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Hard Knocks episode 3 review right here

A pretty uninspiring, unremarkable and somewhat uneventful Hard Knocks tonight, folks.

Last week was stunning and brilliant for capturing the Chad Johnson meeting with Joe Philbin, for the insight of the David Garrard injury, for the drama of Mike Sherman practically going postal on underperforming players in that now memorable team meeting.

This week? Eh.

Joe Philbin opens the show channeling his inner public relations maven. He tells the players in a meeting that they don't have to agree with decisions he or his coaches or general manager Jeff Ireland make. But by all means don't actually complain about those decisions publicly.

"You're not going to agree with every decision that Jeff (Ireland) makes or the input I have in it, but ultimately, you have to be supportive," he says.

We find out this week that Reggie Bush is a hard worker and works hard after practice. We find out that rookie RT Jonathan Martin had a tough game against Carolina. We find out that John Jerry has been overweight since the first day of training camp and has struggled in practice.

"A player descending fast and I was a fan of his in minicamp," Sherman says.

"You watch the tape on Jerry, he's a catastrophe on tape today," adds offensive line coach JimTurner.

The truth is Jerry played relatively well against Carolina. He was probably the best lineman in his group. We got about 40 seconds of that upside part of the story.

It is interesting that left guard Eric Steinbach, who missed all of last season with a back injury, visits with Philbin and the player admits "the product I thought I had and you were bringing me in for is not exactly showing out there."

Steinbach says he doesn't want to bring up the word "retire," but in so doing, of course, he's bringing it up. Look, Eric Steinbach is going to be hard-pressed to make the club. He's struggling. He's great to have in the locker room. He's experienced. But can he get his body to do what it once did?

Not so far.

By the way, I love Sherman. He's the only coach that apparently recognizes the obvious struggles of the wide receiver corps. He talks about someone stepping forward. He talks about someone making plays against Carolina to unbunch what is obviously a struggling group.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is similarly honest as he's calling the game from the Carolina pressbox. As the Panthers are shredding his unit, he pounds the desk in front of him and yells, "What the hell are we doing?"

Later he says, "We're going to find out about these guys tonight because the way this group is playing, there's going to be spots to be won."

The episode wastes our time trying to convince us that the Plantation hotel where the team is staying during camp is somewhere near Miami Beach. In truth, it's about 40 miles away. We seeJake Long at home eating a meal with his wife. We see tight end Les Brown, who will be cut in the coming weeks, and his girlfriend at an airboat ride facility somewhere in the Everglades.

We see quarterback coach Zac Taylor on Sunday tell Matt Moore that Ryan Tannehill has won the starting quarterback job. We see Tannehll in the same meeting have pretty much the same reaction in learning hes got the job as Moore had in learning he doesn't have the job.

When Philbin meets with Moore the coach says he can't "put my finger" on the reason Tannehill is the pick. Moore, showing tons of grace, says, "I gotcha." 


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You told me to, Drill Sargeeeaant.

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Mando, please pose this question on your next post:

Should Ryan Tannehill be put into the ring of honor today? Since he will one day join that illustrious group anyway?

I say...YES!

DC, I agreee to put blame on Philbin is ridicoulous he hasn't even coach a NFL game. Im beyond fed up with Ireland and his acorns selections. All of us should be pissed at Ross for keeping Ireland and Ireland for not bringing talent to this team.

Reggie Bush is a hard worker I wish everyone on this team worked like him. Philbin scares me sometimes I see Cam Cameron I hope i am wrong.

way too much overanalyzing Philbin and his habits and "comfort levels".....c'mon, the guy is a rookie HC who never had to cut players or do some of the other things he's now doing.....all while being filmed constantly, for millions to see--he's clearly more a thinker than a yeller, but he's also clearly very smart, prepared, a bit obsessive (you don't think Belichik or Harbaugh or Payton or Tomlin are obsessive?), pretty intense-he also seems to clearly know what he's looking for in players....a little slack please.

