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Jake Long leaves practice with injury

Long down
Dolphins left tackle Jake Long left practice moments ago after suffering an undisclosed right leg injury during practice.

Long was protecting on a quick pass when he suddenly fell to the ground in a heap of other players. The others got up. Long stayed on the turf inside the Dolphins practice bubble for at least two minutes. Two, long, painfully uncertain minutes.

After trainers and coach Joe Philbin came over to assess the problem, Long eventually was helped to his feet and walked to a cart parked along the sideline. Trainers unfastened his right knee brace, pulled it down to his ankle and began to work the area between the knee and ankle even as Long shook his head in disgust.

Long, it must be said, was seen pointing to his knee initially and later was rubbing it. After spending a couple of minutes on the cart, Long and head athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill left the bubble to go into the facility. Long walked out under his own power.

I will not speculate if this thing is serious or not. The Dolphins themselves don't even know at this moment.

It may be that we don't know how serious this is for a while as Philbin has a policy in which he refuses to discuss injuries to any degree.

Long, entering his fifth NFL season, has been to the Pro Bowl four times. He played most of the past two years with injuries to his knees and shoulder. He said earlier this training camp that this was the healthiest he felt since his rookie year.


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Trade HIM, he's injury prone and on the decline. Ever since he started growing his goldie-lcoks he fell off.

If he's out then I'd be surprised if they won 4 games this year.

Can and it get any worse?

If we get a high first round pick for him then maybe we trade him, only to draft another top OL prospect in return. But you can't refute that Long is an elite talent, his exit leaves the OL I'd disarray again. You move Martin to LT but then you have another equivalent Columbo sitting in at the right side

Clue: It would be nuts to trade him now.

Mex, Why the team isnt going anywhere and Long on the decline. Trade HIM!

you've got to be kidding me?!? - maybe we will finally get the number 1 pick next year. There are some bada** WRs coming out next year.

Trade him!

I'm sick of this team putting players out on the field who have a shred of talent!

It's time for this front office and coach to bring in "their guys", guys who represent their own philosophy and potential.

We should not trade him. There is little to no chance that we get a better player than him with the first round pick that we would get for him.

Gotta love idiots screaming trade him. Same guys who are crying over Vontae trade, guess what Madden GM wannabe's, Long has been graded by his peers as one of the BEST, Vontae not so much.

HURRY!!!! Send him to the Raiders for a 4th and a 6th!!!!

That sucks. Man it is like the team needs a wizard to go into the locker room and rid us of all of demons. Sheesh. Hurt in practice!!! Seriously.
Start Matt Moore if that is the case.

Too bad we can't use Ireland as our starting QB. It would be great to see Mario Williams CRUSH him on week 1. That way we can get a new GM and finally get impact players.

Ok, Long won't play until the Opener. Boo Hoo, If Jake Can Walk, he can Play.

Better Question since U were in practice today Mando. Who are the Wr's?

Is Hartline Practicing?

Who was the 3rd Cb? Nolan Carroll?

Have they moved J.Wilson back to CB? Remember Saban(DB Guru)?

Is Jerry still rolling with the 1st team?

Again, Who are the Wr's? Have they Moved Naanee and Wallace down?

Hows Hulk Hogan Doing?

What about my Boy Gates? Yes, Dashi still has hope for the Clown. If 1 of our Wr's gets "it", Hopefully it's Gates. The 1 wr with Freakish Athleticism.

What a bunch of idiots! Jake Long even injured and play with only one leg is better than at least 75% of all Left Tackles in the NFL.

Hate to speculate at this point, but I will point out that they are VERY thin along the OL at this point. Murtha's out with yet another foot injury and Garner doesn't have the speed to play LT. Martin is too young, Hicks is too old.

Wow, a bad knee injury for Long would be very bad news. And we're breaking in a rookie at QB with only 19 college starts and no pass-catching playmakers outside of Bess to take the pressure off of him. The defense has a questionable secondary and LB depth. D-Line is a strength though.

The schedule is fairly soft, which means we might win a couple of games, but I'm not seeing this season ending well. Ireland might very well be gone at the end of it, and Philbin might not be that far behind, especially if a new GM comes in who wants to hire his own guy. Either way, more instability and uncertainty.

Does anyone else here miss the days of Don Shula, when we were always in contention? Its very sad to see how low our team has gone. Right now, we're headed backwards from the Sparano era.

Mario Williams is with the bills moron

This team makes me sick.

Physically sick.

I haven't posted in a while. I've tried to remain optimistic. But rooting for this team the past decade plus has been torture.

I keep thinking it has to get better soon.

Has to.


one more year man, we will go 2-14 and get first pick,.ireland will be fired and our new gm will have a ton of picks to start rebuilding with


I would feel even worse if we had passed on a promising quarterback to draft him.

Do your own research! all i can tell you is what i've heard coaches and experts say on espn and nfl network

Posted by: Jeffrow | August 27, 2012 at 04:54 PM

So in other words, you have no proof. GOTCYA!

You're the one who made the claim genius! The onus is on you to prove it.

Not for others to go on a wild goose chase for something that doesn't exist!

