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Philbin: It's 'good' to let Tannehill start in preseason

I told you several days ago not to be surprised if Ryan Tannehill starts Friday's preseason game at Carolina. I told you in a post earlier today that Tannehill was the best of the three quarterbacks in the two-minute drill today.

So the stage is set for tomorrow's practice, which will be the last one of training camp, to see the Tannehill versus Matt Moore competition for Friday's starting job.

Coach Joe Philbin today explained why starting Tannehill at some point this preseason makes sense:

“It would give him a chance to work with the first group in a game situation against better competition, and I think that would be good," Philbin said. "Our plan all along was at some point in time, whether it be this week, next week or the week after, our plan all along was to let all three of those guys have some opportunities. That’s kind of what our thought was, so if it happens this week; obviously we have one more day of practice so we’ll take a good look at it.

"Obviously we haven’t sat down yet today but we’ll start that in a few minutes, but we’ll just evaluate this week. He’s going to play a lot, Matt’s (Moore) going to play a lot, and Pat (Devlin) will probably play some, we have three guys. We’ll take it from there.”

Moore and Tannehill talked to reporters today. Here is what they said:

Quarterback Matt Moore 

(On his reaction to wide receiver Chad Johnson being released) –“I don’t know. I don’t think I can speak much on it. I knew it was a possibility. It’s up to the organization and Coach (Joe) Philbin and they handled it the way they saw fit.” 

(On the competition between wide receivers Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore) – “It’s good. Those guys are working their tails off. Each making plays when they get the opportunities and trying to showcase their talents. It’s been fun to watch. (They are) both talented guys and it’ll be interesting to see how that kind of shakes out.” 

(On the cohesiveness of the offensive line) – “Yeah, they’ve done well, just with the new offense and everything. They’ve done really well. They are such a tight group anyways. It’s kind of one of those things (where) one guy goes down and another guy step right in and we don’t miss a beat. They’ve done a good job in the room.” 

(On when he expects to hear if he will start on Friday against the Carolina Panthers) – “I don’t know.”

(On if the announcement of whether he will be starting against the Panthers affects his preparation for the game) – “No, not at all. It’s one of those things, just be ready. I’m like a reliever. They need me; I’ll come in and play.” 

(On if he’s interested in seeing what quarterback Ryan Tannehill will do against the starters) –“Football’s football. It doesn’t matter who he’s playing against. He’s got to go out and produce regardless." 

(On if being a veteran helps him have a leg up to be a starter based on coach Philbin’s statement that he will start the best person for a game on that day) –“Maybe. I don’t know. These are interesting questions. Yeah, because I’ve had the experience, maybe, but I don’t feel that way. I mean he’s going to do what’s best for the team, who’s going to give us the best chance to win like he said in any given game and that guy will play.”

(On how it has helped him get extra reps in practice with quarterback David Garrard being injured)– “Yeah, the reps are good. You want to see and prepare in this offense as much as you can. You want to see as many defenses as you can. Our defense is definitely throwing a lot at us, but we miss David, but you love getting the opportunities for more throws and more opportunities to do well.”

(On Garrard’s health and how he’s handling things)– “He’s doing good. He’s obviously a little bummed out, but he’s doing everything he can, just rehab wise and he’s a professional, I’m sure he’ll handle it the best way.”

And after Moore was done speaking, Tannehill talked to a huddle of reporters:

(On Joe Philbin saying that he will start the quarterback in the first regular season game based on who gives the team the best chance to win on that day) –“I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide, but I’m just going to go out here every day (and) try to do the things I can do to make this team better. (I) try to improve my game as much as I can every day and, hopefully, when it comes that time, I’m that guy. I want this team to win, so if I’m not the best guy at that time, I want this team to win.”

(On if he has been told what his role on Friday against the Carolina Panthers) – “No, I have not. I’m just coming out here every day like I said. Just working to get better, try to take advantage of these preseason games. When you get in, get your reps, try to take advantage of them. Don’t know exactly when they’re going to come, but just want to take advantage of them when they come.”

(On if he thinks starting the game will give him a better opportunity to show what he can do) – “I just try to take advantage of those reps. If I get one reps in practice, try to make the most of it. You get the better looks from the one defense, tougher looks. So if I get the one reps in the game, then I’ll try to take advantage of them. It’s a balancing act. Coach Philbin wants all the QBs to get some one reps. Whenever my time comes, just got to take advantage of it.”

