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Live blog of Dolphins preseason Game 1

It is the Miami Dolphins versus Tampa Bay.

No David Garrard (check the previous entries). No Clyde Gates or Brian Hartline, either.

So what to expect?

Vontae Davis is not starting despite the insistence of some in the media that he has not been demoted -- at least temporarily.

Matt Moore will start and is expected to get 15 plays or so. I expect Ryan Tannehill will follow and actually get work with the starters. This is a competition he's legitimately in, folks. He has a chance to win the starting job if he's better than Moore because Garrard has been all but  eliminated from the quarterback competition.

Interesting only to me: This Garrard injury raises questions. what the heck is the deal when a guy who has "loose bodies" on his knee, as the quarterback told Fox's Jay Glazer, is able to practice for three weeks with no issues?

And if he had those issues, how did he pass the team's physical?

I smell something here. And it ain't roses.

Anyway, live blog tonight. Meet me in the comments section.


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it will be based on 3 more preseason games though but i like the start

Raspberries taste like dinkleberries if you close your eyes ;)

Tanny got me pumped. I hope he gets more practice with the ones and an honest shot at the job. He looked great. Definitely not like a rookie. I liked his command too. He was tapping guys on the helmet, showing some fire in his belly. Barking at the line. If you didn't know he was a rookie you'd have thought he was a 10 year vet.

Yesterday it isn't just tonight in training camp Tannehill has proved to be better than Moore. Garrard was the only better option and I think his career as a Dolphin is over.

Night YG.
I lost my feed, so I'm gonna call it a night as well.
Be well, everyone!
Thanks for the blog, Mando.

Bill, if Tanny earns the spot and seems comfortable then Im fine with it. Im just not willing to force him into a spot hes not ready for just because you think Moore sucks. Moore has earned respect from me digging us out of the 0 fer 7 start last season.

The following is a list of players they need to get rid of:
Garrard, Moore, Daniel Thomas, John Jerry, Nate Garner, Vontae Davis, Koa Misi, and Baker. On the maybe list: Hartline, and Gates.If way over paid Soliai does not meet expectations, then he too must go.

Hope you are trying to make a joke here tiredfinfan

Maybe 2-3 of these go, possibly 1 more due to injury

i agree kapp, good start so far wouldnt u say

Kappowski, we also didn't draft him 8th and pay him well to let him sit! Sink or swim! I think he swims, he has a great supporting staff in the coaches and ownership, they want him to succeed so do we! Let him play, that's what he wants....Moore ain't got it, Garrard is hurt. I make Tannehill the starter!!!

The defense will come aroundto it will just take some time to switch to the 4-3 which suits our defensive personnel better. Let's not get ahead of ourselves or b defeatists this year will b full of ups and downs but hopefully solid improvements.

Ill make this prediction thow: the fins will finish with a better record than the jets! They r severely overrated.

Kapp he's ready he wants and the only way he can prove he belongs is by playing not by sitting on the bench behind a QB that lacks the talent that Tanny has.

Look start Tanny but also give him the players he is more comfortable with!! I don't care if it's Pruitt Wallace Clay. What ever. Sink or swim!!!

Of tiredfinsfan's list I'd say one of those 2 QBs, John Jerry, garner,and gates needs to go. Solai is only making 6mil, Thomas is going to be fine.

ray, silly boy, go back to your bible version 2.0 (propaganda to control idiots with fear and fantasy)

Pruitt and Wallace look like they're ready for some big boy minutes!

I like this Devlin kid!

I hope the cut Chad, humble the cocky neer

Wow Egnew!

T-Sizzle Out Preformed the Gamer.

He outperformed him in Practice, The Scrimmage and in the game.

Tick Tock Matt.

Also Wallace and Pruitt made a good impression today.

they are playing against 3rd stringers that will be working at walmart by tuesday.

Egnew, another good play by an untested player!

Devlin > Moore

Cunningham is starting to get it together and holding on to the ball.

Cunningham will be cut, we have 6 guys better than him.

We are passing a hell of alot more this season. We even throw inside the 10. WoW, The Fins are no longer a ground and Pound.

Remember, isn't there a famous QB that won a SB that was working at a supermarket when he tried out and made the team. Do you " remember?"

This is the same defense we have watched for too many years. Bad tackling can't cover anybody no pass rush can't get off the field. Offensive line can't hold a block on pass plays can't get a push on run plays. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Start RT NOW, get chad Johnson out of here, Roberto Wallace and Julius Pruitt instead. Davis and Smith both stink, start all over in the secondary. Wake talks about not wanting to be mediocre, we need to work hard to get to mediocre. Philbin has his work cut out for him to change the culture of this bunch. 5-11 with RT but a year under his belt, another good draft and maybe just maybe we reach mediocre

Dashi, you are watching 1st game preseason 3rd stringers. Wow nada. Total garbage ball.

The Tampa starters were superior to ours on all fronts. The team will finish last in the division.

Agreed, I'm talking about the Play calling. That has nothing to do with the players. It's refreshing going 5 wide from Inside the 10.

