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Live blog of Dolphins preseason Game 1

It is the Miami Dolphins versus Tampa Bay.

No David Garrard (check the previous entries). No Clyde Gates or Brian Hartline, either.

So what to expect?

Vontae Davis is not starting despite the insistence of some in the media that he has not been demoted -- at least temporarily.

Matt Moore will start and is expected to get 15 plays or so. I expect Ryan Tannehill will follow and actually get work with the starters. This is a competition he's legitimately in, folks. He has a chance to win the starting job if he's better than Moore because Garrard has been all but  eliminated from the quarterback competition.

Interesting only to me: This Garrard injury raises questions. what the heck is the deal when a guy who has "loose bodies" on his knee, as the quarterback told Fox's Jay Glazer, is able to practice for three weeks with no issues?

And if he had those issues, how did he pass the team's physical?

I smell something here. And it ain't roses.

Anyway, live blog tonight. Meet me in the comments section.


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Dashi keeps it civil, but Dashi will slap a B!tch.

OchoStinko don't look good for the fins, fins don't look good, and it don't look good for the fans. Looks like another year of the same ol poop. 6-10 year sounds about right. By the number of fans at the game it looks like we are going to have lots of blackouts this year. If they had dollar beer at sunlife that would give us something to cheer about.Hope i'm not to optimistic.Next year will be better?

I'm a class act.

I'll use your pubic hairs for floss.


Ur Reading Skills need to grow up, Buddy.

Stop Nitpicking and Taking things out of Context. Read The line before about a Rank Session. Hate to see U reading a Bible. Ur one of those who only reads one line and interprets the rest to their liking.

Step up to the Big Leagues with the big boys "Ranking"

Ignorance and Ignorant, Ur both. Ur Ignorance amazes me. Also how can someone be so ignorant

Dashi has nothing to hide, Dashi is not from Indian culture but from Asian culture

Dashi has nothing to hide, Dashi is not from Indian culture but from Asian culture

redsky so do you want your Dashi in your mouth?

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Redsky Ur Point?

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Redsky is cool... Everybody chill out!

Dashi, I'm talking to Dashi in UR mouth, are you the same?

Agreed. If we start losing, beers should be $5. And parking should be reduced to $15.

Jcb, you obviously know me, thx, I appreciate it!

Jcb, if they have $2 beers they'd pack the stadium and still make a profit!

Well, apparently Dashi doesn't want to write a new entry for this Blog, so here it goes.Players that most impressed me: Ryan Tannehill(of course), Lamar Miller.

Some Impostor.

but Yes the Name



Dashi (In Ur Mouth)

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Redsky, the Question was on ur Question? Not on the Little Boy Joke.

Dashi has Nothing to hide. The Word Dashi comes from the Asian Culture

Lamar Miller and D Thomas were horrible. Combined for 2 yds total rushing.

Oh yes, those others, Omar Kelly from the SS and Ben Volin from the Palm Beach Post, are even worst.

Dashi and Mando are 2 different people. OC

I would have to go with Wallace and Pruitt. I didn't know Pruitt was that big.

They sound equally queer to me, Dashi.

Says the Gay Guy

Less impressive out of the whole Team: Joe Philbin.

WTH was going on at the end of the first half when RT wanted to go on 4th down and they told him no from the sidelines and later, yes?

They were going for it all along. That was just to take time and go over the play.

Moore didn't show enough and the 1st team D was horrible. The D will come along, but it seems the D might be a little further behind than most of us thought. Moore needs to be quicker with the ball and dink and Dunk more. This offense is built off of guys taking a 5 yd slant and turning that into 15. Wallace looks built for this O.

Of course, nobody answers.

So excited dolphins football is back. New season. Tons of hope. Go phins

Richard Marshall looked excellent.

Dashi is from Asian culture as he/she says, it's soup stock!

From the sidelines, you have to make immediate decisions. You discuss very little and need anticipation.

100m dASHI

Marshall looked great and Vontae looked Good.

Question I know they want Smith at 1 Cb. But Wouldn't Marshall and Vontae do a Better Job?

Marshall can Tackle and so can Vontae. Smith seems scared to touch the guy

Oscar, there were many players that played well tonight! Fun game to watch, they'll only get better....that wasn't my comment last season...I predicted dismal failure then, not now, I have hope!

Dashi=soup stock!

Dash of this Dashi that! Sounds effeminate!

You can easily see the crop of young WR's that Ireland has gathered and they will be a big part of the Future of this Team.

U googled it. That's not the right one, but close RedSky. Dashi is from a Dialect of the Japanese Language. U won't find it on the Internet.

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I can't understand Vontae(I'm sure along with many others), he's a huge Talent.

Who gives a fuc-, Dashi? Talk Football.



Dashi, yes, I googled it, I speak poor Japanese and verified the word. You are still soup stock until you earn our respect, you're new to the blog, fair enough? Welcome BTW, enjoyed your comments!

There were NO holes produced by that OL. And that's bad.



You MUST win the one on ones.


Our D had no fire today. They were manhandled.

It is a certain thing that the Stock Market will crash some, probably after the Election.

That's right ALOCO, you're sooo smart! I never went to school! I lived in filth in Cuba, and escaped with my parents in 1961! They tied me to the bow of the boat and roped a great white shark trying to eat me to the back of the boat. That's how we got here, and I'm a moron because I didn't get enough oxygen! But I still spell and write better than you! Moron! I have always supported your comments, no matter how stupid, and you stab me in the back? FU!!!!!

Hurry up, ALoco, take your $ out, that seems important to you.


I SEND MY SINCERE APOLOGY ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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..I didn't see any of the game. Haven't even seen a highlight yet..It is freeking 15 minutes of jets B.S. on every sports network. Anyway it is cool that folks are fired up on our young quarterback. Some of the comments were hillarious and im sure a product of fans being caught in the moment. Let this guy develop. We don't have to compare every move he makes to all time great quarterbacks. It is fine to be excited. But remember this was a few series in a pre season game.

Overvaluing $ is a certain sign of a deep rooted insecurity(Fear).

ALOCO AND DASHI, I answered both of you! I'm pouring myself a Crown Royal on ice knowing neither one of you can approach my intelligence! Although you are way ahead of Mando!

OSCAR,,,,,,,,,,,, THE STOCK MARKET IS VERY PREDECTAble ...........short it most of the time AND YOU WILL BE FINE ...........

Aloco, I accept your sincere apology, I'd give you a man hug! That Dashi guy is still soup stock! Darryl Dunphy, sorry you got stuck with the jets! Our game was not spectacular, but Tannehill looked better than Henne, not saying much, but I'm hopefull as opposed to last year!

I love you too ALOCO....and ODIN, screw the rest of the new posters that have no clue!

Besides, being mean is a certain sign of Psychiatric Illness, and that, is not predictable.

- You, do you think that Tanehill will be the Franchise QB of the Miami Dolphins? - Yes, Professor. - You? - Yes, Professor. - And you? - No, professor. - You're fuc-ed up, go study some more!

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