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Hard Knocks episode 3 review right here

A pretty uninspiring, unremarkable and somewhat uneventful Hard Knocks tonight, folks.

Last week was stunning and brilliant for capturing the Chad Johnson meeting with Joe Philbin, for the insight of the David Garrard injury, for the drama of Mike Sherman practically going postal on underperforming players in that now memorable team meeting.

This week? Eh.

Joe Philbin opens the show channeling his inner public relations maven. He tells the players in a meeting that they don't have to agree with decisions he or his coaches or general manager Jeff Ireland make. But by all means don't actually complain about those decisions publicly.

"You're not going to agree with every decision that Jeff (Ireland) makes or the input I have in it, but ultimately, you have to be supportive," he says.

We find out this week that Reggie Bush is a hard worker and works hard after practice. We find out that rookie RT Jonathan Martin had a tough game against Carolina. We find out that John Jerry has been overweight since the first day of training camp and has struggled in practice.

"A player descending fast and I was a fan of his in minicamp," Sherman says.

"You watch the tape on Jerry, he's a catastrophe on tape today," adds offensive line coach JimTurner.

The truth is Jerry played relatively well against Carolina. He was probably the best lineman in his group. We got about 40 seconds of that upside part of the story.

It is interesting that left guard Eric Steinbach, who missed all of last season with a back injury, visits with Philbin and the player admits "the product I thought I had and you were bringing me in for is not exactly showing out there."

Steinbach says he doesn't want to bring up the word "retire," but in so doing, of course, he's bringing it up. Look, Eric Steinbach is going to be hard-pressed to make the club. He's struggling. He's great to have in the locker room. He's experienced. But can he get his body to do what it once did?

Not so far.

By the way, I love Sherman. He's the only coach that apparently recognizes the obvious struggles of the wide receiver corps. He talks about someone stepping forward. He talks about someone making plays against Carolina to unbunch what is obviously a struggling group.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is similarly honest as he's calling the game from the Carolina pressbox. As the Panthers are shredding his unit, he pounds the desk in front of him and yells, "What the hell are we doing?"

Later he says, "We're going to find out about these guys tonight because the way this group is playing, there's going to be spots to be won."

The episode wastes our time trying to convince us that the Plantation hotel where the team is staying during camp is somewhere near Miami Beach. In truth, it's about 40 miles away. We seeJake Long at home eating a meal with his wife. We see tight end Les Brown, who will be cut in the coming weeks, and his girlfriend at an airboat ride facility somewhere in the Everglades.

We see quarterback coach Zac Taylor on Sunday tell Matt Moore that Ryan Tannehill has won the starting quarterback job. We see Tannehll in the same meeting have pretty much the same reaction in learning hes got the job as Moore had in learning he doesn't have the job.

When Philbin meets with Moore the coach says he can't "put my finger" on the reason Tannehill is the pick. Moore, showing tons of grace, says, "I gotcha." 


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We have rbs,

Egnew really looks that bad? I remember the Bengals had a 3rd rounder Chase Coffman from Missouri who I believe was a 3rd round pick as well and was featured on Hard Knocks as a bum who couldn't get it. He is out of the league and was fairly quickly at that.

AndyNJ, bad doesnt even decribe Egnew, he's horrendous. He comes from the same spread Mizz offense just like Coffman who was a bust, even though there not the same player this should of been a red flag for Ireland but he screws the Dolphins yet again.


I have slightly defended Ireland in the past. I also have bashed him but watching the way the Dolphins are shaping up I think he is what he is and thats finds solid pieces but doesn't have what it takes to get Miami over the hump. He doesn't have the knack for plucking skilled, skills guys. Miami finally got their QB and kudos for that but I don't know if that was fully his decision. That might have been Philbin's doing along with Ross wanting to sell tickets.

Ireland is a meat and potatoes guy which is weird cause he was a kicker at Baylor. But nonetheless he couldnt pick a playmaker to save his life. Gates, Egnew, Hartline, defunct Pat Turner,

I don't care if this team stinks this year. But if they're going to stink, stink all the way, not like last year's team. Stink like Indy. The market was set for a top QQB draft slot with 3 third round picks - and that was just to move up a few slots. Iteland should get this for Matt Barkley and if he doesn't he definitely should be fired. And since there really isn't a sure shot WR available like Megatron, they can trade way down although I think Arizona will be horrible too and more than willing to pay the price so they shouldn't have to trade that far down.

So the theme for this year is stink worse than Arizona!!

As long as Ryan Tannehill develops, that's all I care about for this year. Everyone else on the roster including Jake Long is easily replaceable and it's up to them to perform and get paid.

So much for filling a hole with eric stienbach, he just announced his retirement from football.

Another classic pickup goes to shi# for the miami dolphins, good job front office.

Ted Ginn Jr is a very good NFL "lower" top tier receiver. The only thing wrong as it relates to Ginn was the ignorant Miami fans' bashing of him.

As I predicted. Check out what he did last year, when he got on a good team.

Cam sucked, but Ginn is not a reason why.

