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Philbin explains release of Chad Johnson

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin knew the Chad Johnson release would be first on the media's list of questions this morning so he tried to blunt those questions as well as he could by opening his press conference with a statement.

This is that prepared statement the coach read before the media:

"I'd like to address the roster move we made last night. As with any type of these decisions, it was not an easy one. It was not reactive. Nor was it based on one single incident. In making these decisions we base our evaluations on a set of criteria that supports our organizational goals and includes the player's performance both on and off the field.

"Essentially, we take into account the overall body of evidence to determine whether an individual is the right fit for this organization, and more specifically, this football team. That's how we made previous decisions and will continue to do so moving forward. Now I'd like to focus on moving ahead and I'll take any questions about those players who were out on the field today." 


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BLa Bla Bla Bla.

It won't be Tanne's fault. No O line (again), no receivers, no defense.

As you watch the team struggle this year, pay attention and try to use your brains and notice that it will not be Tanne's fault.

I don't blame Philbin for not wanting to state the real reason he cut Johnson, but clearly a message has been sent to his team. Watch out Dansby. Give me a team comprised of Joe Philbin players and you'll see a respected franchise capable of winning every year. If you don't want Miami to be a joke I'd expect this termination of CJ to be a move that's applauded, otherwise you're asking for the same mediocrity you've gotten for the past decade.

Its a sad state when your 3 best players is your LT, P and K. Shame

How are we 2-14 this year when we played as bad as we could last year and finished 6-10? No way marshall was responsible for 4 wins - heck we might have won even more if he knew how to catch more than knives to the stomach.

Matt Moore is easily the best QB on the team. Annointing Tannehill the starter after just 1 good quarter against backups in PRESEASON is beyond absurd.

Yeah, but Clue, Brandon Fields looked damned good in that game.

Actually fellas, I am very happy Philbin is the HC of this team right now. I support him 100%. I like the guy. I like his philosophy. I like him thinking outside the box. I think he's fair (and firm). This whole episode has made me an even bigger Philbin supporter.

Tim Couch, U smart as a box of chocolates.

We have a good punter!! HOORAY!!

He signed a one year veteran's minimum, this was a tryout for a higher paid contract on a team with a new coaching staff. Ochocinco had to keep his nose clean and couldn't.

If the team had ANY talent there would've been more then 300 people at the preseason opener lol

Isn't it great to watch the master Jeff Ireland move the chess pieces? Super Bowl, Baby!

Early yesterday I just watched the game versus Tampa bay, the only time Chad Johnson was targeted, he dropped the football, cutting the drive, and was and easy catch, not much problem, because it was an exhibition game. But I suppose (I am pretty sure) he didn't ask for another chance to clean his error, I feel him very indifferent about the dolphins, like he took for granted he deserves the first team, like he doesn't have to earn a place in the team, plus the F-bombs, plus the arrest, what the team could expect for the season with this tendencies, it was too much.

O.k. Gates, Moore, Cunningham, Fuller & Pruitt. Time to get busy & make some plays! You'll never a better opportunity!

In other news from the apparently moral and ethical Dolphins, one of the candidates for the Dolphins starting safety position, Jimmy Wilson, well you see...he...umm...how do you put this delicately...he SHOT AND KILLED A MAN.

Gary, AND he did his time. This is America. You commit a crime, you do the time, and you have a shot at redemption. I've heard nothing from Wilson (as far as off-field issues) since he's been a Dolphin. So, why are you bringing up the past, just to be ignorant?

I support the cut, but I also understand we're setting a precedent.
One that most NFL teams, even very successful ones do not follow.
In the coming weeks, months and years, it may be very hard to maintain this precedent demanding a certain character in our players, and yet still needing the best players to win. Once our stars start getting in trouble (don' be naive and think that a lot of NFL players aren't on the fence for immoral, or unlawful behavior), it will be interesting to see how our team and our fans reaction.

Average player gets in trouble? Cut him. Loser, criminal. Good riddance.
Star player gets in trouble? Well.... I'm sure the woman hit him first. He deserves a second chance. See, he's sorry.

We'll see.
But I support the precedent if that's where we want to go.

Good point DC

What was Jimmy Wilson actually convicted of? How can it be murder if he's been convicted and free by the time he is 23 or so? Are the prisons in the USA that crowded??? I like to think not.

Ive looked at the schedule and I see 7-9 again!!! Maybe we can get a WR in '13 along with a new GM

Gary Stevens

He shot and killed a man who beat and urinated suppposedly on his sister. The man then pointed the gun at him several times before he wrestled the gun away and it dishcharged. Experts revealed the gun surely was discharged from an angle that was consistent with the defenses claim of a struggle over the gun. Jimmy Wilson was innocent of any wrong doing. Chad admitted to assaulting his wife to the cops who responded and then changed the story when his attorney arrived.

Jimmy Wilson did time, then the jury said he shouldn't have done any time--you know, not guilty!

This is a no-brainer. Coach & GM DEFINITELY made the correct decision here. Still wondering why we signed him to begin with but I'm glad he's gone. Chad Johnson has always been an idiot & a bad side show circus act. With that said--as a Bengal--he was able to back it up on the field but now that his skills have diminished he's a just a distraction. Turn the page.

It's not like this team was/is ready to compete in this division with the Patriots. Very questionable signing by Ireland but still a low risk signing in terms of money.

Hi Gary Stevens, I think is not a moral stand point, after all is Chad private live, but figure out the dolphins cut a WR in favor of Chad Johnson and previous of an important game he get arrested again, now for a week. He should fix his own live before get involved again in pro football, I think.
By the way Jimmy Wilson killed a man defending the live of his aunt and his own live (as far as I remember), what do you do in that scenario? and he never get involved in another trouble (as far as I know).

