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Philbin, Sherman expecting great things from QBs

Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin are agreed. They both think the Dolphins quarterbacks are going to be pretty darn good this year.

"I’m confident about it that we are going to get very, very good quarterback play out of that group," Philbin said Monday. "I believe we have talented players with good arm strength, good mobility with good leadership qualities. I couldn’t be happier about the four men that are in that room and I told them the same thing."

Sherman goes a tad further. He thinks one of Miami's team strengths will be the quarterback play.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been in our situation," he said. "I know we came in here, there’s a lot talk about the quarterback position and all the angst, and rightfully so. I feel very confident that we’re going to be able to…that will not be a weakness on this football team. I think that will be one of our strengths when we get done this thing.

"We’re not there yet, we still have a long way to go, but in determining who’s the starter, once we do that, that person will now get sufficiently more reps and I think he’ll just keep getting better. I feel very confident about our quarterback position and where he’s headed and I think we’ll have a good starter when we get done."

That's a lot of optimism sprinkled with confidence from both men.


I think Joe Philbin might be a tad happier if he had Peyton Manning in that room. I think the Dolphins quarterbacks will not be a disaster. I'm thinking the QB position will get the benefit of solid offensive line play and more talent at running back and tight end, with the maturation of Charles Clay.

But the receivers still concern me and they and the quarterback are joined at the hip. If they're not good, it's hard for the QB to be very good. So I'm expectant of solid quarterback play.

But a team strength ahead of the defensive line or the specialists?

I'll believe when I see. We all will.

Here is Sherman discussing the past (Saturday's scrimmage) and the future (Ryan Tannehill):