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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Falcons (plus pregame info) here

Guard Artis Hicks is out with a neck injury. John Jerry starts at right guard, as I reported yesterday. Kevin Burnett (back) is not playing so Gary Guyton starts for him. And as I previously read on this blog, Karlos Dansby (knee) also isn't playing while Austin Spitler takes his spot.

The rest of the Dolphins scratches tonight:

David Garrard (knee), Kelcie McCray (foot), Kevyn Scott (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Burnett (back), Dansby (knee), Lydon Murtha (foot), Tony McDaniel (leg) and Brian Hartline (leg).

The Murtha injury is interesting in that he missed much of last season with a foot injury. It is unknown if it's the same foot but this is not good.

Vontae Davis is scheduled to play so you can now totally discoun the idea he's going to be traded in the next day or so.

And finally, we have a live blog going this evening. I'll meet you in the comments section at kickoff.


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More fumbles from Moore. LOL

Griese gives credit to Earl Morrall for the undefeated season! Awesome! Morrall is often overlooked in that singular achievement.


Damn these Little Hands !!! - Matt Moore

That was on Martin again
He can't start
He's going to kill us

The quarterbacks are the very least of this teams problems, the lack of talent or playmakers on either side of the ball is astonishing...WOW!!! 4 wins would be a miracle

nope, turnover moore strikes again....so much for that

here comes the refs..god this team is horrible to watch on offense!!!

Jeff Ireland, this isn't soccer. American Football players are SUPPOSED to catch the ball. Ya dig?

Miami = old Lions

Will these clowns ever win a game?

4th quarter. Time for Pat Devlin.

Moore's fumbles are endemic to his game. He seems to have no idea what's around him. He's fumbled without contact as well. Culpepper had this trait as well, but he also had Randy Moss.

Russell Wilson has bigger hands than Matt Moore.

People fail to realize the Dolphins #1 D held atlanta to 9 pts. Without Dansby and Burnett. Again We have Depth. Dashi would start Trusnik or Splitter over Misi.

?? isn't Splitter a 5th rd pick

Moore will lead a TD drive because he's an ok QB playing against backups.

Posted by: Dashi | August 24, 2012 at 09:56 PM

Sorta like what Matt Ryan did?

No wait, you mean, EXACTLY what Ryan did-LOL.

(Sorry, couldn't help it Dashi, I feel a little better about the D tonight)

Guy attempting to impersonate me. You need to try harder, I don't tell people to stop writing and I don't attack people. Just trying to talk football. You need to step your game up. Where are the classics? Perhaps some more bigoted remarks about Italians? Hey I have a lot of black friends, maybe you can put them down for a while, that's sure to make me mad. Keep trying kid.

hey super.....moore didn't get them in the end zone.....uh, another fumble.....no big outcry, huh?

Friday night! Pucker Pucker Pucker POOOOO!!!
Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 24, 2012 at 09:56 PM

OMG-LOL. Are you STILL impostoring me? I didn't even realize you were still here.

I notice you keep talking the gay stuff. You know, what you ACCUSE everyone else of.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

This team has regresed from laste season... what improvement are you pointing at??...
1-15 someone wants to bet??

I can't believe Ireland couldnt upgrade the TE or WR position. Most teams have a better backup TE than Fasano. Maybe Egnew will develop but with Ireland's track record he will probably be another early round bust. Bess and Hartline (if healthy) are the top WRs, not even sure who know #3 WR is.

Me Too. It was all a Mirage. It still is a Mirage.

The D will be Ok.

What Oscar? Tired of Moore already want Dashi's Boy Devlin?

I heard Devlin has Regulation Size Hands.

I don't care who is coaching this team. We don't have any players. We must have the worst wide receivers and Tight Ends in the league.

I have not seen Olivier Vernon make a play yet. All this talk from Ireland about how impressed he was with Vernon and his power... I don't remember him doing much for UM. All that power and athletic ability does not mean anything if you don't show it on the field.


