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Hard Knocks episode 3 review right here

A pretty uninspiring, unremarkable and somewhat uneventful Hard Knocks tonight, folks.

Last week was stunning and brilliant for capturing the Chad Johnson meeting with Joe Philbin, for the insight of the David Garrard injury, for the drama of Mike Sherman practically going postal on underperforming players in that now memorable team meeting.

This week? Eh.

Joe Philbin opens the show channeling his inner public relations maven. He tells the players in a meeting that they don't have to agree with decisions he or his coaches or general manager Jeff Ireland make. But by all means don't actually complain about those decisions publicly.

"You're not going to agree with every decision that Jeff (Ireland) makes or the input I have in it, but ultimately, you have to be supportive," he says.

We find out this week that Reggie Bush is a hard worker and works hard after practice. We find out that rookie RT Jonathan Martin had a tough game against Carolina. We find out that John Jerry has been overweight since the first day of training camp and has struggled in practice.

"A player descending fast and I was a fan of his in minicamp," Sherman says.

"You watch the tape on Jerry, he's a catastrophe on tape today," adds offensive line coach JimTurner.

The truth is Jerry played relatively well against Carolina. He was probably the best lineman in his group. We got about 40 seconds of that upside part of the story.

It is interesting that left guard Eric Steinbach, who missed all of last season with a back injury, visits with Philbin and the player admits "the product I thought I had and you were bringing me in for is not exactly showing out there."

Steinbach says he doesn't want to bring up the word "retire," but in so doing, of course, he's bringing it up. Look, Eric Steinbach is going to be hard-pressed to make the club. He's struggling. He's great to have in the locker room. He's experienced. But can he get his body to do what it once did?

Not so far.

By the way, I love Sherman. He's the only coach that apparently recognizes the obvious struggles of the wide receiver corps. He talks about someone stepping forward. He talks about someone making plays against Carolina to unbunch what is obviously a struggling group.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is similarly honest as he's calling the game from the Carolina pressbox. As the Panthers are shredding his unit, he pounds the desk in front of him and yells, "What the hell are we doing?"

Later he says, "We're going to find out about these guys tonight because the way this group is playing, there's going to be spots to be won."

The episode wastes our time trying to convince us that the Plantation hotel where the team is staying during camp is somewhere near Miami Beach. In truth, it's about 40 miles away. We seeJake Long at home eating a meal with his wife. We see tight end Les Brown, who will be cut in the coming weeks, and his girlfriend at an airboat ride facility somewhere in the Everglades.

We see quarterback coach Zac Taylor on Sunday tell Matt Moore that Ryan Tannehill has won the starting quarterback job. We see Tannehll in the same meeting have pretty much the same reaction in learning hes got the job as Moore had in learning he doesn't have the job.

When Philbin meets with Moore the coach says he can't "put my finger" on the reason Tannehill is the pick. Moore, showing tons of grace, says, "I gotcha." 


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/Off Subject

Why Was Donald Thomas Starting for NE?

John Jerry got Exposed. The O-line coach had him in on every play. Ran Fatboy so hard he was throwing up in the middle of the field.

JJ is Done.

Hardknocks was boring, there's your relevant comment

funny, i thought that was a great episode. at no point did i "eh" it. but that's mando for ya, i guess. not enough controversy for his liking.

Going back to the Game last Friday, there was a lot of confusion on the first drives. All I remember is a mass of People with that MLB Kuechly in the middle of them and no advancement of the ball whatsoever.

We'll see what happens on Friday. Up to now, it's always been around here, start slow finish fast and not quite getting there. We'll see.

I have a lot of respect for Matt Moore. Joe Philbin, meanwhile, strikes me as something of a obsessive compulsive fruit.

I agree this week's episode wasn't as good as last week's. The Dolphins playing up the quarterback meeting was just a way to grab attention about something that ultimately was BORRRRING!