(On if he feels like he has improved since the start of training camp) – “I dang sure hope so. It’s a waste of time if I haven’t improved. I feel like I’ve gotten better every day. Still making mistakes, yes, but I feel like I’m learning form my mistakes, getting a better handle, more comfortable with the guys being able to move the ball down the field. Try to get a little bit better every day in every aspect of the game and, to answer your question, yes, I think I’ve improved a little bit.”

(On how comfortable he is checking out of plays at the line of scrimmage) – “I’m pretty comfortable. That’s a big part of our offense is being able to get into a good play at the line. See a lot of looks in this league from defenses. You want to be able to get into a good look. Sometimes, you are not going to have the best play called for what they come out in, so got to be able to get in a good look and there’s also some instances you have to live with it. You’ve got to call a play fast, play with tempo and run the play that’s called.”

(On how impressed he is with the offensive line) –“They’ve done a great job. I don’t think I had too much pressure today in practice at all. I was able to really sit in the pocket, make some throws, get to some late progressions, third progressions. I feel like they’ve done a great job. They’re getting better. I think Jonathan Martin has really improved throughout camp. He seems to be getting more comfortable within the right side with his sets. It’s a great unit and I think they’re getting better.”

(On if he feels he gets overconfident at times)– “I’m confident, but I don’t want to be overconfident. That can be a bad thing for a quarterback. You start forcing balls, trusting your arm too much and you’re not really able to fit it into that window and you try too.  It’s something where you really have to know yourself, be honest with yourself and know when you can get the ball in there and when you can’t.”

(On what quarterback Matt Moore is like as a person that he’s going up against every day in practice)– “Matt’s a fun guy. I enjoy coming to meetings. I enjoy practicing with him. He’s a good guy. He helps me out. I try to help him out. I said all along it’s a great competition. Even with Dave (Garrard) in there, we’re all trying to help each other out. We’ll all have fun in our meetings. We try to learn, soak up all the information we can, but have fun with it. It’s a long season. It’s a long camp, so got to have a little bit of fun in there. We try to laugh a little bit in our room and laugh on the field. Matt’s a great guy. Pat (Devlin) as well. We have a great room.”

(On being nicknamed “The People’s Choice”)– “The people’s choice? I don’t know about that. That’s not what I say.”

(On if he’s going to watch Hard Knocks tonight)– “I probably won’t. I didn’t really watch it last week, so I probably won’t watch it tonight.” 


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Of Course Tannehill will start a presseason game. It only makes sense to get him live reps against better cmpetition.

That doesn't mean he's gonna start or is the best choice. It's just a wise move to get him those experiences to break him in.

Let's not make more of it than it is.

from last post;


If you google it's no fun! Part of the fun of this site is testing my wealth of useless football history and trivia with other diehard fans of the game.

By the way Kris throw our little conspiracy theory out the window regarding Chad's mess apparently it was loud enough that the actual 911 call was made by a neighbor.

By the way "IF" he started week 3 in Atlanta it is a pretty good guess he will be our week one reg. season starter given it's the dress rehearsal for the reg. season and everybody goes a half in that game with an actual game plan in place, thinking out loud!

You can bet that Tannehill will start on Friday night and if he does resonably well will be the game 1 starter. Tie here goes to the potential franchise QB. Garrard has no chance to overtake him being out all those weeks, especially since he is playing the best. He probably would of even beaten out Garrard if he were healthy. The future is NOW.

Johnson's departure creates a void at wide receiver, and there's no doubt it downgrades the passing attack. They need to rethink rushing Tannehill into the mix without any viable WR's.


The she an to the neighbors house to make the call...after the "head-butt".....

Now that she has mad this stament...and is "champion" for battered women....she is gonna bury Chad Johnson....


Bad decision on his part...

"Shinsplints78, you sure like to talk about the Jets."

Actually I'm talking about Jets fans. You are bothered by this why exactly? Oh and shinbsplints? How lame of you. Try harder

"People think the phins stink. This is the majority of fans. Not only Phins fans but, NFL fans."

Think? They do stink. Perhaps you haven't been around for the past 15 years but this is no secret and no one "thinks" it. It's just a fact. Try again.
"Why are you assaulting posts that are in the majority & you don't agree with? Just deal with it & move along. No one wants to read you assail every post you disagree with."

