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Live blog of Dolphins preseason Game 1

It is the Miami Dolphins versus Tampa Bay.

No David Garrard (check the previous entries). No Clyde Gates or Brian Hartline, either.

So what to expect?

Vontae Davis is not starting despite the insistence of some in the media that he has not been demoted -- at least temporarily.

Matt Moore will start and is expected to get 15 plays or so. I expect Ryan Tannehill will follow and actually get work with the starters. This is a competition he's legitimately in, folks. He has a chance to win the starting job if he's better than Moore because Garrard has been all but  eliminated from the quarterback competition.

Interesting only to me: This Garrard injury raises questions. what the heck is the deal when a guy who has "loose bodies" on his knee, as the quarterback told Fox's Jay Glazer, is able to practice for three weeks with no issues?

And if he had those issues, how did he pass the team's physical?

I smell something here. And it ain't roses.

Anyway, live blog tonight. Meet me in the comments section.


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Kevin Burnett is not starting. Gary Guyton starts in his place.

Ocho Stinko

Here comes the number 1 D

The o looked pretty good running and passing. Cj better not be a bm.

carpenter gets worse every year

Vontae Davis did not start but entered the game on third down on passing situation.

yeah gonna be sad watching that stadium get more and more empty every week

Totally catchable ball, let's not make excuses this is the pros/

Chad stinks


Do you read into Guyton starting or just a chance to look at him? Has Burnett looked Ok in camp?

our wrs are horrible. tanny could be good and we will never know it with these wrs

Burnett has been fine. No issues ... until now. Also, he wasn't scratched so he's not injured.

Hey Mando, welcome to a new year!!!!

Go Tannehill!!! Still hate the Jets!!!!

Good to see the hybrid baseball/football field is history.

yeah, I feel sorry for our QB's with these garbage receivers

Set the edge...

Cameron Wake's major issue is not getting to the passer, but rather protecting the edge on the run.

He lost it that time and Blount went for a first down.

The chutzpah of the NFL to charge full price for this crap.

run d looks great,lol

Where is the crowd saying we'll have a winning season LOL.

The Bucs are running right at us off-tackle left & right

No D lol

I thought Smith was more physicla??

Mike Williams just undressed Sean Smith by going underneath him for a broken tackle. Ouch.

One series on o and d and some of you are whinning like 2 year olds

so the only thing miami is suppose to have a good one of, d line, looks awful

Ouch, weak tackle attempt.

Schiano will be a good H.C. and better than some think, should have taken over for B.Davis instead of Coker. Funny how those teams unraveled and lost discipline upon his leaving.

Folks this is the first 10 minutes of then 1st preseason game. Predicting our demise already?
I'm waiting till at least the middle of the 2nd. LOL

Why they slappin haqnds on the 5?

SEAN SMITH sucks...always has. Always will. Not even watching and i know that

wow now that was pathetic. what a joke

Nice D!

I know its only 10 minutes but it sure looks worse then last year.

Matt Ryan looked good his first drive. As did brees, and manning. Just saying

Gonna need tongs to get that ball out of our throat..

Larry Coyle has work to do.

what good is stopping them on three downs if they score on 4 griese.....makes no sense buddy!!!

What do you say Po? Long time

Remember we won all preseason games and then we went 0 for something

What up, Marc?

Ok, now I have to admit, that was some good defense. Excited for another Dolphins season. Go Fins!!

Sit Smith and play Davis, at least he hits..

dont throw it to chad!!!!

We're gonna miss Mike Nolan. YIKES!

What's happening Mando? Glad you're back

Boarding the plane Mandy. Enjoy. I'll be around later. Take care buddy

Very nice catch by Naanee on a ball behind him. First down.


What up Joe, watching SOS...

Glad to have you here, cocoajoe!

Hate to say it, but this team sucks.


That is the 3rd flub on J.Martin in less than 10 Off. plays, he's a rookie but that is the 2nd pass rush move put on him plus the false start.

Ugh, Mike Pouncey has the BEST job #Lifesnotfair

Best player on the team, Punter...

im sorry but this uptempo offense is just not cut out for this personal group and it shows....

the first-team defense is still on the field for Miami. That's what happens when you give up a TD on the first series.

We are way outmatched by lowly Tampa

Expected better out of the D. Moore looks good.

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