We're in for a long year. And I agree with you Mando: Les Brown is gonna get cut. He sucks and I don't even know why he's on the show anymore.

JOe Philbin looks like he needs to get laid he's so bung-tight.

Geez, talk about a controlling guy telling people what color pen to use. Not a good look for our coach. Not a good look at all.

Worst episode of the three so far. By far. Wasted an hour that I could have used to sleep.

I am on your side,mofo. You solve nothing by snipping my commentaries.

wow, i'm not sure about philbin after watching this episode. he seems to struggle when trying to communicate with players. him fumbling, talking to matt moore, is one example; just tell the man straight up. i think the qb decision was made by ross/ireland awhile back. its their only chance to sell tickets.

Honestly, as Dolphin fans do really care about how good the episode was! Really?

So dumb! My concern is this team getting better and the next preseason game.

Greg Z,

I think Philbin is just one of those guys who thinks before he talks so it doesn't come off smooth or charasmatic. I like his approach. He's honest in it. He told Chad Johnson to watch his mouth or he might be gone and didn't waste any time in making the decision to get rid of him. How does someone cut someone when they sit down with them. Look them in the eye and say "welp you're cut". Philbin has a human side.

how did they let john jerry balloon to 360lbs.? he has been in the bldg for 4 months; did they just now notice he isnt in football shape?

Southie, i agree philbin is decent/honest but seems uncomfortable. when talking to matt; how about "matt, we have decided to go with tannehill as our starting qb". these guys are pro's and just want the info straight up.

Listen, we told you not to interfere with the Team and now you are affecting the People that cover the Team locally. Good show.

As far as Philbin mumbling his words to players, I think he is a guy that thinks everything through and knows how hard these players work and the let down for them.

The more I watch Reggie Bush the more I respect him! This team totally needs a veteran committee.

- We feel hostility towards us down here. - Don't worry about it. You still have some time left in your contract.

Hmm... What did we learn from the latest episode of hardknocks?

Dansby actually respects Philbin. So do the veterans.

All these guys like les brown will be on the team til they cut down to 75 or 53. Plain and simple.

Wasn't the 1st thing Philbin asked matt was U talk to ur Coach and then mike sherman. Some of u guys just love to nitpick when there is nothing to b!tch about.

Also, they deleted all ur comments from last night Oscar and ur still going at it every 5 minutes. Shame

Already exposing urself early in the morning?

Don't delete my comments!!!

Wow are u trying to punk mando?

Give it a break for a F'n day Oscar stick to football and don't repeat the same comment over and over again today please. For the sake of everyone's sanity

Let me worry about that, Dashi.

Dashi's comment was apparently more relevant than that rant u had yesterday.

Give it up. U don't even come on here to hold the opposition up, u just spew ignorant hate all day. No logic to any of ur points.

Again I could care less. Just don't make a 2-3 page post today a 8 page one because more than 60% of it is u repeating them silly one liners.

It looks like u started already today. Don't worry we know it's u even if u change ur name 1001 times. Just have to look for comments under 100 words that are repetitive


From yesterday.....how are my comments 'extremely ignorant'? Because it doesn't jive with your thoughts on your boy Mallett? I simply brought up that someone said he 'looked good' Monday. I watched the game. He looked average at best to me. So I commented on it. You don't have to like my comments but there was nothing 'extremely ignorant' about it. I guess it's OK for you to comment on whatever you want on here but as someone expresses an opinion that doesn't sit well with you, it's 'extremely ignorant'. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, Kris. I don't always agree with what you have to say Kris, but for me to say you're
'extremely ignorant' doesn't seem like an appropriate response. I get you like the kid...I don't. Never have. So let's agree to disagree.