Dont worry I knew it wasnt you making that comment to me. Its not your style.

Time for Devlin, cut Moore!

Those are Armando and his bouffons, Phins 78. Pay no attention to them.

Johnathon Martin 71 hasn't made a block in the month of August, he can't even slow them down a little.

Cool YG

Martin looks lost, hope it's fixable....

still can't figure out how so many Div I players can drop so many balls

Who besides me, are sick and tired of the Dolphins hanging their hat on a season that happened 40 years ago? Sure would be nice to have team that could at least be competitive.....dream on....

Yeah, play Devlin, keep Matt Moore.

It just occurred to me. Maybe nobody imposters odin? Maybe it's his little game? Psycho's are psycho's.

agree with Orlando....at some point, some of these guys need to make some plays....Philbin, Ireland or Yahweh shouldn't need to catch balls right in their hands--geez.

Tanne, Moore, Devlin... Garrard out...

What I like about Philbin is he is getting a good look of the players that might make the team?
The Lb's, The Wr's, the Secondary?

While playing guys that are on the Team but need to get better.

Martin, Jerry, Misi, Vernon

This offense just looks particularly dynamic compared to the last 4 or 5.

Big time execution problems with the drops and whiff by a certain lineman wearing the no. 71.

But still, a better looking **Potential* offense I guess you could call it lol. A lot of work needs to be done for sure.

As YG was pointing out, a Good Defense will keep you in games.

I say they'll keep you in seasons to as your young QB(and the rest)develop.

Egnew, not a name form a TE, perhaps a chef.
Now THAT'S a football name, tough enough for the defense.

If these clowns ever win a game they'll throw a parade lol

Hey Phins78

What happened to those big time advertisers you mentioned that were going to support ohio's blog? Maybe in the end Nike decided it was wiser to advertise on ESPN.

btw, was Misi playing today?


T-Hill, Moore, Devlin.

Dashi'll even start Devlin the Next game.

I remember when the dumb fans used to complain about Dave Wannstedt when he went 11-5 and we missed the playoffs. We were so spoiled. I bet we would be jumping up and down and throwing a party if we had an 11-5 record again.

I wonder if Dave is sitting back with a big smile.

Okay I need a rule book for this f%$#ing bacwards bs blog. Its apparently okay for everyone else to make comments about gays except me? I used the word h%m* and my post gets deleted? Have you seen what people write in here idiot?

Good pass, another drop!

Have you ever seen a more pathetic NFL team?

Dashi....are we going for round two tonight? After the game? I got a new webcam.

I just cant taking watching our recievers any more tonight. GN guys.

Man, I really don't know what to do about these receivers except to get new ones at final cuts.

Poor Nat Moore is so far up; Irelands behind it's laughable.
"So much young talent." Over and over.

Wish it were so.
Ouch, Fuller another drop, now 9? 10?

BCS BOWL! We can do it!

T-Hill needs to make D.Bess his Bottom B!tch

Doesnt seem like that has anything to do with football. What am I in here to talk about life with strangers. Lol you're so beautifully pathetic.

Instead of trimming roster to 53 can the fins trim the roster to 10?


Can the Dolphins beat LSU or Alabama?

BLOWOUT......AGAIN LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnathan Wade is Cut

I wonder if Dave [Wannstedt] is sitting back with a big smile.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan |

Who gives a f***.

Coming cuts mean nothing. All camp fodder.

It just occurred to me. Maybe nobody imposters odin? Maybe it's his little game? Psycho's are psycho's.
Posted by: What if? | August 24, 2012 at 10:08 PM

Yeah, except they've seen me post at Dolphintalk.wordpress.com. You more so than anybody............(Stalker).........lol.

We didn't have any "Psycho" episodes there. If you don't believe me, just ask Oscar.

Oh wait, could Oscar have been the Stalker?

Duh - What If's.

(I know you didn't get any of that and you always need somebody to explain somthing to you. So in short-Bhaaaaaaaaant-Don't even try it Pyscho Monkey ;)

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