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Live blog and lineup changes here

Minutes before the start of what promises to be the most meaningless game of the season:

Ryan Tannehill is going to start. He's going to start running, too, if he's smart.

That's because the starting offensive line will be a backup unit except for rookie Jonathan Martin at right tackle. The unit consists of Ray Feinga at LT, Chandler Burden at left guard, Ryan Cook at center, John Jerry at right guard and Martin at right tackle.

Crazy, right?

Daniel Thomas starts for Reggie Bush, who is not expected to play.

The injured scratches tonight are: Jake Long (right knee), David Garrard (knee), Nate Garner (head), Tony McDaniel (leg), Lydon Murtha (foot), Brian Hartline (calf), and defensive end Derrick Shelby (shoulder).

Middle linebacker Karlos Dansby is dressed but not expected to play. Austin Spitler starts in his place. Kevin Burnett is dressed but not expected to play. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

There's a live blog happening in the comments section. I'll be there for the kickoff. See you there.


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Houston would be favored in that game even if this was a good Miami team.



Someone out there will throw out a fist pump if it ends up 45-3.

Finally it's over

Score Houston 38. PHINS 6. Remember Ray made that comment! What a crappy team going into a season probably as bad as cam Cameron team. Long very long season

Posted by: rauplan | August 29, 2012 at 11:36 PM

normally, i would say that your obviously under the influence of drugs making that prediction. However, i would now entertain the possibilty that this organization as a front office is now quite possibly under the same influence when proposing this season is not about rebuilding and is more about WIN now....

Can we get two fist pumps if is 38-6?

Are we an NFL team??

How bad is it in New York when more Wetspot fans show up for Armando's live blog than Miami Fans.

You guys getting bored of SpOranus already?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

You're negativity and obvious stupidity EXPOSES you as wetspot fans - LOL.

Ya'll New York Whankers ain't foolin nobody-ROTFLMAO!

Have fun Queer Baits!!!!

Fine. If you guys won't be the teenage Japanese (or Korean) girl, then I will.

"Oh, Mr. Jack! You catch me in kitchen wearing only panties! I make ramen noodle for you! Very good, tee hee! Maybe I invite teenage friend Suzi Yakimori over for pillow fight and feed you nori roll? Tee hee!"

Start Naming the Cuts

That would make for greatest PreSeason Press Conference Ever

Philbin Steps up to the Podium With the Roster in His hand and Just starts naming names.

Everyone who played Defense in the 4th Qtr, Cut!!

All The Wr's Except Bess, Cut!! U to Hulk Hogan! My 2 picks, Come back here(MAtthews and Cunnigham) U 2 will stay until we see what we get in the next few Days.

All the backup O-line, Except Jerry and Samunda.

The Backup Secondary. Yeah, I already said ur names but U guys are so bad I had to mention U twice. Who's Jam? and Who's Jelly? Cause u sure are some sweet Mo'Fukka's

(Steps off the Podium, Goes off on a F-Bomb Tirade)

Naanee cant get that pink slip fast enough


You know as some others on here that this particular game is never about winning but getting a look at some of the more marginal guys that will make the bottom of the roster. That said it was a little disappointing to see such a lethargic effort out of some of the guys especially on D who got pushed around early by some players who may not even make the active Dallas roster.

That said I liked what I saw out of N.Carroll which for me is a mouth full but you called it and he is more aggressive in attacking the ball and not getting fulled on the double move at the line as easily as in the past. The 4th CB spot will probably get filled on the waiver wire because Lawrence was terrible and the guy behind him Anderson (#40) was worse in every aspect.

J.Jerry seems to understand that not only his job IN JEOPARDY but his roster spot is up for grabs and he looked game all night and really since last week. With all due respect to Bill Connors (troll name for sure) on page 1 who said all U of M fans knew L.Miller sucked I disagree thought he looked good and am waiting to see him in a more organized setting come the reg. season. I really like this Thigpen kid and feel he made the team and may even factor at some point in the O.

The Vet WR's were horrible and am wondering what the thinking will be here about sinking or swimming with the younger guys as opposed to S.D. retread Nennee maybe keeping as many as 2 of the younger kids like R.Matthews. The T.E. situation is a shambles and inexcusable at this point considering it a long time need and the investment in Egnew. All that said the rebuilding begins and hoping we at least finally found the Coach to see it through, bring on the 2012 Regular Season cause I'm ready for some Football, Oh! wait we have to see what the new song is, LOL!

: Dashi | August 29, 2012 at 11:56 PM

Good post agree with every word of it!


I like the Thigpen kid with Bush, Thomas, Miller and J.Lane at FB as my five which is usually the route Slaton gets the ax in the game of numbers.

Will these scruns EVER win a game?

Another loss

Mando, you're a piss poor excuse for a writer, you beat down just to beat down, you aren't funny.

