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Hard Knocks sets the scene -- which is bad for Vontae Davis

The first episode of HBO's Hard Knock spent an hour establishing character lines.

We meet Derek Dennis first, which was somewhat curious as he was the first player cut even before he ever put on his pads for the team because the club signed Eric Steinbach.

We meet David Garrard while he and his family are at their lake house. We see Matt Moore offering to change his baby's "diappy," but also being described as a great leader by coaches.

Ryan Tannehill and his wife Lauren talk of the start of their marriage. (Tannehill broke his foot three days before the wedding.) "We started it in sickness and health but that's OK," Lauren Tannehill said.

Tame stuff.

The most inspiring moment is when left tackle Jake Long gathers the offensive line and demands they play better because as he says, they've just been playing like (bleep) and need to get the (bleep) on course. Long is clearly a leader on that unit.

The most interesting character is, no surprise, Chad Johnson. We first see him when he barges into a coaches' meeting and sits for two minutes before being  kicked out. The whole time Johnson is there coaches are looking around, seemingly wondering what is up with Johnson, who announces he cannot go home because his wife doesn't want him there until after camp is over.

"Is that true?" Philbin asks Johnson.

True or not, Johnson eventually gets the drift he's not wanted and leaves.

You read and heard here that Johnson had a bizarre press conference in which he used curse words as if they were punctuations. He also spoke of going into porn and showed off his painted black nails.

Philbin was asked about that and played coy, saying Johnson is expected to be responsible for what he says but that stuff such as black fingernail polish doesn't bother him.

"We want these guys to ultimately, I told Mr. (Stephen) Ross, I told the players, we want these guys to represent the franchise the right way on and off the field," Philbin told the media. "It’s not a complicated formula and the game of football itself isn’t complicated. Now, we want guys to act well, behave well, be good people. It’s not that hard. Use common sense. I don’t know if, black was probably a bad color for today. He probably should have used a light blue or something (laughing).”

Yeah, hilarious. Except that Philbin didn't think Johnson's use of the F-bombs was appropriate, a fact he wasn't eager to share with the media, but showed behind the scenes.

"You represent the organization, you represent everybody. That's not the way we're going to do it," he tells an assistant.

Philbin talks with the Johnson and the player doesn't seem to agree that the F-bombs are problematic. "You're different," he tells Philbin.

"I'd say I'm different than you," Philbin answers.

Philbin is asked by HBO about Johnson. "Either he falls in line or he doesn't," he says.

And if he doesn't, could it put him in jeopardy?

"It could, yeah, absolutely." Philbin said.

An aside here: Johnson is not in jeopardy of losing his roster spot. He's starting. He's the most dynamic receiver on the team right now.

Despite the snag, Johnson comes off as funny and something of a team clown. Cornerback Vontae Davis, on the other hand, comes off as the goat of the premier episode.

Davis, a former first-round pick and starter for three years but runnning second-team now, is obviously out of shape. "Man, I'm tired right now, but I'm not going to let coach know," Davis tells teammate Reshad Jones. "I'm going to go and what you call it? I'm a act."

Davis walks up and down the sideline and tells teammates he's taking acting classes. "I'm acting not to look tired."

"You can be as good as you want to be, but you got to change your attitude, change your ways," defensive backs coach Lou Anarumo tells Davis. "You need to give better effort. When you don't want to, that's the time to press on. Get yourself in better shape and I'm going to keep on staying on you to make sure you do it."

Davis also caught Philbin's eye when he left a walk-thru practice so he could go to the bathroom. "I'm 51 and I have to go every hour but I never go," Philbin says.

At another practice, Philbin asks Davis if he's taken care of his bladder that day. One miss by HBO is that it never makes the point that Davis has fallen to second team -- a huge detail.

Bottom line is Davis comes off looking unprofessional and immature.

The Dolphins are doing this five-week documentary to improve their brand. And generally, I think this first episode does that. It shows the quarterbacks in a good light. It shows the coaches seem to know what they're talking about. It gives the players some depth. Jeff Ireland comes off looking smart.