Look up the word hypocrite and get back to me. Next
"Perhaps you should high tail it over to Tebowland & preach to them about how good the phins are. See how many laughs you get."

I never once said the Dolphins were good. But keep making things up, it's really funny!
"Your schtick here is played out & boring fella."

Shtick, fella, shinsplints? Hey listen ya old coot, the shuffle board just opened up and there is tapioca pudding for desert tonight, better get your walker out of the closet and get moving! :)

"I don’t know. I don’t think I can speak much on it. I knew it was a possibility. It’s up to the organization and Coach (Joe) Philbin and they handled it the way they saw fit.”

Say what you want about Matt Moore but that right there is a leader. Unlike Karlos" I made one big play last year" Dansby.

I told you that two weeks ago Tannehill. Starts the season opener! Look Ross wanted this to happen JI wanted this to happen, CJ wasn't a good fit because JI didnt want CJ to criticize Tannehill!! Especially if Tannehill did throw him the ball!

Remember CJ told Moore in response I be open, when ask what he was doing on his day off!! So why couldn't Philbin figure out early in camp that CJ wasn't a good fit? Hmmm!! Boy lit me tell you I'm. So stupid I'm a idiot. Man for real!! You guys are right. I'm the biggest stupid a s s on this blog!! Well I make the dolphins. Fan look stupid. Really. I'm sorry guys. Philbin cut CJ because he hit his wife really and didn't fit in! He is correct!! :(-

Mark at 5pm. That is an excellent point.


I saw a photo of her taken this morning and it wasn't the pictures of O.J.'s wife Nichole with the battered face either. She is a publicity seeking hound with aspirations to be a reality T.V. celeb. His 1st and last mistake was getting with someone who wants to live in front of the T.V. cameras. Those shows only serve in alienating people involved with making them should have probably talked a little more with R.Bush while in Miami who hated the whole thing with his go around with Kim K. and with all due respect this chick is no Kim K from a few years ago before she became a walking punchline herself.

Kris did you hear the 911 call? The neigbor is talking to the operator and she asks what happens. He then says" they got in a fight and she hit hi.....what"? And then you hear her in the back round saying, "he hit me". TRhe neighbor then comes back and says, "he hit her".

WTF? Something isn't right, why did he say that I wonder.

is he gonna watch hard knocks? If you had his wife would you watching tv?

Kim K is hot! When she isn't talking.

and as for chad ochostinko lets see he tweets to goodell that he's gonna be a trouble maker Dadddy, then acts and talks like an ass in a press conference
then pulls a bobo brazil on his wife all in the first month. end of story. hes a 34 yr old we were investing one yr in anyway, now fuller wallace and moore get more reps and are better investments in theirpotential. the one problem thats developing is the coaches are working so much to evaluate the passing game, WRs and QBs,because they have to i get it.but not enough reps and emphasis on the run game and thast will hurt us in short yradge situations down the rd mark my words.

Good post steve. I forgot all about the Goodell tweet. What a jackazz. I'm really disappointed because the guy was practicing like a beast and seemed to be very focused. We could have used him but now at least we can see what we have in the other guys and move on if need be. We are going to be in great shape under the cap next year so this is the time to see what the younger guys can do so they can make a decision in the off season.

Tell Tannehill the "The People'sChoice" was the nickname to a baseball player on the old Brooklyn Dodgers. He was very popular with the fans.

You are really raking it $ up, Armaando. When you gonna buy me a smart TV?

I mean, you can really see it that in the very near Future it will be Tannehill, Devlin, and somebody else.

The takeaway from this is that we have no pass rush. We can't even get pressure at practice, even though our O line is terrible.

Reality TV is a waste, reading the comments made by users in the Evelyn divorce article (the one retweeted by Omar and Izzy of SS) it's comical to hear everyone back the reality tv star. Kind of made me want to defend Johnson for a second.....but then I realized they watch reality tv so they're IQ is worse than the Kardashian sisters

I think it highly likely that because of Garrard's injury and Moore's tendency to practice poorly, that Tannehill will be our starter come opening day. As for CJ, any man who hits a woman is a piece of crap as a human being, and they deserve to have a group of guys beat the living crap out of them! What reall PO's me over the deal, is we let Derek Moye go to sign that piece of crap.


I root for Miami and anybody that plays the cheats, Jets and the Crimson Tide!