If this team ever wins a game the world will be shocked lol

As far as I'm concerned Naanee got the ax after the alligator arm he pulled on the 1st drive, the 1st I give the ax in the Locker Room!


Thighpen Might Stick. He Fits the Mold. Plus it seems he picks up the Playbook faster than L.Miller. Really to Dashi that Seems to be L.Millers problem.

By Mold Dashi Means R.Bush. A RB that can line up at Multiple Positions on the Field. Miller fits it to but he seems to be having that playbook problem.

Lane is a Big Boy. Welcomed Surprise. Polite was never that Vulgar. Did U see the shakeoff! The Guy hit him and the Guy got a Concussion. Lane didn't even square him up.

Dashi has never said this, but J.Lane is the Smallest 270+lbs RB I've ever seen before. He's Huge but he doesn't look that Big?

Get J.Jones and 1 of those Cowboy Wr's.

Agreed on the secondary. The Depth? Really shows when we lost Vontae. But Hopefully we Pick up a 4th CB and we Will be OK.

The Backup Safety's were horrendous. Culver and Everyone else have to go.

Only good backup DB's we have are Carroll and Wilson.

4 losses in a row....and counting. Philbin sux as bad as Cameron.

Dashi | August 30, 2012 at 12:30 AM

Agreed on the J.Lane, L.Polite comparison plus what I really like is the fact he can catch haven't seen a drop yet. As you mentioned in your earlier post fin4life would give the entire WR Corp. the ax except Bess maybe Moore the jury out on Wallace but keep the 2 kids Matthews and Cuningham. The Hulkster can go peddle his Hulka vitamins somewhere else and the rest were never worth a damn!

Fin fans standards have become so low that if we dont get injured we consider it a victory. How sad.

Nothing positive to take from this game. Rven the positives are negative.

Tannehill cant catch his own passes and Javorski Lane runs over everything but the endzone line. Gonna be a long 2012 season unless Ireland does something very impactful veryu quick.

And with the 1st pick of the 2013 nfl draft... the Miami Dolphins select..... Rocky the Squirrel. Bullwinkle goes 2nd rd.


I can give a crap less Javorski Lane can run over people and catch footballs. At the end of the day we still need real nfl wr's.

Javorski Lane, at best, represent anpther 1st down here and there, almost nothing as far as td's on the scoreboard.

Have we gotten so terrible, fans look for moral victories, like how many defenders can thier fb runover? I now think yes.

Naanee has been one of the biggest letdowns for me. I was hoping he'd be one of those vets that just needed a change of a scenery. Foole me onec, fool me twice, Pssssssfpt!

I like Thigpen. Alot of people didn't notice, but he ran routes out of the slot with our first and second teamers in games 2 and 3. Did an especially nice job with three catches in the 2nd game.

Tannehill looked real sharp when you consider the line and the receivers he was working with.

Devlin just keeps improving and impressing in my opinion. In the 4th quarter Devlin, Miller, Matthews and Cunningham were all instrumental in the TD drive. They were working against scrubs, but they were also playing with/behind scrubs as well.

Carroll has definitely improved and Wilson gots his number if he falters. Not the most optimum of situations, but workable. Especially if we bring somebody in.

PS: I think Moore is suffering from PTSD after losing the job to Tannehill. He looked absolutely horrid.

Now, to try and talk this Blonde into some drunk and naked twister! I'm gonna give new meaning to the phrase: Hot Oil Treatment!

Bottom's Up!!!!

Yup, moral victories. Real victories are a pipedream.

There were a few radio hosts all saying Philbin is Cameron exactly. I have to agree.

There was a guy on here betting against the Fins every preseason game. He must be rich already and the season hasnt even started.

Dashi and Odin breath sitting in the tree. K I SS I N G.
At least we know Carroll can cover back ups.
Matt Moore sucked since last year, no surprise.
Ireland does not draft stud dominate players.
And how do you cut Brandon and Vonte, then let Fasano keep his job?


Read every post I and others have written since the games end and really every post since we tried the Ocho exp. nobody is pleased but the scenario dropped by Griese and Comp. about a trade for G.Jones isn't the most appealing either. I know you watch alot of games especially post season and in the Pack 2010 title run how many critical drops did Jones have and it doesn't stop there noticed it 1st in the epic 09 W.C. game Vs. the Cardinals. If the option is G.Jones for that 2 we got for Vontea I say keep it. I'm sure if there were a place to look up targeted and drops he's at the top of the NFL. The WR's suck BAD and it will be a long season just seeing what some of the pieces that may fit look like.

There is a NIGHT and DAY difference between looking for silver linings or moral victories and rating some of the players on the team, really!!

LMFAO, I can't believe that everyone is expecting MY FINZ to be this super team I want them to win also but let's be realistic. It's a first yr head coach, new system, rookie QB I think they are gonna have troubles. I don't expect them to win a super bowl. Not this yr but I think it will in a few yrs at the least! Come on so called fans think!

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