Even rookie free agent Les Bown got a lot of camera time when, frankly, his skill level is not to the point where he probably deserves it. He is, however, interesting because Brown thinks he can go from basketball to a career in finance to the NFL.

He has great speed and decent hands and general manager Jeff Ireland talks him up in a meeting. But his pass protection and run block is a "liability," according to tight end coach Dan Campbell.

Brown blocks like a basketball player. We'll see if the coming episodes show progress.

I was surprised Reggie Bush wasn't featured in the opening episode. Next one. The offensive line -- Jake Long, Richie Incognito and Pouncey -- also are expected to get more attention next episode.

Should be entertaining.


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I tried to tell you jokers that Dawn Aponte was involved with player contracts and you silly ignorant 'know it all' fools dissed me. Since you are not real men and nothing but blog air, I know you will make up any dumb excuse not to apologize. Fine. Stay stupid.

I wonder how "Home" bot Sean Smith is doing??
Where's home when you need him?


Omar Kelly has insisted that Davis hasn't been demoted and hasn't fallen to the second team defense. Is what you're saying entirely true?

"One miss by HBO is that it never makes the point that Davis has fallen to second team -- a huge detail."

I loved the show and since I am stuck here in Ohio watching my boys put it all together is fun. This was way better than the Olympics.

Vonte better get his crap together, cant understand how someone with all that talent cant stay in shape to do a job the rest of us working clowns would love to be able to do. Like Vonte a lot, but it is obvious the last group of coaches were to easy.

Really like this Philbin guy. Speed wins in the NFL and he seems to be coaching speed.

Like what I saw. Good starting point for the season.

Go Dolphins!! I get a good vibe.

Tweet from Omar Kelly

OmarKelly RT @Koke_Uriarte: So do you now concede he's been demoted?» YOU ARE DEMOTED when you move down the depth chart. His reps are decreased.

Omar Kelly is the Foutain of Mis-information.


Aloco, What were they serving at the "Buffett Of Knowledge" Lounge tonight?

I was really impressed the program and enjoyed getting the know the team and coaches.

I like how Philbin runs the practices. His uptempo style gives me hope that this team will be able to compete.

Can anyone help: was at work and missed the show, plus live in Canada. Double whammy. Any suggestions on how to see it?

redsky, your boys fin4 and odin laughed and mocked me when I informed them of that two weeks ago. Of course they are pssys and won't apologize.

I told you so | August 07, 2012 at 11:48 PM.

I clearly stated in my 11:30 post were I very specifically made it my 2nd point that I was surprised and wrong about D.Aponte's involvement in contract negotiations, "IF WERE TO BELIEVE THE ACCOUNT OF THIS HARDKNOCKS EPISODE" Neither you or I know how much of what we see is being manipulated by the team to heal the image of the F.O. and don't tell me that would be a 1st, a public org. selling it's product thru a carefully orchestrated spin on public consumption or do you believe in the rogaine hair club and life time guarantee's on ginzu knives.

fin4life | August 08, 2012 at 12:06 AM

What event was so important to miss Hard knocks? Water Pollo is over. Lol

@ I told you so,

Here is your REPOST a full half hour after HARDKNOCKS, now go back and find one that even mentions the point your stressing before I posted it!

A few thoughts on HARDKNOCKS!

1)All 3 of the QB's that will make our active roster are married to blondes although I'd make a money bet that only Lauren Tannehill's drapes match the carpet.

2) Apparently Dawn Aponte has more to do with contract negotiations than most of us thought which I found very surprising if we are to believe the episodes account of the Tannehill situation.

3) It seems that Vontae isn't nearly the wourkout warrior big Bro Vernon is and his 2nd place spot at LCB is not the mirage or ploy we took it for, here is to hoping the kid gets it because he does always seem to close his seasons strong and reminds alot of a young Rod Woodson when his game is on.

4) The 4.3 ACORN T.E. that Ireland found on some Basketball campus is no A.Gates or J.Graham and is probably headed to the Practice Squad. His blocking is so awful I can't see him in any max protect with Tanny on the field during pre-season and after what I saw his mere presence will alert teams pass all the way.

