have even a prayer of hope in trading to.

The team getting Moore would do so only if Moore guarantees he'll resign with them. Im sure Moore still sees himself as a starter in this league. Becoming a fa and still believing he's nfl starter calibre will make it very difficult to do a deal for him.

The trading partner most likely wants a guarantee Moore will be with them past this season.

I for one would love Tannehill to have the IT factor unlike Henne who use to melt when it came to leading the offense toa a crtical score in the 4th Q. Does anyone recall any 4th Q comebacks from Henne? Any? Ive watch a lot of Dolphins game and cant remember 1..


Henne was infamous for 4th qtr meltdowns. The more crucial the moment became, the more self crucifying Henne played. There were times he didnt need crucial moments to played crucifyingly.

Both Henne and Ted Ginn Jr were Jet killers though. It was just something about those puke green uniforms that seemed to bring about the best in both.

..YG. I totaly agree. No way would the team keep Moore on the Roster to be the emergency guy. Camp is young, and we can't assume that Moore has no chance to win the job. The only way I see us keeping both Garrard, and Moore would be if the team feels Tannehill isn't ready to play..Devlin could play a small role too. But really it comes down to how Tannehill plays in camp..IMO

Guy goes 6-6 last year (6-3) down the stretch and now he's a 3rd string back-up. Only a Miami fan would think this way. Only Miami. If there's a way to f*ck it up Miami will do it. Yeah here's a great idea, let's trade Moore for a 5th, watch Garrard go down in week three and watch any potential playoff spot go up in smoke all because we wanted to get 'something' for a guy who may not be here next year. Let's turn Tannehill into David Carr and let him have the snot beat out of him, so that he never recovers. There's a RIGHT way to do things and a WRONG way to do things and this idea is definitely the WRONG way. All because of trying to get a stupid draft pick. Just plain DUMB!

How about we watch the QBs play in a preseason game or even take a hit before writing one of them off.

David Garard missed all of last season with a potentially career-ending back injury. You know all of the things people say about Peyton's neck -- they are even more true about Garard.

On the plus side, Dolphins preseason games might be more interesting then the drek we normally get served up this time of year. No matter who is playing 3rd string and mopping up in the 2nd half, we will still be watching a QB fighting hard to demonstrate he has the stuff of a starter.

..One thing that has impressed me about Tannehill. Watch him as he takes his drops in college, and watch his footwork today. He has been coached up, and it is obvious. Look at how quickly he gets set up, and how his balance is much better. His looks lower to me..Like he is coiling up into his hitch. I know this is practice v. Gametime. I just thought he deserved some props.

I'm out guys....long weekend here in Canada. I'll let the rest of you dream up some top class trade proposals for Matt Moore, only the guy who 'saved' her season from being a disaster last year (think similar to the 1-15 season under Cameron). Moore has about 20 starts in this league but I guess most of you have him as nothing more than a 4th or 5th draft pick after one week of camp. Amazing!


Garrard has earned 3rd string. Tannehill passed him in the last few practices.


Guess only you would think a qb going 6-6 should be annointed starter. Even though he had a 6-3 stretch, how many playoff calibre teams did we beat?

Having trouble counting to zero?

Whats Craig fascination with Moore? He's a backup who isnt going to carry the Dolphins to the playoffs, let alone a SB. If he's traded who cares, its not like he's resigning next year since Tannehill will be starting. Moore will get a starting gig on another sorry team.

just reign it in a little, folks.....I'd like to think about wild card possibilities too but the reality is that this team won't be in the wild card mix, but it definitely has improved from last year from a talent and coaching standpoint--I think thats pretty clear and it bodes well for the future.....but Philbin and his staff need another draft (or two.....sorry) to fill in the holes and improve the roster further, with the type of players they want--next year we should be talking about the wild card.....


Also no one says Moore is 3rd string backup. New season, same old comprehension problem with you. Moore still has chance to win starting qb, a lot can still happen, but currently Garrard's increasing his lead over Moore daily.

If Tannehill's play is even close to Moore's or better. This is what everyone's saying would make Moore 3rd string backup. Please catch up to the rest of us before making ifiotic annoying posts.


CraigM always falls in love with a dolphin qb that seems to be headed for the scrap heap. Remember, he felt the same way about Henne before the door hit him in the asss on the way out. CraigM can be quite delussional at times.

..Craig M..I think you are over reacting here a bit. Maybe my comprehension skills are suffering. I thought the debate was over what happens should Moore lose the starting job to Garrard, and the team decide to go with Tannehill as the number 2? something that is certainly within reason.

