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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Falcons (plus pregame info) here

Guard Artis Hicks is out with a neck injury. John Jerry starts at right guard, as I reported yesterday. Kevin Burnett (back) is not playing so Gary Guyton starts for him. And as I previously read on this blog, Karlos Dansby (knee) also isn't playing while Austin Spitler takes his spot.

The rest of the Dolphins scratches tonight:

David Garrard (knee), Kelcie McCray (foot), Kevyn Scott (leg), Jonas Gray (knee), Burnett (back), Dansby (knee), Lydon Murtha (foot), Tony McDaniel (leg) and Brian Hartline (leg).

The Murtha injury is interesting in that he missed much of last season with a foot injury. It is unknown if it's the same foot but this is not good.

Vontae Davis is scheduled to play so you can now totally discoun the idea he's going to be traded in the next day or so.

And finally, we have a live blog going this evening. I'll meet you in the comments section at kickoff.


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I know you're trying to get me to say something about your bigoted post but here's the thing, NO ONE CARES. Nice try :)

A great bad call

Don't freaking refs know it's pre season

miamis almost 2 picks have now been nullified by calls against defense...HMMM

Wow. Spell check turned fasano to Casanova. Which he is not.

our defense is so bad, corners are worst in nfl

Fasano should be cut right now. I mean literally tell him right now to go clean out his locker and leave the fudkcking buildling.

dldkjdlko ddam he is the worse player in the history of football, any position, including pee wee football.

Get Hogan 7/11 in the game!!!!!!!!!

Hennehill's QB rating = 19 LOL

Would the fins defense ever get off of the field without the invention of the "ENDZONE" line?

1 888 FINS TIX

This team has the same problem they've had for last 6 years. No playmakers anywhere. That's Ireland's expertise. Fill the roster with acorns and get rid of or fail to acquire the oak trees. Typical. 5-11 here we come.

That INT will not stand. Miami penalty.

VD get INTs as I told you

Maybe its not the WR's? Maybe its just bad balls being delivered. Where is the touch?
Posted by: JackSparrow | August 24, 2012 at 08:23 PM

You're just hatin'

T-hill has had 5-6 drops!! Maybe his QB rating would be better without those ey?

Greise is a totally incompetent announcer Jaison

These replacement guys have called it collegiately every game I've watched. I believe I saw a figure that holding has been called 34% more this preseason.
If the ball was deflected, as was said, no penalty on Marshall.

Hennehill's QB rating = 19 LOL

Posted by: 732 | August 24, 2012 at 08:28 PM

Miamis catch rating -10 MORON!!!

This team is really awesome!

Sure is Armando, and Davis ain't giving him any help either!

Tannehill looks terrible again?

Fasono is extremely consistent. He drops it every single time. 3 huge drops in the last 2 games.

cut him now. literally. put egnew in even if he does not know the play and tell him to get open

i fdkklucking hate fasano so much. i told you- d;akd; for 3 years

Well they learn in the off season how catch the Ball and returned

Mando, just went to the previous blog to read your comments, you're hilarious, you posted about ten times before you realized you were talking to yourself! Funny as SH--!

Mike, not as good as your boys Tebow and Sanchez?

I bet T.O. would have a TD by now.


nick foles 3 td passes now

Posted by: bill connors | August 24, 2012 at 08:25 PM

Bill, I'm happy with Tannehill, but Mando and others here will corroborate that I touted Foles All of last year. He just had a horrible HC, and had a couple of bad games against great teams.



Garbage Fasano is hurting Tanne's confidence in more ways than 1. doesn't get to experience the TD after a great drive INSPITE of Fasano's multiple drops.

made right throw to fasano. if this keeps up he'll be afraid to make the CORRECT throw and will make bad throw

it will all be fasano's fault

First sack by the first string Dolphins defense this preseason. Good job by Wake.

Moore dropped one too. They all have. Im watching on the net so I'm lagging.

No subject us taboo.

foles looks awesome, but phillys offense can do that to many qbs

D looking pretty tough.


Monkey Boy U see DAT?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!

Love Wake!!!!!

Tannehill certainly doesnt look like a 1st rd pick. Another Ireland bust?

T.O.? well pick him up, seattle is gonna cut him

WAKE! #unleashtheAnimal

BTW, somehow (or someone) has hacked my account, substituting "ills bury doughboy.
Is that possible?

Dress rehersal is showing good good pressure.

Dontcha think Scooter?


Is it possible you can ask Ireland why he was trying to lowball Wake?

Tanne put himself in on D on that sack play.

This field goal game should have Sparano Smiling happy very happy

Dont like how easily Falcons march up and down the field, however they are one of the best and more dangerous offenses in the league, so I'll take giving up only 6pts by the D thus far.

a sack by us!!!!....i want an instant replay, there had to be a flag somewhere on us...

This is going to be a very long season...Again...

Well, this team doesn't look like a Super Bowl team but also not enept. So I think we could have a decent season. A good start to the tannehill era. If we can get WR or TE help who knows.

Now Monket boy gonna start talking bout SpOrano and field goals?

Kiss my a sss, this is DEFENSE PUNK!

Cut Fasano and keep Hogan. It must be done!

holy shite fasucko garbage make a catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"our defense is so bad, corners are worst in nfl"

Ummm Bill, the Falcons have a damned good offense and have scored 3 points against that "bad defense". Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Braylon Edwards just made a heck of a catch...Another guy we could of had...We took Steinbach instead...Way to go Jeffy...

Awfully soon 2 c Slaton in a dress-rehearsal game.. All good, keep them fresh!

Fasano caught one yeah!

why waste a play by running lane

Dink and Dunk

The more things change the more they stay the same.

This game is boring

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