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Philbin, Dolphins make the right call on Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starting quarterback for the regular-season opener on Sept. 9, coach Joe Philbin announced this afternoon.

And after the coach talked about it being a "close" call and saying it was made based on tape study and gut and discussions among, coaches Philbin did not take a bow.

But he should have.

The Dolphins coach made a hard decision. Made a timely decision. And, most importantly, made the right decision.

In choosing Tannehill over Moore, Philbin picked the quarterback of the future to take over now. So that's good. The future -- meaning whatever Tannehill will ultimately become as a player -- will get here sooner, we all expect. Furthermore, Philbin made the right call for now in that he picked the better player now.

That's right, if you've been following along on this blog or on my twitter handle or on TV, you've heard me make the point that Tannehill has outplayed Moore since he arrived for training camp.

I recognize this decision is not a slam dunk. Tannehill, as rookies often do, might struggle and the cynics will make it seem as if it was wrong to pick the rookie. But that would be the short-sighted view.

Understand that this season is not about Tannehill taking the Dolphins to the playoffs. This season is aobut making Tannehill better, giving him the experience to ultimately succeed in the future.

Peyton Manning didn't light it up as a rookie. Neither did Steve Young or Brett Favre. But they laid a foundation for what they ultimately became in their rookie years. If the Dolphins had waited until next year with Tannehill, we'd be a year behind where we're likely to find ourselves by the end of this year.

So get on with it, I say.

And a warning: When Tannehill struggles and he will, manage your expectations. Manage your commentary. He's a rookie. He started 19 games in college. He's got a lot to learn, even by his own admission.

So understand the circumstances. This is not Tannehill's make or break year. This is, however, his foundation laying year.


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Week 1 against a Wade Phillips defense?

Okay, if Ryan carves that defense apart, then he deserves the starting job.

I still won't like him or Ireland or Ross.

Finding Excuses For Moore?

Moore's Play sucked because he Sucks. Gamer my As$

He needs to stop watching Bachelorette and Start Watching Football.

Moore would want to play well cause he is showcasing his talents. Which Are Again?

Moore is in a Contract Year. He Might be out of the NFL by next season. Moore needs to play well this year.

Moore= Ireland Bust

Oh, not so funny when it's on ur guy. Ha Ha B!tch

Also I can careless about that old hag, Fool. Now U want to take everything literal. What happen, Meng?

Can't take a joke?

Dashi struck a Nerve?

Told U. I'll make u my Bottom B!tch by the end of the Season.

Don't worry OC, Dashi don't think Odin will Complain.


Now that Tannehill has reached the mountaintop, should we be talking 11-5 this year (in a repeat of '08)?

Kidding. That was for my troll, because I've been right so much lately I need to give her a reason to attack me.

Go to your room Precious!

If Ryan comes out hot week 1, I'm sure the homers will say "I told you so."


If Ryan comes out cold week 1 why can't the anti-homers say "I told you so?"

Hey this is right move, no question about it. If they can protect him, I think he will do big things.

I love T-Hill

Ireland is my Daddy

I shine Philbins head for a Nickel

and not the one on top of his shoulders.

I like Young Boys.

I'm the King of this Blog

hi DC, i know you wanted tanne to start and i hope he does well! my thought was that i didnt want tanne to get "hammered" like sam bradford and matt stafford; both thrown in early(on bad teams like ours)and injured often/serious. ireland has left the cupboards bare,without playmakers on offense. also bare on the right side of the OL(murtha,jerry,hicks and martin all weak). my hope is tanne can survive the complete lack of talent. ireland readily admits we only have 4's 5's and 6's!!! thanks jeff.

Anyways another example of why Ireland should be fired. He drafted Michel Egnew with a 3rd round pick who comes from a spread offense at Mizz. If he did some research he'll realize the last 3 TE drafted from Mizz were busts in the NFL, so what Ireland think this skinny non blocking TE is any good? That 3rd round pick is what we got for Brandon Marshall

Oscar is drinking in the afternoon again!!!

I sleep with Tim Tebows G-String on My Face.

I love the smell of Man Meat

I can't wait til the Rex Ryan & Tony Sporano Sex Tape comes out.

I heard it's like 2 wild bears going at it. AArRRhhh!!!

Can't Wait!!

John Beck is still in the categories to the right. Ryan Tannehill is not.

I guess even the herald doesn't think the kid will make it past this year.