Jeff Row = Typical dumb blogger

This team makes me sick.
Physically sick.
Posted by: IrelandSucks | August 27, 2012 at 05:46 PM

I'd hate to see what real life incidents that don't go well do to you

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Wow!! When it rains it pours. Being Dolphin fans is very painful!

I don't think I take more of this!!

Come on Armando...speculate on the injury. Give us your wisdom and say from your experience that the way he shook his head means he is out for the year. Find a way to speculate that the coaches should not have let him practice and somehow it's the coaches fault. I am sure you will be right on top of it..just like you called the vonte trade.

Lol, your real address is Imapussy@yahoo.com

Because LOL, you are in fact the biggest_pussy who has ever blogged on this site. Now go replace your tampon while real men discuss football and don't have to hide behind different names.

Posted by: bobbyd12 | August 27, 2012 at 04:26 PM


Stop changing your sign in names pusies.....you would think it would be enough that you can hide behind a key board...

In regards to the headline of this blog....

THANKS SPORANO.....thanks for ruining Jake Longs career in a meaningless 4TH PRESEASON game against Dallas 2 years ago....

That is Sporano's legacy...

heyleast sparano is destroying the jets, have to love that. hire rex ryan next year as d cord

Hard Knocks just exposes us as how bad we are!!

There I said it!!

What a bunch of idiots! Jake Long even injured and play with only one leg is better than at least 75% of all Left Tackles in the NFL.

Posted by: phinman88 | August 27, 2012 at 05:37 PM

Amazing how 16 teams WITHOUT the best LT in football (JAKE LONG) make the playoffs every year....many with multiple appearances since we drafted him...

but HEY....who needs the playoffs....we got the best LT in the game....

thanks bill parcells!

Still waiting for YG to come on here and answer Craig M on his Vince Young comments....

Please do it un under 3 pages of post.......

what were the vince young comments

way to go Kris. standing by bobbyd12.

you have officially rendered yourself irrelevant.



Let's talk rebuild...

Most teams go from top of the stairs to the bottom of the stairs seemingly overnight. Some are already at the bottom once they got franchised.

Miami fell down the stairs, hitting every step on the way down. Sort of like a cartoon character falling down stairs.

Why did we need to do that before we rebuilt?

Fast forward 3 years...

Miami is still rebuilding.

Think about it. Ireland is not going anywhere. No one can be this inept and still be GM.


Why wait until now and not last year when the season ended?

Jake Long is a stud! The one bright spot we had on on the O-Line besides Pouncey. We need to accept this season is already going to be another dismall waste of a year. I think that we should have went for Eric Winston to play RT. But Stephen Ross is a penny pinching Jew, and won't pay for top tier free agents. And other than 1st rounders Ireland can't evaluate talent. Even they don't work out. ( Vontae Davis, Phillip Merling ) Ireland needs to be fired if we are ever going to be contenders again.

Man, that OL is getting thinner and thinner. God help Tannehill.

the dullfins just suck, the owner sucks, the dm sucks, the team sucks, the front office sucks, the players suck, the fans suck, ross is going to sell the team to canada, who else would buy it, i don't even think the canada would. they are nothing but a laughing joke!!!!
armuddo is the biggest JOKE!!!!

Top 100 NFL Players of 2012

Jake Long - rank 59

No other Dolphins made the list. DOES THAT NOT INDICATE ANYTHING ABOUT JEFF IRELAND'S DRAFTS? Or Tuna, who is Jeff's mentor?

Why oh why trust him again?

If Philbin REALLY wants to put his stamp on the team...and change the culture...he should cut Jake long before the evaluation of his knee is finished....

Thats how you....send a messag JOE.....get those SCRUBS out of the physical Therapy room.....

Nobody to blame but Sparano and Long himself playing when hurt in meaningless Games.

Lets look at this from the arse end of the horse.

WHAT IS GOOD ON THIS TEAM RIGHT NOW? Proven good, not speculative good.

Cam Wake Period

pusy....@ 6:42....

Posted by: Kris | August 27, 2012 at 06:47 PM

Look who's talking!

Sorry. Bess.

another pusy @ 6:47...

I don't care if you have a problem with me....just address me under your normal sign in name...what are you scared of pusy....

your already hiding behind a keyboard pusy...why do you have to hide under multiple names???

Some of you folks might remember me as OverseasFan I slayed Beuwulf and AndyN. Ran their butts out of town.

I've been complaining about this teams direction ever since Sham Shameron took over. The direction of this team is not about winning. Its about being just good enough to fill the seats.

We really need an owner that understands football and wants to win a superbowl.

I'm not liking the direction this is going. And I'm a very patient man.

oh....cause your a pusy.....now I remember....

Maybe, Jack.

These 2 guys are really annoying me. Jack, run them out of town.

definition of a pusy.....

someone who is to scared to tell you how THEY feel...so they make up MULTIPLE screen names to confront you.....because obviously the words they read on their screen scare the HE!! out of them....

This is irelands (at least) 3rd draft. Next year will be his 4th draft. You folks claimed he and Tuna were swapping drafts. So by my calculations, this is AT LEAST his 3rd draft correct?



Hold on, Jack, he got good Players last year and this year he got the key Player for a Team. I know it's not easy under any means but let's not be hasty.

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