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Philbin explains release of Chad Johnson

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin knew the Chad Johnson release would be first on the media's list of questions this morning so he tried to blunt those questions as well as he could by opening his press conference with a statement.

This is that prepared statement the coach read before the media:

"I'd like to address the roster move we made last night. As with any type of these decisions, it was not an easy one. It was not reactive. Nor was it based on one single incident. In making these decisions we base our evaluations on a set of criteria that supports our organizational goals and includes the player's performance both on and off the field.

"Essentially, we take into account the overall body of evidence to determine whether an individual is the right fit for this organization, and more specifically, this football team. That's how we made previous decisions and will continue to do so moving forward. Now I'd like to focus on moving ahead and I'll take any questions about those players who were out on the field today."