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Week in camp and Dolphins aren't hitting ... much

The Dolphins will conduct practice at Sun Life Stadium Saturday morning and part of that session will include an intra-squad scrimmage that I am assuming and hoping will include some actual hitting.

Why am I looking for tackling?

Well, because there's been precious little of it so far in training camp. The Dolphins have been in camp for a week and I've yet to see goal-line work. I've yet to see an Oklahoma drill. I've yet to see full-speed contact.

I've seen slow-speed contact. But in watching the coverage of other camps on the various networks, and having covered 24 previous training camps in Miami and around the NFL, I've been seen a lot of hitting going on by this stage. I haven't seen that much with the Dolphins so far.

It must be said that less contact typically means fewer injuries. But eventually, a team has to hit to prepare for the coming preseason and then the regular season. You don't want to go into the preseason without having hit and have the hitting in preseason be the introduction to contact.

One certain sign of Miami's low-contact camp so far has been the absence of fights among players. Obviously no coach encourages that sort of stuff, but it is a yearly fact of life in the NFL that training camp breeds a scuffle or two.

Not this camp. Not so far.

[UPDATE: Not today, either, as the team is in shorts today.]

I'm not saying this is a poor or wrong approach. I am simply reporting that so far, this is definitely the approach for Joe Philbin's Dolphins. It is interesting to me.

And it'll be more interesting to see if there is any fallout resulting from the minimal contact -- be it a team not prepared for hitting and rife with poor tackling or a team that is healthy and fresh for the start of the season.

It can, after all, go either way.

[BLOG NOTE: Come back this afternoon for the practice and interview update. And follow me on twitter for real-time updates.]


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Yeah, Reshad is fast and can hit hard, he just needs to take better angles to deliver.

Biggest ? for me this Camp is D. Thomas. Has he gotten the hang of it? I know the guy is loaded with talent and also that you need a lot of patience with him. But, for how much longer? We'll see.

The old baseball adage says you never have enough pitching - the key to winning.

Since QB play is the biggest key to winning in the NFL, maybe you can't have enough QBs. Why try to deplete some decent depth for a negligible return (4th round picks have a 10% chance of being a significant contributor).

Moore is not breaking the bank, why not let him play out his contract? And maybe one of our guys get hurt, or another team's QB gets hurt - then you may get better than a 4th round pick in deperation. I don't think Moore is the best Qb on our roster but he would be the second best qb on a lot of teams and that in itself holds a lot of value when teams lose depth.

Lou Lamariello (probably the most successful GM in the NHL) says if you have time as a GM in making personnel decisions, it's a valuable commodity and it should be used. No rush for the Dolphins here ... not a time to buy or sell ... just hold.

True, but, man, I hate mediocrity.

Vince Lombardi wouldnt do that. JJ, or Shula either.

"Bye bye Garrard if Tannehill can handle the backup role."

Why would they get rid of the guy who has won every day since training camp began? That makes no sense to me.

Moore is in his final year. He's not going to sign with the Dolphins to be Tannehills back up. There will be other teams who have interest in him.

We will see how it plays out I guess.

I agree Mark. My thought was if by week 3 or so(assuming Garrard wins the battle) if Moore is the 3rd string there is no way you hold onto him knowing he will be leaving in free agency. It would be crazy to let a guy walk for nothing at the end of the season when he has value in the beginning.

But I'm also not giving up on Matt just yet. Like I said, he has some time to separate himself from Tannehill and maybe the only reason he hasn't is because of Tannehill's familiarization with the offense.

Who said bye bye Garrard after we just gave him a 1 Million $ signing bonus? I wish I was Garrard to get paid a million dollars for a month of practice. Lol

On a side note whenever I type a players name spell check wants me to change it to something different. Here is what spell check thinks our QBs should be named.

1. Garrard = Asgard

2. Tannehill = Antillean

3. Moore = Moore (boring as usual ;)

4. Devlin = Devin (snore)

Phins78, Moore is a back-up period, he has no upside and we've seen the best of him last year. He can never beat the upper escelon QB's in the NFL and if he's the starter we'll be stuck in medoicracy. (7 and 9, 8 and 8)

Clue, mediocrity would be welcomed from where we are.

