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Jake Long leaves practice with injury

Long down
Dolphins left tackle Jake Long left practice moments ago after suffering an undisclosed right leg injury during practice.

Long was protecting on a quick pass when he suddenly fell to the ground in a heap of other players. The others got up. Long stayed on the turf inside the Dolphins practice bubble for at least two minutes. Two, long, painfully uncertain minutes.

After trainers and coach Joe Philbin came over to assess the problem, Long eventually was helped to his feet and walked to a cart parked along the sideline. Trainers unfastened his right knee brace, pulled it down to his ankle and began to work the area between the knee and ankle even as Long shook his head in disgust.

Long, it must be said, was seen pointing to his knee initially and later was rubbing it. After spending a couple of minutes on the cart, Long and head athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill left the bubble to go into the facility. Long walked out under his own power.

I will not speculate if this thing is serious or not. The Dolphins themselves don't even know at this moment.

It may be that we don't know how serious this is for a while as Philbin has a policy in which he refuses to discuss injuries to any degree.

Long, entering his fifth NFL season, has been to the Pro Bowl four times. He played most of the past two years with injuries to his knees and shoulder. He said earlier this training camp that this was the healthiest he felt since his rookie year.


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n no particular order:

craig m
yesterday's gone
Posted by: Updated Blogger Tool List | August 27, 2012 at 08:19 PM

It's a solid list.

Nothing on the team is good right now, including Long, who gets beat all the time lately because he is always playing hurt. He's like AJ Duhe, great, but hurt, hurt and more hurt.

Jonathan Martin should be groomed to take his place, Martin is playing out of position and is not taking to it well. He played all his college years on the left side.


I'm about to leave a long post, if you're not a fan of long posts do not read. And now we can avoid the "you're posts are too long and annoying" crap, heard it all before.

Stop attacking each other. It is the team that has you this way. We are the new incarnation of the 70's Bucaneers, the 80's Lions, the 90's Bengals. We will wallow in mediocrity for a long time. It is our turn to be bad now. Accept this fate and it will be much less painful.

Jake Long is pretty much finished. Knees, shoulder, back injuries . He'll never be the same but he didnt help us win anyway. Another Ireland botch when Matty "Ice" Ryan was the pick.

"Please fans of the Dolphins Do not Show Up!!!Do not go to the games Please!!

Save the Dolphins!! Get our point across!! Empty seats are the only way to fix this. SAD SAD DAY!!!!!!"

Posted by: shula71

No big deal but I completely disagree with this plan/theory. I'm not trying to pick on you shula71, I've seen this written a few times and want to give a countering opinion.

I completely understand the need to let the owner and management know when we are not happy as fans. You HAVE to are you aren't being a responsible fan of whichever team you root for. But I just think this boycott doesn't fit within the big picture and there are better ways in helping to create change.

By all means,,SHOW UP. Root for your team, root for those players on the field, the young guys who could be part of future success.

But when you're there, boo the owner whenever he walks in, whenever they show his face, BOOOOOOOOO! Boo the GM. Donate to that plane thing, fly a freakin banner every day over the stadium, "Fire Jeff Ireland". Write to the team, stop buying jerseys, Let them know that we are united and can't stand what has happened (season hasn't started yet so who knows but I feel your pain) to the franchise. Otherwise the fan base comes off looking like a joke too. A strong united front is the best way to both help the cause while also helping the players and coaches by letting them know we are behind them, no matter how bad the management and owner come off.

Let them know LOUD AND CLEAR right to their faces. DO NOT abandon the players, they did nothing wrong. You do it that way, you unite as a fan base and all of the sudden the media picks up on it, espn is showing people booing the gm, thousands of fans on t.v. showing the world we're not idiots and demand better, we are aware of what's going on and want change. The Packer way, the Steeler way. Strong fans, united because we care about our team.

Or you stop going to games, the sporting world laughs at the team and the fans, and the Dolphins are forgotten. Miami fans get labeled (already starting after the Heats first season debacle) as bandwagon losers. What pressure does this put on Ross, only in the sense that he's making a little less money?

Lets be honest here, the guys a billionaire, He's making money no matter what. Get in his face man, I'm telling you, GOT TO keep the pressure on. Can't hide in your houses, I've seen it before (football, hockey,basketball) and it doesn't work.

Finn, "wallowing in mediocrity" would be very refreshing from where we stand. LOL

Doomed! Doomed!


I think anyone who has purchased season tickets should get a full refund with a personal apology from Steve Ross.

This team is like the national debt--it just keeps getting worse & no one can stop the bleeding.
Just add a LT to that list of needs that will never be filled....Unbelievable.

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

@phins78 Amen
Like you say many of these young players will bust their butts and we should support them. I believe this goes for the HC staff as well. Philbin and Co are working their butt off as well and should be given a chance to see what they can do...

If the Dolphins ever "wallowed in mediocrity" they'd be invited to the White House. LOL

It just does not matter. You could have the entire administrative leadership of the Patriots from their superbowl winning days come down here and we would still be bad. We are a gang of what if's. What if Uwe Von schaman could have kicked field goals and we beat the Chargers? What if Andra Franklin had not gotten hurt? What if David Overstreet did not have that car accident? What if someone would have finally tackled Freeman McNeil? What If Paul Lankford and Willaim Judson were actually able to cover someone? What if Sammie Smith had pulled the trigger sooner and spared us all so much misery? What if we had traded Marino when we had the chance? What if Jimmy had stayed another year or two? What if Jimmy would have kept Irving Fryar, Keith Byers, etc? What if Pete Stoyanovich makes that field goal against the chargers in 94 in the divisional round of the playoffs? What if there was no Monday night miracle and we had beaten the jets? What if? What if? What if? We have just had it as a football team. The 70's were our time and that is all she wrote.

fire ireland no later than first day after season ends. we cannot let him mess up having the first pick this year

Jake Long is the least of the Dolphins problems. However, he is now showing himself as less than a dominant player.

Durability is a critical factor when judging a player. If he starts to miss games, that's problematic.

This Season is NOW Officially a BUST! By the time the Season Starts.... We wont have any Players left that aren't on Injured Reserve! This is a Sad Franchise..

Long had really faced a great problem during the practice session. He seemed to be disgusted for this injury. His right ankle had a problem and seemed that he was certainly leaving the ground. Hope he will be all right now. His fans are really waiting for him. It was a great blow to the team as well to him.

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