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Mike Sherman: 'We dropped 8 balls'

It's hard to pick starting receivers when they don't perform. It's hard to pick receivers to fill out the roster when they don't perform. It's hard to judge a rookie quarterback when receivers don't perform.

The Dolphins receivers are not performing this preseason, and didn't perform in the last preseason game against Atlanta.

I wrote Friday night the group dropped seven passes. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinks it was at least eight. Maybe more, depending on how stringent one judges the plays.

That's terrible.

And that leads me to this: The Dolphins need to revamp. Rather than having faith in players that haven't earned it, they need to find replacements. They need to do the work that should have been done in the offseason and look elsewhere for receivers.

I suggested on twitter Friday that Miami contact Green Bay about James Jones and try to swing a trade for him. (Naysyaer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, James Jones isn't a star. But Armando, James Jones drops passes, too.)

Folks, James Jones would be Miami's best receiver today. Period.

I also think the Dolphins should be waiting to see what the Washington Redskins do at tight end because the rumors are the team may be ready to move on from Chris Cooley. (Naysayer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, Cooley gets hurt a lot. But Armando, he's not in his prime anymore.)

Cooley is a better pass-catching tight end than any player on the Miami roster and he could be a major help to a rookie QB that needs a go-to outlet.

Finally, the Dolphins better concoct whatever scheme skullduggery they must to get Reggie Bush more involved in the passing game. He's a better matchup against a linebacker than any receiver is against a corner or safety. And Bush has more dependable hands than most of Miami's receivers. So stick him out there in the slot. Use him in a bunch formation. Do whatever, but make him available to catch passes.

That's my two cents on a stormy Sunday morning.

This is what Sherman told the media Saturday:

(On quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s performance against the Atlanta Falcons) –“Well, obviously there was some…about four or five passes that he wishes he had back that weren’t as accurate as he’s capable of being. But if you eliminate those and you want to look at the game objectively like I did this morning, he did a lot of good things. We dropped about eight balls and maybe even more than that if you want to get sticky on it. If he cuts down a couple of those passes and have a couple dropped balls we pick up, I think he moves the ball, he moves the team and we feel a little bit better about it. He didn’t make a bad decision. All his decisions were very accurate and decisive. I thought his third drive with the team down the field, much like last week, should have resulted in a touchdown. Anthony (Fasano) will catch that ball nine times out of 10. I thought that was a very good drive. I thought he showed good tempo. And the thing about Ryan, once you tell him something, once he fixes it, he fixes it. So I think we’ll be much improved as we move along. Obviously, we have to get better in a hurry.”

(On how tough it will be to determine who makes the team among the receivers) – “Well, they haven’t helped matters. I wish they would say, ‘Hey, I’m the guy’ and jump up on the table by having a knockout performance and that hasn’t necessarily happened just yet. One week it’s one guy. The next week it’s the next guy, so forth and so on. I think we’ll keep (Davone) Bess. I can pretty much guarantee that, but there’s only one of him. We need to fill in the other spots. We’ve got some good guys. It’s just who we think will be there for the long term and who’s going to be there every day. You’re right, we do have some tough decisions to make and I don’t know how much more clarity we’re going to have after the last ball game, but hopefully we will."

(On if wide receiver Davone Bess’ spot on the roster is the only one guaranteed at this point in time) – “No, I think there’s a couple other guys in there. It doesn’t hurt for them to worry about who they are and if they want to…”

(On his thoughts on the best treatment for dropped passes) – “Well, you know, obviously the best treatment, in my mind, for dropped passes is just to re-focus in practice and put a lot of effort and time into it. We catch a lot of balls in practice and I don’t know if the rain was a distraction. They didn’t drop passes, so we can’t use that as an excuse. Receivers going in and out of the game, trying to evaluate guys, we have different guys in there all the time, so that’s a little bit of a distraction maybe for the quarterback. But just go back to work and re-focus on the tip of the ball and put it away. There’s no magical secret or I would have been down there after the first quarter and got it done.”

(On guard John Jerry showing improvement) – “He played very well last week. I thought he did some good things in the game. Going against his brother, obviously that’s quite a challenge whenever you can go against family members like that in the trenches. He did do some good things. His footwork was a little bit eschew at times, a little long in his stride, but we’ve got to clean that up this week. Overall, he did some good things.”

(On the state of the offensive line two week from the opener) –“You know, we still have some work to do. I’m concerned a lot about our depth and the backup offensive linemen are much like the receivers. Someone needs to jump in there and say, ‘Hey, keep me. I’m the guy you need to have here to back up these guys.’ I thought (Nate) Garner played well and did some good things in there when he was in there. (Josh) Samuda did some good things in there. A couple of guys expressed themselves in the game that they want to be the guy, but the depth is something definitely we’re concerned about and quality of depth. We all know that the season doesn’t go without getting somebody banged up or beat up. Some people have to step in. Hopefully, Artis (Hicks) can come back and add another viable candidate to that group.”