There's every chance with our schedule that Garrard "Pennington's" us to a brief playoff appearance and costs us a shot at grabbing a top wideout or other playmaker in the draft next season.

I wouldn't complain too much though - Green bay has plenty of good receivers and none of them were top 10 picks - hopefully Philbin learned how to do that for Miami and it would be nice to win - even a little bit.

I agree Clue but I'm afraid we are in the minority. He has head 6 years to separate himself and become a starter. So far he hasn't done that and I don't think he will. He had a fine season last year and I thank him for helping to pull us out of a winless season but I agree, it was probably his peak.

And that means with THIS team. His skill set doesn't fit well with the west coast offense. There are other teams that play different styles that would suit him much better.

Eddie, Dolphins have been mediocare for the last 12 years

Douchiest writer out there.

"I believe it starts with winning the individual battles". That's about as fundamental as it can get. I like it.

Philbin talking about tackling now. Full tackling at Saturdays scrimmage. Says he doesn't want to do a disservice to his players by not practicing tackles but there is a fine line.

And after thinking about it a little I see his and other posters point on this. The offensive players are very vulnerable right now because they are still at the thinking stage of the game in regards to learning the playbook. Defense is much easier to pick up and is why the defense is always ahead of the offense during training camp.

So you don't want your players unprotected. Defenders are going to try and take their heads off because these guys are fighting for jobs too. And an offensive player is in his head, not just running the plays because they are ingrained, but thinking about them a lot. A defensive player is looking at this guy like a piece of meat wanting to make a name for himself with a huge hit. Might be a bit dangerous at the early stage of camp but I expect the hitting to really get going next week and there after.

AndyNJ has faith that Philbin knows what he's doing, Mark in Toronto thinks Green Bay knows how to draft receivers, my question is why?

Why would Philbin know anything about defense when he doesn't even know anything about offense? When he's an offensive line coach who's never designed or called an offense? Why would Philbin know how to draft great wide receivers when the only reason Green Bay's wide receivers are great is Aaron Rogers?

So, Garrard is #1 with Moore and Tannehill as backups. Nothing surprising there. We'll see.

Clue, last year was NOT mediocre.

...The Packers had a pretty obvious gameplan as far as drafting recievers, and tight ends under GM Thompson. They never used the first round. Usually recievers were selected in round 2, round 3..Don't believe me..Look at the recievers on the roster last year drafted under GM Thompson..all 2nd 3rd round selections. The tight ends rounds 3-4.. Use first round picks on offesive and defensive limeman once quarterback was settled..

Lamar Miller seems to be mighty tough.

20-28 last 3 years is hardly mediocre. And without Marshall its doubtful we'll improve any.

NOBODY is going to mess around with these Miami guys.

Again, who will take moore for anything? If Jeff does that U guys have to start giving him some credit. Even a Conditional 6th rd pick.

The problem we will have is we can't keep 4 qb's. Devlin will help for next year. We all know DG and M&M won't be on the team next year. If we keep the 2 veterans it will allow another team to come in and take Devlin. He won't make it to the Practice Squad.

The Question will be how long do they keep Devlin? Then it becomes a question at the end of Pre-Season about is Moore Worth it.

U know when they release Hartline at the end of Pre-Season.

So Tackling starts Tomorrow?

Philbin has a plan. He knows his job. He knows Football. His Coaches Teach Football. We will be OK.

Yes, This Season is a Double-Edge Sword. We want a winning Record, but will that be better for the Long Run? A Top 10 WR and High 2nd rd Safety, are Usually Impact Players.

I will still take the Winning Season and Force Ireland to Prove himself again in the Off-Season.

Only good because of Rodgers.

Sheesh, what an ignorant comment.

You are wasting your talents sir. You could work for the Packers and make a perccentage of the money they save on not paying big contracts to Jennings et all over the years. Could've retired many times over.

