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Philbin, Sherman expecting great things from QBs

Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin are agreed. They both think the Dolphins quarterbacks are going to be pretty darn good this year.

"I’m confident about it that we are going to get very, very good quarterback play out of that group," Philbin said Monday. "I believe we have talented players with good arm strength, good mobility with good leadership qualities. I couldn’t be happier about the four men that are in that room and I told them the same thing."

Sherman goes a tad further. He thinks one of Miami's team strengths will be the quarterback play.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been in our situation," he said. "I know we came in here, there’s a lot talk about the quarterback position and all the angst, and rightfully so. I feel very confident that we’re going to be able to…that will not be a weakness on this football team. I think that will be one of our strengths when we get done this thing.

"We’re not there yet, we still have a long way to go, but in determining who’s the starter, once we do that, that person will now get sufficiently more reps and I think he’ll just keep getting better. I feel very confident about our quarterback position and where he’s headed and I think we’ll have a good starter when we get done."

That's a lot of optimism sprinkled with confidence from both men.


I think Joe Philbin might be a tad happier if he had Peyton Manning in that room. I think the Dolphins quarterbacks will not be a disaster. I'm thinking the QB position will get the benefit of solid offensive line play and more talent at running back and tight end, with the maturation of Charles Clay.

But the receivers still concern me and they and the quarterback are joined at the hip. If they're not good, it's hard for the QB to be very good. So I'm expectant of solid quarterback play.

But a team strength ahead of the defensive line or the specialists?

I'll believe when I see. We all will.

Here is Sherman discussing the past (Saturday's scrimmage) and the future (Ryan Tannehill):


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Well I Hope whoever the QB is excels, What is Philbin gonna say
"We're screwed at the QB position".

The big question mark is at WR.
Someone has to step up and be the surprise WR of the league.

If Ryan Tannehill is a stud, then the coaches will turn out to be right. If they're just talking about Garrard and Moore, they're blowing smoke and whistling in the graveyard at the same time.

Top two favorite topics of VIO (Village Idiot Odin)

1. Gaylord
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I have absolutely no problem with Tannehill sitting this year, give us one more high draft pick before Tannehill takes over and our team matures into a playoff contender. Let him learn the game instead of getting torn apart and thrown aside (Gabbert, Ponder anyone?)


Fa's over ith, we didnt get Peyton, ove on. Geesh!

Why all the hate on Odin?

There is no question at WR. THEY STINK!

cant wait to see Tannehill in action

Trade Matt Moore to Cleveland. Theyve named Weedon starter already.

Colt McCoy must really stnk in camp.

Hope the beer combo of Bush And Miller work out.
Maybe Beck from the skins gets cut and we can have a all beer back-field.

How would you like to be locked alone in a very small room with Brandon Marshall?

hard knocks tomm!

YG, Id rather be deserted on a Island with Angelina Jolie.

why would cleveland want moore

marshalls stats will be scary this year. should have huge year with cutler

Bill, Marshall could have had a great year last year with the fins but he DROPPED 5 or 6 for sure TDs.

Safe to say Moore's days are numbered now. I say he is gone before the last preseason game. Ireland will get a 5th round pick for him.

yean and was missed about 1000 times by moore and henne

moore isnt done yet, all depends now on how they play in pre season games. i doubt anyone would give a 5th for moore

Armando, Sherman didn't say they would be THE team strength. He said ,A , team strength. Teams can have more than one strength. I know you haven't seen that a lot covering our Dolphins but come on man. Not once did he say the qbs would be a team strength "ahead of the dline and specialists". So basically your debating yourself.

You took his meaning and totally twisted it to create a differing point of view. You should apply to work at msnbc or fox news. And right after I said your writing was wonderful!

Bill I think I read somewhere where he had the most drops in the NFL last year, I wish himluck in Chicago, His salary vs. TD ratio was about 6 Million Dollars per TD.
A little expensive IMHO.

dropped a lot of balls no doubt, but man is he good. will be scary in that offense, either way screw him

Yep, it's official, the guy is in love with odinseye. He just waits at the keyboard for odinseye to make one comment then he pounces on him with the love of one million women after Brad Pitt. So funny. Odinseye write more, this nancy is cracking me up. Can't wait to read his next love letter.

YG he was the starter the day of the draft right? Anyone who thought McCoy had a shot in this "competition" was fooling themselves.

Gotta Wonder if Miller will last the year, He's quick but what is he about 180 LBs?, I hope he does well he is from the "U" you know.
Quite a few RBs from the "U" were successful in the NFL.

Dropped a lot of balls? Only an all boys highschool can boast of dropping more balls than Marshall!

LOL @ Phins78.

"We’re not there yet, we still have a long way to go, but in determining who’s the starter, once we do that, that person will **now** get sufficiently more reps and I think **he’ll** just keep getting better. I feel very confident about our quarterback position and where **he’s** headed and I think we’ll have a good starter when we get done."