You're wrong robert. Cameron was a pushover. He got steamrolled by the vets. Philbin let's his actions speak for him. Don't be surprised if you see 40 new faces on this team next year.

Cam Cameron was more of a thinker than a yeller he also was smart and prepared as well any good coach according to the NFL circle of guys.

clue.....yeah, and Cameron drafted Ginn and then tried to sell us on him.....did the same with John Beck.....dont paint such a broad brush--sure, plenty of coaches are more thinkers than yellers so I was joint pointing that out.....but for that reason alone, you think Philbin reminds you of Cameron?--how else does he remind you of him.....specifics please.

Cameron drafted Paul Solai in the 4th rd?

u could tell be coyles reaction how bad this d is, his job will be very short here

Love the panicked "we are not safe" players commitee. The vets see that no one is untouchable. Finally true accountability in the Dolphins locker room. I love it!

notice long was basically on philbins side during meeting. dansby is a punk

bottom line is, if the players play well and we win, philbins style will be largely forgotten......sparano was very highly thought of after his first year, because they WON.....and then fired just a few years later......Rex Ryan and his strong style put him into the spotlight as a good coach (playoff team) yet suddenly last year his reputation took a hit and so far its not improving early in this season (not a playoff team)--hes the same coach I'm sure--players need to step up and perform.....Brady makes Belichik look great, not the other way around.

Now that Tannehill is officially the starting QB, where does that leave Moore and Garrard, you would assume someone is going to be cut. check out Jimmy's thoughts at

So we have no cap room & arguably our 2 best players, on offense & arguably the team, Long & Bush are going to be FA's after the season. Bush is our ONLY playmaker.

So, we have literally no talent on the roster right now & no cap room. Way to go Jeff! Jeff ireland supporters must be really thrilled with the roster he's assembled!

Best thing for this franchise is to fire Jeff Ireland ASAP. Franchise Long & trade him for a 1 & 3 next offseason. Let Bush Walk. Use those 2 #1's and draft PLAYMAKERS! Use those 3 3rd rounders & move up to get another guy. Equip Tannehill & help him succeed.

But, most importantly, get someobody in here who can run a franchise! Have his qualifications be more than having been a college scout.

This franchise is in such bad shape.

Cameron didn't spend alot of time at the Office.

Also, Joe Philbin has to be the biggest Coach we had. I know that doesn't mean anything but the Guy is like 6'4.

How tall was Cameron 5'8?

Nick Saban, Sporano?

Cameron had hair and wore Grandma Glasses.

I guess let me make fun of the coach, Since T-Hill is the Starter and Moore is the Back up.

1 thing I do take back is Matt Moore Deserves a roster spot over Garrard. I guess I was being OverCritical of him because I didn't want him as a Starter. But as a Backup.

I still say keep Devlin over both and "Devlin Won't make the Practice Squad"

I like how the Coaches Compare Devlin to Romo. Wonder who scouted both?

Again, I'm not saying Devlin will be better than T-Hill. Just that if we are looking towards the Future it would be nice to have 2 young Qb's already on the Team.

Plus, they can always resign Moore for the same next year.

With that being said, Get rid of the Dead Weight. U know any player not worth his weight. Starting With the most Expensive on Down.

John Jerry
Koa Misi
Garrard- Should Retire
Steinbach- Should Retire
Flatline- He would be higher on the list but he's a little on the light side

truth is,

Good post

Philbin looks like a pushover too. Hard for me to think he's even an average coach. The team hasnt looked prepared at all. Tons of penalties from what I saw.

yeah bush is long gone but they will franchise long

Les Brown - supposedly can't block but runs a 4.4 and catches well, can't he be moved to WR?

Posts like this from Mando and many of the responses from fans continue to show me just how little they know about football. Many are focused on the wrong things. This is a TEAM game and there are many factors that go into building successful franchises.

This is why I love Hard Knocks...I get to see/hear all that is happening directly and don't have to rely on weak articles and posts about non relevant items.