YG, the fact that Mallett started the game and had more attempts than Hoyer means nothing. It's obvious that Bellchick wants to see more from him and this is his chance. Now if you watched the game and you feel that 10-20 for 105 yards means he's nailed down the backup job after a year in the league, then you're watching different football than I am. He wasn't impressive in any way. Tannehill goes out and does that and I'm not getting excited about it. So instead of being the parrot that you like to be, maybe you need to step back and assess the situation. If you've read anything about the situation (or in your case had someone read it to you), you'd know that Hoyer is winning the battle and there's disappointment that Mallett isn't further along after his team in the league. Let's wait and see who starts the season as the backup.

Now you make me think, Dashi. Why are you concerned that I turn a 3 page post into an 8 page one? Any harm in that? Please, don't provoke as things are not exactly calm around here. And could get worse.

If I'm in a foxhole, surrounded by the enemy, the guy I want watching my back is...RYAN TANNEHILL! LET'S GO!!!

13-3. You heard it here first. 13 and....oh, wait, my dyslexia is back. Sorry, I meant 3-13.


John Jerry will be a Jet within 72 hrs after being cut. He's Sparano's boy....




And Rex Ryan will have some surgeon slap a stomach lapband on him so Jerry can slim down like Rexy did. Won't stop him from being lazy though...

jj fat pig spazano bust...

I agree that this last episode was the least interesting of the three so far. I deleted it after
watching it. I've never done that. Some of the competition is excruitating. I want Hogan to make the
team, but not at the expense of Marlon. Things like that. I think RT17 becoming first-string suprises few.
I will be watching the defense more closely this week as I feel they haven't rounded into starter-form yet.
IT will be interesting to see how many 3-4 year veterans get cut when it goes to 53. This is the year to rebuild. More will be expected of all next year.
Go Dolphins. My adjusted prediction is now 8-8.


Great post @ 8:49 LOL

lets c, 3 wins, who to beat, who to beat,
how 'bout the f'n texans 4 once and then the jets twice or the jets once and f'n ne once.?
give or take.

Craig M....and others....

You are now to address me as ADMIRAL-GENERAL....



However...I i will continue to use my my name as the sign in name....

That is all....


so far. i c more out of rt than bob g 3. soo.

72 phins.
smartest team ever...

Craig M....

perhaps my comments were over the top.....

My apologies....


I've seen Hartline more than Nannee, and NANNEE ACTUALLY PLAYS IN THE GAMES.

Great acorn you picked up there Jeff. Just like that Canadian league fullback. Has that guy touched the field yet? I mean, I don't mind when we bring guys in for competition, and they don't make the cut. But bringing guys in to sit in the training room all Pre-Season, THEN cutting them, what's the point? Might as well bring in high school players if you're going to do that.

I like this Dashi guy.....

any one that see's and EXPOSES Oscar Canosa for the TROLL that he is.....is alright with me.....


caught HD last night by accident, boy was it boring, didnt watch it all cause Philpin leaves me scratching my head at how inept he is. He talks in circles, "he cant put a finger on why Tannehill won the QB compition" WTF ??? Philpin reminds me of milk toast. Kinda soggy and wet. Its gonna be a very, very, VERY long year.

Craig, Agreed T-hill goes 10-20 with 100yds no Td's. And he had a bad game 2.

I guess the Expectations are higher because T-hill is more Talented.

Oscar Cheeseburger give me break. Nobody cares what U do. I'm just saying out of respect for everyone else. Don't be a AszClown today. OR anyday.

I already made U my Bottom-B!tch the other day. I'm thru with U. Not Once have u ruffled Dashi as bad as That Guy Did U 2 days ago.

Jerry will be signed by the Jets. Talk about an epic failure. What was Rex Ryan thinking? Hiring Spo?

Question anyone cares if we cut Flatline? I rather have 1 of the Rookies make the Team. That Kid MAtthews is pretty big. So is Fuller.

Again, the only thing I can predict is Davone Bess will have 80+ catches this year. Everyone else is Questionable??

I agree with the rest of you, Philbin sounds like a dried up granpa prune that will not inspire/lead men. Vontae Davis vs Steve Smith was a pretty funny altercation..