Oscar Drinks ManCum

Another Ireland bust. Koa Misi, this mofo has never mad one impactful play in his Dolphins career, I believe hes going into his 3rd season what a total bust. In pass coverage against Carolina Cam Newton was picking on him thenn proceded to laugh after roasting Misi. Fire Ireland please

Can someone explain to me how we're supposed to pick a QB with the our top pick like everyone wanted AND get an elite WR in last year's draft?? I don't see any no doubt about it elite WR's just hanging around the 2nd & 3rd round...megatron & Stafford weren't drafted the same year...BMarsh is a certafiable head case & QB killer. So where do you guys want to find these players?? This isn't FF or madden. Hell i can't even find elite WRs to add in my 10 team fantasy league.

Lets see if this dude T-Hill has it. If he does, we build around him and find players to compliment his style. If he doesn't, we suck and draft Barkley, wash and repeat.

Disregard my post @ 4:41

Greg, If tanny gets hammered like Stafford, will he be as good as Stafford? I will take that all day. :)

Bradford also looks good thiss year.

I am hoping we cut Moore. I do not want to look back at him again, I would rather suffer through Devlin, than fall back on Moore. Just a personal preference.

miamiD20, i agree with you on rg111; he is another michael vick;always with the threat of becoming injured on those runs. time will tell but he wasnt worth all those picks. luck is much more ready for the pro game.

It's refreshing to see Miami make some good moves after YEARS of head-scratching decisions.

It's a good sigh that people have already started the RG3 vs RT17 debate.

RG3: 9/14 109 Pass 1TD, 4-17 rush, 2 FUMBLES LOST.
Rt17: 25/44 267 Pass 1TD, 1-5 rush, (zero TO's).

The most important thing a rookie QB needs to do is PROTECT THE BALL. Thus far RT has done it & Rg3 has not!

Up here in NY jest fans are up in arms about their team, they're all saying that they are the worst team in the AFC East blah blah. It's just typical fan overreaction...though everything I've seen and heard the Jests really are in a worse situation than Miami. They have bigger OL (specifically RG/RT) problems than us. Worse WR depth (and a WR who's as troublesome as Marshall in Santonio). A worse secondary (they needed to take Bell to give then any kind if assurance as well as a washed up Leron Landry). And a worse RB group. And that's not even mentioning the QB circus they have.

Jack Swallows

I like the fact that Philbin makes decisions, good decisions and decisions that have a lot of upside.

Im really getting that "its gonna be a long year sickness". This poor kid is gonna get his behind handed to him in houston if he even survives the game without a broken neck..... Very concerned!!!

Me personally, I don't see him lasting the whole season. Behind this line & with our WR's, he's gonna be hurting.

Hopefully that will be the last nail in Ireland's coffin. Can't have your QB running for his life & no one to throw to.

Somethings gotta give.

poizen, sometimes these early numerous injuries have a cumulative effect. bradford and stafford are excellent but have spent alot of their early careers on the dl. i hope tanne doesnt but we look talent starved thanks to irelands drafts.

The truth is ... I blow.

I've pissed so many people off I don't know who to attack anymore.


Where U at Mom?

Manage expectations.... From Fin Fans!? HELL naw!!! Worse fans in the game! Rookie qb starts 0-4 in his 1st ever pro start and he's labeled a bust!!! Wow!!!!!

I will remind you of your 2nd to last paragraph Mando. You do tend to be negative and it is a matter of time before your rip them for picking the wrong QB.

Great call by a new head coach taking the plunge. As we're all sick of overly conservative, stat-based careful football from the last regime, it's time to take chances. We are playing to see what we have for the future this year, ie. does this HC and quarterback duo work? Do I expect perfection from Tannehill? No. Will it rejuvenate and restore patience to a frustrated fan base? Yes. What we really need to worry about is how this year's right side of the offensive line eerily and painfully looks an awful lot like last year's. I'm willing to be patient with a defense that has game-planned and has it's starting LBs in place.

look at the bigger picture. we have alot invested in tanne and we have a bad team. who is going to pass protect and who is tanne going to throw to??? and i doubt we can run the ball effectively(3 picks for daniel thomas??)plus wasted picks on gates,egnew etc. our receivers dont run precise routes and don't create separation. i like tanne and philbin but they don't have weapons for this fight.

They threw in the towel on this season when they traded

Brandon Marshall. And if they go 1-15 they'll get

BARKLEY for next year!!

I believe our main problem right now is Defense.

Specifically Koa Misi. The guy is playing out of position.

But thank God we finally got the Qb decision out the way. The only other major question on Offense is who will be our 5 Wr's?