We should cut the racist, underperforming, non-team-player, thug4life, insubordinate Karlos Dansby. We need winners. The following me-first, racist thugz from the hood are not winners: Charles Barkley, Dansby, B. Marshall, Chad Johnson, C. Crowder.

What do these thugz have in common? No titles. They don't win. Period.

"but then I realized they watch reality tv so they're IQ is worse than the Kardashian sisters"

Lol. Is that even possible? I mean those girls are pretty stupid. The other people would have to have brains that rival a slugs brain to beat them for any kind of stupid people award!

But once again, Kim is hot as hell. And as long as she kept the talking to a minimum we would get along just fine.

suddenly everyone that is an nfl fan will be watching the dolphins and hard knocks

5:41 truth sayer, preach on brother! Freakin Dansby is no leader. Talking to the press and disagreeing with his coach without going to see the coach first for his thoughts? Punk move. That's not leadership, that's not a man. That's a child right there, mad at daddy for a punishment.

He and he alone caused any locker room divide that may have occurred over this. He's supposed to be the veteran leader, he's supposed to complain to his boss, not his players. He's trying to get players on his side against the coaches decision. Horrible idea. Just shot himself in the foot. He wants the team to win this year so he causes a locker room divide by not keeping it in house, between he and the coach. As soon as we find a viable replacement I want him gone, end of story. He will not be part of any Dolphins team that makes the playoffs, he just doesn't get it.

dansby never makes any impact plays anyways. trade the guy for a wr

Johnson issues an apology and not once mentions the Dolphins. Apparently he doesn't care about taking time and reps away from our younger receivers and completely wasting the coaches time.

And his VH1 show was canceled. Dummy.

wife filed for divorce today

Yeah, well, we could accomodate Evelyn, occasionally.

Kris is quiet on the subject. Maybe he realized CJ did more than enough to get cut and it wasn't no sneaky undermining act by the FO that he said it was.

Foul media day
Tweet to Goodall saying he is getting arrested
Walked in on coaches meeting
Domestice dispute lands him in jail.

4 incidents in a month and Kris still wants to give second chances. I guess he is of the generation that gave him endless make up exams until he got a pretty grade.

Dolphins are the equivalent of an expansion team....without the draft choices lol

Fin4 from the last Blog,

We've easily had the worst 2 G.M.'s in Football in succession with Speilman and Ireland.

Posted by: fin4life | August 14, 2012 at 12:48 PM

So, I guess we can say the last two drafts and the free agency periods haven't swayed your opinion any?

I'm definitely not arguing on Ireland's behalf. But I do **FEEL** a little bit better about him.........RECENTLY.

Bottom Line: For every good move he makes, he doubles and almost triples the negatives.

They say batting .500 is good for a GM, Ireland's lucky to be .333. His biggest strength or greatest talent seems to be NOT making bad moves. That can probably be attributed to his Scouting Talents and his In Depth Due Diligence.

I'll give him that much. But still, it doesn't offset the misses and the so-so pickups. Ultimately, Not making the bad moves doesn't get you anywhere. It's not enough.

I begrudgingly give him credit for swinging for the fence with Tannehill. If Tannehill "Emerges", opinions will start to change and with a quickness. Notice I said "opinions"? That's because even if the "opinions" change, Jeff won't. He'll still be Ireland.

Now SERIOUSLY Fin4life, give us YOUR 411 on Ireland and the State of the General Manager-ship.

-Odin- ;)

Really, the only Time you need a big One is when you are trying to touch their G-spot where they don't know if they came or pe-d.

Friday night should be fun!!

The DEF better wake up and wake up fast. That Buc performance was brutal.

When was the Missionary position invented? Brilliant, less effort for everyone. I tell ya, these Mayflower People were terrific....

Preseason is the most overrated thing in sports. Aside from avoiding injuries it doesn't mean a damn thing.

You won't remember (or care) about a SINGLE play this preseason as soon as it starts for real September 9th.

Who would even pay for that crap?

VIO is up early, no meth binge last night or Ralph still got the flu?

I once saw an ancient Greeks drawing where she was taking it from behind while sucking another guy's dic-.

Phins78, go back to Ohio's blog where you might be welcome.

Seriously, you're as lame as it gets. I'm the only one even responding to your posts. Isn't that depressing you?

Take your dirty fellow lamer Odinstank with you.


