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Live blog and lineup changes here

Minutes before the start of what promises to be the most meaningless game of the season:

Ryan Tannehill is going to start. He's going to start running, too, if he's smart.

That's because the starting offensive line will be a backup unit except for rookie Jonathan Martin at right tackle. The unit consists of Ray Feinga at LT, Chandler Burden at left guard, Ryan Cook at center, John Jerry at right guard and Martin at right tackle.

Crazy, right?

Daniel Thomas starts for Reggie Bush, who is not expected to play.

The injured scratches tonight are: Jake Long (right knee), David Garrard (knee), Nate Garner (head), Tony McDaniel (leg), Lydon Murtha (foot), Brian Hartline (calf), and defensive end Derrick Shelby (shoulder).

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby is dressed but not expected to play. Austin Spitler starts in his place. Kevin Burnett is dressed but not expected to play. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

There's a live blog happening in the comments section. I'll be there for the kickoff. See you there.


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No more Moore...get devlin in

How does an organization miss on every single personel move for 15 yrs +. Ross needs a santero to rid the team of the evil spirit. It is the curse of Joe robbie

You guys DO realize you're watching (and commenting on) a bunch of guys who won't even be playing pro football after this game, right?

I'm not exaggerating. 90% of the players on BOTH teams right now will NOT be on the opening day roster.

Not saying Miami will be any good this year (they won't) but if you are making judgements based on THIS you are batsh*t crazy, fellas.

at what point do u guys finally realize we will be the worst team in the nfl this year, which will help us, and quit bitching. do u really keep waiting for it to change. worst offense in nfl. defense is horrible. like i said weeks ago, we will get first pick and draft and have a ton of ammo, just make sure u fire ireland

I have full confidence that Jeff Ireland will evaluate the performances and make the appropriate adjustments. Just stand back and watch the master move the chess pieces.

We should keep Mathews he's actually catching balls

why don't we hire all of the 3rd from Dallas ?


The problem with getting rid of players and getting draft picks is that the same ireland who picked these duds will be doing it next year

Ted...some are gonna have to stay...theres no way they can replace 90% of the 2nd and 3rd string units of players on this team...IT is BAD...IT is that bad

Here's an idea: cut Moore and give Garrard the backup job

Want some perspective here, guys?

I'm watching the Dallas feed of this game on NFL Network and their own announcers are talking about how the guy who just ran for the long TD is unlikely to even make the Cowboys roster.

This is "ABOUT TO BE EX-PLAYER TIME" folks. It's comical to me how seriously you take it just because the uniforms match the ones the real players wear.


Devlin is in TD time

Said it before will say it again for the 1001 time.

1. Thill
2. Devlin
3. Whoever else except moore

Moore is GONE once Garrad is back!
wouldn't even be surprised is he gets cut tomorrow.
Pat Devlin is better than Moore!

Never said ALL these guys will be gone but you do the math.

Both teams have to cut between 20-25 players before the season starts.

Who do you think is in there right now?

dashi u could score vs the dallas d in there now

Armando, Moore for a 5th rounder sound fair?

Lamar Miller and Pat Devlin looked good on that drive.

Matthews and Cunningham too.

Matthews just moved up on my respect-o-meter.
He looks like he might be able to play.

So expect him to be cut before the game is over.

OK, ok. To me, he makes the roster. We’re running out of skinny fast dudes.

Never said ALL these guys will be gone but you do the math.
Both teams have to cut between 20-25 players before the season starts.
Who do you think is in there right now?
Posted by: ted | August 29, 2012 at 10:48 PM

I see guys that might not be a huge step behind our first string getting axed...

You guys were saying....Paul you got thos old posts?

The phan : Moore for a 5th rounder would be a steal !

you mean they WON'T all be gone? Damn!

And you realize that a lot of these guys were brought in by Jeff to make the team. As it stands now, most of this team should be cut.

Devlin looks like Bob Griese.

Coyle too ;)

I like the tough marine types.


Ted - I do know that most these players will not be on the team come Friday, but the thing is a good chunk of these guys that have played half this game were getting beat by other backups and some of those guys will be our starters and 2's that come in the game

who is the worst performer tonight :

a) Moore
b) Offense
c) Defense
d) Special Teams

So hard to choose ....

Yea, Dashi can score on Dallas d now

But Moore was facing the same d and his little hands couldn't cut it.

Miller ran hard and My boy boy devlin is a beast.