He was exonerated after spending two years in jail. He was wrongfully imprisoned and did not shoot a man. Get your facts straight.

Wow is that true about his sister? Having five sisters myself, I'd shoot a man in cold blood never mind in self defense if he did that. This actually speaks of the kid's high character if you defend family like that.

We also need to find a secondary.... Thinking we have a bunch of 3rd strings for starters back there

Cutting CJ was a horrible idea if Philbin loses his players. If there is no effect within the locker room then it was a good cut. But, if Philbin loses his players ears because he showed no loyalty to a guy that had not been arrested before, it was a stupid move and could result in his eventual firing. If your players don't feel you will take their back when things go wrong, they won't play for you. Philbin better hope he hasn't lost his locker room. If he has, his coaching career will be short.

Now, CJ was dumb to marry the woman knowing her past and he invited this upon himself with his choice of wife. I have no sysmpathy for CJ.

"Average player gets in trouble? Cut him. Loser, criminal. Good riddance.
"Star player gets in trouble? Well.... I'm sure the woman hit him first. He deserves a second chance. See, he's sorry.

We'll see.
But I support the precedent if that's where we want to go."


Great point & it's definitely true. Talent trumps everything. Ireland traded for Brandon Marshall with all his baggage & still did not cut him after his incident with his wife.

In fact his story is one of my favorites. He spent so much time away from the game and made it as a seventh rounder and now is in the discussion for starter.


I'm sure that there was more to this decision to cut Chad Johnson than this one incident. This must have been the last straw for a guy that is not what he once was as a WR.

Enough with this CJ crap. Has anyone watch Daniel Thomas play in pratcice and the preseaon game, he looks like another stiff that Ireland missed on, I see nothing in this guys game that resembles a featured RB. We have holes all over the field. Dont even get me started on the secondary.

Chad is the best. The Dolphins had little chance with him, and no chance without him. Sometimes with your star players you have to look the other way and put up with the little things. The Dolphins obviously don't have that mentality and are chosing to be a "nice team" of choir boys, with a 3-13 record.

Did you see this woman on Hard Knocks? Gosh if anyone deserved it, it was her. Gold digging freak.

Philbin is just waiting to see if Packers cut Donald Driver, if not I see a trade for another frontline receiver, we can't go into the season with such a bad receiver's group(can we?)

Did you see this woman on Hard Knocks? Gosh if anyone deserved it, it was her. Gold digging freak.
Posted by: Tyler Sally | August 13, 2012 at 12:54 PM


Are you that ignorant that you would say some woman deserves to get hit?!?!

What a thug!

Shut your pie hole sally!

Who cares about who beat who or who killed who & why.

This is probably the least talented team in the NFL. Mediocre talent top to bottom at BEST. Worry about that.

No WR's. A D that has been & proves themselves to be overrated every year. Yet, fans continue to think they are gonna be elite.

Talk about that!

yeah i agree there was more to it. But every report from all the "insiders" said that Chad was a good locker room influence. He had guys laughing and at ease. B. Marshall at least was a problem to players and coaches personally, so easier to see why he was shunned.
I wasn't a proponent of signing Chad in the first place, not because of talent, or personality, but because they tried to set this precedent by trading Marshall, and then turned right around and discarded it by signing Johnson. It bit them in the butt, and now they had to make a swift move to cover it.
So... now where do you go? There isn't a glut of top NFL guys out there that are perfect citizens, and not all of them want to be Dolphins anyway.
You're going to make compromises.

I'm behind what Philbin is doing. I think it's more him than anyone else. I'm just hopeful it doesn't bite him too hard, and he gets what he wants, and it all works out.
It really is not going to be easy keeping his standards and a winning franchise in the NFL. But I'm all for trying.

Some people just need a smack.

i hope joe get fired along with ireland y u think all the others wont come to miami to play the in house good old boy system chad didnt get a fair shake he never been in trouble on or off the field joe cuts him really cut your self joe the team shoould give up on you like you did chad i hope miami have a cam type of season 1 -15 fire joe and ireland miami is a racist gm look at what he said to dez he should have got his jaw broke then

rookie coach what a mistake cutting CJ YOU just lost the locker room players dont want to play for you now you showing them no loyalty you didnt hear CJ side go back to wisconsin where you belong. season need to be over now so ross can fire ireland he talking about if anyone going to pick up CJ WHEN IRELAND FINALLY GET FIRED he cant be another team gm too dumb im calling for joe head now he sucks at the most important part of being a coach decision making you cant develop my 3 year old son joe good luck chad wish you the best sign with a team beat the joefins lol this year 1-15

Js in LA whats up bro, ive been wondering where you and Ohio have been. Hell yea i support the move too, i wish he would have never came to Miami ive been catching hell from my broil cook cuz hes a Bills fan. Im not surprized at Chad, i just wish he would have done this before Braylon signed on the West. I kno they are both older and this is a chance for Roberto and the young gunz but having the security of experience helps the progression of our youth. I

joe phil sucks, Where did you learn to write? You should not be commenting on anything! Go Fins and Go Joe Philbin!!

Reporter: “Blah, blah, blah…….Carlos Dansby went on radio and said he wished Johnson was given a 2nd chance. Blah, blah, blah…….are you worried about the Locker Room being upset with this decision?”

Philbin: Nah……………………………

ROTFLMAO! That was some Old School stuff!

Can you imagine Shula worrying about how the Locker Room would feel about any of his decisions?

I hope that wasn’t Armando that asked that cream puff question.

Nah................any MORE questions...........?


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