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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Falcons (plus pregame info) here

Guard Artis Hicks is out with a neck injury. John Jerry starts at right guard, as I reported yesterday. Kevin Burnett (back) is not playing so Gary Guyton starts for him. And as I previously read on this blog, Karlos Dansby (knee) also isn't playing while Austin Spitler takes his spot.

The rest of the Dolphins scratches tonight:

David Garrard (knee), Kelcie McCray (foot), Kevyn Scott (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Burnett (back), Dansby (knee), Lydon Murtha (foot), Tony McDaniel (leg) and Brian Hartline (leg).

The Murtha injury is interesting in that he missed much of last season with a foot injury. It is unknown if it's the same foot but this is not good.

Vontae Davis is scheduled to play so you can now totally discoun the idea he's going to be traded in the next day or so.

And finally, we have a live blog going this evening. I'll meet you in the comments section at kickoff.


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Tanne is much better than Matt Ryan.
Tanne doesn't need 12 pro bowlers on his team to win!
Tanne will prove to the world that when you are an elite franchise QB you can elevate the poorest talent in the NFL to SB champions!

Go Tanne!
Go Phins!

Dear Mr. Salguero

You had Karlos Dansbury listed as a knee injury...its not.

He had to have an emergency manicure and peticure....thats the life of a metrosexual.

Soiled :)

Lol yes I think she's ugly. I've seen her plenty of times, her fake tan must have you guys mesmerized. She isn't terrible, but for a model-wannabee dating an NFL quarterback she really isn't anything special

Cuban you are Blessed!

The S. Pacific? Sounds GREAT!

Game Time!

AwwwwwwwwwwwRiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

I'll take 12 pro bowlers over what we have currently...just sayin!!!

..Cuban Menace..What up!!! How have you been?

I just want to see us get through the game without any serious injuries. Hopefully the defense plays better, and someone steps up on the offense to make some plays. I also want to see the run game tonight.

not worried about THill it's the rest of the team maybe it's Jake Long on thetrading block can anyone think of another player the colts would want nice protection for the new wiz kid


I hope Oscar saw your post in regards to Dansby's............ah.....preferences.

Now maybe he can get of my Nads and swing from Karlos'!

Good to see you here!

Agreed with DD @ 7:22.

I hope Nolan does blitz. We need to see Jerry and Martin under pressure. They need to get going.

Awwwiiggghhhhtttt, It's game time

Sky, The Empress is in South Fla tonight( With my Sister)(I think) Last I heard they were heading towards the Riverside in Ft. Lauderdale.

I just woke up and see the TROLL MONKEY BOY filling in for me. Don't buy his junk, the Real Deal has arrived!


Hmmm! I got a feed stop asking and look it's the freaking internet if you look you will find

..A Soiled Bottom sighting..Always a treat.

Does anyone know the link that streams the games for those of us outside of Florida? I thought I bookmarked it, but I didn't.


Mando, did Dansby really request a trade? Shows u what type of person he is if he did so after asking to be on the leadership council!!

..Enjoy the game fellas. Go Phins!

Oh, Mr.1001 will disappear now

T-Hill wife is alright, he just need to buy her some tata's. U know it's true. But who cares about Lauren. Dashi is too busy looking at the dolphins cheerleader.

That would make sense give up a HOF LT for a pick?

OK we end up with no oline and no qb. Cause if Jake is gone u might as well consider T-Hill a dead man.

Chris check your azzzzzzzz

Watching the game on TV it looks like 95% of the stadium is empty....
OUCH, Though it is raining it's not a good sign for Dolphin Management..
Just saying.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Game link


Soiled :)

Guys any links to watch the game for an out of town Dolphins fan?

Go Dolphins!!!

No player on the dolphins has requested or is being traded.

There goes the running game

YEAH REGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice hole!

Soiled LIVES !!!

Viva Soiled !!!!

We've missed you.

I just woke up and see the TROLL MONKEY BOY filling in for me. Don't buy his junk, the Real Deal has arrived!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 24, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Don't you mean real diva? You're the whinest bi*ch in this joint.

Why can't you go back to Ohio's blog where the 3 other bloggers there actualy enjoy your long winded useless banter?

Cuban, give her my best, sorry to hear your papi isn't well. You picked a good weekend, might get a hurricane. Go Fins!

Thanks soiled! Awesome picture

Come on Jake!!!!!!1


What was that force the ball to Neenee!!!

not exactly spurning with confidence on offense....

Again... starters vs starters they can´t score... all miami points this season has been scored vs. 2nd stringers... thats a fact!

Did someone run a wrong route? Tannehill think the wrong route? Or just a horrible throw?

Preseason i mean

I guess thats what happens when your starters are comparable to 2nd stringers...lol


Tannahill is great at drawing the Defense offsides but can't seem to throw a complete pass...

Awesome !

Wow 1st stop of season by defense and they blow it

NICE SEAN!!!!!!!! Kill that 3 and out.

Red, Kinda looking forward to it(The Hurricane that is).. I
ll try to get the Empress to post when she get back.(But be forwarnd she'llbe more then likely intoxicated(Jagermieser and Rumbleminz)She could be mean And Nasty)(If you know what I mean)

Did we go 3 and out on 1st possession?

Lol superphin!!

Dang that was EASY!!!

Yeah!, get on them.

1st 3rd down stop of pre-season coming here!!


Defense makes a stop!!!


Nice answer DEF!!!!!

Needed that!!!

Beneficiaries of a bad 4th down play call!!! But I'll take it!!!!! Let's hope the O gets some momentum!!!

FinallY!!! a Non-scoring drive!!!! thats an improvement!!

Ooooooohhhhh. A stop on fourth down.
And the Ireland scrubs are celebrating like a bunch of baboons.

Give it up for Sean Smith. Didn't look soft on that play. Great job.

We have to score now, sons. It's important.

Nice stop!

Fasten your seat belts all you nay sayers.

Here we GO!

"This team stinks"....Reggie Bush

You can see the speed there.

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