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Live blog and lineup changes here

Minutes before the start of what promises to be the most meaningless game of the season:

Ryan Tannehill is going to start. He's going to start running, too, if he's smart.

That's because the starting offensive line will be a backup unit except for rookie Jonathan Martin at right tackle. The unit consists of Ray Feinga at LT, Chandler Burden at left guard, Ryan Cook at center, John Jerry at right guard and Martin at right tackle.

Crazy, right?

Daniel Thomas starts for Reggie Bush, who is not expected to play.

The injured scratches tonight are: Jake Long (right knee), David Garrard (knee), Nate Garner (head), Tony McDaniel (leg), Lydon Murtha (foot), Brian Hartline (calf), and defensive end Derrick Shelby (shoulder).

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby is dressed but not expected to play. Austin Spitler starts in his place. Kevin Burnett is dressed but not expected to play. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

There's a live blog happening in the comments section. I'll be there for the kickoff. See you there.


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2 & 1- Thomas moves the pile 4 yds

We really need a TD with our first stringers (or at least most of them) in the game

It is going to be a long season...

Why not open up that college playbook a little more? This looks like the same old stuff Tony would run.

Thomas looks like he's got power!

He's TOUGH like BULL!

Roughing the passer ...Blitzer unblocked. Oh boy.


Two different receivers caught passes in the SAME GAME!


Hate to tell everyone this but....

this team looks nothing like Green Bay.

Keep talking bad about Thomas!

Ha Ha Ha!

He's running behind the scrubs!

Yeah, Yesterday you must be thrilled Thomas is lighting up (not really) a third-team defense. LOL.

Tell me about it Jack the uniform colors are WAY OFF.......


Did you see the disappointment(Thomas) on that 20yd run? LOL

that was pass interference... oh well

Field Goal yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Nice call refs

You were saying, Armando?

Who ever starts at WR this year will have the life expectancy of a Vietnam door gunner with Tanne throwing the ball.

This dude stares down everyone.


Minimize, minimize. Wonder what you would be writing if he wasnt lighting up a 2nd team defense. LOL

And a FIST PUMP from the Peanut Gallery!


Philbin goes for 3 instead of going for it
He's actually trying to win so his record has at least one win

What else, what else? Naanee sukks.

crappy O with crappy refs = 1-15

Mando,Jeff Irelands Comment on "Hard knocks"
"We have 4,5.6 type recivers, What we need are 1s ones and 2 type reicevers
Is it me or is Ireland clueless or was he drunk during that interview??????
A yes or no answer will be all you need to say.......

Pass interference completely blown by refs!

Yeah, Yesterday you must be thrilled Thomas is lighting up (not really) a third-team defense. LOL.
Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 29, 2012 at 09:03 PM

Just delete his posts Armando.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Can ANYONE on this F'in team ever make a play???

They look more like Green Gay than Green Bay.

You guys are such fans. Guy has two nice plays and you want him in Canton.

Judge over a period of time. For four weeks, Thomas wasn't doing enough for his own coach to be happy. Ignore that if you want or say the last series erases all of that.

You have that right. But that's not how I evaluate a player.

It looks like the Ref's that officiated the Heat Playoff run are Officiating the Dolphin PreSeason games.

Aemando lets be realistic. Blitzer was unblocked yet the pass was thrown and completed with plenty of time Before the blitzer arrived. Thomas is running also behind our 2nd and 3 rd string offensive line.

Miami plays exactly like it did with Sparanus: only field goals. Why don't take the risk inside the red-zone ? These are Philbin's decisions, not Tann's. I understand that Carpenter needs to practice, but during the season field goals will lead usually to nowhere.
Take the risk damm it !!!

A N A L fist pumping field goal.

Tanne looks absolutely GREAT. If you have watched this game and formed any other conclusion, you are fvucking retarded and should be banned from watching Fins games.

6'6" Tanne looks great.

The following QBs are similarly tall:

1. Peyton Manning
2. Tom Brady
3. Ben Roesthlisberger


Nah, thats sucky special teams play.

They took the ball away, but they only took it from the 3rd teamers!


Where's Lamar Miller?

Good call to pull Tannehill. Would have been tempting to put him in 1 more series after the turnover.

Cuban, he wasn't drunk. He's told me the same thing.

That was an easy penalty call. NFL can't go into the season with these jokes. Don't k ow how anyone can criticize tannehill. Even Irvin on the cowboy broadcast was saying his passing was very effective.

I guess Tanne's learning curve increased a whopping 1% on those two series.

Tanne is the real deal folks.

I'm so excited.

14-2 and super bowl in 2015.

Tanne is the real deal.

Wow, that guy blew right by like no one was there

Moore goy spanked!

We are going to be ok

I'm pretty sure the offense will look a tad different in regular season. I'm not saying the scoreboard will reflect the difference BUT its the 4th preseason game DUH. Of course it looks plain!!
Good news is this was Sparanos game plan during the regular season as well. Thank you Jets!!!

Armando, didn't Thomas play well against Atlanta?

Is Jerry playing well or what? Did you see that pull.

Tannehill looks terrific. Too bad he can't catch his own passes.


From what you see, do you think this team was even trying the first few weeks. Most of the starters were on the team last year and played hard for Sparano, but they just seem like they are giving half effort most of the preseason.

...more field goals. This team is as boring as it was with Sparanus. Gizz !

Cuban, he wasn't drunk. He's told me the same thing.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 29, 2012 at 09:08 PM

I'd give him a pass if he was drunk but knowing that.....
Clueless comes to mind then...
He does know he is the guy in charge of "Talent"....
Right??LOL t?????

Isn't Ireland drunk 24/7?
That would explain a lot.


Philbin didnt scold Thomas for his play. He scolded him for tardiness. How do you twist that into Philbin was very disappointed with his play? Geesh, that far beyond my lowly comprehension.

Only you berate his play. Havent heard not 1 other journalist do this concerning Thomas' play. Only you. You may wanna exam your own motives behind this.

Hah, he only drinks during the draft!!!

T-Sizzle is 6'4 and some Change. Don't know about 6'6

Maybe with shoes on.

Dashi agrees, Would've let T-Hill play a QTR. Fumble Moore Really?

Hopefully Moore only plays 1 or 2 Series!!

Then it's Devlin Time

Thank goodness our kickers are above average.

Mark, bad news. Scab refs are already slated for week 1.

I believe we FINALLY have our QB. If nothing else, that will save Ireland's job alone.

That long cover by Carroll on that wr was impressive as hell.

Isn't Ireland drunk 24/7?
That would explain a lot.

Posted by: Neil's GhosT | August 29, 2012 at 09:12 PM

He is Irish....

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