We all know Martin is going to start at RT. The only Question with him is how long will it take before we finally start to see it clicking. I agree with Philbin give Martin as much Playing time as Necessary. Let him work out the Kinks. Hopefully he gets it this year.

On a side Note:

U guys know that no other #1 overall pick has gone to more probowls than Jake Long since Peyton Manning in 98. Jake has as many Probowls as Mike Vick.

Food for Thought


Wow I Must Type REal Fast.

@4:58 wasn't me

We all know Dashi Thinks

Matt Barkley= 2nd rd Pick.

U can take that one to the Bank. I'm calling it now.

Hennehill had better receivers in college and he couldnt win.

I get it Greg. It is a risk, but Tanny himself is a "project" risk anyway. so if you throw him in the fire and he succeeds all drafts going forward are building around him. If he fails, gets hurt or whatever, move on to maybe Barkley. sho knows. I know it sounds heartless, but there really is not a "good" option out there.

I see where your coming from though.

As a side-note: Dansby is crap. Can we cut him since he's always injured? Maybe after this season so we can save ourselves some cash next offseason for some WR talent.

Very SEXY Pick!!! Eeerrrrrrr!!

Again if ur going to Impersonate The Dashi.

Remember 3rd Person, OC. Make it look Realistic at least. Show some Respect To the All-Mighty Dashi

I've heard it's almost impossible for a person with ur Condition(DID= Multi-Personality Disorder) to Speak in 3rd person. So take ur time.

I know it will take away from ur 100 post an hour rate. But at least show some Effort.

Right now ur aim is worst than a NY JEts QB.

Dashi seems to have u all flustered.

Now, be easy.

I'm stepping away for a While. I'll be back later on tonight.

I have a Tape I have to go Shoot.

As a side-note: can we cut Dansby after this season. He's CR@P and is constantly injured. Save us some money for the offseason and some WR talent

the ravens have had a solid team with a very good GM. they protected the rookie joe flacco and he has been injury free since and developed nicely. our situation is much different; tanne will be thrown to the wolves with our OL,inability to run effectively and lack of legit receivers. deck is stacked against him. ross needs him to start to sell tickets!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Now that Coach Philban Has named Ryan Benny-Hill starting QB will the Dolphins play Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax" when ever they score a TD ?


Soiled :)

guys, think about it; its all about ticket sales! no fans would go to the games if tanne didnt start. that would be a huge embarassment for ross.

Dashi please take your own d ick out your mouth..

Yeah, throw Tannehill out there and let the Kid gain some experience. I Thought that the right course of action BEFORE OTA's, Camp and Pre-Season.

The alternative is to let him sit, wait a year and THEN see what we have. In short, the alternative is to set the team back further. If he busts LATER, we're that much further behind and STILL need to find a QB.

Drafting a BUST QB can set you back for years. Worst case scenario - **I STRESS the PHRASE: "Worst Case Scenario" ** Philbin is minimizing the setback.

Having said all that, I applaud Philbin and Sherman for the decision. But come on, let's be honest, it's not a difficult decision. Tannehill is obviously playing better than anyone else on the roster.

I thought it a "No-Brainer" and stated as much back in April/May.

Now that thats settled, lets put together a contingency plan for Jonathon Martin. Maybe work Hicks at RT some with Steinbach at RG. Scan the waiver wire maybe for another temporary stop-gap. We need to do something.

I want Martin to cone through for us. But again, being honest, we can't go into Houston with the RT play we've gotten so far.

BTW just because Chris Hogan is a white WR doesnt mean he's a stud all you woodpeckers out there.

I agree. Dansby is Under performing

But U imagine how Much More Horrendous our Lb's would look like without him.

I say keep him this year and try to find a way to move him in the Off-Season. The Hole is to big right now to replace him with anybody else on the Team or a Street Fa.

Hopefully, Dansby gets it and can help cover up some of Misi's Flaws. Like all of his Pass Coverage.

Thank God we have 3 Cb's. Cause Misi needs to come off the Field on passing Downs.

Yes, We have 3 cb's. Right now only 1 of them is playing Consistently Good. But we have the Potential to have a very good Nickel Defense if the other 2 come around.

U have to like Davis Attitude toward St.Smith. Philbin pulled him off the field so it wouldn't escalate any further. Carolina should've done the Same, It's only preseason and the Ref's had no Control of the Situation. A total Home-Field Advantage on the Whole 1st Qtr.

But that's what everyone here hates about VD. He shows up when he's playing a Good Wr, but gets burned by the Scrub back up. Inconsistent, Sean Smith too

awesome! definetly the best choice. Now hopefully Jake can get this OL on the same page, help the rook out a little bit.