5)I saw it during his Pro Day at College station in Texas but will repeat it again and that is Tannehill can let it rip with some accuracy. I am curiously waiting to see if after we're out of the hunt if this regime will toss him in there late Nov. to see what he has in a real game. If his mental make up can match his physical talent he will be a gamer but still have to see it.

6) M.Pouncy has a mean demeanor which I love thought that crack he gave some DL about kicking his butt in the locker room a welcome sight out of our Center.

Just some random stuff which caught my attention.

fin4life | August 07, 2012 at 11:30 PM

Guy's why are you surpreised about Dawn Apointes involvement in contract negotitations, Its her job.

It's almost like saying Miller kicked a FG., It's his job.

Jake; its on again tomorrow at 7:00 pm

It's on At 1am on HBO-WEST.

The Hard Knocks was better TV than The olympics. Shorter tape delay. I've also seen The Franchise and that sh|t was boring.

M&M needs to stop watching the bachelorette and start looking at the tape.

The O-line got some Umph to them this year.

Question I know he's on TV and all, but would JT work for this team? Just for stat purposes? 11 sacks puts him 3rd all-time. He's 6th now. 3 puts him above strahan for 5th. Just saying? JT never won a ring, might as well retire Top 3 all-time.

Fin4 life, I supported you in my response, still do!!!!

Fin4life is THE man tonight!

Summertime rocks! I have to plan another hunting trip on meth with my kids before the cold weather comes back!


Posted by: odinseye | August 07, 2012 at 07:32 PM

Monkey BOY is a CockARoach too. Turn off the lights and he comes crawling out. Of course, like a coward, he only comes out when he thinks no one can't get him-lol.

Which is the MAIN reason Grandma and Grandpa were so proud(psssssssssft)of the "Yellow Stripe". Of course, they had to be 'poud from here, cause they sure never got to go back there.

It's alright Bu-oy, you just keep droppin down on those knees and get you that Meth money. It eases the pain don't it? It's like Grandma and Grandpa never even existed ;)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Viva - La - Pun - Ta!!!!

Reggie Bush was featured in the opening episode. He was shown playing FIFA with Chad Johnson.

Philbin reminds me more and more of Cameron.

anyone know of an online site I can stream this??

redsky, your boys fin4 and odin laughed and mocked me when I informed them of that two weeks ago. Of course they are pssys and won't apologize.

Posted by: I told you so | August 07, 2012 at 11:48 PM

I'm not apologizing because you were wrong then and your lying now.

What you actually said(Monkey Bu-oy), is that Dawn Aponte was involved in picking and choosing our PLAYERS. Which of course is absurb and retarded on your part-ROTFLMAO!

As for the rest of it, she's the Capologist you nitwit, she HAS to be right on top of any contractual negoitiations.

Lying to try and save face is one thing, but lying to hide how wrong you were........well.........that's just..........Wait for it.......wait........**COWARDLY** ;)

No Surprise There.........Cheetah!


Always a pleasure as well! I see odin dropped by been a while we've all been here at the same time.

The show was great, sometimes you have to wonder WTH Johnson problem is he sure can be problematic at times. Vontae and his acting like he's not tired then getting burned was hilarious. I love Pouncey and Long on the Ol. Resign Long! That kid Les Brown shoulda been the first cut he's small as F and can't block worth a crap.

Coming into his 4th season, Im shocked Vontae Davis is till so immature. Maybe it isnt immaturity. Maybe the kid's just plain dumber than a box of rocks.

Last year's picture has become a lot clearer now. Both Vontae and Smith came into camp out of shape. Seems at least Smith learned from his mistake and came into camp in shape this year. The dumber than a empty box of rocks Vontae didnt.

Demoted to 2nd team? Vontae Davis may be out of the league completely in the next couple years if he doesnt hurry to become smarter than a first grader.

Vontae keeps this crap up and next couple years he'll be beginning his next new career.

Purse snatching. Im not saying it because he's black. Im saying because he comes off as being just that stupid. Im not saying he's stupid because he's black neither. Something's just seriously wrong with this cat's brains.