(On when game planning for the Houston Texans begins)– “It actually began last April. So we started breaking them down and doing things. I was watching them this summer when I was on vacation. So we’ve had an eye on them. Very good football team. Very well coached. They don’t make a whole lot of mistakes. They run the heck out of the football obviously as we know and they play very tenacious defense. Wade Phillips has done a great job bringing that defense around.”

(On how much action the starters might see on Wednesday against the Dallas Cowboys)– “I’ve got to check with Coach (Joe) Philbin on that. Certainly, getting closer to the game, you kind of back off a little bit. I would envision Ryan playing more and getting some snaps. Certainly, we have to be cautious with what we’re doing, but he needs more game reps. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get him some. It depends on, I don’t think Jake Long needs too much, Mike Pouncey, (Richie) Incognito probably are ready. I thought all three of those guys played pretty well in the game. (They) did a nice job.”


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Mike Sherman Speaks the Truth. He doesn't Sugar Coat Nothing. Refreshing compared to the Old Regime.

This Team needs to find Wr's.

Who are the other 2 Wr's he was talking about?

Naanee? Hartline?

A couple Wr's are Safe?

Moore? Pruitt?

There isnt one starting receiver on the roster. Their just realizing this now? LOL

Mike Sherman got fired from the GB Packers, wasn't very successful as a college coach, now he is God's gift to mankind as Fins OC!
I will wait to see what the offense does before I make my final judgment!

Sure am glad Ireland traded Marshall. FRIGGIN IDIOT!!

Sherman got fired at Texas A&M too didnt he?

no comment ... why the heck did we get rid of BM???? losing patience w/JL.

I have a theory: Ireland is garbage.

No way anyone will ever convince me otherwise.....

Fin 1984, it's already been established Ireland is a loser, Ross is the only one that doesn't get IT! If I'm Ross, I'm asking, "Why are all my players mediocre and I have no cap space??? If I have no cap space, I should have the best players on the planet!

So idiot Ireland gets Da Beast in a trade. But there is no QB. Now, maybe we have a QB. But there are no receivers. Great planning from the weasel classless moron .

redsky, please. These players are a long long way from mediocre.

Fin 1984, I've said before, the collective intelligence on this blog would provide a Playoff team every year! But we don't get paid millions, do we?

Fin 1984, what does mediocre mean?

mediocre means average. And I'm sorry if I jumped at you. I agree with what you are saying except our players are pathetic not mediocre.

Fin 1984, so we are using different words to describe that we are not going to be winners! No playoffs, perhaps a 4 win team...

I dont see how this group wins 4 but we'll see. Anyway i have to get some sleep and buttton down the hatches for this hurricane. Good night...

GN 1984, check the meaning of mediocre, it's average!

Fin 1984, spell check turned Fin into GN 1984, my apologies!

GN all, must get up early for prognosticated windstorm....

There is no cap space because Parcells signed every washed up O-line guy he could find and over paid him because he still thinks in three yards and cloud of dust terms. about 15 mil in dead money. Hate to say it but Ireland has done a good job and Miami is set to be about 60 mil under the cap next year. His drafts have been good not great. I know, i know, but he is not going anywhere unless they fire Philbin.

Naysayer alert. The Dolphins are going to royally suck this year. There's no Andrew Luck coming out of college next year, so we can't even root for suck for Luck.

The Dolphins need everything except D-linemen, RBs, a left tackle, and a center. I guess the kickers are fine, too. Even if Tannehill works out, there's 2-3 years worth of hole-filling to be done. Kind of makes you wonder why Ross is so committed to Ireland. Hasn't he been here like 4 years?

Watch what Dallas does to the fins i just hope that not to many players are injured. This is the worst team i have seen in years. look for 2-14. sad. Thanks for another great team JEFF.

Who can argue with a church going GM that prefers good morals over talent and brains in his players? This team is Jeff's disaster but he will never admit it. He likes to blame others for his incompetence. Typical brown nose. They rarely do good work, if ever. Poser GM.

Ross is such a duche, he can't see it. He's a poser too. Until someone, almost anyone, buys this team, it will continue to stay last in the devison. Losers can't build a wining team because they can't spot wining players. It takes one to know one, and Jeff and Ross are two of the biggest losers the Dolphins have ever had. So get used to losing a lot. It's ten years and counting with no change in sight. Not with these two Bozos in charge.

