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Mike Sherman: 'We dropped 8 balls'

It's hard to pick starting receivers when they don't perform. It's hard to pick receivers to fill out the roster when they don't perform. It's hard to judge a rookie quarterback when receivers don't perform.

The Dolphins receivers are not performing this preseason, and didn't perform in the last preseason game against Atlanta.

I wrote Friday night the group dropped seven passes. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinks it was at least eight. Maybe more, depending on how stringent one judges the plays.

That's terrible.

And that leads me to this: The Dolphins need to revamp. Rather than having faith in players that haven't earned it, they need to find replacements. They need to do the work that should have been done in the offseason and look elsewhere for receivers.

I suggested on twitter Friday that Miami contact Green Bay about James Jones and try to swing a trade for him. (Naysyaer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, James Jones isn't a star. But Armando, James Jones drops passes, too.)

Folks, James Jones would be Miami's best receiver today. Period.

I also think the Dolphins should be waiting to see what the Washington Redskins do at tight end because the rumors are the team may be ready to move on from Chris Cooley. (Naysayer alert in whiney voice: But Armando, Cooley gets hurt a lot. But Armando, he's not in his prime anymore.)

Cooley is a better pass-catching tight end than any player on the Miami roster and he could be a major help to a rookie QB that needs a go-to outlet.

Finally, the Dolphins better concoct whatever scheme skullduggery they must to get Reggie Bush more involved in the passing game. He's a better matchup against a linebacker than any receiver is against a corner or safety. And Bush has more dependable hands than most of Miami's receivers. So stick him out there in the slot. Use him in a bunch formation. Do whatever, but make him available to catch passes.

That's my two cents on a stormy Sunday morning.

This is what Sherman told the media Saturday:

(On quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s performance against the Atlanta Falcons) –“Well, obviously there was some…about four or five passes that he wishes he had back that weren’t as accurate as he’s capable of being. But if you eliminate those and you want to look at the game objectively like I did this morning, he did a lot of good things. We dropped about eight balls and maybe even more than that if you want to get sticky on it. If he cuts down a couple of those passes and have a couple dropped balls we pick up, I think he moves the ball, he moves the team and we feel a little bit better about it. He didn’t make a bad decision. All his decisions were very accurate and decisive. I thought his third drive with the team down the field, much like last week, should have resulted in a touchdown. Anthony (Fasano) will catch that ball nine times out of 10. I thought that was a very good drive. I thought he showed good tempo. And the thing about Ryan, once you tell him something, once he fixes it, he fixes it. So I think we’ll be much improved as we move along. Obviously, we have to get better in a hurry.”

(On how tough it will be to determine who makes the team among the receivers) – “Well, they haven’t helped matters. I wish they would say, ‘Hey, I’m the guy’ and jump up on the table by having a knockout performance and that hasn’t necessarily happened just yet. One week it’s one guy. The next week it’s the next guy, so forth and so on. I think we’ll keep (Davone) Bess. I can pretty much guarantee that, but there’s only one of him. We need to fill in the other spots. We’ve got some good guys. It’s just who we think will be there for the long term and who’s going to be there every day. You’re right, we do have some tough decisions to make and I don’t know how much more clarity we’re going to have after the last ball game, but hopefully we will."

(On if wide receiver Davone Bess’ spot on the roster is the only one guaranteed at this point in time) – “No, I think there’s a couple other guys in there. It doesn’t hurt for them to worry about who they are and if they want to…”

(On his thoughts on the best treatment for dropped passes) – “Well, you know, obviously the best treatment, in my mind, for dropped passes is just to re-focus in practice and put a lot of effort and time into it. We catch a lot of balls in practice and I don’t know if the rain was a distraction. They didn’t drop passes, so we can’t use that as an excuse. Receivers going in and out of the game, trying to evaluate guys, we have different guys in there all the time, so that’s a little bit of a distraction maybe for the quarterback. But just go back to work and re-focus on the tip of the ball and put it away. There’s no magical secret or I would have been down there after the first quarter and got it done.”

