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Mike Sherman: 'We dropped 8 balls'

It's hard to pick starting receivers when they don't perform. It's hard to pick receivers to fill out the roster when they don't perform. It's hard to judge a rookie quarterback when receivers don't perform.

The Dolphins receivers are not performing this preseason, and didn't perform in the last preseason game against Atlanta.

I wrote Friday night the group dropped seven passes. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinks it was at least eight. Maybe more, depending on how stringent one judges the plays.

That's terrible.

And that leads me to this: The Dolphins need to revamp. Rather than having faith in players that haven't earned it, they need to find replacements. They need to do the work that should have been done in the offseason and look elsewhere for receivers.

I suggested on twitter Friday that Miami contact Green Bay about James Jones and try to swing a trade for him. (Naysyaer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, James Jones isn't a star. But Armando, James Jones drops passes, too.)

Folks, James Jones would be Miami's best receiver today. Period.

I also think the Dolphins should be waiting to see what the Washington Redskins do at tight end because the rumors are the team may be ready to move on from Chris Cooley. (Naysayer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, Cooley gets hurt a lot. But Armando, he's not in his prime anymore.)

Cooley is a better pass-catching tight end than any player on the Miami roster and he could be a major help to a rookie QB that needs a go-to outlet.

Finally, the Dolphins better concoct whatever scheme skullduggery they must to get Reggie Bush more involved in the passing game. He's a better matchup against a linebacker than any receiver is against a corner or safety. And Bush has more dependable hands than most of Miami's receivers. So stick him out there in the slot. Use him in a bunch formation. Do whatever, but make him available to catch passes.

That's my two cents on a stormy Sunday morning.

This is what Sherman told the media Saturday:

(On quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s performance against the Atlanta Falcons) –“Well, obviously there was some…about four or five passes that he wishes he had back that weren’t as accurate as he’s capable of being. But if you eliminate those and you want to look at the game objectively like I did this morning, he did a lot of good things. We dropped about eight balls and maybe even more than that if you want to get sticky on it. If he cuts down a couple of those passes and have a couple dropped balls we pick up, I think he moves the ball, he moves the team and we feel a little bit better about it. He didn’t make a bad decision. All his decisions were very accurate and decisive. I thought his third drive with the team down the field, much like last week, should have resulted in a touchdown. Anthony (Fasano) will catch that ball nine times out of 10. I thought that was a very good drive. I thought he showed good tempo. And the thing about Ryan, once you tell him something, once he fixes it, he fixes it. So I think we’ll be much improved as we move along. Obviously, we have to get better in a hurry.”

(On how tough it will be to determine who makes the team among the receivers) – “Well, they haven’t helped matters. I wish they would say, ‘Hey, I’m the guy’ and jump up on the table by having a knockout performance and that hasn’t necessarily happened just yet. One week it’s one guy. The next week it’s the next guy, so forth and so on. I think we’ll keep (Davone) Bess. I can pretty much guarantee that, but there’s only one of him. We need to fill in the other spots. We’ve got some good guys. It’s just who we think will be there for the long term and who’s going to be there every day. You’re right, we do have some tough decisions to make and I don’t know how much more clarity we’re going to have after the last ball game, but hopefully we will."

(On if wide receiver Davone Bess’ spot on the roster is the only one guaranteed at this point in time) – “No, I think there’s a couple other guys in there. It doesn’t hurt for them to worry about who they are and if they want to…”

(On his thoughts on the best treatment for dropped passes) – “Well, you know, obviously the best treatment, in my mind, for dropped passes is just to re-focus in practice and put a lot of effort and time into it. We catch a lot of balls in practice and I don’t know if the rain was a distraction. They didn’t drop passes, so we can’t use that as an excuse. Receivers going in and out of the game, trying to evaluate guys, we have different guys in there all the time, so that’s a little bit of a distraction maybe for the quarterback. But just go back to work and re-focus on the tip of the ball and put it away. There’s no magical secret or I would have been down there after the first quarter and got it done.”

(On guard John Jerry showing improvement) – “He played very well last week. I thought he did some good things in the game. Going against his brother, obviously that’s quite a challenge whenever you can go against family members like that in the trenches. He did do some good things. His footwork was a little bit eschew at times, a little long in his stride, but we’ve got to clean that up this week. Overall, he did some good things.”