Sure Qbs make the receivers better but there has to be something there. GB has been digging up the Sterlings Sharpes to the Robert Brooks to the Donald Drivers to the Jennings for far too long to not think they have a successful methodology in scouting receivers for their system. And Philbin wasn't exactly locked out of the room when discussing this. You think he may pick up a thing or two????

Next friday can't wait first pre. Game! At least it will put to rest a little of the controversy!!!

"Why would Philbin know anything about defense when he doesn't even know anything about offense?"
Opinion, yours alone. Philbin is known as a great offensive mind, next!
"When he's an offensive line coach who's never designed or called an offense?"
False. He helped design the Green Bay offense and hasn't been an o-line coach since 2006. The offense he was the coordinator for was top ten every season since he took over coordinator duties. Next!
"Why would Philbin know how to draft great wide receivers when the only reason Green Bay's wide receivers are great is Aaron Rogers?"
Your opinion and your opinion alone. Greg Jennings is a two time pro bowler and consensu elite wr in the league. Jordi Nelson had a monster year last year. And ever heard of Donald Driver? We would be lucky to have any of these guys. All better than anyone on our wr unit. Rodgers throws the ball, the wrs still have to get open.

Is it just me or does Philbin remind you of Cameron?

You guys give Armando a break. It was a genetic disorder from birth that caused his chin to drag so low to ground that at times he gets his head stuck up his asss.

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!

No one knows Philbin as an "offensive mind" but Dolphins fans desperate to believe that he's somehow going to copy Green Bay's formula here.

He's been an offensive line coach his entire career, he didn't design Green Bay's offense (McCarthy did) and didn't call plays (McCarthy did).

Randal Cobb and Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings would be average receivers on any other team. Yes they're better than anyone the Dolphins have but they're still just average. The difference is Rogers, not some magical ability to draft receivers.

Philbin didn't bring Rogers with him.

"Bye bye Garrard if Tannehill can handle the backup role."
Why would they get rid of the guy who has won every day since training camp began? That makes no sense to me.
Moore is in his final year. He's not going to sign with the Dolphins to be Tannehills back up. There will be other teams who have interest in him.
We will see how it plays out I guess.
Posted by: Phins78 | August 03, 2012 at 11:
23 AM

Gee, let's see. Garrard is old and has back issues. Who cares if he wins so called PRACTICES that you nor anyone else, except for a few reporters, have seen.

I bet you got all tingly about the Henne to Marshall relationship that was supposedly blooming this time last year in the very same practice reports. By the same exact reporters no less.

Practice reports, from people who aren't being paid or know how to evaluate football players is POINTLESS! Didn't everyone learn their lesson last year?

Moore is younger, healthier & on the uptick where as Garrard is older, hasn't played a game in almost 2 years & is barely hanging on in the NFL.

I think that just about sums it up.


There is not much contact in flag football or seven on seven football which is what the NFL is all about these days. Philbin know this so why bother with tackling.


We seem to agree on most things but we're not seeing it the same on Moore. This was a team that was down and out when he took over last year. Go back and look at the first three games under Henne. Awful, just awful! (and please don't mention the New England game to start the season. I watched two defences that just weren't up to speed and it showed in week 1. Go back and look at the game against Cleveland. Painful to watch! The time had no life and energy and was just going through the motions.

What am I saying? I'm saying the same as Mark. You can never have enough depth at QB. Colts lost Manning last year and foolishly had nothing behind him. If we have ANY hope this season, then we need to keep Garrard AND Moore. I'm not interested in a 3rd round pick for Moore (I don't believe you'd get a 3rd anyways. I believe it would be more like a 5th). To me that does nothing for this team and it exposes us to playing a rookie early should Garrard get hurt. I'm not for it. Not with a guy who's had back problems.

Uh, Armando...I think there is a scrimage tomorrow? That entails hitting?

Who cares about the DAAAFINS?
There is Olympic trampoline to be watched!

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