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Live blog of Dolphins preseason Game 1

It is the Miami Dolphins versus Tampa Bay.

No David Garrard (check the previous entries). No Clyde Gates or Brian Hartline, either.

So what to expect?

Vontae Davis is not starting despite the insistence of some in the media that he has not been demoted -- at least temporarily.

Matt Moore will start and is expected to get 15 plays or so. I expect Ryan Tannehill will follow and actually get work with the starters. This is a competition he's legitimately in, folks. He has a chance to win the starting job if he's better than Moore because Garrard has been all but  eliminated from the quarterback competition.

Interesting only to me: This Garrard injury raises questions. what the heck is the deal when a guy who has "loose bodies" on his knee, as the quarterback told Fox's Jay Glazer, is able to practice for three weeks with no issues?

And if he had those issues, how did he pass the team's physical?

I smell something here. And it ain't roses.

Anyway, live blog tonight. Meet me in the comments section.


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LOL at IMAWriter...

Well, looks like Matthews, Trusnik and Tannehill are helping their causes tonight.

How much did this lady's boyfriend pay to get her that interview gig?
Throw it to Miller in the flat. Lamar NEVER had the strength to beat NFL guys.

Wow, Tannehill got rid of that ball quick and accurately.

Thank you. Pass to Miller

Lamar Miller Too Baby!

Where did Trusnik come from?

Impressively quick decision by Tannehill.

R the jets playing tonight. I like Lamar miller, he's got a lot to learn, but I think he could be HOF if coached properly!

tebow a horrible int

Oh crap, our most versatile guy

yes and look horrible, tebow threw a hilarious int



Billconnors, what channel r the jets on?

We should be somewhat careful with Tanny. An 0-7 start could kill the kids confidence and our confidence in him. We can be very fickle fans.

Tannehill's just tearing it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

like this kid

Jets 3 Bengals 17

henne 4 for 9 28 yards and a td

if Garrard is missing the next few weeks, and therefore not really in the starting QB conversation near term......save the money and let him go, use it to pick up any quality player available--Devlin is our 3rd QB.....done.


man they are really trying hard to force feed miller

If that's serious, Garner probably playe his last game as a Fin.

Clay is Jamming, so is Moore! Miller going to step up now?

Tannehill looks very VERY GOOD!

(Don't be a Tease, don't be a tease.....PLEASE God.......)

Wallace Again! Nice play calling? Haven't heard that in awhile ;)

Wallace has been looking pretty good tonight.

Tannehill the best at play-action since BEFORE Marino. LOL

A ball that finally dsnt float or quack! Yes.

"Watching the game" thru your guys' comments. Ry-Hill propaganda gettin me excited you guys need to chill lol.

Kappowski, a number 8 draft pick shouldn't have to be babied, let him sink or swim. Make him the starter, let him carry the load, that's why he's making the big bucks!

carpenter sucks

Mando, what's the deal with Nate garner, looked serious????

Sparano leaves and Dan Carpenter doesn't know how to handle life without fist pump celebrations

What a bunch of sissy fans. You guys act like these guys are infants. It's show time. They sign up for it. They get paid in one year more than you make in 10 years if not 20 years. Yeah man they gotta play or if they can't find someone who can. This ain't the boy scouts.

@Jon Sparano's celebrations were Carpenter's life blood haha

Tanne's pass a little behind Miller. But sometimes a reciever need to be able help out his qb. Thus far we've left at least 10pts on the playing field because the recievers werent able to help out T-hill when it wasnt exactly a perfect throw.

Yes, overall it wasnt pretty but if watching tannehill didn't make you smile then you aren't much of a fan.

Please let the future start now joe and Jeff!!

Never mind the game or competition. Look at the throws and the way he handles himself. I like what I see, just saying....

Pass thrown behind but overall, Tannehill looks very good. I say move him up the chart

I'm with red sky on this.
Not only will he get (hopefully) better season long, so will his familiarity with his receivers.
It's not like we're going to win our division, either way.
Manning took his lumps his first year, with no O-Line.
The WC offense, quick throws will protect him.

Good chance you'll like what you see from devlin too.

bring in a kicker this week, carpenter is 400 pounds of garbage

Ryan Baker and Jason Trusnik are starting to look like QUALITY DEPTH!

fins win 21-20

I don't know who # 49 is but I hope he got a degree in something he can make a living from

bill conners

What happened? I thought you were going to join the suicide club and end your misery,

The following is a list of players they need to get rid of:
Garrard, Moore, Daniel Thomas, John Jerry, Nate Garner, Vontae Davis, Koa Misi, and Baker. On the maybe list: Hartline, and Gates.If way over paid Soliai does not meet expectations, then he too must go.

no clue who u are. but if u have been here the last 5 years u would know im pumped to finally draft a qb and get rid of the garbage that sparano was

We didnt draft him at 8 and pay him well to to have him sink Redsky. Theres no harm in being careful. Even Dan didnt start right out of the gate. Your making a final determination after 1 good drive. Personally, I would like to see the next 2 preseason games instead of anointing Tanny the man after 1 TD.

Shelby made a couple great plays tonight.

Oliver Vernon looks for real too!

bill connors (dusty bottoms) you have not posted one single remotely positive sentence here in your life. Maybe you and VIO can end it together.

Agree Joe...

kapp its not because of a couple drives, have u seen how bad moore is

The tradition was for many years that your brand-new first round QB rode the pine for a couple of years and learned from a veteran. It's only recently that people suddenly decided that first round QBs should become instant starters.

Fvck making any snap decisions. But who cares.

Talk it up big! There have been some very nice surprises tonight.

F the score! Who cares! Alot of young guys playing BIG!


Im not that concerned about the defense this season. I already know they'll only be avg to slightly above avg. My concern is our ability to put points on the board. If not, it's going to be a very long. long season.

This isnt a very stellar defense 1st team or not.

tired....Misi is fine, Thomas is fine, Vontae is fine, Baker is fine (and only depth anyway)--what are you talking about?

Kapp we don't have anyone better. Moore in practice has been mediocre at best!!!! Yea he had a decent couple series but he doesnt seem to have the comfort in the offense that tannehill does!

nor the talent

Tannehill is done fo rthe night. Devlin taking over now.

If based on tonight's performance, Tannehill has earned the right to start over Matt Moore. Case closed!

Tannehill out, that means Im out too. Gnite dolfans.

I'm starting to realize why Ireland tried to kill the Start T-Hill from the Start. The man just put the pressure on Moore.

Remember what Philbin said, He wants a starter by week 3. Next Week is make or Break.

T-Hill looks like he knows how the offense is supposed to be ran and He is Way Way Way Moore Athletic than Matt. Plus he has a better play action fake. Peytonesque Almost

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