Who the hell vetted Vontae at the predraft interview, Tony Sparano? Just l;istening to the way his voice sounds I would have never given Vontae a 2nd interview, let alone actually draft him.

I tried to tell you jokers that Dawn Aponte was involved with player contracts and you silly ignorant 'know it all' fools dissed me. Since you are not real men and nothing but blog air, I know you will make up any dumb excuse not to apologize. Fine. Stay stupid.

Posted by: I told you so | August 07, 2012 at 11:52 PM

LIES.....LIES........and MORE LIES..........

Dude you are PATHETIC! LOL!

You're making all this noise now Cheetah, cause you know you just got PROVEN WRONG by the FIRST episode of Hard Knocks. I couldn't have scripted it better you DuMMass-ROTFLMAO!

You know what? If you haven't went back and deleted your stupidity already, LIKE YOU, I'm going in the archives just to R-U-B I-T I-N.

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Two days ago you said Dawn Aponte was involved with Player EVALUATIONS. Hardy Haar Haaaaaah!

Yup, Chad Johnson's a piece of work too. After hard knocks I fully understand why Bellichick showed him the door. How the hell he thinks he is to interupt a coaches only meeting. This cat sounds very immature too.

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 08, 2012 at 12:46 AM

Good point about that entire exchange the other night and understood her to be more of a team accountant but "IF" you believe the spin the team gave it on HARDKNOCKS apparently she had something to do with the wording of the contract. I although find it interesting that given all the BAD press the offer to Tanny got that it was such a BIG part of the HBO Show were it makes a point to not only distance Ireland from responsibility but show him stating on camera that all Tanny wanted was what was FAIR, interesting, NO ? It lays it all on Aponte's feet who coincidentally is someone with very little press or exposure. All of this on the show at the onset of T.C. which we all know as a good week after the whole wording of his deal became a thing of discussion after J.Darlington broke it on NFL Network.

Vontae does look a little slow. Not physically

Well he has this year and next in Philbin system. Good thing we signed Marshall to a 3 yr deal. Smith is playing for money so of course this will be his best season. Hopefully we resign Smith and Long early before the price goes up. At least for smith. Long is The Wall, best LT in the game when healthy. The reason Chad Henne made the NFL and got drafted. Chad was the 2nd rounder we had to give up to get long. For cap purposes. Dawn said so. Jake had a secret incentive in his contract. For Every season Henne played on the Team the team will give long a bonus worth henne's salary. Last year of longs contract was a player option. After 8 years of inconsistency long had enough with Henne.

Chad is alright. Has he been cursing like Ozzie Guillen recently? He did cut the cussing out after that. Philbin looks laid back enough that he loves having a good laugh. Unlike tony. Always looked like someone was bothering him.

Matter of fact, I don't think ANYONE said Dawn Aponte wasn't **INVOLVED**. Being the Capologist she has to be.

Monkey Bu-oy, your **ALMOST** making this up from Whole-Cloth.

Thats not to say she CONDUCTED any contract negotiations(she could have been just passing on a tid bit to Philbin), but as the Capologist, SHE HAS TO BE INVOLVED ;)

You'll stoop to ANYTHING won't you? Stooping ain't bad I guess, you should be used to it with all the experience you get dropping down on them knees.

Bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! Instant Fail!


Don't even try it Yellow Boy, NOT ON MY WATCH ;)

Philbin was smart to rip out that loser locker room. Now, times will change.
Wake is a beast! Sporano is dumb.
And the new jerseys for the fans are actually pretty nice.
Really nice material.


Good to see your still Kickin Bro.

I enjoyed tonights show. I thought they foreshadowed it pretty good. They did some "layout" work and saved all kinds of interesting stuff for future episodes.

They didn't want to give it ALL away on the first night.

Looking forward to next weeks episode!

ValHalla Bro!!!!

During that Presser a Reporter shoulda asked Chad Johnson if he keeps his Big Red Nose n Floppy Shoes in his Locker or at Home? Dude's a Clown and played out.

Signing Ochocinco = Big mistake

Ireland was too dumb to check Vontae's intelligence(lack of) before he drafted him.

