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Mike Sherman: 'We dropped 8 balls'

It's hard to pick starting receivers when they don't perform. It's hard to pick receivers to fill out the roster when they don't perform. It's hard to judge a rookie quarterback when receivers don't perform.

The Dolphins receivers are not performing this preseason, and didn't perform in the last preseason game against Atlanta.

I wrote Friday night the group dropped seven passes. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinks it was at least eight. Maybe more, depending on how stringent one judges the plays.

That's terrible.

And that leads me to this: The Dolphins need to revamp. Rather than having faith in players that haven't earned it, they need to find replacements. They need to do the work that should have been done in the offseason and look elsewhere for receivers.

I suggested on twitter Friday that Miami contact Green Bay about James Jones and try to swing a trade for him. (Naysyaer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, James Jones isn't a star. But Armando, James Jones drops passes, too.)

Folks, James Jones would be Miami's best receiver today. Period.

I also think the Dolphins should be waiting to see what the Washington Redskins do at tight end because the rumors are the team may be ready to move on from Chris Cooley. (Naysayer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, Cooley gets hurt a lot. But Armando, he's not in his prime anymore.)

Cooley is a better pass-catching tight end than any player on the Miami roster and he could be a major help to a rookie QB that needs a go-to outlet.

Finally, the Dolphins better concoct whatever scheme skullduggery they must to get Reggie Bush more involved in the passing game. He's a better matchup against a linebacker than any receiver is against a corner or safety. And Bush has more dependable hands than most of Miami's receivers. So stick him out there in the slot. Use him in a bunch formation. Do whatever, but make him available to catch passes.

That's my two cents on a stormy Sunday morning.

This is what Sherman told the media Saturday:

(On quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s performance against the Atlanta Falcons) –“Well, obviously there was some…about four or five passes that he wishes he had back that weren’t as accurate as he’s capable of being. But if you eliminate those and you want to look at the game objectively like I did this morning, he did a lot of good things. We dropped about eight balls and maybe even more than that if you want to get sticky on it. If he cuts down a couple of those passes and have a couple dropped balls we pick up, I think he moves the ball, he moves the team and we feel a little bit better about it. He didn’t make a bad decision. All his decisions were very accurate and decisive. I thought his third drive with the team down the field, much like last week, should have resulted in a touchdown. Anthony (Fasano) will catch that ball nine times out of 10. I thought that was a very good drive. I thought he showed good tempo. And the thing about Ryan, once you tell him something, once he fixes it, he fixes it. So I think we’ll be much improved as we move along. Obviously, we have to get better in a hurry.”

(On how tough it will be to determine who makes the team among the receivers) – “Well, they haven’t helped matters. I wish they would say, ‘Hey, I’m the guy’ and jump up on the table by having a knockout performance and that hasn’t necessarily happened just yet. One week it’s one guy. The next week it’s the next guy, so forth and so on. I think we’ll keep (Davone) Bess. I can pretty much guarantee that, but there’s only one of him. We need to fill in the other spots. We’ve got some good guys. It’s just who we think will be there for the long term and who’s going to be there every day. You’re right, we do have some tough decisions to make and I don’t know how much more clarity we’re going to have after the last ball game, but hopefully we will."

(On if wide receiver Davone Bess’ spot on the roster is the only one guaranteed at this point in time) – “No, I think there’s a couple other guys in there. It doesn’t hurt for them to worry about who they are and if they want to…”

(On his thoughts on the best treatment for dropped passes) – “Well, you know, obviously the best treatment, in my mind, for dropped passes is just to re-focus in practice and put a lot of effort and time into it. We catch a lot of balls in practice and I don’t know if the rain was a distraction. They didn’t drop passes, so we can’t use that as an excuse. Receivers going in and out of the game, trying to evaluate guys, we have different guys in there all the time, so that’s a little bit of a distraction maybe for the quarterback. But just go back to work and re-focus on the tip of the ball and put it away. There’s no magical secret or I would have been down there after the first quarter and got it done.”

(On guard John Jerry showing improvement) – “He played very well last week. I thought he did some good things in the game. Going against his brother, obviously that’s quite a challenge whenever you can go against family members like that in the trenches. He did do some good things. His footwork was a little bit eschew at times, a little long in his stride, but we’ve got to clean that up this week. Overall, he did some good things.”

