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Philbin, Dolphins make the right call on Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starting quarterback for the regular-season opener on Sept. 9, coach Joe Philbin announced this afternoon.

And after the coach talked about it being a "close" call and saying it was made based on tape study and gut and discussions among, coaches Philbin did not take a bow.

But he should have.

The Dolphins coach made a hard decision. Made a timely decision. And, most importantly, made the right decision.

In choosing Tannehill over Moore, Philbin picked the quarterback of the future to take over now. So that's good. The future -- meaning whatever Tannehill will ultimately become as a player -- will get here sooner, we all expect. Furthermore, Philbin made the right call for now in that he picked the better player now.

That's right, if you've been following along on this blog or on my twitter handle or on TV, you've heard me make the point that Tannehill has outplayed Moore since he arrived for training camp.

I recognize this decision is not a slam dunk. Tannehill, as rookies often do, might struggle and the cynics will make it seem as if it was wrong to pick the rookie. But that would be the short-sighted view.

Understand that this season is not about Tannehill taking the Dolphins to the playoffs. This season is aobut making Tannehill better, giving him the experience to ultimately succeed in the future.

Peyton Manning didn't light it up as a rookie. Neither did Steve Young or Brett Favre. But they laid a foundation for what they ultimately became in their rookie years. If the Dolphins had waited until next year with Tannehill, we'd be a year behind where we're likely to find ourselves by the end of this year.

So get on with it, I say.

And a warning: When Tannehill struggles and he will, manage your expectations. Manage your commentary. He's a rookie. He started 19 games in college. He's got a lot to learn, even by his own admission.

So understand the circumstances. This is not Tannehill's make or break year. This is, however, his foundation laying year.


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mallet looking solid tonight


I stand by my 11-5...until we have 6 L's on the board....

@miamid20, dansbys numbers the last two yrs in miami: 30 games out of 32, 198 tackles,5sacks, 8passes defended,1int 3forced fumbles. what linebacker do we have better than that? he missed two games the first year and zero last year so if he is always hurt like you say at least he sucks it up like a man and plays. we need more of that on our defense.


Thats 2 votes for Mallet...WHAT SAY YOU????

I have no problem with a loosing Season if we have one ala 2011 Panthers as I've said before. I can deal with it if I see Tannehill take like a mammal to water (pun intended) I don't know how much Dansby has left on the guaranteed portion of his contract but believe we would eat it if we cut loose in the 2012 yr. not 2013 and again as someone posted earlier given the level of talent what is the real difference?

I like Wood

I mean I like Woody Johnson

I also love D!ck

I mean I mean I love hearing D!ck Stockton. He's the only one who feels the same way about the Dolphins like I do.

I can't stand Nat Moore and Griese with him in the Booth.

I just Want D!ck in the Booth by himself. Whispering Sweet Nothings in My Ear. I Love his ANALysis on the Fins

odin stop using my handle you disabled, fat, smelly, h omo

WOW! Mallet has a rocket arm. He just took the Pats 2nd string offense through the Eagles 1st team D like a knife thru butter!!

kris quit letting your pride get in the way

Had you studied physics, you'd know for sure it was Marshall that butted her. Science don't lie. Marshall didn't even try to tell coach he was innocent.
Posted by: Ply | August 20, 2012 at 08:

WTH?, Dude it was Chad Johnson.
Please quit your trolling and go back to your Play station3

The Fix is In I'm Screwed

I'm one of Odins Wong Watchers.

Posted by: cowkilla | August 20, 2012 at 08:50 PM

Ah.......that's "Worshippers" OK?

Get it right man!

-Odin- ;)

I got my Psychology Degree from a Cracker Jack Box during the Great Depression.

Maybe someone should ANALyize My Demented Aszz



Really? I liked Ryan Mallet's abilities but didn't want him here because he's a sociopath who can only bring trouble on himself and Us. Let Belichick handle him.

Kettle only Posts Up under the next trick with 10 dollars in his pocket!

Get dat Meth Money Bu-oy!

My bad Odin,

Ur right I am a Wong Worshipper

Can I hold ur Member


I agree...Dansby need STFU and play....


Dansby is still the BEST we have by far.....he may be the ONLY defensive player that opposition has to game plan for....he is the one player that brings credibility to our "D"....

If Tannehill doesnt work out we just draft Matt

Barkley next year!

Thats the plan man.....

In response to Cam Newton/RGIII comparison:

Everyone knew Newton was a stellar athlete and a good quarterback before getting kicked off his first college team and then tore it up again in Auburn, reassuring what everyone initally thought when he was a freshman in college. RGIII had one great year in college, he came out of nowhere. I firmly believe he's a 1 year college wonder.

