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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Falcons (plus pregame info) here

Guard Artis Hicks is out with a neck injury. John Jerry starts at right guard, as I reported yesterday. Kevin Burnett (back) is not playing so Gary Guyton starts for him. And as I previously read on this blog, Karlos Dansby (knee) also isn't playing while Austin Spitler takes his spot.

The rest of the Dolphins scratches tonight:

David Garrard (knee), Kelcie McCray (foot), Kevyn Scott (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Burnett (back), Dansby (knee), Lydon Murtha (foot), Tony McDaniel (leg) and Brian Hartline (leg).

The Murtha injury is interesting in that he missed much of last season with a foot injury. It is unknown if it's the same foot but this is not good.

Vontae Davis is scheduled to play so you can now totally discoun the idea he's going to be traded in the next day or so.

And finally, we have a live blog going this evening. I'll meet you in the comments section at kickoff.


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Wow from bad to worse
Would of liked to have had Ross in the booth for that

did thigpen really just run out of bounds at the 1?

Ross only interested in $, also.

Bwhhaha thigpin prob gonna be cut for that

1st team Falcons offense against 2nd-3rd team Dolphins defense. Why is Philbin/Coyle playing ALL reserves against ATL ones? And, Dansby and Burnett can't be that hurt. Not buying in...to this mess.

That's a penalty

who the f#ck is he going to throw to??? who besides bess has stood out like julio jones did on that TD to give this young kid confidence to trust his recievers...seriously!!!

It's obvious that Philbin is hiding something for the Season.

Posted by: oscar canosa

His head in to the dirt??

Hey Idiot Ross, Fans only care about WINS.......
Forget about youe"FAN EXPERANCE"
All they want is wins.

I don't care how much skill thigopen has, he just proved he's dumber than Oscar and all of his personalities put together.

Cut both of them ;)

How do you evaluate the QB when....when Ireland has put this cesspool around him.....

Philbin has to regret taking this job. LOL

The dolphins get the ball at the 45

Not on thigpen! Good!

* 40

Thigpen return kicks. That is what he does

Good for Joe. Great!

Better than a kick return!

being dumb has its advantages I guess..Thigpin, thanks for being dumb!!!


Thse are the same exact players from last year except for the guy who set the record for most dropped TDs and the guy that set the record w tom Brady for most passing yards in a game.

Moore gets the good Wr's the 4,5,6

Hartline is the secret weapon. They better cut naanee.

We have better 4,5,6 Wr's.

Pathetic team! I can't wait until the Heat start playing again. It is going to be a tough 2 1/2 months.

At least my wife will be happy on Sundays. I won't matter if I miss a few games this season.

another drop...but tannehill still sucks *lmao*

what garbage receivers WOW

Ireland trades Marshall for a TE who cant block and may be cut and a situational DE

then does NOTHING to address the WR position till the 5th round

he should be fired for this alone


Fist pump


Stone hands WR's

You spelled intelligent wrong doofus. The one word in your post you should have nailed. Maybe you should buy one of those "grammar books".

We have no WRs none!

ESPN reporting:
As soon as Garrard is healthy ...





oh look recievers dont even look for the ball now...but tanny still blows balls!!!

So now you know why we have always been after you as-(and always will be), Arrmando.

Ya can't throw the ball much better than our QB's have. All these drops killed us

I'm done with this game you guys can keep watching the Crapfins!

Doesn't matter whom the QB is with our WR group

Cam Philbin fistpump! YIKES!

7 drops so far!!!...

You think if Ireland would be the GM of the Steelers, Packers, Patriots or Giants he'd still have a job?? They would of canned him a long time ago...

So glad we got rid of Soprano and that weak sissy FG offense

Ireland: nice job surrounding Tanne with talent

Who smells Comeback?!

Matt Moore will lead a Td Drive. Or 2.

Matt has better Wr's to throw to.

As long as Naanee and Fasano are not on the field the fins are good.

Man you we could go to sandlots and find better recievers than we have on this team. Hell, there will wr on the waiver wire that look like all pros compared to what we have now. Geesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ireland wouldn't even sniff the GM job for pack, steelers in the first place

Tannehill runs the "prevent offense" HAHA

Matt Moore should be the starter. He actually looked like he knew what he was doing out there. Unfortunately our receivers are terrible and kept on dropping balls.

Tannehill still has the deer in the headlights look. He was awful tonight.

Week 1 Prediction. Houston 38 Miami 3.

Reggie Bush will have 60 receptions this year. Count on it. Bess will have 200 receptions. LOL

Man you we could go to sandlots and find better recievers than we have on this team. Hell, there will wr on the waiver wire that look like all pros compared to what we have now. Geesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 24, 2012 at 09:49 PM

No yg,

Its all tannehills fualt dammit, dont go blaming it on the recievers...tannehill should have underhanded them the ball...

Lookout. I feel something coming.

T-Hill did Ok tonight.

I hate to say this, If hartline was out on the field T-hill would've done better.


Everyone is trying to be optimistic but the truth and reality is this team sucks! Watching the game tonight, butterfingers Fasano keeps on dropping catchable passes. Charles Clay just dropped one... through his hands. The defense keeps allowing big chunk yardage. No running game. And something very familiar with last season, all fieldgoals no TDs. Dink and dunk short passes, three and out, while the defense can't stop on third downs. MAMA MIA when will it end? Nothing but pure draft busts all over this team. Ireland is an IDIOT!

72, exactly...But my point was they wouldn't of been so patient with the guy...How many lives does he have in Miami??

Everybody "Chicken Litt-ling" over the defense can take a deep breath and relax a little bit.

A GOOD showing tonight. Matt Ryan couldn't get in the endzone until the scrubs were on the fild.

That's without our Linebackers too.

Thats what she said.

Moore will lead a TD drive because he's an ok QB playing against backups.

Again we have depth. Problem is We just have very specific Holes!!

A lot of time in the jug machine for receivers next week

watch if moore gets them in the endzone..the outcries of benching tannehill will pour out next week!!!

That looked like WCO play to slaton for 14 yards.

Friday night! Pucker Pucker Pucker POOOOO!!!

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