Armando drops good writing assignments. Like, he's never caught one. We have the worst writers in the country, and Mando is leading the parade. Anyone here think he doesn't play for the pink team?


Lamar Miller should be tried as a receiver at this point. Getting a receiver in trade like James Jones would be great but it most likely will not happen. You know as well as anyone that drafting a guy like Egnew was a major mistake. Ireland passed up many wide receivers and instead took Mike Egnew. Ireland could have gone after other free agent tight ends. Given that he is clueless at identifying any receiver talent out of college that may have worked for the Dolphins. Anthony Fasano does not have the talent to play tight end in this offense. I do not agree that Fasano catches the TD he dropped 9 out of 10 times. All of the receivers seem late at being prepared to catch the ball. Most of them just do not have enough talent to do what is expected of them.

Greg Camarillo could y'know.... catch.

Pat Turner could y'know.... catch.

You either have speed and bad hands (Tedd Ginn) Or you have great hands but not speed (Bess) - Rarely can you have both (Megatron, Julio Jones)

For now I suggest we settle for anyone that fits option 2, catch the ball and get some first downs.. There's ebough in the run game and enough between Ryan Tannehill's ears to score 22 points each week if we just catch the football. If our D plays like the first half of the Atlanta game most Sunday's then 22 points will be a winning score.

After watching Andrew Luck, RG3, and Ryan Tannehill, I've come to the conclusion that we should've traded up...whatever the cost.

Sad that the fins are stuvk wiyh a Idiot owner and a Idiot GM.
Boys ths could take years to rebuild.

Mr Ross,sell our team,You simply stink at your job.

Bad,just Bad

Preseason means nothing. Absolutely, utterly nothing. Even BAD PLAY means nothing. You people need to get a grip. We were 3-1 least year in preseason. New England was 2-2.

This is all about learning the system, and Tannehill's development. Nothing more.

Chill out. Until we're 0 and whatever in the REAL season, it means NOTHING.

I'm a dodger fan and I'm not sure how to feel about them tryin to buy a WS.BUT,I see no effort to make this team better.God help the dolphins.....Please!!!!?

Get a grip matt....We suck

What happened with the receiver that got out of jail for shooting himself in the foot , the one that played for the giants , get him for christs sakes get anyone , paint them damn balls to look like watermelons if you must , just do something for christs sake , these people couldn`t
catch the common cold!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been said before. You approach me in Actual life you will be returned to your original point of departure. Not for my protection but for yours. No interference.

Sherman does neglect to state the effect on the team when a receiver drops an easy pass in the end zone. The psyche of the whole team is affected, especially when the team needs something special to happen to change the losing mentality that the Phins and us fans have for the team. Mistakes and miscues have a way of compounding as good or great plays have ways of making things better. The biggest difference between winners and losers is that winners find a way while the losers find an excuse.

Did you see how Vontae threw that guy down and in a flash had intercepted the ball and was on his way? I don't care who you are but not many can do that. All he needs is a bit more consistency in his plays.



I have not heard one original thought here that we could discuss and only repeats of what the Media publishes. C'mon, People, you must have more imagination than that!

Eight dropped balls is not indicative of T's talent or capabilities. And that's the way I saw it. He did his part. The receivers did not.

The issue in my mind is timing. Not just talent. These guys need real game time to jell. P Manning said a few weeks ago that he expects it will take the entire year before the Q and receivers are acting the way they should.

If that's what Manning is expecting, how can we expect anything different?

The other thing. Philbin & Co do not want an alpha receiver. They want to spread the ball around. They want to stretch the field, but not at the cost of predictability. And I agree.

With exception to Bess, I don't know how we can get great receivers without a trade, and I don't expect that to happen.

I think Miami's next move will come after the final cuts. They are not looking for spectacular, but will look to pick up someone(s)to improve/upgrade the receiver core. Perhaps a second or third string veteran wide receiver or tight end.

I do believe this group can improve with time. All of these guys should be "sure handed" on 5 to 10 yard routes. That's why I am not too doom & gloom on this team. The receivers will improve. They should improve.

A while back, I pointed out that the worst flaw of this Team is lack of quality depth along the OL, LBs and secondary groups. Quickly, as expected,, somebody jumped out and said, no, not the OL, we have Murtha, Gardner, Sieinbach, etc. How about now, pal?

Is there anybody my age around here with whom I could discuss things in a reasonable fashion?


32 YEARS OLD DC ............


time to revamp, totally agree, and also think its time to reconsider our offensive strategy for this year--our running game was fairly effective so I'd lean more on that than the short passing of the WCO--maybe could at least move the ball, protect our rookie QB a bit (from hits and from losing confidence) and also maintain possession, to help keep our D off the field for 7 hours a game--I'd run the ball more, and yes, definitely swing a trade, or two, for whoever is an upgrade.

