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Philbin: It's 'good' to let Tannehill start in preseason

I told you several days ago not to be surprised if Ryan Tannehill starts Friday's preseason game at Carolina. I told you in a post earlier today that Tannehill was the best of the three quarterbacks in the two-minute drill today.

So the stage is set for tomorrow's practice, which will be the last one of training camp, to see the Tannehill versus Matt Moore competition for Friday's starting job.

Coach Joe Philbin today explained why starting Tannehill at some point this preseason makes sense:

“It would give him a chance to work with the first group in a game situation against better competition, and I think that would be good," Philbin said. "Our plan all along was at some point in time, whether it be this week, next week or the week after, our plan all along was to let all three of those guys have some opportunities. That’s kind of what our thought was, so if it happens this week; obviously we have one more day of practice so we’ll take a good look at it.

"Obviously we haven’t sat down yet today but we’ll start that in a few minutes, but we’ll just evaluate this week. He’s going to play a lot, Matt’s (Moore) going to play a lot, and Pat (Devlin) will probably play some, we have three guys. We’ll take it from there.”

Moore and Tannehill talked to reporters today. Here is what they said:

Quarterback Matt Moore 

(On his reaction to wide receiver Chad Johnson being released) –“I don’t know. I don’t think I can speak much on it. I knew it was a possibility. It’s up to the organization and Coach (Joe) Philbin and they handled it the way they saw fit.” 

(On the competition between wide receivers Roberto Wallace and Marlon Moore) – “It’s good. Those guys are working their tails off. Each making plays when they get the opportunities and trying to showcase their talents. It’s been fun to watch. (They are) both talented guys and it’ll be interesting to see how that kind of shakes out.” 

(On the cohesiveness of the offensive line) – “Yeah, they’ve done well, just with the new offense and everything. They’ve done really well. They are such a tight group anyways. It’s kind of one of those things (where) one guy goes down and another guy step right in and we don’t miss a beat. They’ve done a good job in the room.” 

(On when he expects to hear if he will start on Friday against the Carolina Panthers) – “I don’t know.”

(On if the announcement of whether he will be starting against the Panthers affects his preparation for the game) – “No, not at all. It’s one of those things, just be ready. I’m like a reliever. They need me; I’ll come in and play.” 

(On if he’s interested in seeing what quarterback Ryan Tannehill will do against the starters) –“Football’s football. It doesn’t matter who he’s playing against. He’s got to go out and produce regardless." 

(On if being a veteran helps him have a leg up to be a starter based on coach Philbin’s statement that he will start the best person for a game on that day) –“Maybe. I don’t know. These are interesting questions. Yeah, because I’ve had the experience, maybe, but I don’t feel that way. I mean he’s going to do what’s best for the team, who’s going to give us the best chance to win like he said in any given game and that guy will play.”

(On how it has helped him get extra reps in practice with quarterback David Garrard being injured)– “Yeah, the reps are good. You want to see and prepare in this offense as much as you can. You want to see as many defenses as you can. Our defense is definitely throwing a lot at us, but we miss David, but you love getting the opportunities for more throws and more opportunities to do well.”

(On Garrard’s health and how he’s handling things)– “He’s doing good. He’s obviously a little bummed out, but he’s doing everything he can, just rehab wise and he’s a professional, I’m sure he’ll handle it the best way.”

And after Moore was done speaking, Tannehill talked to a huddle of reporters:

(On Joe Philbin saying that he will start the quarterback in the first regular season game based on who gives the team the best chance to win on that day) –“I don’t know. It’s not up to me to decide, but I’m just going to go out here every day (and) try to do the things I can do to make this team better. (I) try to improve my game as much as I can every day and, hopefully, when it comes that time, I’m that guy. I want this team to win, so if I’m not the best guy at that time, I want this team to win.”

(On if he has been told what his role on Friday against the Carolina Panthers) – “No, I have not. I’m just coming out here every day like I said. Just working to get better, try to take advantage of these preseason games. When you get in, get your reps, try to take advantage of them. Don’t know exactly when they’re going to come, but just want to take advantage of them when they come.”

(On if he thinks starting the game will give him a better opportunity to show what he can do) – “I just try to take advantage of those reps. If I get one reps in practice, try to make the most of it. You get the better looks from the one defense, tougher looks. So if I get the one reps in the game, then I’ll try to take advantage of them. It’s a balancing act. Coach Philbin wants all the QBs to get some one reps. Whenever my time comes, just got to take advantage of it.”

