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Live blog and lineup changes here

Minutes before the start of what promises to be the most meaningless game of the season:

Ryan Tannehill is going to start. He's going to start running, too, if he's smart.

That's because the starting offensive line will be a backup unit except for rookie Jonathan Martin at right tackle. The unit consists of Ray Feinga at LT, Chandler Burden at left guard, Ryan Cook at center, John Jerry at right guard and Martin at right tackle.

Crazy, right?

Daniel Thomas starts for Reggie Bush, who is not expected to play.

The injured scratches tonight are: Jake Long (right knee), David Garrard (knee), Nate Garner (head), Tony McDaniel (leg), Lydon Murtha (foot), Brian Hartline (calf), and defensive end Derrick Shelby (shoulder).

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby is dressed but not expected to play. Austin Spitler starts in his place. Kevin Burnett is dressed but not expected to play. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

There's a live blog happening in the comments section. I'll be there for the kickoff. See you there.


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here is a link I use http://www.thefirstrow.eu/sport/american-football.html

More injuries will really capp the seaon low expectations

Jack Sparrow,

You read and memorize all the unfo you want in trying to learn how to pick up girls. But until youre actually putting it to use and gaining valuable experience. Youre just an walking encyclopedia of babbling poop.

Dolphin starting defense on the field except for Dansby, Burnett.

IDK...this college playbook hasn't looked very well against the NFL defense playbook the last three games.

Not sure what two weeks before season opener will do for a college QB.

Should have mentioned earlier, Clyde Gates starts for Fasano.

anyone have a link to tha game?

timing jack sparrow

Huh? that doesnt make sense

Is Naanee on the Bubble?

Why Start him and Not Bess?

Could it be?

Marcus Thigpen, a RB, in the slot on passing down.

Timing? LOL!!!! We're not even sure who is going to be on the team from week to week.

Try again please.

Oscar is not sushi. Sushi says sushi is sushi.

Sushi also say dashi is douchey. Sushi dink you have many toll.

Sushi says bye.

Drop meter for Dolphins receivers tonight at 1. (Naanee)

Naanee drops, whats new? Our recievers worse than what will be available on the waiver wire. Pathetic!

I would have dropped that death warrant also. Wrong read from Tanne.

star counting drops..

Butterfingers Nanee has no heart lets trade him for a bucket of chicken

Well, if you throw it at Brandon Marshall 20 times he'll catch 10 of them. LOL

Cut naanee

I've seen enough of Naanee to cut him. Let alone start the guy, unreal, bet if he is cut not one team would call him

Your boy Naanee needs to be CUT at halftime....enough!

naanee is scared...

Thats cause you´re not a NFL Wr Sparrow... but Nanee??...

Koa Misi on the blitz ... unblocked to the QB and missed him.

Misi misses sack ,,,

Look like Misi thought he was playing flag football in the whiffed miss of the qb sack.

First team D against a second string QB?

And they still can't stop him.

This team is beyond bad.

Naanee is a pu#%y! Afraid to get hit. Don't need him. 2 catches that's it.


Missi had a clean shot on Qb an "Missi-ed"

I could have sworn Misio reach for the qb's flag.

Misi- another Ireland bust

anyone have a link for the game????

This Naanee dude sucks...And Omar Kelly was talking about the guy as if he's the second coming of Jerry Rice or something...Shows you what he knows...LOL!!

WOW.... 1st string D against the plowboys scrubs.... they look good.... NOT!!!!!

Nanee- another Ireland free agent bust

Marshall sucks too.

Does anyone know if that's our 1st team d against their 2nd team offense....god I hope not because we can't even beat other teams benches

can you say cam cameron 1-15

second string defense pkaying ... no solia, ordrick etc

Mark my words. 1-15. 2-14. Maybe 3-13.
There will be college teams better than this crap team that a crappy GM build! Hahahahahahahaha LMFAO!!

Even our D can get a sack when the qb holds the ball for 8 seconds.

If Ted Ginn Jr and Ernest Wilford had a baby his name would be Legado Naanee

First team D played firsy series 3 and out then the subs have come in.


Thank god originalOC.....I was worried. (more than I already am)

The problem is not Tannehill folks, we have only 1 wr, Devon Bess.

Misi, another great second round pick by our GM...

jetkiller you are correct , nice

Yeah Armando real crazy especially since they are going against dalls 2nd/3rd D unit...

Jabar Gaffney and Chris Cooley need to get signed...oh and bring Welker back lol

Ted Ginn Jr would be our 2nd best wr if he were still on the roster today.

When are you going to write an article that exposes Ireland for being a complete and utter failure?
Stop trying to suck up to management and expose the buffoonery
There is more life in that pyramid mausoleum near the DAAAFINS training camp than in this organization.

Not much to write home about. You can see Spitler can read very well but slow to get to the ball.

even the announcers sounded surprised Nanee made the catch.. LOL

Naanee finally caught a ball!

Whooooo WHOOP!!!!!

Link to the game


Neil, you think I suck up to management? Do you EVER read this blog or my columns?

The disappointing Thomas pushes the pile 4yds. LOL

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