The team is who we thought they were.....incompetent circus clowns

Why r people still talking about dawn aponte? Who cares who writes up a contract? Anyone can push a pencil!!!

Mando, we should have a live blog going when Hardknocks is on! Why should I be suggesting this?

Oh, 'cause you been gone for 2 months!

I am the debutente ball of turkey oil.

Pedro will be in Ja Ja Town, Tunisia with Brenda and her lucid goat, Mumbles.


Chad Johnson Team Leader ...

with half the talent of Marshall

Ireland still came off as a jerk!

Chad is a turd and an embarrassment.

Jeff Ireland is the worst character on the show. He needs to be written off.

I love Jeff Ireland best gm in football today

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet'

Where did you see an incompetent circus, I sure didn't, are you an idiot. After seeing some of your post............I think so.

vd = bum.

Remember last year's opener, when we decided to get into a shoot out with Tom Brady?
Yea, the end result was he TORCHED our secondary because they were all out of shape....just like Vontae was in last night's show.

He is on an island right now and if he does not get with the program he'll stay on the bench.

Wake up folks, there is a new sheriff in town and he's all business.

I am so happy we got Philbin over Fisher...Philbin is eager to prove he belongs, while Fisher is a has-been.


Hard Knocks observations that stood out to me.

1. Vontae Davis should be embarassed of himself. I hope big brother Vernon lets him know about himself.
2. Chad Johnson is still on his own planet and at some point will be a team distraction.
3. Ryan Tannehill seems to have the charisma you want from your franchise QB. Confident but not overly cocky.
4. Joe Philbin has a cool demeanor but at the same time its clear he doesn't mess around with foolishness (Vontae and Chad!)
5. Where the heck was Reggie Bush, Dansby, Wake and Long?

Andy...do you think Chad is as good a receiver as Brandon?
Did we just trade one diva for another?

don't you have to take reps with the second team to be on the second team? From what I'm hearing vontae hasn't taken a single rep with the second team

I am so happy we got Philbin over Fisher
Posted by: NHFINSFAN | August 08, 2012 at 08:47 AM

Amen. And I'm very glad Davis looked like a joke. He deserved it and needed that to happen. The entire football universe (meaning players and coaches, the "fraternity" as they say) saw that and he knows they're laughing at him and view him as an immature kid. Good. It's about time he grew up. Get with it.


I read your comments to me from yesterday. Dude, I called you out for what I thought was a particularly weak couple of posts and somehow you turn that into personal attacks. 'Head cheerleader'? Is that the nest you can do? Bring it!

Let's summarize:

Here's what you said: 'QBs in this league very rarely go from mediocre to good'. I ryhmed off numerous examples of guys that have gone from mediocre to good, of which I notice you had no rebuttal for. Then you claim I'm comparing guys like Brees to Moore. Huh? I'm not. Where did I say? What I'm taking issue with is this notion that you are what you are when you come into the league, which is basically what you are saying and I'm saying that's total bunk! Now if you want to get your back up and start your personal attacks, that's your choice. I'm simply saying there's no accuaracy to those comments Why you feel the need to attack and start bringing up things I've said about Henne and attacking mey 'football IQ' is beyond me. Why, because I don't agree with your points? Be my guest, bud.

To be honest, I'm tired of the Moore bashing on here. You said he was 'OK' last year. You're also the guy who bashed the signing of him and the guy who didn't even feel he was an adequate back-up. You corrected your comments and actual gave Moore his dues last year but now it seems because he's had a bad week of camp, he's back in your doghouse. How come?

Listen, Moore is never going to be anything special in this league. But he is a guy who can come in and start in this league. Is that an asset in this league? I think it is. Who would we rather have, Lemon or Ray Lucas? John Beck? He has a role on this team and that's why I'd keep him. I don't see him as the long term answer, I don't see him as a guy who will get better but I would keep him on the team because you need QB play in this league to be successful.

When you reduce your responses back to me as personal attacks, you open the door from morons like YG to pile on. It's all he;s good for. Feel free bud but don't think I'm not going to call you out on stuff I don't agree with and if that makes me 'head cheerleader' then great.

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