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Philbin, Dolphins make the right call on Tannehill

Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starting quarterback for the regular-season opener on Sept. 9, coach Joe Philbin announced this afternoon.

And after the coach talked about it being a "close" call and saying it was made based on tape study and gut and discussions among, coaches Philbin did not take a bow.

But he should have.

The Dolphins coach made a hard decision. Made a timely decision. And, most importantly, made the right decision.

In choosing Tannehill over Moore, Philbin picked the quarterback of the future to take over now. So that's good. The future -- meaning whatever Tannehill will ultimately become as a player -- will get here sooner, we all expect. Furthermore, Philbin made the right call for now in that he picked the better player now.

That's right, if you've been following along on this blog or on my twitter handle or on TV, you've heard me make the point that Tannehill has outplayed Moore since he arrived for training camp.

I recognize this decision is not a slam dunk. Tannehill, as rookies often do, might struggle and the cynics will make it seem as if it was wrong to pick the rookie. But that would be the short-sighted view.

Understand that this season is not about Tannehill taking the Dolphins to the playoffs. This season is aobut making Tannehill better, giving him the experience to ultimately succeed in the future.

Peyton Manning didn't light it up as a rookie. Neither did Steve Young or Brett Favre. But they laid a foundation for what they ultimately became in their rookie years. If the Dolphins had waited until next year with Tannehill, we'd be a year behind where we're likely to find ourselves by the end of this year.

So get on with it, I say.

And a warning: When Tannehill struggles and he will, manage your expectations. Manage your commentary. He's a rookie. He started 19 games in college. He's got a lot to learn, even by his own admission.

So understand the circumstances. This is not Tannehill's make or break year. This is, however, his foundation laying year.


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Posted by: rock and roll! | August 20, 2012 at 07:23 PM

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Yet another abysmal season lies ahead. Man, I miss the Shula era.

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The way I see it Philbin is doing things the right Way.

Didn't he say from the Beginning he wants to have his Starter by Week 3?

He had him from Week 1, but the Guy got Injured.

Also, That's why I say keep Devlin. Get Rid Of Moore

Makes Moore Sense for the Future.

Also, Doesn't Matt Barkley Measure up with Beck. And that's being Modest. People have legit Question if he's even 6ft tall.

Again, Barkley will be a 2nd rd pick at best. What We stop on Moore now we on Barkley?

The Fins already have their Qb. Plain and Simple

To everybody on Dansby.

Yeah, he talks better than he plays. But what he said about Chad was not a problem. The Media blew it up To be Sensationalist.

He agreed with Philbin if Hear the Comments again. Not just read them. His tone wasn't Condescending, He was just sharing his opinion.

Yea, it's strange to hear a player speak his mind around here in a While. The Old Dictatorship didn't allow Individual Opinions.

Why do u think they got rid of Zack and JT right Away? Parcells knew they would speak up.

Dansby will be OK this Year. Yeah, we want great I know.

On the Running Game?


Even If we run for 0 yards a game we will still have more Total Yds a game this year.

Think about it. We have Rb's and run a Fast Pace Offense.

We will run after the Defense is Tired. The Main Philosophy of The Bill Walsh WCO. Pass first, Run Second.

We have all been force fed this Ground N Pound thing. Some of us are still Shell-Shocked from all the Dust.

But this is the NEw Millennium.

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Bill Connors
So when tanny fully develops that gives us two 4-12 or 6-10 seasons? Or a better question might be, How many years too fully
Develop? If the phins would have draft Mallet last year than he would of been half way fully develop right! Hmmm I wonder what could have been or should have been.
No one will ever know.

Who are the wrs??


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I really want to say how good this N.Foles kid looks but Andy Reid is the best Q.B. Coach I think I've ever seen. He sold us AJ Feeley and took Arz. to the cleaners with K.Kolb. He also made the streaky often out of shape McNabb a Pro Bowler.

Tanny = Henne

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Cam Philbin has to regret taking this job.

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No doubt, starting Tanny is the right move. Hopefully they will not do what they did to Henne. Unleash this kid, let him throw the ball around and let him make his mistakes. If they try to "manage" TanneHill with check downs and 5 and outs, we will have another bust.

What do you mean by swallow?

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bobby henne plain sucked. they didn't mismanage him. the kid had no game. he had plenty of time to show leadership, he ain't got it.

players are who they are. thinking that coaches make them something different is plain stupid. do you think marino would have sucked under sparanus? no way, he'd have taken over the show like any real player.

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Never seem a backup QB hyped more than Mallet, unless you throw Tebow in there, but our fans would rather a druggie Ryan Leef impersonator than what we have now

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Mallet looks pretty good, I remember last year draft most of the people here wanted Mallet. Looks ok so far.

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I think starting Tannehill is a mistake. He should watch and learn how someone else handles starting QB in the NFL. Matt Moore is a good QB and has the respect of the team.

Philbin should have started Moore until Tannehill sees how the NFL works, than Ryan should have taken over as soon as Moore started to struggle.

You don't gain much by starting the rookie. Sometimes it can even crush their confidence and ruin their career if you start a rookie QB. Brady and Rodgers are the best QBs in the NFL right now and they both sat on the bench for several years and learned.

You can't really be a leader as a rookie QB. Tannehill has never prepared for an NFL opponent. He doesn't understand the rhythm of a season. Plus, he's got no receivers to throw to.

I guess when the Dolphins agreed to Hard Knocks they were basically admitting that they weren't going to compete this year.

Manning 1
Manning 2
Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco
Matt Stafford
Ben Rothlischeese
Andy Dalton

and a WHOLE bunch more qb's started as rookies and have done quite well.

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Said Philbin: “We don’t think it’s too big for him. We think he has a chance to be an accurate in this league."

A chance to be an accurate passer?!?!?! Isn't that something you need coming INTO the league?

Labor Day coming up. That means for one of our bloggers:
Hunting on Crystal Meth with Kids.

Posted by: rock and roll! | August 20, 2012 at 07:23 PM
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Couldn't cut Dansby this year because the cap hit would have been around 14 million dollars.

Next year its around 9 million.

He's with us another two years at least.

So Ryan goes 0-5 in his first 5 starts.

Doesn't get hurt or injured.

They still have to start him the next 11 games just so they don't look foolish AND simple minded like so many homers on here.

0-5 start is basically out of the playoffs anyways. No point in bringing in Moore or David or whoever to salvage the season.

1-15 season would do wonders for our future as long as thill shows promise

Posted by: FED UP PHINS FAN | August 20, 2012 at 03:50 PM

Unfair. This is the first QB the Fins have taken in the 1st round since #13. The other guys, FA's and such were not expected to be Franchise, other than maybe Chad Pennington, and he did pretty OK when he was healthy.
Henne won some BIG games in college, beat Tebow, etc.
Just couldn't take it to the next level.

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