The touch the kid has. Read a article a couple days ago on fins.com on pat devlin. Great piece. Devlin says even if he's a 3rd stringer he practices and trains like he might start. That he is always ready to help thrill with anything. Etc. Etc.

Like I've said before, Devlin should be T-Hills caddy for the next 5 years minimum


This is the point in the preseason where guys named LaWanda Cabbage and Morris Rabinowitz are on the field---where college phenoms from Eastern Idaho Mime College are living out their dreams just hours before their Greyhound ride home to the job at Wal-Mart.

For your own sanity, fellas, take a deep breath. This means nothing. And it's being played by guys you will never, ever hear about again (aside from a very few).

There will be PLENTY of time for gnashing teeth and pulling hair out during the 5-11 season to come!

Ok guys my one comment the Team is cursed so why not play the Devlin at QB.

You know he is the guy who has the most to gain from all this. Tannhill and Moore have been getting beat up for the last two years and the Devil has been sitting back soaking up the pace of the game and the ins and outs.

You guys liked Matt Flynn last year. I think the man we had better start watching is Devlin. Moore pretty much has packed it up. The ditched him and you can see that he could give a flying F-Bomb ( Oh dont tell the coach)

Sparano/Daboll/Nolan must have been the next comming they coaxed 6 wins out of these players last year. They shure were on a shorter leash.

Enough. If you have a cursed team maybe you need help for the Deviln.

Think AC/DC wrote a song about this mess. Run Away Train or High way to Hel.

Everyone just sit in the parking lot. Support the Heritage (Orange Bowl Style) out in the streets.

Go Dolphins!!

Well, if they cut Dunbar I wouldn't mind having him here.

rau it goes to Moore, special teams got a turnover, defense wasn't as terrible and offense would've been better if Moore could play better

ted no chance they win 5, 3 max


there are starters that need to be cut.

Devlin is showing up Moore, he is playing with the same receivers against the same Dallas scrubs yet Devlin got the job done.

Face it the D and Offense made it competitive at start of game. We never had all our starters on either side in game. It was ok

What we have is ZERO depth

Even Philbin is getting sloppy here.

WIDOLFAN ..I agree with you.... Moore has to go. He is not the same qb we had last year. Let's see if philbin/jeff have the guts to get rid of him....

I'n not an Ireland fan AT ALL but in fairness it's pretty dense to say he brought in these 'about to be cut' guys to make the team.

Well, duh.

Guess what? The same thing is true in 31 other places where a bunch of guys were brought in to make THOSE teams but will also be playing their last game of football ever.

That's not a defense of Ireland. It's just simple logic and reality.

Blame him for the real stuff---not because your dog took a piss on the carpet.

Here comes Devlin again. We might have a chance to win this Game.

Moore has played like crap hasn't played like a competent backup, needs to go

Newcomers will only have 10 days to lean the system. So, if Ireland/philbin can develop a good eye to choose the cream , we should expect some sinergy but week 8 . So, 0-8 first, then 1 or maybe 2, to finish 1-15 0 2-14... Maybe the first pick in next draft...
Let's be realistic.... There are no miracles in NFL ... 2012 is now over....

7-11 fukked it up.

Is it just me or is Egnew not even getting separation anymore

Only 239 days until we make the 1st pick in the 1st round of the draft! Of course, if the world ends on Dec.21, it won't matter will it?

Hey another from WI too bad we're not packer fans... lol

Bad News Dolphins....

Preseason Ends Today!!!

No practices are going to make this team any better than what they are....

Yeah, this is boring today. Only Pat Devlin keeping me awake.

where the hell is the live blog?!

Yea Armando said he had to leave to write his column...

live blog is dead, as is the 2012 season ...

Yep, the worst talent Miami has fielded in the last 15 years, and that is saying A LOT!

Nooo now 7-11's dropping passes

Maybe Ireland can serve pancakes at a waffle house when this gig is over?

Is Houston the lock of the week on the survivor pool for week 1? I remember a similar situation 9 years ago, week 1 in Miami, against a 2nd year Houston team. Needless to say, I wasn't in the survivor pool after that game.

This game JUST wont end...

Well Miami's never beaten Houston so yes

Long game,,,Long season ,,,long wait until 2013 draft....

Someone forgot to tell the players we are not sucking for Luck this year.

Cant even get that right. Phewwwwwwwwwww!!!

Yea....But come next week miami will have been beaten extremely badly by houston...which will be a first in the series

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