No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts has a preseason passer rating of 87.8. No. 8 overall pick Ryan Tannehill of the Miami Dolphins is not far behind with a passer rating of 82.3.

He's so stoopid. If he would just come clean and post with us under one name.....

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 19, 2012 at 03:42 AM

And so why don't you do the same?

We need to Protect the passer so I agree with Coalition...may need to find a RT who can protect the QB if Martin does not have a good game against Atlanta..

this is not going to be fast, the kid has to progress


O.k.. Now what wr will get open & will the defense be able to keep teams under 30 points a game?

@5:23 Great Dashi Impersonation.

Also, Clue Sorry I can't. Hey if it reaches my Mouth that must mean I'm not Asian. Or CaucAsian

I actually Wrap around My Waist a Couple times before I put it in my Mouth.

Why WE talking about My Penis Again? Oh yea, U brought it up ^^

Be Easy champ. Dashi has never said I was Modest.

I'm not going to change Dashi and I wouldn't ask u to change U. Go back a Couple Post ago, When I said I give 2 flying F's about ur Opinion. (Wasn't talking Specifically to U, but If Shoe fits Eat it) I take U for a Slippers kind of Gal.

Believe me Clue, When U reach my state of Enlightenment and Clarity. U too will want to be A Dashi.

So here's a Hint(Clue), Do U and I'll do me. We can talk Football like men.

Or I'll finish U like Monkey Boy.

Now don't go on some Gaye Asz Rant, U will not Finish me! wah!! wah!!

Play ur Role Jabronie. Stick to the Script

Hopefully, Dansby gets it and can help cover up some of Misi's Flaws. Like all of his Pass Coverage.

Thank God we have 3 Cb's. Cause Misi needs to come off the Field on passing Downs.

Posted by: Dashi | August 20, 2012 at 05:23 PM

That's a nice thought Dashi, but I don't think it'll work.

Everytime Brady and Bellicheat see Misi on the field, REGARDLESS of whether or not it's a passing down, Brady will audible into a play that isolates Misi and thus the mismatch.

Then other teams will see this and jump on the Copy Cat trail.

I've come to the conclusion that Misi is stuck in no man's land. He's not a good enough pass rusher to play end and he's a COMPLETE LIABILITY in the 4-3.......regardless of down and distance.

It's kind of unfair to blame Ireland for this. When he was drafted, Ireland was trying to draft 3-4 players. This is what Misi is and unfortunately he can't transition to the 4-3.

Now, we can blame Ireland for trying to pressure the Coaches into keeping him and giving him chances. Which is exactly what Ireland will do. He won't want to take the heat from another high pick not working out. So he'll want us to keep him and magically work it out. It ain't going to happen.

I'm hoping Ireland has enough smarts to cut bait and move on. But I highly doubt it. If they don't make him a surprise cut, they should move him to back up End or Back up Middle Linebacker.

Until Misi is gone, every QB we face is going to go right after him. Freeman did it and so did Cam Newton Friday. The FIRST pass of the game matter of fact. Newton went back to the well.......and often.

It's amazing how fast people are writing off Martin as the RT. It was the kids 2nd game, lets see if he learns (Stanford grad) from his mistakes.
I am glad Tannehill got the start. Also unlike Aikmen and Manning as rookies,this kid can run to make a play (please teach him to slide though). I think we are on the right track on the offensive side but I have not seen anything out of Olivier Vernon or any other pass rusher. The opponents QB's have had way to much time to throw.I think as the year progresses these young guys will get better under this staff. Dolphins in 2013 and beyond.

He's so stoopid. If he would just come clean and post with us under one name.....

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 19, 2012 at 03:42 AM

And so why don't you do the same?

He's so stoopid. If he would just come clean and post with us under one name.....

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 19, 2012 at 03:42 AM

And so why don't you do the same?
Posted by: Kettle | August 20, 2012 at 05:26 PM

Dik Brain, you've posted this over and over again. Are you so stupid you think reposting it will somehow, suddenly make it true?

I only post under Odin-PERIOD!

PS: We were nice enough to offer to teach you football. Provided of course you quit just "Locking-On" to the players bulge.

Were being nice and you pull this? Why am I not surprised? You know.......you're making yourself look like a **Low-Life**.

-Odin- ;)

He's so stoopid. If he would just come clean and post with us under one name.....

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | August 19, 2012 at 03:42 AM

And so why don't you do the same?

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