(On the state of the offensive line two week from the opener) –“You know, we still have some work to do. I’m concerned a lot about our depth and the backup offensive linemen are much like the receivers. Someone needs to jump in there and say, ‘Hey, keep me. I’m the guy you need to have here to back up these guys.’ I thought (Nate) Garner played well and did some good things in there when he was in there. (Josh) Samuda did some good things in there. A couple of guys expressed themselves in the game that they want to be the guy, but the depth is something definitely we’re concerned about and quality of depth. We all know that the season doesn’t go without getting somebody banged up or beat up. Some people have to step in. Hopefully, Artis (Hicks) can come back and add another viable candidate to that group.”

(On when game planning for the Houston Texans begins)– “It actually began last April. So we started breaking them down and doing things. I was watching them this summer when I was on vacation. So we’ve had an eye on them. Very good football team. Very well coached. They don’t make a whole lot of mistakes. They run the heck out of the football obviously as we know and they play very tenacious defense. Wade Phillips has done a great job bringing that defense around.”

(On how much action the starters might see on Wednesday against the Dallas Cowboys)– “I’ve got to check with Coach (Joe) Philbin on that. Certainly, getting closer to the game, you kind of back off a little bit. I would envision Ryan playing more and getting some snaps. Certainly, we have to be cautious with what we’re doing, but he needs more game reps. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get him some. It depends on, I don’t think Jake Long needs too much, Mike Pouncey, (Richie) Incognito probably are ready. I thought all three of those guys played pretty well in the game. (They) did a nice job.”


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By no means should Sparano get a pass....we all see how awful he has the jets "O" looking....that guy sucked @ a HC.....

but in Sparano's absence....its becoming painfully clear that this team lacks talent....

Gonna watch the FINS replay @ 10 AM on NFLN....

I can see Marshall tearing Tannehill apart an ruining his progression as a QB. I can also see Tannehill having the balls to not take any of it, but we'd never know. Trading Marshall would have been fine IF we replaced him with someone else, but we didn't. Marshall has already gotten in trouble over in Chicago so I can see this move working out for us, but that won't be until we have a solid receiver to take our mind off of him.

Ireland has had 5 years to draft a WR worth more than a can of baked beans.

He acquired Bess & Hartline who are average NFL receivers. However they are nothing more than a 3 & 4th WR. Is Camarillio available?

Now, Miamis is starting a rookie QB & he is set up to fail because he is throwing to practice squad type players. Ireland has botched this so bad.

Say what you want about the skins but when they knew they were going to take RGIII, they went out & got him Garcon & Josh Morgan. They were able to with cap issues which is even more disturbing that we couldn't.

You CANNOT set up a young QB with little experience to fail like Ireland is doing. Even Manning, when he arrived, he had Harrison & Faulk & some good lineman to protect him.

This team will NEVER go anywhere with Ireland in charge. I think everyone realizes this now.

ireland has now been involved in 5 drafts and multiple FA signings. why are the cupboards bare and devoid of anything resembling a playmaker?????? why did we give away brandon marshall???? ross/ireland= dumb/dumber

Say what you want about the skins but when they knew they were going to take RGIII, they went out & got him Garcon & Josh Morgan.
Posted by: The truth is... | August 26, 2012 at 09:42 AM

True they got him receivers. But they drastically overpayed for each of them and they are merely solid receivers. It's good for him to start and he's certainly grateful for it, but the skins still don't have a top notch WR and with the money they spent on them you would figure they were great. In a few years they may see the repercussions of these deals....but at least they can catch the ball

OK. Let's beguin to count them. From last year's draft. 1- Mike Pouncey, = to or superior to his brother. Had an excellent game last Friday. 2- Daniel Thomas, everybody with eyes on his head can see that he will be a very good back in the NFL. Very motivated. 4- Gates, hmm... 6- Charles Clay, has not established himself yet but everybody in the know expects him to. 7a- Frank Kearse, bust down here. 7b- Jimmy Wilson, hasn't found his niche but he can play. UNFA- Pat Devlin, looking more and more like RT's backup. What you think?

redsky, I see you still know very little. Sherman was coach AND GM of the Packers from 2001 to 2005, and coached an additional year there. That's a pretty good run in today's NFL. His record was, do you even know, 57-39. That's 18 games above .500. In those 6 years, he had one losing season. Two of those years he was 12-4. That's more winning seasons than Jeff Fisher in I think 9 less seasons. A failure redsky????????????

oscar canosa, agree on all that you said. I have to correct you on one thing. There's no such thing as a 7th round bust.

I think the Fins won't move the ball because this is a passing league. Without wr's that can separate...catch and make explosive plays we may not win a game period. Every one on our schedule has more weapons on offense than we do. That is pathetic.

This defense isn't good enough to win the Fins any games. No playmaker at either safety spot...no real impact corner and garbage depth at lb.