All good, man. Maybe you were feeling inspired by the movie...not sure. I haven't seen it yet but I plan on it. I've been a fan of most of the stuff Sascha Cohen has done so far (didn't love the gay model movie he did....forget the name). Borat was VERY funny!

I'm happy to continue to disagree Kris....it's what makes the world go round.

There must have been something good in my coffee this morning, because today I feel great. I mean really really good. I'm feeling confident. In fact, I'm 100% certain right now that we will shock the world and go 12-4 this year, with Tanne earning rookie of the year and pro bowl honors, despite our questionable receiving corps.

In fact, I'm 100% certain we will face San Fran in the Super Bowl.

Aaaaawright Miami!!!!


Should have said 'Admiral-General'....LOL.

I cant beleive we hired this old senile compulsive man as the Miami Dolphins head coach.

Ireland should be CUT!!! he SWEARS this Brown kid is good. what the hell is Ireland smoking??? like Brown is some hidden gem, "we'll be hard press to find that type of talent walking the street"

or John Jerry. he's responsible for drafting him. HE SUCKS TOO!!! out of shape, no desire. its embarrassing how the Dolphins are being represented.

The respectable always a winner Shula teams seems light years ago

Craig M....

I was more into the movie than I was into the blog @ that moment....and I was watching it for the 2nd time in a row....

RENT IT man....you won't be disappointed.....but I don't want to over-hype it....I hate when people do that...cause then no matter how good something is...it can never live up to expectations....


Thanks Kris

I Offered Oscar a Way Out Yesterday. Just End It, Literally. He sounds like today might be the Day. Step up to the plate oscar, End Urself.

Before I END U. (Dashi Told U from the Beginning)

Again, Don't judge this roster til the Final 53. All these guys were signed to 1 yr contracts that aren't Guaranteed. They are Worth Nothing To the Team or Towards the Cap til the Final 53. It's not like Wilford or Smiley 4 yrs ago.

If We Cut

Meesum- The FB/RB
T.Johnson-The Safety
All the 4,5,6 WR's

If we cut them It cost the Dolphins nothing. Zero, Zilch, Nada

The best movie of all time is "Snatch."


I'll be sure to check it out. I hate when movies get over-hyped too. I was really excited for the last Batman movie and it didn't deliver.

That's why as a similar analogy I don't want Tannehill to become overhyped either. I think he's got a chance but everyone who already has this guy going to the Hall of Fame is going to be awfully disappointed. I think we're on the same page on this one. Let's see what he can do and back off on our expectations until he's had a chance to get his fee t wet. Looks like you and I were way off on our predicitions on this cut and he's cutting his teeth right out of the gate.

Do you have to be mentally challenged to post on this blog?

Is the movie "Snatch" about Tim Couch's mom?

True Craig M....we coudn't have been further off.....but FOR me...this is a great thing....

You know I have always maintained the stance that he play sooner than later...but I didn't think it was gonna this soon....


gotta run

Clue, what's wrong with Philbin? it's like asking Rome to be built in a day. When Jeff Ireland brings in a TE who's been sharpening pencils at Barclay's, what do you expect? When his idea of fortifying the WR core is to get rid of Brandon Marshall, and replace him with Legadu "Now You See Me (on the field) Now You Don't" Nannee, who do you blame? When Richard Marshall is looking like Revis Island compared to Vontae Davis, what do you fix first? When all you do on the practice field is remember the "good 'ole days" at your son's funeral, you know this is a job even Superman would have trouble doing.

We gotta give the guy time. If GOD hasn't been able to do anything for the Dolphins, then Philbin will only be able to do so much.

You're all dumber than I thought. Oscar must have a terrible rap here if every troll that comes along is thought to be Oscar. Why not Odin? Why can't I be that dipsh*t? Am I too smart to be Odin?

Because Odin is a Saint!

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