(On guard John Jerry showing improvement) – “He played very well last week. I thought he did some good things in the game. Going against his brother, obviously that’s quite a challenge whenever you can go against family members like that in the trenches. He did do some good things. His footwork was a little bit eschew at times, a little long in his stride, but we’ve got to clean that up this week. Overall, he did some good things.”

(On the state of the offensive line two week from the opener) –“You know, we still have some work to do. I’m concerned a lot about our depth and the backup offensive linemen are much like the receivers. Someone needs to jump in there and say, ‘Hey, keep me. I’m the guy you need to have here to back up these guys.’ I thought (Nate) Garner played well and did some good things in there when he was in there. (Josh) Samuda did some good things in there. A couple of guys expressed themselves in the game that they want to be the guy, but the depth is something definitely we’re concerned about and quality of depth. We all know that the season doesn’t go without getting somebody banged up or beat up. Some people have to step in. Hopefully, Artis (Hicks) can come back and add another viable candidate to that group.”

(On when game planning for the Houston Texans begins)– “It actually began last April. So we started breaking them down and doing things. I was watching them this summer when I was on vacation. So we’ve had an eye on them. Very good football team. Very well coached. They don’t make a whole lot of mistakes. They run the heck out of the football obviously as we know and they play very tenacious defense. Wade Phillips has done a great job bringing that defense around.”

(On how much action the starters might see on Wednesday against the Dallas Cowboys)– “I’ve got to check with Coach (Joe) Philbin on that. Certainly, getting closer to the game, you kind of back off a little bit. I would envision Ryan playing more and getting some snaps. Certainly, we have to be cautious with what we’re doing, but he needs more game reps. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to get him some. It depends on, I don’t think Jake Long needs too much, Mike Pouncey, (Richie) Incognito probably are ready. I thought all three of those guys played pretty well in the game. (They) did a nice job.”


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1. Of course you get Bush the ball in the passing game. He should have 65 catches this year. Same for Thomas--40 catches. We are going to need these guys to get the ball; they're our best playmakers.

2. I told you all in March to pursue Randy Moss.

3. Herald, are you going to fix your freaking website, which has been malfunctioning since you change for the sake of changed effed up the log-in comment system on regular articles. Is anybody there???? Jesus dkldlksdlds.

Tannehill has looked worse then John Beck did in preseason. His QB rating is the same as his age. Who did h blow to get the starting job?

Edwards has been inured a lot and is also inconsistent catching the ball. Talented guy though, I'd have taken him over Chad.

I can't say I was impressed with Chad and only our terrible receivers made him look better. Notice that NE let him go and only 1 team came calling, and apparently nobody is calling for him now.

Chad is no loss.

Your right Oscar, not all Garbage is a Treasure. He was dropping passes, he wasn't comfortable with the playbook, and he's 34 yrs old.

I'm off to enjoy the afternoon with my kids.

Don't forget: FASANO IS GARBAGE.

By all means, enjoy your afternoon.

WTF, you are wrong on both counts. His QB ratings were TB-106.6, Car-60.1, Atl 37.9 with 7 drops including a TD. Now can you tell me what Beck QB ratings were. Right, quite making things up. It's too easy to look them up.

mike, I'm not arguing with you, but his stats are BETTER than all of our WRs combined...The only WR who had better stats was Johnson, and he was cut... And the reason why I'm not a big Ireland fan is we keep losing, year in and year out. That's not good. At the end of the day, every GM, coach, assistant coach, every front office member for that matter is evaluated on winning and losing. That's just the way it is in pro sports. That's not just someone's opinion, it's a FACT. I think you're well aware of that.

Oh no I agree with should have probably pursued him, I just can see why he wasn't signed/

No doubt Chad Johnson and/or Brandon Marshall would've helped a pitiful receiver group. Without playmakers Ryan Tannehill will become the next David Carr.