Heheh, mike, agreed.

The Voice of Reason will prevail.

Were the coaches last year that good??? Seems we pretty much have the same players, yet now the world is falling apart??

Could it be we brought in a HC that can not adapt his system to his players??? Could it be we should have found a DC that could run the 3-4/4-3 hybrid we spent five years building????

Could it just be the players just could care less????

Still holding on to the dream/nightmare that we are just playing vanilla football and have something up our sleeve??

Moore won 6 games with these receivers. Was Dabol that smart?? Marshall was nothing more than an expensive decoy for us last year. Watch him play in Chicago and you wonder if his heart just wasn't in it here.

To many question marks. Not much positive feelings, really think the players do not want to play for this coaching staff. Hope I am wrong, but feels like Cameron all over again.

Go Dolphins!!

That was no vanilla Offense under any stretch of the imaginatiowe played against last Friday, pal, and we held them without a TD for 3 drives WITHOUT our starting LB's. The Coaches are infinitely superior to last year's and the voice of reason dictates the whole Team will be better this year. What you think?

I don't think you give up valuable draft picks to get WRs that another team does not want. This team needs to build through the draft and not through other teams' rejects. Now there will be a lot of receivers cut soon, so maybe there is someone there that you take a look at. However, they should not give up draft picks. At this point no one is going to hand you a star WR without some baggage.

Hopefully they get Hartline back soon and that will give them 2 good WRs. I don't like Naanee at all as he sucked with his previous team. This offense will have to rely a lot on throwing to TEs and RBs and trying to find mismatches that way. Assuming Tannehill is the QB of the future, the Dolphins need to spend their 1st round pick next year on a WR and then their 2nd round pick on a play making TE.

See, it is easy, you just have to Reason it out, son.

Not even close to Cameron. Who were the coaches with Cameron. He tried to do everything including being hos own offensive coordinator and QB coach. You can't do that as a HC. Philbin will eventually be successful once players are procured. This is a long term process and he has to have his system installed.

Wish we had the giants GM Jerry Reese as our GM now that's a guy that knows how to find receivers and pass rushers take some notes Ireland for god sakes


You make a great point. Matt Moore was last year's team MVP and had a pretty good QB rating. I really liked Daboll; I thought that he was pretty creative with the team he had. However, this is a new offense and their not just missing Marshall. They are also missing Hartline who I think is very under rated. It may be to early to pass judgement on this coaching staff but I am very concerned with Philbin. I guess after the Cam Cameron experience you can't blame us (dolphin fans) for being concerned.

Unless anyone thinks we're a decent receiver away from being a potential playoff team save the draft picks. See if Tannehill can find a comfort level with one or two guys currently on the roster. Then next draft go high with one or two WRs.

I don't have the resources that LV has but I'm a bit deeper than them into the action here. I would revise the win/ loss to 8-8.

The play calling, if not imaginative, has been adequate. Just lack of its execution.

I believe Philbin has said that his System is 100% installed. The thing now is to make it work.

He is absolute not even close to Cameron. Please tell me how you see Cameron in him. Here are similar coaches to him, Mike McCarthy, Tony Dungy, Bill Bilichick, Marvin Lewis, Lovie Smith, Mike Holgren.

See, when you write whatever on Internet you have to cover yourself by thinking about the probable responses your writing will get on the net from experts or just knowledgeable wise guys like me, if you don't want to look bad.

That advise was from Internet 101 still, but advanced.

Broder!, probably will hit NO again.

Lombardi on football:

It's not rocket science. It is simple. Match a big guy against a small guy, match a fast guy against a slow guy.

And that's it.

Best line of today, "the collective intelligence of this blog". I believe that collection to be very small, like , couldn't even fill a thimble small.

IrelandCountryGm, why does Vernon get time to develop and everyone else is a bust already? And what use is there to cry and complain about it all the time? Your opinion means nothing, your thoughts are irrelevant and all the whining doesn't change a thing. The only thing you get out of all this hate is a sick feeling and no enjoyment in something that is a voluntary indulgence in your life. It sucks all the joy out of something that you choose to have in your life. Be realistic, be appreciative of the good things we have, watch the growth of the young players, even the ones who you thrown in the trash after they haven't become allpros after two months in the NFL, and especially the growth of what looks like a capable and likable new QB. Stop killing your joy by worrying about wins and losses this year and start watching with an eye on the future.
As for Ireland, he may or may not be around next year, but he damn sure isn't going anywhere this year so stop crying about him.
This is why I really don't care what other fans think, its all just crybaby bulls***, and it doesn't do any good for any body. Give me somebody that knows how to watch football lime a coach and not some emotional teen-age girl.

like a coach

Is there one POSITIVE Fins fan in here? Im so sick of reading all these posts with complaining crybaby fans!!