YG, again, there is no need to end every post with "LOL." That's what girls do. A period (".") ends a sentence. No need to type LOL at the end of every comment.

Yeah right, stone hands never should be blamed for anything including all those potential catches he never made while he was here.

Biggest bust of this decade for miami!

Go become a niners fan if you like ted ginn so much..

All of DC's comments on Long echo what I've been saying for 3 years. Exactly.

I'm sorry, should somebody actually give a flying crap what you think or say to warrant anything of merit??!!

Les Brown is supposedly here because of his speed. He is not a TE, have they tried him at WR?

You would think they would considering they did it with Wake, Misi, Starks,Odrick, Dansby, & on & on & on.


Yes they have FWE, he cannot get seperation from the cornerbacks quick enough because he keeps falling on his @ss when running outroutes...he's a dead goose by next week...unless irefiend has his way and keeps him which is a huge mistake...just sayin!!!

Ginnisabust, what? Try remedial English lessons.

Les Brown is fast for a TE, he is also broad, I do not think he is fast in NFL standards for WR.

Out of all of our picks, you're going to say Ginn was THE biggest bust? LOL.

Ginn scored some TDs. Has had multiple 2 TD return games within 20 seconds of each other. 800 yard seasons. stretched the field. Ever hear of Pat White? Played 3 plays and was knocked OUT OF THE LEAGUE. after 3 plays.

(YG, that's a legitimate time to use an "LOL.")

Sorry, I cant speak tim couch aka (Moron). But i'll work on it timmy, and by the way how are your niners doing???

Once again timmy, u look the part of a moron if thats what you consider a gem at drafting your overall #1 pick with.

What else you got niners lover??

Nothing I wrote even remotely implies I like the 49ers. You are 12 years old. Is school out?

Timmy, that's not very nice. The boys of san fran will not like the fact that you are bad mouthing them by calling teddy ginn HOF potential.

Nor did I say Ginn was a "gem." But Ginn was not the absolute catastrophe of a pick that some say it was. Who else was available at that time and what were our needs then? You have to consider things in context. Just as we have right now, actually, we had no real #1 speed WR and hadn't had one for a long time, and were trying to get one. Chambers was a #2 or backup on any good team. Just like Hartline now.

Ginn is still in the NFL, having a respectable career. Many others, including those picked at # 9, have not had careers that good.

Ginn also played for us during the era (which may or may not continue with Tanne) of us having no decent QB. Ginn was *part* of the problem, perhaps, on bad teams that had many, many problems.

I think Ginn was a gamer who made some big plays for us (on terrible teams) several times. Not as many as we would have liked, but by far he was not the worse pick this team ever made.

didn't say anything about HOF. You're not to bright, are you?

too. that was a typo

Ted Ginn was horrible as a wr here Timmy, if you want to try and complicate it by saying that he is now on a better team(Your Niners) then so be it. But dont try and insult most of us who had eyes and watched him play here with very little success.

The man was considered a bust by not just dolfans, but by most draft and media experts. They have the right to say what they want when they want, and you act like they were wrong all along about ginn and his stone hands.

Was ted ginn a bust at #1...yes, was he the worst we've had...unfortunately no, people will never forget about ginn becuase of how bad cam-moron was with that team in 2007...as a punt returner ginn had his up's and downs with miami, but no-one should blame the kid for being drafted #1...he was not a first round pick and thats nobodys fault but yet another front office decision that still haunts this team today....

I am not happy with Philbin so far. You would think that an upper manager of a billion$+ organization would be able to articulate things or at least plan out what to say before a meeting. He looked like a McDonalds manager firing Chad Johnson and not any better with the QBs. I mean why did they even need to meet with him, to watch him stutter out a polish salute? Not a leader so far, just an OCD douche.

I'm hopeful Tannehill will play well and doesn't get injured or shell shocked and that the Fins have a decent season. But the thing I'm looking forward to most is watching the Jets implode under Sporano, I know it's preseason but they have NO touchdowns, the only team to have that dubious distinction. But they got a few field goals!! All I could think after hearing that stat was "The Fist Pump Lives! And thank god it's in NY!" Haha.... this will be an entertaining season, get your popcorn ready.

Craig M replies (to YG)
"If you've read anything about the situation (or in your case had someone read it to you)"
CraigM, in the same post just prior to the above statement, you read the riot act to another poster (Kris) regarding your objection to his calling a statement of yours "ignorant."
Yet, you do exactly the same to YG.
The pot calling the kettle black?

Way too much of this crap here.

We're all a bit agitated buy our team's apparent struggle with the game of football, but lets try to be a bit more civil, yes?

Now as regards the ineptitude of Ireland, I believe all's fair.

Im a looser just like Ireland...

Did I mention Philpin sounds/looks/acts like milk toast? What a wimp, he let three players into his office and push him around about a "leadership team councel". Whatever the hell that is? Boys, theres only room for one headcoach. Players get paid to play, coaches get paid to coach. Do the players "buy into" Philpin, they damned sure better if they wanna get paid. Or thats the way it use to be....gonna be a very long yr.

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