A lot of fans say Chad was garbage...If he's garbage, what do you call the ones we have now? Johnson is better than any of them, despite being 34 friggin years old...And why did we trade Marshall if we didn't have a backup plan?? You want to trade the guy, great, go ahead...But no plan to replace his productivity?? How smart is that?

All of them talentless WRs need to be gone....its soooooo hard to catch a goddamn football...morons, with the biggest MORON being Ireland.

What a disgrace our Dolphins have become.

The key issue was the the back up plan. There was none. But Johnson, there are lots of teams that have poor receiving corps, and none have signed him. He caught 15 passes last year, so it was fine that he got cut. Most teams in the same situation would have cut him along with his diminished skills. Now Edwards different story.

The recievers dropped at least 6 catchable passes from Tannehill alone, plus the Fasano td drop. Otherwise Tannehill's number are very comparable to Luck and RG3's qb numbers yesterday. Only a real bufoon cannot see this.

How in the hell can you accurately assess your qb when his recievers have 6 catchable drops in 2 qtrs and about 6 minutes into the 3rd qtr. Wth are some of you on?

Still, can't understand the logic here. In this new Offensive System, alpha WR's do not really belong and only 2,3.4 receivers. No?

FIRE IRELAND!! I beg you Mr. Ross

Mr. Ross is mum. Good.

No backup plan is right. How sad......

I guess Tannehill is the FIRST QB in NFL HISTORY to have dropped passes...

However will we be able to form an opinion on Tannehill UNTILL his receivers catch 100% of his passes in a regular season game....until then YG say we CAN NOT assess him in our opinions..


I already had this conversation with Hank....so you can go back and read it...i'm not re-hashing this again....plus you are way to immature to have a rational...conversation with....

Bottom Line...

I'll write what the EFF I want to write...when the Eff I want to write it.....and I won't be asking for your permission before I hit POST...

I hope that is simple enough for you....

Chad was nothing but a distraction from the get go. He was warned from the get go and still behaved like a spoiled child. How many chances do you give an aging vet that nobody else even wants? I say one chance is plenty, he had 3. And I saw him have his share of drops...so if anything he should have been dumped sooner.

Crying over Chad is pathetic.

(Naysayer Alert In Whiney Voice)


Pow-Pow Mutha Fvcka!

Now go brush the Stank outcha Mouf, Bu-oy!

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet

Odin, you belong in a closet.

Miami made their bed with the recievers they have now..as much as i wish they would cut 90% of them...the hard truth is you wont find gems in the waiver wire either to fix this team for the season...maybe Jones and Cooley are upgrades over what we have(Not saying Much)...but those guys probably wont be anything more than one and dones and they dont make this team any more playoff ready to begin with....

Krissie Krissie don't get your panties wad up. Of course you can post what you want. But we can also tell you how out of touch it is.

Jay Glazer reporting Miami trades Vontae Davis to the Colts for a 2nd Round pick! WTF?

Yep Dave Hyde confirmed Glazer's report

Don Shula was able to adjust to the personnel he had. Prior to Marino it was smash mouth football (with Csonka). When Dan came to the Phins then he played to their strength which was the air attack.

Philbin needs to recognize the talent that he has. Donald Thomas looked good against Atlanta. Let Donald Thomas and Reggie Bush run the ball 30 times a game. They simply don't have the personnel to play fast paced at this point. A great coach adjusts to the strengths of his football team. For the Dolphins it is the Defense and the running game. If the Dolphins want to have some success this year they are going to have to make a commitment to the running game and playing strong defense. Keep the score low, slow the game down, kick field goals, and punt when necessary. If they try to be who they are not, then we are probably looking at 3-13 at best. Next year, we can find the receivers and TEs that fit the offense that Philbin wants to run (hopefully with a new GM). It also protects Tannehill while he learns to be a pro in the NFL.

I think that you will see this grind it out type offense with the Jets also who brought in Tebow and Sparano to do just that.

All I want for Christas/New Years is a competent GM!!!