Is this really a jets DBS blog? Sounds like it from all the doom and gloom post . When thus team clicks it will be good. New coach , new system needs time to get it moving. Oh and stop saying more should start, he sucks.

I'm not overly concerned with the OL. Left side is solid with Long, Incognito and Pouncy. We need Hicks to get healthy and Martin was a beast blocking for Luck. Needs time to learn the new side and has been getting better every game. The RBs are a solid group with Bush being the most under rated 1000 yard rusher and an answer to the passing game. Imagine him and Lamar in the backfield. What kind of mismatches that can create on LBs. TEs and WRs need upgrade - fast. Plaxico Burris is still out there as a short term solution.
Word is that Skins may part with Cooley. Pay a draft pick for him! Plus there will be some veterans who are cut next week that we can add.
DL may be top five group and LBs if Dansby and Burnett are ready for Houston are strong. DBs remain a concern.
Kickers are elite and will help establish field position.
Don't judge the team on the final scores of pre-season - those games are only important to evaluate talent and the growth in more real situations. no team, including Phins show their hands during these games.
We're still a losing record waiting to happen this year but we're not as far off as most of you doom sayers are screaming!!
Get us some WRs, a pass catching TE and another lock down CB and we're in the hunt.

Stop crying about Brandon marshal too, he dropped twice as many passes of TDs then he caught. Can't believe you guys forgot that, drops Marshal should be hims name , can't keep out of trouble should be his second name. Glad he is gone. Remember this is not Madden 13, this is real life, now go to yours own teams. Blog. Jets, pats, and stop crying and hating here.

FK marshall, he is another TO, gets in the qb's head too much, only cares about his own stats, beat plenty of women and will beat more of them. he'll be dead or in jail within a year.

Stock the team with cheap acorn receivers. Wait for one of them to step up to greatness.
What a brilliant plan our GM has devised!

Just watched the first half of the FINS game on NFLN....

I got to say...i'm not impressed with Tannehill...not in the least......

The THEME for the last couple of days has been "all the drops" by the WRs.....Even the headline of this blog is about drops....

me....i see it a bit different.....

In addition to the ONE pick that Tannehill threw...he could EASILY have thrown 3 more picks that hit Falcons defenders in the hand....

None of Tannehill's throws were ON TARGET..they were very HENNE like in being behind the receiver....or high....were they catchable...probably...but they weren't easy catches to make by any stretch...even the Fasano TD drop...he was fighting a LB...and then had to dice WAY outside to attempt to make the catch....

his first drop should have been a fairly easy reception...but i got to tell you guys....receivers don't like to have to stop and turn their back to the defense....unless t is a designed COME-BACK pattern...otherwise you feel vulnerable.....my point....it should have been caught;..but it was still a bad throw....

In this game...or this pre-season for that matter....I haven't seen Tannehill do one thing that has made me go WOW.....not some great back shoulder throw...some some beautiful 40 yard touch pass that he drops in the bucket (caught or not)......I haven't seen anything close to what I would call a "perfect pass"..and I assume none of you have seen it either...cause I haven't read anybody say as much...

Tannehill to this point just makes me go..meh.....

and I expect a bit more than "meh" from the 8th overall draft pick....

Marshall, Marshall, Marshall. The SCOUT gets rid of him and has no replacement. YET, he takes a QB in the first round who at best was a late 2nd or third rounder pick. The new kid has no help and nobody to throw to.

The kid's OC was his past HC who was a failure.

Exactly what do us fans have forward to this season I ask you??? I'll give you a glimpse.. ANOTHER losing REBUILDING season.

We are ALWAYS rebuilding and they now want to throw a kid Tanniehill to the NFL wolfs so that Jeff Boy THE SCOUT Ireland can save his own neck come the end of the season in the name of REBUILDING.

WE suck and will continue to suck. Fire Ireland for squandering the first draft pick on this kid and for not selling the franchise for Andrew Luck. yeah I know, Luck was not marketable BUT they didn't even make an attempt for him.

WTF would we be losing by trading the house for Luck, just look at what we have now.

The butt wipe Jeff "The SCOUT" Ireland is nothing more then a ball boy. He has zero clue how to run a team and zero idea how to run the draft.

The talent we have and our record is a clear indicator that the Dolphins will be what they are.

look for a 3 - 6 Win season at best.