I am one of the guys that has been vocal about Tannehill should sit this year and learn. This doesn't mean the team has the same vision, and if hr proves he is capapble, and out plays Moore, or Garrard for the backup role..Why should he be confined to the 3rd quarterback? If this happens, I do not see how the team could keep either Moore or Garrard as the third option.

None of us knows what the situation is right now. We can only speculate what may happen. The most likely scenario is that we keep all 3 and Tannehill is the third guy..As camp is young, and so many thing will happen it is fair to bring up plausible scenarios.


This is clearly a 7-9 to 8-8 2012 team. However, I believe we could win upto 10 games if this teams plays both consistently hard and smart. Philbin also has to prove a superior game day hc to Tony Sparano, which shouldnt be to difficult.

Clue, how could you forget that Monday night game at home in the orange jerseys where Henne placed a perfect bomb into the hands of tedd Ginn after absolutely roasting Revis? I was so pumped after that game. Thought we had our new QB. henne also had a 4th qtr comeback against the Bucs that year. Unfortunately Henne regressed badly after that season.

On a related note, Ginn absolutely roasted the jets. If he played the Jets every game, he would've been in the hall of fame. For that reason alone, i would never have considered trading Tedd Ginn. After all, he was a demon on special teams and how many contributions have we got from our 4th + receivers since then?

It was the fanbase that drove him out ... for shame!!

... If we could be more efficient in the red zone would be a start. This is easier said then done, and usually what seperates the good from the bad(really amazing what the Niners did considering they scored less TD's then we did)..The only difference between a 6-7 win team and a 10 win team IMO is execution.

YG, I say no to moving Matt Moore because he's cheap and at least can project to be Tannehill's long term backup. just because he has an expiring contract doesn't mean he can't be re-signed. I mean why the hurry in dumping him? To re-coup 2.5 mill in cap room?? For what, for who??? What are you going to buy with that money??? Not much and surely nobody as useful as Moore. And trade value?? To get a 5th pick??? That's worthless. Tannehill has shown great promise already and will be the starter at some point. maybe even this year but let's not jump the gun.

Garrard is clearly a one year stop gap. A good one and may get the team to the playoffs this year if all the stars align but after this year if he starts, he will get starter money somewhere and play for one or two more years for a team as they groom their own future starter a la Matt Hasselbeck.

Mark, I thought about that game but I didnt remember if the Dolphins were actually losing before the bomb to Ginn. I dont recall the Bucs game.

I remember I think it was the Browns game where there was like 5 secs left and this SOB Henne through a check down instead of going for the Hailmary (even though it prob would of fell incomplete) thats just shows what guts he had. NONE!

On QB competition and Matt Moore,

*First string - David Garrard has by all accounts been the best QB in camp. Unless he has a terrible preseason which at worst he is average and keeps his job. Garrard is accustomed to average to below average WRs, familiar with the WCO and should have a good running game behind him with Bush, Thomas and Miller (I hope). Garrard is the vet you want to be the bridge before Tannehill. He's been to the playoffs, is a professional by all accounts except the one year he got paid, got fat and got cut. I think he is motivated and at worst keeps you hovering around .500 at best he becomes Pennington and has a last hurrah the only difference would be is where is the X-factor (Wild-Cat) going to come from this time to steal enough wins for a playoff spot. So about 8-8 is realistic in a building year.

*2nd string - Moore supposedly isn't a good practice guy. He's considered a gamer, gunslinger and every other cliche for a backup. Everyone loves the backup but that's all he is to me. He is good as a spot starter but give him the keys from the start and IMO he will struggle. Moore also doesn't fit a timing, precise West Coast system. He's an improviser not a smooth delivery, system guy.

*TRADE - I dont see it unless another teams backup is hurt and the teams wants insurance for their starter but he won't be traded for anything more then a 6th/7th rounder. If a starter goes down he isn't going to get you to the playoffs anyway so fat chance he gets traded in that case.

*3rd string - Ryan Tannehill has a ton of upside but should sit and learn for a year or mostly all of it. Unless Miami is mathematically out of it he should not start. Philbin and Sherman both can claim some responsibility in the star Aaron Rodgers has become. How much? Who knows but they definitely had something to do with it. They know that patience can pay off in a big way. I don't think Tannehill sits for more then a year because unlike Rodgers there is no Favre like prescense to keep him off the field.

I taught Moore how to play afraid inside the 30 so we could settle for a fist pump FG.

Can't wait to screw up the Jets offense now.


..Andy @3:19 post of the day...Great post.

Clue, yeah, henne clearly went downhill after his first starting season - which I thought was pretty good and something to build one. Not sorry to see that experiment end.

i still miss Ginn though. used correctly, he was lethal. Just not an every down receiver.

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