Things of value I learned from last night's episode:

1) Team Chemistry is VERY Important - The show provided insight on how the 3 Captains (Bush, Long & Dansby) approached Philbin and asked for regular meetings following the firing of Chad.

2) We know the right side of the OLine is in major need of improvement from last year. We hear all the time from the local media about how bad John Jerry is. We know Steinbach was brought in to compete. The show gives us all an inside view and update on the realities of where these guys stand and how the coaches view them.

3) Back Up QB's are critical as many need to play each year due to injuries. The show helps me see just how solid Devlin is as a prospect. If we cut to 3 before the season I would definitely cut Garrard to keep Devlin on the squad. After Moore's contract is up next year I would be confident in Devlin as the future 2nd QB behind THill.

4) We have a new Coach and media & fans have been critical of past coaches without much real understanding of them. The show has really shown alot about Philbin. His focus on specific details, even down to shoe laces and debris on the field. It shows his reinforcement of building a Class organization and his expecations of having high quality players. It shows how he has his staff communicate with players and then how he deals with them. After watching the show I feel more confident in Philbin and what he really stands for as a person and coach. I will be more patient with him and pull for him to succeed.

yea, hows that Steinback over Braylon Edwards choice looking now..... #irelandspecial

Leave it to the ultra-boring Dolphins to have "Hard Knocks" jump the shark. Not only will this series never recover from featuring the Deadphins, but the entire network itself may never recover. By 2017, HBO might be in the same cable package as C-SPAN 2. Way to go, Ross and Ireland. Oh, and Joe Philbin continues to come across as an autistic chucklehead. It's only going to get worse, folks.

I like to see a coach that can handle diva players. We havent had that.

Fed Up, if Todd "legitimate rape" Akin gets into the Senate, then C-SPAN 2 will be the hottest thing on television.

gents......ireland, philbin, blah blah blah.....this is all so much more simple than most want to make it......name the top 5-7 QBs in the league, then name the top 5-7 teams in the league--they will be roughly the same list, if not identical--ireland hasn't found a top QB, true, but hopefully RT can be that--but all of this other nonsense is, uh, nonsense--we compete when we have a top QB--go ahead, make that list.....

I'd like to see a Dolphins team WITH a diva player. You have to be good to be a diva.

BPA, thank you for settling the Long vs. Ryan debate.

think we can honestly say we are the worst team in nfl this year. so we better end up with number one pick so we can deal it for a ransom

Yup. That's about what I have it also. 8-8.

bill, the negativity bro.

We're not the worst team in the NFL. We're the best professional college team in the Country (well, minus the SEC).

Armando is the worst writer, ever. And we get him to cover our beloved Phins. Shame.

THey already have Les Brown at Wr they call him Hulk Hogan. AKA Always Open. Flatline 5.0

im not mad about being worst team. this year we know we suck, so instead of wasting years at 6-10 like we do we can go 2-14,develop thill, and get first pick in draft. be huge for our future

OH, his name is LES Brown. I've been calling him CHARLIE Brown!

In the end, it's about Winning and Losing. You establish a Winning Culture here, everybody will be happy, including Ross, Ireland and many that post here, including myself.

les brown no chance at making team but his wife should make it somehow

bill, Ireland's draft picks are useless

DC.....not sure if you're saying we shove taken Long or Ryan....? Looking back, there is now no doubt we should've taken Ryan, but we can at least say that Long is a great player.....if we passed on Ryan and drafted a bust at #1, that would be beyond brutal--at least Long is good......but we should've taken Ryan.

Me no know Leggedu Nanee havin good Camp. Me haven't seen him on TV.

Taking Matt Ryan was a no brainer. Ireland/Parcells botched the pick.

Concerns on Tannehill,

Tannehill has shown some flashes in the preseason but I think the expectations should be rather low. I always thought Garrard was going to be the starter and then after Miami stumbles to about 4-8 then we would see Tannehill. He could have a a hit or miss few games but gain experience and hopefully next season see some playmakers come in here (Ireland obviously need be fired to see that happen) and then he could start to flourish.