(On the state of the offensive line two week from the opener) –“You know, we still have some work to do. I’m concerned a lot about our depth and the backup offensive linemen are much like the receivers. Someone needs to jump in there and say, ‘Hey, keep me. I’m the guy you need to have here to back up these guys.’ I thought (Nate) Garner played well and did some good things in there when he was in there. (Josh) Samuda did some good things in there. A couple of guys expressed themselves in the game that they want to be the guy, but the depth is something definitely we’re concerned about and quality of depth. We all know that the season doesn’t go without getting somebody banged up or beat up. Some people have to step in. Hopefully, Artis (Hicks) can come back and add another viable candidate to that group.”

(On when game planning for the Houston Texans begins)– “It actually began last April. So we started breaking them down and doing things. I was watching them this summer when I was on vacation. So we’ve had an eye on them. Very good football team. Very well coached. They don’t make a whole lot of mistakes. They run the heck out of the football obviously as we know and they play very tenacious defense. Wade Phillips has done a great job bringing that defense around.”

(On how much action the starters might see on Wednesday against the Dallas Cowboys)– “I’ve got to check with Coach (Joe) Philbin on that. Certainly, getting closer to the game, you kind of back off a little bit. I would envision Ryan playing more and getting some snaps. Certainly, we have to be cautious with what we’re doing, but he needs more game reps. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get him some. It depends on, I don’t think Jake Long needs too much, Mike Pouncey, (Richie) Incognito probably are ready. I thought all three of those guys played pretty well in the game. (They) did a nice job.”


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I'd go as far as to say only a complete idiot with no memory of what it takes for a rookie QB to have success would be passing judgement on Tannehill in his rookie preseason.

Why draft a QB when we have no receivers? It makes no sense at all.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 26, 2012 at 11:52 AM

And why trade for a Brandon Marshall when you dont have any QB? Because Ireland is a moron. LOL

Hell, even though the Rams have 1 victory, theyve looked absolutely horriblethus far too. Sam Bradford completed 6-17 for 64yds in a loss to Dallas the other night. Bradford has better recievers than Tannehill.

Some are eager to hate on Tannehill simply to further justify their hatred of Ireland. Shallow minds.

I have never met hate like the One that most black Jamaicans have for the white man. Like most black Dolfans have for Ireland.


I NOT concerned with Luck..he doesn't play for the FINS....

and as i PREDICTED just a blog or two ago....

the new catch phrase around here will be....

"Manning and Aikmen didn't do good their first year...how'd hat work out"....

Thanks for being the first if what I assume will be many to prove me right.....

I cant believe in a blog titled:

Mike Sherman: 'We dropped 8 balls'

Idiots would actually hjave the audacity to attack the starting qb position. UNBELIVABLE! LOL

it seems the Haitians down here automatically hate white people too. It is as if they are taught that whites don't like blacks so they don't give any of them a chance to show otherwise.

an assessment isn't an ATTACK YG.....or Hank....

its merely writing down what I saw....

an ATTACK is calling somebody an idiot.....

Since you don't appear to know the difference...

Hank, you're absolutely right, I'm really not sure what Kris saw, just let him rant about his expertise.

The Wr's have matt Moore's problem. They can't eat at Burger king


show me the HATE in my post....

or better yet...show me what you INTERPRET as hate....so I can better educate you on the post...

Help..help you be less ignorant ...

I NOT concerned with Luck..

Posted by: Kris | August 26, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Not even a blog can hide the education level of some people.

I no like Chop Suey LOL.
They be a good team.
Happy Birfday.

Ebonics LIVES lol......

Soooo.....I'll take that as a NO....you CAN'T find any HATE in my post about Tannehill.....

You did not hear when Martin Luther King said, Violence is immoral, now, didn't you?

Its understandable why blacks hate Ireland. He has that racist reputation from the Dez Bryant incident and his mistreatment of black athletes.


I have ZERO interest in trading insults with you....

I'm here to talk football typo's and all....

please address the TOPIC....

Kris, education level, that should have been I'M or I am NOT concerned.

I don't like chop suey (no caps needed).

First you'd have to show me where I ever said you were hating. If you took my generic comment so personal, then maybe it hit a nerve with you for some reason, like guilt perhaps?

He did address the topic.

'm sure you love Luck and hate Tannehill, based on nothing but what the media told you to believe.

Some people are just so unrealistic.

Posted by: Hank | August 26, 2012 at 12:07 PM

What a SHORT memory you have.....

how so mike....and when....

Well, I tell you, Hate is passe. This is the Time of Sharing.