Was watching the Texans play last night & the Dolphins are going to get embarrassed on opening day. That's a fact. You look at the good teams in the NFL & what sets them apart from the bad teams like us is that they continue to hit on a number of picks that make contributions each year.

Looking at this year's draft you'd have to say that the early returns are not great. I don't see how either two WR's drafted should make this team, Kaddu has been invisible all off-season & camp & Egnew has no chance to contribute to this team this year. With injuries to Dansby & Burnett I don't know how Ireland can keep Kaddu over Spitler or Guyton who may have to play more than our coaches would prefer.

That means 4 out of the 8 picks are most likely already failures & leaves us with Tannehill, Martin, Olivier, & Miller who have a CHANCE to become good picks.

I'd cut my losses with Egnew, Cunningham, Matthews, & Kaddu & make a trade for a WR or a TE & pray you sign a decent WR after the other team's make their final cuts. With Ireland's track record of missing on picks I'm not sure why he's so reluctant to trade them away.

I fear that this season will be a carbon copy of how we started last season & in short the sooner Ireland gets fired the better.

Irescum will turn Vontae;s draft pick into an Eggnew, Merling, or another Pat White LOL

Trading productive players for draft picks is suicide when you have an Ireland for a GM.......

"...but those guys probably wont be anything more than one and dones and they dont make this team any more playoff ready to begin with...."

Playoff ready??? Is that a joke??? How about fielding a professional football team that can AT LEAST compete each & every week. I honestly don't think 1-15 is out of the question this year. People were talking about how this season is going to be a struggle for Luck & the Colts like it was for Peyton in his first season (& it might be) BUT the Colts like a Super Bowl team compared to us.

Hmmm lets see, we drafted Vontae with a #1 and got a
#2 back for him. Another wasted #1 pick for Ireland. He is horrible at evaluating talent. I do expect that #2 to be high. Therefore, we should get two high #2 picks next year. Now if we can get rid of Ireland to take advantage of our high draft picks.

Trading productive players for draft picks is suicide when you have an Ireland for a GM.......


Agreed. Rather we trade our picks away to get guys who can play.

Every single pick turns out to be a disappointment in some shape or form. It's just insane already!!! I just pray Tannehill is the exception but it's too early to tell.

BTW--Did Jimmy Wilson or Lamar Miller even play in our last game???

Are we tanking the season? I heard someone say that our pursue of Matt Barkley is being called the slack for Matt.

The dolphins are on the clock.

Right Tannehill and then draft Barkley, please have a little more sense.

if the recievers aren't going to catch the ball, then we should go to plan B. what is plan B? B-- is for belicheat and brady... simply DON'T throw it to them, don't turn their liability into a tannehill failure. --throw it to BESS(welker), throw it to CLAY(hernendez), then throw it to reggie(danny woodhead, ha ha, just kidding) then back to bess, i mean, after all, the patriots recieving game is JUST that.. gruntkouski, hernendez, welker, woodhead.. simple..
plan B fella's.. here's to hoping that egnew can become gruntkouski, we know he is big, and we certainly know he can catch, seems that maximum effort should go in to developing egnew as quickly as possible, the return for that effort would be the most rewarding, put egnew on the fast track and base our now struggling passing game around our most dependable targets(bess, clay, reggie) and build from there, hopefully, EGNEW will become a beast comparable to gruntkouski and plan B will be tannehill's career saving moment. ross perot once said " if you don't have a good plan, copy someone else's" this ross perot was a wise man. plan B(the brady plan). and hopefully we use that 2nd round pick(vontae davis) more wisely then those used in the past, maybe we use that on a NO risk trade, one that insures we get the value it's worth, and even making up for those busts in the past by trading for MIKE WALLACE... go get it ROSS..!!!..!!

I have said all along. FIRE IRELAND and hire a REAL General Manager and President- Bill POLIAN!!!!!

Well, Indy got a quality Player. We, ? He just didn't want to stay here. Change of place might do wonders for him. We'll see. Now, who will replace him? We are not the whole 2nd coming of Jesus Christ around here, you know.

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