Moore seems to not understand the Offensive Philosophy. U can't really take ur time with the ball looking for a Play. Moore holds on to the ball to loong. Even Devlin understands what the coaches are trying to do.

All those bad draft picks, Misi, Thomas, Odrick, etc. that many of us were pissed about are haunting this team.

Ok, I really don't know anything but I enjoy typing stuff.

Dashi I logged in here to say the same thing looks like the TH and Dv have a better grasp of the offensive philosophy, let see if the coaches do the obvious and start TH, exited to see what he can do with the first team

For all those who criticize people who APPEAR to get "nervous early" just remember that Richard Milhous Nixon was President of The United States the last time the Dolphins won a Super Bowl. the Watergate Hearings were ongoing. We were 4 years from the moon walk of Armstrong. I believe more than enough patience has been exhibited by anyone calling him or herself a Dolfan. Just think of all the teams that have played in a Super Bowl since the Dolphins last sniffed one. We are moving ever closer to 50 years since Csonka was rambling up the middle in old Tulane Stadium. If you want to be nervous and you have been following this team 30 years or longer you have earned that right.

Dashi, great comment, we all have varying degrees of knowledge, but the exchange of ideas is fascinating, and somewhat challenging!

Dr. Virgin, great post!

I am not a fan of Sean Smith.....over hyped from the get go, has never impressed, hands of stone--patience wearing thin.

use 2 high picks to draft CBs this year

You are a rookie Head Coach. What are you waiting for to impress?

You were saying, IMAwriter?

Perspective here is Mr The new Qb from Denver nite.... His first pass was broken up, his second toss tipped and his last throw picked off at the goal line.

oscar....are you talking about Smith?

WoW I made it. Someone is Impersonating the Great Dashi. People know the guy who enjoys writing really likes to write. That Post was to short to be Dashi.

It would've also sounded like

Ok, Dashi really don't know anything but Dashi enjoy typing stuff.

If u are going to be Mocking Me. Remember Dashi loves Dashi.

Ok, C3PO says Moore did a good job, I disagree, he played like he did last year, not good enough!!

- I said this guy would be great, man. - Hey man, I heard you last week you said this guy sucks, man. - Ah, well, I've forgotten, man.

Also Fool, Dashi will not use Simple-Minded Words like that to describe my Knowledge of the Game.

I've always said I'm an "Autistic Quadriplegic" when it comes to sports. U know it doesn't matter what I know, I'm just stating an Opinion.

Also don't throw Gas at the Fire. Don't press the RED BUTTON


DON'T F with Dashi. Trust Me U don't want to take it there. I'm the Guy who beat u Up everyday and Banged Ur Sister. Dashi is The Reason Ur a Brother/Uncle. So be Easy Son.

Dashi, I thought that short comment was the most intelligent one you'd written, sorry to hear it wasn't you! It takes a great man to say a lot in few words!

Oh but that would be me!

I'll wait until Armando posts a new entry tonight to express my opinions of this 1st Game of these new Miami Dolphins.

Dashi takes it deep. Dashi loves beggars. Dashi takes it, Dashi gives it too!


I hate People talking BS in news conferences. They fool nobody as Everybody knows about them.

Redsky in Real Life

Ur right. Short answers say alot but a picture is worth a 1000 words. Tickle Monster

redsky, don't waste your time with Dickshi. He is pretty much on par with slime odins.

Dashi Indian

Dashi also puts it in ur Mouth. Didn't I already finish U? U Remember. Or was the Whooping that bad U forgot

Also stop with the name taking that Is the Corniest Thing I have Ever Seen on a Blog. It's not even fun when U do Corny Things like that. No point in joking CornBall.

This has to be the first time ever u have participated in A Rank Session.

Sad, Grow Up if U want to step up to the Big League's and go toe-to-toe with the Dashi.

Sad, Grow Up if U want to step up to the Big League's and go toe-to-toe with the Dashi.

Posted by: Dashi In Ur Mouth | August 10, 2012 at 11:03 PM

A guy who calls himself Dashi in Ur Mouth is asking others to grow up. What a sick ferck.

Wasnt impressed with Philbin at all tonight. He reminds me so much of Cameron. He's going to make a lot of mistakes this year. Tannehill looked pretty good but was playing against the 3rd stringers. Moore should start this year and Tannehill next year. Our WR's are an embarrassment.

Trust Me. I respect Everyone Here even Odin

But If Odin wants it, even he can get it.

Dashi keeps it civil, but Dashi will slap a B!tch.

Question has Dashi been out of line on this Blog til Now?

Or any other blog on the Herald?

Dashi only uses Dashi. Go Check if U want

Dashi has Nothing to Hide

Dashi is not indian. Sorry

The Word Dashi comes from the Asian Culture. Not telling u which Country but it's not indian

Rookie Jonathan Martin has taken every snap tonight at RT. Dolphins are getting him ready with maximum reps. I love that.

Reminds of Keith Sims and Richmond Webb in 1990.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | August 10, 2012 at 09:16 PM

As Ryan Tannehill should start doing tomorrow. With Garrard out as he is?

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