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Live blog and lineup changes here

Minutes before the start of what promises to be the most meaningless game of the season:

Ryan Tannehill is going to start. He's going to start running, too, if he's smart.

That's because the starting offensive line will be a backup unit except for rookie Jonathan Martin at right tackle. The unit consists of Ray Feinga at LT, Chandler Burden at left guard, Ryan Cook at center, John Jerry at right guard and Martin at right tackle.

Crazy, right?

Daniel Thomas starts for Reggie Bush, who is not expected to play.

The injured scratches tonight are: Jake Long (right knee), David Garrard (knee), Nate Garner (head), Tony McDaniel (leg), Lydon Murtha (foot), Brian Hartline (calf), and defensive end Derrick Shelby (shoulder).

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby is dressed but not expected to play. Austin Spitler starts in his place. Kevin Burnett is dressed but not expected to play. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

There's a live blog happening in the comments section. I'll be there for the kickoff. See you there.


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RT played with minor league O line. Got the ball out. Looked like a 7 year vet. Looked like Bret Favre in his prime. Yes, I will blame the refs and drops when the refs miss clear interference calls in the end zone and #19 drops a ball in his hands.

We are probably witnessing a great future tandem on the R side of the OL. Jerry, Martin.

Anyone think Arizona might want either Moore or Garrard?

Guys I don't usually like excuses either but the facts are our receiver turned and tried to go for the ball and the cb tackled him out of the end zone before the ball got there. Never even turned his head. That's 1st and goal on the one and the oline was pushing the pile all qtr. They wouldve scored.

Yaaayyyy Matt Moore threw a TD!

If you need a kicker in fantasy Football....get Carp, because he may go for 200 field goals this year

Why isn't our 3rd round pick Egnew playing?

And with that, Martin is now at LT.

Arizona already has two Matt Moores.

Did you see what Ricky did as the "backup" a few years ago? The "backup" title doesn't matter.

Thomas will get 20 touches a game out of necessity. Widdle Bush, who I like, probably won't repeat what he did last year.

You will see Thomas get 1400 yards this year, rushing and receiving.

How can anyone say Moore should still be the starter? He sucks so much.

I think Martin is playing LT so Moore doesn't get killed

Is Matt Moore showing up drunk to these games?

Dude went 8-1 last year (beat Giants and Pats, the 2 super bowl teams)

how bout this one year FIX ...... only 1 yr vet min contracts.... T.O. SHOCKEY and PLAXICO

Does Clyde Gates ever catch the ball?

What's up with Egnew?


no wonder Tani won the starting job...

Gates is done. Cut tomorrow.

If you're not good enough to get in the game on offense for us in this game you may want to consider a career change.

Mr. 3 & out= Matt Moore

Yea, T-hill is the one Starring down Wr's.

What happen to all the Moore Fanatics. Last Year was Last Year. And If u ask Dashi? Henne was producing better Numbers before the Phantom Injury(RoboQB took a Dive). The Fans and the Team were just Tired with Henne and Sporano last year.

None of these bubble players are helping themselves tonight. They only confirm they need to be sent packing Monday.

Clyde Gates, making us all miss Ted Ginn...

You guys are asking about Egnew....the dude sucks!! That is obviously why he is not playing...waste of a high draft pick!!

Indiana you look so official with your blue link.

scrubs officials
scrub players on field

Nolan Caroll - LOL BURNED

Is Dallas cutting that wr? LOL

Cowboys commentators ripping Moore. Do the Moore backers finally see that he's a decent backup and not much more? Tannehill with all of 19 college starts won the job in camp. Come on now. Lets finally admit it here.

I NEVER supported getting rid of Ginn. You idiotic fans caused that error.

Nolan Carroll is a nice person.

But he's a got a long way to go.

If Egnew isnt playing tonight it probably confirms he's cut. He maybe given a 2nd chance on the ps.

Miss me yet?

Have any receivers shown the slightest sign of stepping up? How's 7-11 doing?

Actually I thought he was more valuable as a returner if nothing else than what we got for him

Moore will be traded once Garrad is back

Carrol getting burnt by a guy who will not even be in the NFL..not looking forward to this team this season

How about a an 0-16 team on the 40 year anniversary of the Undefeated '72 team

Who is running the fantasy board this year?

Ricky, speed kills?


My references to Carroll was he's much improved at the nickel position. He proving right now he's not quite ready to be a starting "boundry" corner.

If he had become boundry corner worthy he would be starting ahead of Marshall.

This is why Tannehill is starting and not Matt Moore. Hopefully now all of the Moore supporters will be able to come to this conclusion as well

If Egnew is cut that's a waste of of a 3rd round pick
Ireland is just horrible at evaluating talent

WOW sorry sorry sorry playing! I understand its the backups but it's just sad now.

I was wondering what YG's record would be as a Head Coach.

Does anyone think it would be better than 0-16?

WOW does this secondary suck

Carroll should have pick 6 that one.

The O with Tanne and Thomas looked nothing short of Bradylike. Explosive. It was a sight to see.

Geeze...we are awful

How has Ryan baker collected an NFL paycheck for years? I'm jealous. Bring down the qb already!

Indiana, are you new to this country and football? The only thing that matters is how the starters and 2s looked, and the starters looked fine.

Even the D.

We will be ok, especially with this cake schedule.

One WR and we'll be set.

No Vernon we don't miss you. You act like a 12 year old and don't take your job seriously. Have fun taking plays off and being out of shape in Indy. See Ya!

No Egnew and no Miller

Woops, meant Vontae

Quentin Lauwrence is cut tonight

Ireland should fire his scouts if thats where he gets his bright draft ideas from. We have more scud missles in our arsenal than Saddam Hussien ever had.

Wont find any "weapons of mass destruction" here either.




We have not had a QB who got the ball out this crisply, quickly, and cleanly and on target since Brian Griese.

Yes, I said BRIAN Griese, the NFL's 15th rated all time QB in passer rating.

Moore int looked just like this team and coaches mediocre! Micro management!!

Why won't the coaches player Lamar Miller??? Is Miller our secret weapon this year??? LOL!!!

If we don't take it down and score this drive, I will be sorely disappointed.

Settle down Matt Moore and make Phins78 eat his words!

17 unanswered. These jokers suuuuuuck! Moore is garbage. Garrard with one leg would play better than moore.

Getting real! We saw what we needed at start of game.
We were competitive even without a top receiver. Lets wait and see what we pick up off waivers or trade. Thise team has potential PLUS we can clearly see Tani beat out Moore. We have a quarterback... the rest will come together.

Good night all, have a blessed day tomorrow

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