PS... Yell and scream at me, write crap about what i wrote, I could not care less I call it just as I been calling if with the team management for many years and ain't changing my toon just because.

I give Coach Philbin his honeymoon chance this season as he deserves that and I also give the kid at QB a chance as he also deserves that but Ireland MUST GO NOW.

Jeffery has left us in quite a mess. Rebuilding? how about regressing??

Watch the second half and look at the pass T-hill threw to Gates on the sideline that Gates needs to get the second foot down... Perfectly thrown, 40 yards downfield where only the WR can get it.
Yes, T-hill is a work in progress, he can be the real deal. Unlike Hennepin, this kid has a head on his shoulders.

Why draft a QB when we have no receivers? It makes no sense at all.

I think the fan base stinks much worse than our team...I would trade for packer's fans instead of their receivers...I'm ashamed of Miami's fickle fans...biggest bunch of idiots ever...check your spelling while criticizing others for being incompetent...morons!!

Ha!, you got mad because of the Voice of Reason. Again, many will be discarded along the Road.


saw that pass....but since they ruled it a no-catch...they never showed a replay....

and on first glance....I thought the pass was just OK....Gates body looked a little awkward catching it.....maybe he took away from the pass.....

And speaking of Tannehill. It was thought last yr in great football circles and Mondo that Chad Henne was the man, so there was no QB competition. Theres been no QB competition this yr either. Jeffery wants Tannehill to start (8th pk) so he wont look so stupid. Trouble is Jeffery, you looked stupid not taking a WR at #8 and a TE in the second rd instead of "pushover" RT Martin
Dolphins had two QBs, Garrard and Moore. Moore is a very capable QB. And Mondo, you may cover the Dolphins but your not a talent hunter,,,,sorry.

Philbin is doomed just like Sparano was when Ireland is incapable of supplying any talent. Ireland is setting records for most busts ever by a GM. How does Ireland still have a job? Is Ross that comatose? What a freakin mess in Miami.

Cut the fail coach stuff, that really shows ignorance of the facts. At GB he was 18 games over .500, had winning season in 5 out 6 the 6 seasons he coached, he was 12-4 in 2001 and 2002. So are you people stupid or what. Oh and from 2001 to 2004 he was also GM.

On the one hand, it's still the preseason. On the other hand, the team doesn't look promising. The Dolphins have been "rebuilding" for how many years now? O well, we're used to it even if we don't like it. With luck, the Dolphins can beat the hapless Jets. Looks like a 2-14 season!

NY "G", read my post about Sherman because you're either stupid or want to ignore the facts. T A&M is a completely different story, we're talking NFL success.

Here's one objective point:

What has Vernon & Miller done this preseason? Nothing? In fact, Egnew and Clay have done more than them. The only reason we're criticizing Egnew and Clay is bc they are not from UM.

There will be a lot of nicks(and avatars if there any) changed here. Soon.

and I expect a bit more than "meh" from the 8th overall draft pick....

Posted by: Kris | August 26, 2012 at 11:45 AM

Tell us how great 2-14 Peyton was in his first season, or uh, 3rd preseason game.

Next, in his very first preseason start, Tannehils performance stats were just barely behinds Mr. Luck's.

I'm sure you love Luck and hate Tannehill, based on nothing but what the media told you to believe.

Some people are just so unrealistic.


No qb competition this year? Youre either blind or snatche bs out of your asss to support your own stupid argument.

Garrard was on pace to leave Moore in the dust. Garrard went down and the rookie(T-Hill) caught up to Moore and won by a nose.

Moore did himself no favors. Neither in practice nor the preseason games. Hard to see that with your head buried up your asss isnt it young fella. LOL

Paul, you taking note of the usual nicknames here? Alright.

Unless Tannehill is extremely awful all season, it just won't make sense passing judgement on him until mid to late second season, that is if he hasn't been showing top 10 potential yet.


I get it, the coaches drugged Matt Moore so he would have poor practice and game performances. Just to ensure TYannehill would be made starter.

Lets keep this between you and me. Wink... wink... LOL

Let's remember it is a team game. This team has no wr's and only half an oline. Pretty harsh judging a rookie in preseason with this possibly last rated offense.

Dfins006, On impressing the coaches Egnew has to be at the bottom of these 4, and Vernon 1st. Veron got a sack and has been stout against the run. The other 2 I just don't know, Millers a dancer at the point of attack and just doesn't hot the hole with authority, and Clay has dropped some balls. Take your pick on those 2.

People covering their as- like crazy here. Doesn't matter, we know who they are. Armando?

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