Tannehill being named the starter made sense because he has been flat out better in games then Matt Moore. He is better suited for the offense because he already knows most of it. The problem is he is going to have too many games of getting rocked because the coverage sacks and a STILL leaky O-line will see the sacks and hits pile up.

Miami is stuck with a bunch of no names at WR and I seriously doubt any are legit starters that can "develop". I just hope in the process Tannehill doens't become a deer in headlights with no one to get open and the pressure in his face.

It is good for Les to have attended this Camp. He need not continue sharpening pencils at Macy's.

fire ireland scotty after season

BPA, I LOVE Jake Long. Best LT in the league. But, you said it man. Who's Green Bay's LT? Steelers? Saints?

It's like the Czech Republic having the World's best Navy (get it, because they're land-locked).

We DID need a great LT, AFTER we got a franchise QB to protect. Jake's spent half his career protecting nitwits. By the time the team's ready to compete, his career will be done.

Andy, it's ok. ESPN The Magazine predicted RG3 and the 'Skins will go 2-14 this year. Reading that, we should all feel pretty good about our starting QB.

best lt in league is joe thomas.

better hope not dc, we need first pick

DC....sad but true--they were coming off a 1-15 season and had a new regime, so they had to take the safer pick, which apparently they thought was Long--again, hard to complain about having him on the team......5 drafts ago, its done, so hoping we've found our good QB

So, Miami was favored by 1 1/2 before Tannehill was announced the starter and now Falcons are 3 pt favorites. Quite a swing.

like most pre season games , always big point swings. vegas takes the lines off of whos the 2nd and 3rd string qb for the lines in pre season

I wonder if 3 draft pick D Thomas will gain 1 yd rushing this week.

Anyone know whats going on with Messam, the CFL RB?

yes hes a fullback and terrible.

I called it weeks ago. I said Garrard is uninspiring and Tannehill would be named the starter. I think we'd win more games with Garrard, but I think going with Tannehill NOW is absolutely the correct decision. I think the way other players found out about this is a joke. Open the lines of communication with your players. Honesty goes a LONG way.

By the way, I think Matt Moore is the epitome of class. He took the demotion to #2 like a man, and while he was disappointed with the decision, he expressed his unwavering support for the decision to start Tannehill and promised to be ready if called upon. That's exactly the kind of guy we need on the team.

Also, I think its ok to move forward dumping Garrard and DEFINITELY keeping Pat Devlin. The kid was awesome at Delaware and while he's going against second teamers when he plays, looks like he can be a solid QB.

Lastly, I think its funny that sports reporters feel like they have their finger on the pulse of an organization, then you watch the real deal on Hard Knocks and you realize that these reporters don't know JACK. Love it!!

yes called garrard getting injured, wait no u didnt

Anyone else wondered while watching how (who) is this kid 'coaching' our quarterbacks? Sorry I wikiped'd him... son-in-law, scary. I agree too much is probably being read into Philbin's style, at least this early. But still think the spot light on the staff is not encouraging.

Who cares/bets preseason Vegas odds? You know you have an addiction if you're betting preseason football

true son in law of mike sherman. former nebraska qb

Everyone is better than the dolphins.

Right Oscar Connors. Remember Corny 1 liners Over and Over and Over Again. Mr. 1001 One-Liners. All Day

How would that work out for Washington? 3-1st rd picks. Next year is most likely a top 5 pick. The year after that a Top 10?

Again, Ireland is Ok. The 1 thing U have to give him credit for is not trading away picks or the Future.

Quick Who has been to more ProBowls? Matt Ryan or Jake Long? Who will go to more also?

Matt Ryan has also never won a Playoff game.

Also who has Started More ProBowls for The AFC? Joe Thomas or Jake Long?

Joe Thomas is Jake Long's Bottom B!tch.

He Owned him in College, He Owns him in the Pro's.

Higher Draft Pick, Starts over him in the ProBowl and in the All-Pro's ranking

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