(On if he feels like he has improved since the start of training camp) – “I dang sure hope so. It’s a waste of time if I haven’t improved. I feel like I’ve gotten better every day. Still making mistakes, yes, but I feel like I’m learning form my mistakes, getting a better handle, more comfortable with the guys being able to move the ball down the field. Try to get a little bit better every day in every aspect of the game and, to answer your question, yes, I think I’ve improved a little bit.”

(On how comfortable he is checking out of plays at the line of scrimmage) – “I’m pretty comfortable. That’s a big part of our offense is being able to get into a good play at the line. See a lot of looks in this league from defenses. You want to be able to get into a good look. Sometimes, you are not going to have the best play called for what they come out in, so got to be able to get in a good look and there’s also some instances you have to live with it. You’ve got to call a play fast, play with tempo and run the play that’s called.”

(On how impressed he is with the offensive line) –“They’ve done a great job. I don’t think I had too much pressure today in practice at all. I was able to really sit in the pocket, make some throws, get to some late progressions, third progressions. I feel like they’ve done a great job. They’re getting better. I think Jonathan Martin has really improved throughout camp. He seems to be getting more comfortable within the right side with his sets. It’s a great unit and I think they’re getting better.”

(On if he feels he gets overconfident at times)– “I’m confident, but I don’t want to be overconfident. That can be a bad thing for a quarterback. You start forcing balls, trusting your arm too much and you’re not really able to fit it into that window and you try too.  It’s something where you really have to know yourself, be honest with yourself and know when you can get the ball in there and when you can’t.”

(On what quarterback Matt Moore is like as a person that he’s going up against every day in practice)– “Matt’s a fun guy. I enjoy coming to meetings. I enjoy practicing with him. He’s a good guy. He helps me out. I try to help him out. I said all along it’s a great competition. Even with Dave (Garrard) in there, we’re all trying to help each other out. We’ll all have fun in our meetings. We try to learn, soak up all the information we can, but have fun with it. It’s a long season. It’s a long camp, so got to have a little bit of fun in there. We try to laugh a little bit in our room and laugh on the field. Matt’s a great guy. Pat (Devlin) as well. We have a great room.”

(On being nicknamed “The People’s Choice”)– “The people’s choice? I don’t know about that. That’s not what I say.”

(On if he’s going to watch Hard Knocks tonight)– “I probably won’t. I didn’t really watch it last week, so I probably won’t watch it tonight.” 


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Look at the end the comment was witch young WR steps up??? Here is my answer
One Hogan! The rest drop too many passes no separation.. Boy at least if Tannehill flops that we will have a chance to draft top two QB next year!! I don't like Philbin only because I think and it's my opinion he got mental issue with he son death and new coach new responsiblity
He probably not think straight his son death is still pretty fresh right now!! I don't know but it has me worried!! Hey they all said Wallace doesn't get enough of seperation!
Boy we are in trouble or Tannehill is in trouble!!

ray don't you have a psalm to read?

The one thing that comes to mind off the bat is the lack Philbin has of being able to look his players in the face. In his meeting at the end with Ocho seemed like he was going to drop a deuce when he cut him and yes it's the NFL not some Bible study group. I firmly believe Ocho had a foot out the door as is and this just gave him the excuse he wanted to make an example of someone to the team, like he said, "I'm not trying to flex my Head Coach muscle" B.S. that was it in a shell and I for one have no problem with it just be more of a man and don't dance around problems so much. I do like the attitutde of the OL and T.E. Coaches though who seem a breath of fresh air.

After everything I've heard, read, and seen, I have no reason to believe Tannehill is any better then Henne. I simply need to see a lot more before passing any judgement.

After everything I've heard, read, and seen, I have no reason to believe Jay is any better then Gay. I simply need to see a lot more before passing any judgement.

Yes you are correct! Psalm is on my list Tonite before I go to bed! Thank you!
But philbin asks his coaches who do what how this guy playing etc etc What he ain't watch practice!!! The coach better step it up him self! This is the big leagues in coaching!!


You are the first person in history to write worse than Aloco. It's truly amazing.

But philbin asks his coaches who do what how this guy playing etc etc What he ain't watch practice!!! The coach better step it up him self! This is the big leagues in coaching!!

Posted by: ray | August 14, 2012 at 11:28 PM

Freakin hysterically bad English!

Philbin looks like this stage is too big for him
Another JI mistake!! I'm telling you Philbin kid got killed!!! It takes awhile to over come that! Obvious we probably don't know how it feels to lose a son Hey he said it himself at the beginning of the show!!

