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Live blog of Dolphins preseason Game 1

It is the Miami Dolphins versus Tampa Bay.

No David Garrard (check the previous entries). No Clyde Gates or Brian Hartline, either.

So what to expect?

Vontae Davis is not starting despite the insistence of some in the media that he has not been demoted -- at least temporarily.

Matt Moore will start and is expected to get 15 plays or so. I expect Ryan Tannehill will follow and actually get work with the starters. This is a competition he's legitimately in, folks. He has a chance to win the starting job if he's better than Moore because Garrard has been all but  eliminated from the quarterback competition.

Interesting only to me: This Garrard injury raises questions. what the heck is the deal when a guy who has "loose bodies" on his knee, as the quarterback told Fox's Jay Glazer, is able to practice for three weeks with no issues?

And if he had those issues, how did he pass the team's physical?

I smell something here. And it ain't roses.

Anyway, live blog tonight. Meet me in the comments section.


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it was a bad throw by Moore. He's looked awful so far.

defensive backs have a lot of improvement before they are decent.

The offense has an excuse, but the deff?? they are almost the same team last year!!... here come another buc´s td?? what happend when you give up 2 consecutives 7+ min td´s drives??... you keep your first def team inside??
The buc´s back up qb, looks like tom brady... LOL!!

Moore's interception was deflected at the line of scrimmage.

superPHIN, yes, but wouldn't you rather see the flaws and weakness now than in the first game of the actual season?

I'm blaming this on HBO. Only 1/2 kidding as:
Lack of focus from our players is evident.
Still, REALISTICALLY, those of us who love our team but aren't homers knew this was going to take at least another draft.

A good thing is not too many stupid penalties so far.
Lets see how our conditioning holds up.

Tiquan Underwood must be zipping up the Bucs' depth chart.

Nice pursuit.


We're probably going to see that anyway....we have more flaws than even preseason can fix for this team to find success!!!

Nice play by Shelby. And then by Trusnik.

Mando, any word on McDaniel's injury as regards to how serious?

superPHIn, let's give it a bit more than two pre-season quarters before we judge what the new coaches and schemes have to offer.

Next offensive series will be Ryan Tannehill time.

hey they can punt the football now!!!

Why are we still playing Moore? 1 QTR is enough. Know what he can do. Bring in the Rook.

Tannehill will enter the game with 3:16 left in first half and Dolphins trialing 14-0.

Raining. What a surprise. LOL

Ah well, there goes Rishard Matthews' career as a return specialist...

Hopefully some of this was a lack of game planning for Tampa Bay specifically.

I think the Dolphins are looking strong! I think the off season changes were great and we are looking at a fresh year and a much improved team. Never did like the Garrard move and think he is gun shy. It's Moore and Tannehill. I like Moore based on last year but cant wait to see him play!

Its now 8:30 pm. "This team needs a spark", says the commentator. What a huge understatement! I just hope that statement won't be the denominator of the season. The defense?... gave up yards after yards to a team that had a worst record than them last year. Where as the offense?... what an embarrassment! Moore sucks period. Garrard is an over the hill injury outcast. The O-line is still this units weakness. No playmakers. We need to boycott this team until Ireland departs and big eared Ross sells!!!

New coach same pathetic dolphins.....

run, run, run, the football!!!

Tannehill, let's go!

Mando maybe you can move to Tampa, because as they say, it is going to be another long, losing, pathetic season for the Fins

Quick set of downs!

Tannehill's only throw of the series was incomplete.

But the offense gets another chance with a fumbled punt.

F'n heartburn

Trusnik again! I like this guy!

Matt Moore's final stats tonight 7 of 13 for 79 yards. 0 TD 1 INT. 40.2 rating.

finally a break for us with the fuumble. hopefully that'll lead to something

Trusnik is flashing tonight

only thing to go right tonight!!!

redsky its all 3rd string players out there. most will be cut.

Now we know why Garrard has a mysterious knee injury. No receivers to throw to, another matador at RT, and another season where it takes 1/2 the season before the D starts to tackle and make a play.

Scrolling through past posts and sure as crap I come across Fin Fans who have declared Miami the worse team in NFL after the 1st qtr of 1st preseason game.. With a completely new system on O and D!!

Lol, amazing!!!

run, run, dink and dunk baby!@!!

Matt Moore's final stats tonight 7 of 13 for 79 yards. 0 TD 1 INT. 40.2 rating.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 10, 2012 at 08:42 PM

So where are the Moore fans now?

The Dolphins Nay Sayers are pathetic. Why dont you support another team, like the the Bucs. You guys suck. South FL fans are the worst...

They put tannehill in and play Sporano ball, WTF
Run, Run, Pass, Punt

Should of let moore finish the half & had Tannehill start the second half... Offense is depressing, but when all your wr/te's are 7th round draft picks & College FA what can you expect.... Defense should be able to turn things around by week 1. Hopefully Offense will be able to get atleast a fist pump tonight, lol!

Never fear, our 3rd stringers would beat their 3rd stringers.
20-17 Fins. Like it matters.

Why are all of you so miserable? It's 1 half of the first preseason game...

not so easy being head coach

Little Jeffy loaded this team with talent.
Loaded being the the key word.

Ryan Tannehill warming up. Completions of 19 and 22 yards to Clay and Pruitt.

Clyde Gates should be terrified. He's gonna have to light it up to make the team

The Tannehill era begins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tannehill looking GOOD!!!!!!!!

QB draw does it...please. Les do it to someone else.

Touchdown Dolphins. Roberto Wallac from Tannehill

Well? What does that TD mean??


Bye Bye Garrard...

Start Tannehill!

S*ck it....the future has arrived (though those two low passes are a little worrisome, let's hope it's nerves)

Perfect td pass by Tannehill. LOL

Tannehill looks better than Moore. With Garrard injured, he might start. As a number 8 pick should!

Well, touchdown Roberto Wallace, off a low pass that seems to be a Tannehill speciality.

Maybe we should hold off on the despair a little?

Maybe wet ball causes the low throw.
How big are Ryan T's hands?
Ask his wife.

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