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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Falcons (plus pregame info) here

Guard Artis Hicks is out with a neck injury. John Jerry starts at right guard, as I reported yesterday. Kevin Burnett (back) is not playing so Gary Guyton starts for him. And as I previously read on this blog, Karlos Dansby (knee) also isn't playing while Austin Spitler takes his spot.

The rest of the Dolphins scratches tonight:

David Garrard (knee), Kelcie McCray (foot), Kevyn Scott (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Burnett (back), Dansby (knee), Lydon Murtha (foot), Tony McDaniel (leg) and Brian Hartline (leg).

The Murtha injury is interesting in that he missed much of last season with a foot injury. It is unknown if it's the same foot but this is not good.

Vontae Davis is scheduled to play so you can now totally discoun the idea he's going to be traded in the next day or so.

And finally, we have a live blog going this evening. I'll meet you in the comments section at kickoff.


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So today we are playing like a real game

See T-$izzle run

use those legs playa!!!!

Bad pass Tanny

Good speed baby!!!!!!!!! Atta boy!!

Naanee must mean don't throw my way in African

First pick for the Rookie off a tip.



Tannehill is 0-5 with a INT!! Tannehill Blowz WORSE then John Beck!. START MOORE!

We have a quaterback but receivers can.t catch a ball.

Nanee SUCKS benchem

Son of a mother-less-goat!!!!!

How many balls are going to get tipped.

Relax, son.

And Ireland's scrubs turn the ball over.
Why does Ireland still have a job?
Ms. Ross likes empty seats.

Tannehill is 0-5 with a INT!! Tannehill Blowz WORSE then John Beck!. START MOORE!
Posted by: Jay | August 24, 2012 at 07:59 PM


Tannehill is this teams best WR.



thats what no playmakers will do for an offense....Seriously, can we please kill this no huddle offense....it absolutely stinks for this team...


Tannehill has to learn the only receiver you can trust on this team is Bess, all the others are scrubs

Aw nanee fuckin sucks lol. Is he really the number 1?

at this point 1-15 is a reach, isnt it??

Ugh, Tannehill doesn't look the least bit good. High throws so far; though half of em' coulda been caught. I'd like to see a crisp pass that isn't a comeback route.

This might be naanee last game as a dolphin. Hopefully is naanee last game as a dolphin

Nanee S U C K S - next receiver needed out there he was a fail.



Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 24, 2012 at 07:59 PM

LOL Ted(Side-line) Ginn Curse continues.......

It's 0 to 0 for the troll that likes to blow so hard.

Tannehill has looked horrible all preseason. How the heck did he get the starting job?? LMAO!!!

Hey anyone know where the Dolphins fan blog is? I thought it was here but this is obviously a Jets fan blog.

Tannehill is WORSE then Henne.

Scotty is a Matt Moore clone wannabee

odin, do the blog a favor, seriously. STFU! What an annjoying sissy you are!

That's a load for one.

no recievers, no running game..fast tempo=team death!!!

Stephen Ross licks donkey balls.

Tannehill is garbage. Matt Barkley come on down.


Let me give you the next headline for tomorrows article.

"Tannehill was great but he had no help again."

One of these days you will start being a writer again instead of a sellout to Ross.

LOl!! and the hoster of this blog sugested this guy is gonna be Marino´s 2nd comming??... Patetic!!

No receivers and no QB. Thanks Ireland.

Better 3 than 7.

Has Matt Ryan even been touched this entire game. Our pass rush is gone, I haven't seen anyone even get within 5 feet of Ryan

YES!!!!! Pressure shows up finally!!

Ha Ha!

Another stop for you jet fan trolls.

Take the weiners out of your mouths and hail the D!

Dolphins should retire the number 19, bad luck!

I like the way the PA announcer's voice echos off the empty seats. Nice touch.

Tannehill looks like......PAT WHITE!! YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

Nannnnnneeey blows

defense even this bad, shows more strides than offense...ugh...nat moore come on down!!!

"Tannehill is garbage. Matt Barkley come on down."

You're an idiot, smarter poster come on down

Neil's GhosT sucks my balls

Tanny's QB raating is minus 75

Don't pay attention to odin. All the - comments come from him. He's mad.

brady getting his ass kicked

Odin, has anyone ever told you that you're annoying?
In case you're wondering, YOU ARE.

Go back to Ohio's blog where you can only annoy 3 bloggers.

Show some respect dipsh*t.

Lots of Jets fans in here tonight. Couldn't even imagine having that kind of time.

brady int 2 straight throws for a td, 14-0 bucs

Is it easier for feeaaags to speak in negatives?

Must be

I'm going to shut that Monkey Boy up if I have to bend him over and RAM his BOOTIE! Yea, das right!

How did this moron win the QB job? Really?

On Offense, we prefer 7 to 3.

o great..more uptempo garbage...this is gonna kill our defense this year, mark my words!!!

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