"We've easily had the worst 2 G.M.'s in Football in succession with Speilman and Ireland."

Fins4life, I have a different take on this. Spielman wasn't good for us but he was new to the job. He was learning. And now he is in Minnesota and fans respect him. He's picked some excellent players for them and has mostly learned his lesson on the free agent front.

So we trained him, and now another team is reaping the benefits. Same with Ireland, he's been training now for 4 years. His drafts have gotten better but he still needs some work. But too late. Fans want him gone. And I bet you if he goes, 3 years from now we will be watching him making great picks for another team.

I say that because if you think about it, how many great gms are out there to hire? Teams don't fire gms when they are doing well. Teams hire gms that didn't do well in their last stop, or scouts/asst. gms taking their next step. These people need training just like any other job.

And when Ireland is fired we will be starting over with the 'next great scout' and hoping he works out for the better. It's just a vicious cycle imo.

- Oscar, you don't belong with this People. - I know, Ralph, but somehow, I want to Teach them.

The Blog, I'm every where. I'm here, I'm there, I'm at the Post. I guess you will just have to deal with me :) Glad you like reading my posts so much, I'll try to write more for you.

What does "the blog" think about my post at 6:14? You have any thoughts to add. Agree or disagree?

Phins78, go back to Ohio's blog where you might be welcome.

Seriously, you're as lame as it gets. I'm the only one even responding to your posts. Isn't that depressing you?

Take your dirty fellow lamer Odinstank with you.


Posted by: The Blog | August 14, 2012 at 06:14 PM

I second the motion.

On Internet, better keep it brief. Right, Arrmando?

The Blog, I like when you boss people around, especially when you boss me. I'm seriously aroused right now. Please boss me around some more. Tell me what to do and where to go. But this time use a lot of exclamations so I know you're mad and yelling at me.

LMAO you second you're own post? You second the "motion"? Hahahahaha I second the motion too, I already told you it's arousing me, now you're adding motion? Hoooooooooooooo boy it's a party now! :)

OK, Ralph.


Speilman better hope he knows something about his 12th overall pick C.Ponder from last draft that nobody else did. I

Allright, I'll let you have your play room back for a bit, gotta go. Have fun.


fin4life I know what you're saying but you know just as well as I that no GM hits on every player. Busts come in every round. I'm just saying overall Spielman has done very well for the Vikings, and the fans really like him there. I'll check back later, got to go.

We will never forget Welker, and his trade. Yes?

Accidentally posted before finishing up my thought. I saw plenty of Ponder at FSU and believe him made of butter. You know it's not a great sign when your QB was perpetually hurt in College given the NFL is full of bigger, stronger and faster players who will punch your clock on any given Sunday.

I haven't seen a great deal of movement upwards on his Vikes watch. They have drafted Ponder and hired Leslie Frazier on his clock and are walking backwards if you ask me.

They don't even boast a very dominating D anymore. There LB's are a group of no-names outside of Greenway and the secondary is in shambles. Hey did you see there game Vs. S.F. they're new 3rd down specialist is Lex Hilliard when they already have a battering ram in Toby Gerhardt which was the one pick I did give him credit for, no dice, we usually agree but not on this subject old pal.


I thought your post more telling on the subject and do feel that the pendulum could swing if Tannehill were to become a player but in all honesty I'm left dumbfounded by Ireland and feel his time here hurt him not the other way around. It was after all Jerry Jones who pegged him best when he said he thought him a very good director of scouting which is evident in his left field finds but true team buider I don't believe he is or will be and if I'm dead wrong will be happy to eat crow on here with a side of horse raddish and hope he makes me but am not holding my breath



Bull$**t Tannehill isn't gonna watch Hard Knocks tonight. "Yeah, I've never been on an HBO reality series and I'm really just not into it". Just answer..."Of course I'm gonna watch it. Wouldn't you watch yourself on a critically acclaimed HBO series"?

I'm just saying overall Spielman has done very well for the Vikings, and the fans really like him there.

Posted by: Phins78 | August 14, 2012 at 06:27 PM

That statement right there proves you know nothing. Why others even respond to you is tough to figure.


Hugo....weren't you posting as a different name yesterday....geesh....is it so hard to type under one name....I could even debate ideology with you if you just picked ONE NAME and stuck to it...,,

You see...in the sane world.....its OK to disagree....and still be civil...you got that Osca...I mean Hugo....

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