I love exclamation points! They are great! Periods are boring! So are question marks and commas!! I just love exclamation points I always use them after every sentence!!

Really! I do! I mean it!!!

I know I'm half of sleep!! But you get my point right??? I just don't see a lot of energy from Philbin!!! I don't know??? I'm a stupid
Can't write, I have bad English and I'm a dolphin!!! You go figure!! I know I have problems. It's ok God is with me and he loves me!! GO PHINS BABY!!

It's great, just really great how they spend so much time each week on Les the TE that can't block a butterfly. Smart too, show as much of him as you can before he gets cut.

I like exclammation points too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T-Hill is the future of the franchise. Can we stop with the asinine responses comparing him to Henne. The only thing T-Hill and henne have in common is the same LT.

Also, Even if the fins have the #1 overall pick and have matt Barkley is staring them in the face. The fins won't go Qb next year. Maybe CB but not Qb. They won't go Qb for the next 10-15 years in the 1st.

U can quote me on this one "Ain't No Qb coming out next year better than Tannehill"

Hulk Hogan should get a shot at a Wr spot. Didn't see nothing on Marlon Moore

As I see it right now

Hulk Hogan and the rest

All in that order. Yes Bess is a slot Wr, but he is our #1 Wr.

Yeah. Instead of just being nice including me to everybody we disrespect each other!
That's what lacks America LOVE!! Too much hatred!! Why hate each other here we are all Miami dolphin family, so let's get along help each other out man! Thanks guys and God bless each and everyone of you! No hard feelings!

Also Philbin has to big a chin to look like can't Cameron

Philbin has that bill cowher face. Except less angry.

Matt Moore. What more can I say. The guy wasn't even prepared for a preseason game. Also, those who keep saying has T-Hill had a better practice than Moore? Read all the practice reports and tell me when did Moore have a better practice than T-Hill? Starting from today back.

Also, Moore doesn't have the confidence to start over T-Hill. Just read today's interview. He's not sure he's better

Guys, John Beck looked good in preseason!

Dude I am with you dude on T-hill, even it he tanks and we win one game the PHINS won't get tempted to draft a Barkley or the best available QB?? WoW. Man. I don't know about that, Tannehill really has to be a Probowler not to want to draft a top QB coming out next year if he tanks! I'm just saying guys!

Thats not a terrible scenario. If Tannehill starts and tanks we may get Matt Barkley.

No wonder Matt Moore seems to never get any better. He still hasnt figured out why his former teams nor this team wants to move on from.

Moore still hasnt a clue he's highlyn inconsistent.

Don't get all these people saying we have a big drop off at WR now that Chad is gone. From what I have seen so far he wasn't much of an upgrade. On hard knocks he was kicked around by Sean Smith. Imagine what a real CB would do to him. He's not big, he's not fast anymore and his hands look average.

Seems like business as usual. Usualy speaking as un-usual. Ireland lucky enough to get Moore last yr went on to save the season for what it was. Now all shinny and new Tannehill is forcing Ireland to once again, Fu** up by releasing or trading Matt Moore. Had Sparano opened up the QB competition last yr., Tannehill might not be here. Now lets go over some of Irelands rather mysterious moves. Marshall, gone, Chad Johnson, gone,(why on earth did Jeffery sign Johnson?) how many linemen gone? How many coaches, good and bad, gone. The Dolphins are a revolving turn style with no end in site. And if things keep going the way they've been going, we'll I see another head coach and lots more players in the near furture. Been Dolfan since 1966, am 63 and theres probably no SuperBowl in the near furture.

I am interested to see if Hogan, 7-11, actually is open and gets the ball. Great story but we will see if it is true. If so, incredible find.

Tannehill seemed to be a good guy, good connections with the other players, at a good stage of development for a rookie with limited college experience. As the Colts are doing with Luck, given that Moore is not heads and shoulders above Tannehill, Miami should play him a lot.

Johnson's real mistake was focusing on being a celebrity instead of focusing on being a football player. His second mistake was on head-butting a woman - head-butts should be reserved for men and for seriously deserving men at that. His third mistake was marrying this woman in the first place. What was he thinking?????

Don't understand the man love everyone has with Moore. Yes he is a pretty good guy and was okay last year in relief of Henne, but he is not an elite QB. He was 6-6 and had wins over non-playoff teams.

Let's see how Tannehill looks against #1s in preseason.

If Moore can't be head-n-shoulders above a rookie in preseason I don't want him starting. Do you think Brees, Brady, Vick, etc. or any other starting caliber team in this league would be struggling against a rookie?

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