In response to Karlos Dansby only missing 2 games:

Sure he played each game, but you had no idea he was there unless you count all of the miscues he had. Were they minor? Sure. But when you pay a player $50 million there should be very few miscues. He should be wrapping up TE's the second he gets his hands on it. He should be knocking him in the chest when the ball hits his hands so there is no catch. I've seen Dansby burned enough times to realize he isn't worth what we've paid him. How many times has Ray Lewis knocked the wind out of players. How many times have players been left on the ground because he nails him before they can get their head turned around. No one fears going over the middle against this Miami defense.

RT > Mallet

Smarter, more mobile, more accurate.

Everytime Vick dings the ribs it's a 4 to 5 week deal, hope Eagles rookie Q.B. up to the challenge. How about Reid up in Kullen Jenkins face like that after his last couple of weeks!

nick foles looks just as good as thill also. many rookie qbs looking solid

Mallet is far better then Tannehill.

Not even close!!!!!!!

Dear Ryan Tanne,
Please win the super bowl this year so that marino will finally exposed for what he really is:
The biggest jerker of fans in NFL history.
Anybody can jerk off a fan base for 3 or 4 or 6 years: Ryan, Schaub, Stafford, Rivers, Romo, Cutler, Palmer, Leinert, Vick, Flacco, Bradford, Henne etc.

But it takes a real master to jerk off a fan base for 16 years.

This franchise hasn't been looking for a QB since Marino retired, it's been looking for a QB since Griese (Bob nor Brien) retired.


4 votes for MALLETT.....


Look it that! No more impersonations for me.

It's getting a little wierd in here, I'll see the regulars later, The Trollsa I hope Armando does something with you losers.

I completely agree with Armando. And hold your emotions this year.

Some idiots will be calling for his head when the first interception is thrown. Let it play out.

Ohio, getting lonely with the fellows?

Nah I have a life dough boy, I just do this for fun hear and there when I have a few minutes.

By the way: 198 tackles in 30 games equates to 6.6 tackles a game. 6.6 tackles a game for 50 million dollars? No we don't have an LB better than that, but less than 7 tackles a game is absolutely pathetic for an MLB. That means he isn't getting to the person with the ball....like I said, always a step behind.

Tannehill wasnt even good in college.

I'm Pulling on Strings here ....

Someone is driving me Crazy. I don't know who it is???

thats true oscar but he isnt near fully developed

Ohhhh Snap, Here's Ohio trolling to get back his flock.
Ohio please talk Odinstank and the others of your Circle jerk back to your worthless blog.
Thanks for trying to get your flock back.
We here at Dolphins in Depth apprecate you corraling your herd back.
Again thanks.

I am in the mood for some Jimmy Smith and Cal Tjader. I'll be back around 3 AM tomorrow.

Henne isnt fully developed either. After 5 years.


Man I've been gone for months and you guys still have the same old insults. Nothing new.

I expected more. Owell. Wanna talk football instead?

Are you cheering for RT? or hoping he fails?

bill connors seems to be directing the show tonight, some other times its ALoco, but they all end in Armando. Right?

How can one person cause so much Pain. WaaaHHH!!!!!

I'm Sorry whoever it is. All my personalities are fighting with each other. Please Stop before I have a Panic Attack.

Lauren Tannehill > Ryan Tannehill

Chad Henne > Ryan Tannehill

bill connors is my Maiden name

What's the plan if Ryan doesn't work out?

Oh right, you numbskulls don't think ahead. Sort of like Ireland.

The Patriots have TE's & WR's that won't even make the team that may be better than our starters.

Draft Barkley next year

You are crazy as fuc-, Armando. I would say get help but by this time you are incurable.

Bellichick has a very nice body

Labor Day coming up. That means for one of our bloggers:
Hunting on Crystal Meth with Kids.
Posted by: rock and roll! | August 20, 2012 at 07:23 PM

This by all means the "QOUTE" of the day if not the month.LMAOROTF.
More proof that the Anti-Odinstank Coalition is strong.

It is only a matter of Time, Armando. You know it.


We, are very patient.

"Understand that this season is not about Tannehill taking the Dolphins to the playoffs. This season is aobut making Tannehill better, giving him the experience to ultimately succeed in the future."

Even if Tannehill works out I have zero confidence in Ireland & Ross. Something has to give if we have another losing season....

Is it my imagination or does the blog go to the sewer every time odor is around?

Odin I want Tannehill to start. The problem is every day we are being told the team is regressing and has no playmakers. Having trouble with the timing here. JS made a good point in another blog though so I guess it will all work itself out.

oscar, Armando is from Toon Land. He is a talking chipmunk.

Tomorrow, 3AM.

You not only quoted a word that wasn't used but you also spelled it wrong stupid. Wonderful,your parents should be proud.



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