Bro, BPA, did you listen to what Philbin said yesterday? "We haven't been ahead in order to run the ball predominantly". I am getting my balls full with you People, Armando.

The Dolphins traded - gave away Brandon Marshall and they wonder why they have no quality receivers??

If anybody thought this team was going to win anything this year, they haven't got a clue fir talent scouting. No one ever should have looked at this roster and thought there weren't gaping holes that still needed to be filled. WR being the biggest chasm of all. If you thought this team was going to make a play-off appearance you're just an aquamarine colored glasses wearing delusional. homer. Along that same line, if you're sitting here crying about the lack of talent that we never had, you are broadcasting your ignorance to everyone. This was never a year that all the holes would be filled. This was never the year to make superbowl reservations. So stop acting surprised about it and stop crying about it and stop making yourself look like an idiot.

James Jones would be fine depending on the price but I don't see Colley as being any better than Fasano at shi point, sorry. We heard the same stuff from you last year about picking up Shockey, Armando and he didn't contribute much last season. Cooley doesn't make us a playoff team and I'd rather see what we've got in gys like Egnew and Clay, so we can decide if we need to draft or sign another TE next offseason. Important we find out just what we've got with these two guys.

When I was in my fight against Fidel Castro I used to tell him, Hey, Fidel, where the hell did you gather this group of ignoramuses? And he used to smile(he does not laugh, he's a psychopath).

your right Dashi. Coyle as well I think Philbin did an excellent job finding his coaching staff. Coyle kinda reminds me of Sparano w/ actual intelligence.

here's a noble idea. give chris hogan a chance!

Dropped passes in the rain.....this brings back memories of last year. Didn't we learn

That's what we get for practicing in a bubble when the weather is a little in climate. They should practice catching with a fire hose spraying them.

Hogan, Hogan, Hogan. He gets open and doesn't drop the ball! How is he hardly given the opportunity during games, especially against Atlanta?

We are going to cut him, someone else will sign him, and he will have 50 plus catches this year.

2 years from now, Wes Welker numbers.

Dolphin talent evaluation and decision making skills are horrible!!!!!!!!

Pow-Pow Mutha Fvcka!

Now go brush the Stank outcha Mouf, Bu-oy!
Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet

Craig M, as usual you're wrong. Shockey had more catches & as many tds & yard's as fasano had. Also, he had similar production in less games & he was playing as a 2nd TE, not a starter.

How do you base or formulate an opinion? It's sure isn't on the truth or reality. TRY TO KEEP IT REAL.

I don't care what anyone says.Tannehill looks good and his numbers the other night would have looked a hell of alot better if his receivers could catch.

Tuna Parcells...........the plague that keeps on killing. Tuna/FistPump/BallBoy Jeffery have gutted this team.

Joke Franchise.


Anytime a team gives up a player like Brandon Marshall there has to be a similar replacement. The third rounder the Dolphins got for Brandon was Egnew. Great job with that Ireland! When the Patriots dumped Randy Moss they had receivers that could produce similar numbers. The Dolphins due to the Parcells' philosophy and Ireland learning from Parcells do not want a diva WR. The Dolphins want great citizens and will not take even a low pay chance that a player has matured. Braylon Edwards can stretch the field even though he drops some balls. Marshall dropped balls but he is needed to create double coverage which opens up other receivers. Ireland clearly can not get rid of his what does your mom do for a living attitude. Therefore the Dolphins come up with players like Egnew, Gates, Patrick Turner and others who will always be number five (5) receivers.

one awful team. and yes sherman gets fired every where he goes and quickly usually


It's not that people are ignorant (although plenty are) or expected the Phins to address all of their needs in one draft. It's that we had zero for talent at WR after giving, er trading, away Brandon Marshall and they did nothing to address it through free agency and didn't draft one until the 6th or 7th round. There was plenty of talent left in the second, third and fourth rounds. Instead we took an OT who looks like a bust to this point, a TE who can't get on the field when Michael Floyd was available and a one year wonder RB in Lamar Miller who has not exactly looked good in the preseason. they did draft Vernon to fill a need. Time will tell to see if he develops.

This isn't like it was Jeffy's first or second draft. It was his fifth. Please spare me the Tuna made the call auto reply. Every pick he makes has to be an acorn or a diamond in the rough - see Clyde Gates, see Pat White. The draft is about acquiring immediate impact players in rounds 1-3. That hasn't happened nearly often enough, hence the current state of the team.

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