It is ridiculous that these coaches are JUST NOW realizing they have no receivers.

It's no wonder there are crazy wars in this world when fan's of the same football team can't even get along.

Humans are by nature too sensitive, very trite things like name calling is enough to set them on edge.

He addressed your question Krissie.

True they got him receivers. But they drastically overpayed for each of them and they are merely solid receivers.

Posted by: MiamiD20 | August 26, 2012 at 09:51 AM

And? What is your point? So what if they overpayed? Every team overpays in Free agency. This is NOT news. Miami doesn't overpay because the team is trying to sign nobodys.

Who did we sign? Guyton? T. Johnson? An over the hill Chad Johnson? What have these guys done to merit big pay days? NOTHING.

Unlike the Dolphins, most teams are looking for established players, GOOD players who can help the team. The Dolphins are looking to sign players they can develop in the program who never amount to anything.

Wanna sign GOOD players? They come at a premium. Miami is always looking for the second hand deal. Not the premium offer.

You see the end result on the field. Which is, putting nit nicely, garbage!

The question NaN...is why you...or others can't communicate on a keyboard and get your point across or defend your position without resulting to juvenile insults....

I got to say...i'm not impressed with Tannehill...not in the least......

Posted by: Kris | August 26, 2012 at 11:45 AM

...and if my math is correct, you belabored the point for a full 8 paragraphs their after.

8 paragraphs to describe how unimpressed you are with a rookie in only his second preseason start.

That is a bit of an extreme, and suggests you were getting pleasure dissing him. Even if you don't man up to it, it's obvious already.

Another 3year experiment gone bad, next 3 years 1) New Owner, 2) New GM, and 3) another Head Coach, I hope Tannehill can stay healthy, Fire ALL of theese WR and and the dropped passes will stop replace them all, Hartline included, Nannee sucks.

*thereafter (am I allowed to correct my own English?)


I wrote about what I saw.....

You may have seen something different....

As a matter of fact...INSTEAD of getting all heart burned about what I wrote....

why don't you write something EXTREMELY positive about what YOU took away from the game....

Let's put things in perspective and judge Tannehill by what his peers are doing, and not against Marino '84. Not all the top ten QB's are looking like that in preseason.

And to further my point, those 2 "bnly solid" wr's Washington signed would be our top 2 WR's TODAY.

Only an inept Dolphins GM would be OK sending a rookie QB onto the field throwng to undrafted FA wr's.

Look no further than Ireland's ineptitude as the reason for Miami's failures.

why dont we offer/use one of the extra 3rd rd picks and try to trade for one of the WRs taken in the 3rd or 4th rd, that we shoulda taken to begin with.....might have to add a 5th or an extra player at this point, but still worth it......Givens, Hilton, etc--make the call.

Chris Hogan should be signed to be go to reciever in this offense.Two reasons he gets open and catches the ball.I take a 6 to 7 yard gain on every throw. Then pretty bomb once every two years. The line can not hold off the rush and the recievers usually drop the balls. I.E Brandon Marshall.

another fallacy in your argument....

I didn't compare Tannehill to Marino or ANYBODY else....

If anything... I compared Tannehill...to Henne....and the the location of his throws were similar....

Well, like it or not, you are ALL going to be Educated to the maximum level possible. Guaranteed.

trade a 3rd or 4th rd pick for a decent receiver......any decent receiver

I saw a rookie QB playing like a rookie QB. I saw reasons for optimism - he often goes through his progressions, he tries to throw first and run second, and running he does well, his arm has some serious zip to it, and by all accounts players and coaches say he is very bright.

If the biggest knock on Tannehill is lack of experience, well that is one of the easiest knocks to overcome. Most knocks are not surmountable, weak arm, no mobility, no brains.

Evaluate him at a fair standard, a rookie QB with the worst receiving corp in the league, that's all.

btw, Chris Hogan doesn't have the athletic ability to compete in this League.

A rookie QB is still a rookie and needs time to acclimate. I haven't seen anything that would indicate that RT is going to be less than a good QB. If you've seen indications that he's not going to be successful, let me know. Bit most experts are very high on him after seeing him play.

My eyes tell me Tannehills ball placement is far superior to Henne's. In the Atlanta game it wasn't as telling as in the Tampa and Carolina games. As a former WR, he KNOWS where they want it and why.

Give him a chance first. I'm not sure what your expectations were, but I'd say they were too lofty if you went on to write 8 paragraphs to justify how unimpressed you were. What were you expecting?

Well said Hank....

However..my assessment IMO is fair....I didn't say he stunk...but @ the same time...I wasn't wowed @ any point....not one throw was special....If we want to be a REALLY good team....we are gonna need somebody who is special @ the QB position...someone that has the ability to do special things....we should even see a flash of special...even if its not consistent....

have you seen it....did I miss it....

Tannehill can play....I he has the tools....i never knocked him for anything extreme....my question is...can he be special....

Your question can in no way be answered in his rookie preseason. Some need a full season to show it, others need a bit longer, and some need a long time. The trick is in recognizing when there is no hope, which in Henne's case should have been obvious to them much sooner.

Krissie that's your opinion, as misinformed as it might. Good luck.

Henne sucked big dic-, does, and will forever do.

Just like this FO...Tannehill will get every opportunity to succeed in my mind.....him not panning out will means we messed up bad...and I am tired of this team being bad...

I'm not looking for the 2nd coming....i just looking for one or two passes a game..you know...that indefensible pass that all "special" qbs can throw from time to time....

thats really what my post was about....

The pass to Gates was like that. It was a signature pass, albeit incomplete.

I'll simply say that in the 3 preseason games, Tannehill looked more ready to start, more ready to handle it, than I expected him to. In most cases he seemed poised and confident, and nothing like a deer in the headlights or Blaine 'don't hurt me' Gabbert.

I expect ups and downs, and my guess will be by end of season we will be feeling much more confident in the pick than today. I did say 'guess'.

Armando, I couldn't agree with you more. How long do we have to wait on guys like Wallace, Moore, Pruit, etc etc...?? We had a chance to sign Braylon Edwards and didn't...And he would of been an upgrade over any of these guys...Our GM chose not to. We had a chance to sign Jake Scott, who was ranked 7th best guard in the NFL last year by ProFootball...We chose to sign Steinbach, who was hurt most of last year and consequently decided to retire. I know every fan thinks they would do better than Ireland, and frankly, that's ridiculous...But at some point, you have to wonder...Does this guy make any good decisions at all?? Cutting Chad Johnson, even at this point in his career, was a mistake...Why? Cause he's still better than any of these guys we have...Cutting him cause he can't play anymore is one thing...Cutting him because of what happened with that dumb chick and cutting him because of profanity when speaking to the media is pretty ridiculous...To say the least... Another 4-12 season and Ireland has to go...No more excuses...I'm tired of losing, tired of hearing "It was Parcells, not him making the calls", tired of bad draft decisions, tired of bad free agent signings, etc etc...

I agree...Tannehill seems in command out there...and he looks comfortable starting....to tell the truth...if I didn't know he was a rookie...i wouldn't assume he was if I just turned on a game and saw he was qbing....he is very poised...

Were not as far of in opinion as it would have seemed when this conversation started....

your expectations may be a bit more "realistic" than mine.....or perhaps my standards for success are a bit higher than yours....


We want no racists or sister fuc-ers in this Blog.

Cutting him cause he can't play anymore is one thing...Cutting him because of what happened with that dumb chick and cutting him because of profanity when speaking to the media is pretty ridiculous...To say the least...

Posted by: #1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal | August 26, 2012 at 01:10 PM


#1...I don't think I have ever seen it written better....

Fasano is pure, unmitigated garbage. I am here to remind you of this fact, and I will be here all year.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal, I aggree with you about Edwards, but I can see why he wasn't signed. Edwards has only had 4 out his 8 seasons with 50catches or more. only 1 season with over 1000 yards, 2 seasons of catching 10 or more TD's, and 2 seasons when he caught 0 TD's. After saying all that I think he's a better receiver than what we have on the roster. Jake Scott he's still a FA, there must be something physically wrong with him. We aren't the only team that hasn't signed the 7th best guard in the league. Every team in the league needs O-line help and he's still out there. Not all garbage is a treasure.








Krissie, your standards for success are not realistic. Period. Chill.

cj was not into this at all. He was only after $ and did not know the Playbook. Do you really think we are going to stand for that down here at this Time? He chose the wrong path.

Ok, we finally have a starting quarterback the receivers can get used to, instead of working for three different style passers.

That alone, should add consistency and help the receivers going forward. I think we will progress of the first few games into a solid receiving core. It just takes time.
Matt Ryan has a year with Julia Jones now and they should play better together now.
Lets not panic and give away the farm. We need to realize our draft needs are much smaller then a few years ago and we can focus on play makers more now.

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