A usual I'm probably readin too much into things. But, I can't help the feeling that I detected a Fruedian Slip.

The three words above(asteriks)just seemed a little out of place.

".....that person will now get sufficiently more reps."

Seems a little odd. He could have said, then they'll get the majority of reps.

"...He'll just keep getting better".

That's not as bad.....until you correct the misuse of the word "Now" before it. If he were using the proper context the "He'll" would be even more out of place.

".......and where's he's headed".

That's the worst one of the bunch. When you put them altogether, I believe they add up to a Fruedian Slip. Barring any major shake ups or Rookie miracles, I think Philbin and Sherman ALREADY have their minds made up as to who exactly their starting QB is.

Disclaimer: It's probably just some good old Monkey Boy inspired Paranoia on my part. But I believe the decisions been made.

not even close yet, will depend on how they look in the games

In the past 2 years all we heard was incomplete, overthrown, underthrown, thrown too hard, interception and that was practice. Now we hear 9 of 11 and a td.

So I am with them and believe that the qb play will be stronger this year.

marshalls stats will be scary this year. should have huge year with cutler

Posted by: bill connors | August 06, 2012 at 07:49 PM

I agree! Richard Marshall will have some awesome stats. I don't think he'll have picks against Cutler though........we don't even play the Bears..........do we?

-Odin- ;)


brady today saying he wants to play well into his 40's


All beer backfield?

That is really BAD!!!

Odin, he must have thrown on 30LBs since playing for the "U", I could have sworn he was 185LBs last year.
Then again,A little suppliment will add on extra LBs from what I've heard.

I was going to write another "bad" commentary against odin, but I guess he has become a part of us(and Debo, of course). Why you know so much Football you such an assshole? Why you look like Ireland?

Sorry Steve, Could'nt help myself.

If I were Brady now, I would retire, and look after Giselle.

coalition, its "he" as in "the starter". being that there will only be one starter, "they" doesn't make sense.

unless of course, one or two of them is female then, you are right, a male has already been chosen.

not even close yet, will depend on how they look in the games

Posted by: bill connors | August 06, 2012 at 08:34 PM

I hear you and I HOPE so. But it was some curious language involved there.

(Thank God, it's still nowhere near as bad as SpOrano Speak) ;)

Nahh, odin don't go for no morphine(he has good taste, a child of mine) he goes for, better things.

Taking him on his first Goose Hunting Outing next weekend!
Shooting the shyt out of something should off set the Morphine quite well!
Posted by: odinseye | September 05, 2011 at 06:18 PM

But Odinstank, you keep saying the same thing
"Someones impersonating me"
Dude, all I want you to say is
"I was F/Up on drugs and anything I say I Apolgize first cause I'am on drugs.
Thats all Iam trying to get out of you.

It is a fact that when that guy was buggering all those kids they didn't say ayyy. hmm..., Armando.

Hmm.., I better keep on listening to Jimmy Smith.

Dissapointing that the 8th pick in the draft is 3rd string.

Brady playing into his 40's is a nightmare for the Dolphins.

bellicheat will cut him at 39

sorry,coalition...I spoke to you as if you were a serious, intelligent poster, and your comment about the 8th pick being 3rd string shows I was wrong.

Philbin should be fired if he doesnt start Moore. Same mistake Sparano made.

Well philbin has been around Farve Rodgers Flynn I would think that he knows QB play! Right! Ok. With that said I believe him Garrard in the pass when healthy which he is was a pretty good QB. Matt Moore play decent enough to earn a start on this team and last but not least Tannehill can become a starting QB in the near future! Now with! Garrard stats Moore stats not to bad they can play in this league against vey good defenses! So in a analogical point of view is possible that good QB play can become the most improve area on the team with the OL not too far away! Now can we run the ball
F u c Yeah last year we ran ok with a rookie center a RS of the OL playing musical chairs and still able to run the ball decently!! The WR will it's a work in progress but some one will rise to the top! Now how is that mask man! How in the f u c I now!! That's why I'm asking you who!!!

Remember the name "J-train" Lane. Coming to a fin depo near you.

I wonder if we get the chance to draft "the honey badger" next year?

Just so I'm clear...

Was it even possible for Philbin to say something other than he is expecting great things from his QB's?


Its not like he was going to say they will stink up the joint this season.

Dont know if anyone here will believe me, but, something very wrong with the upstairs suite in Vontae Davis' head.

Jack Sparrow,

Be thankful Tony Sparano didnt say it. It would have taken 3 weeks to decifer that's what he means. Finally, a coach that speaks understandable english during pressers.

Tony Sparano pressers used to give me migraine headaches.

At Sparano pressers he would leave us knowing no more at pressers end than we knew before is pressers began. Except for the feeling of falling off of a very fast merry-go-'round.

How funny is it that the Jets now have the worst passing dou Tebone and Sanchez,Has Sporono as a OC,Rex Ryan as a HC and lost edwards(WR) I think the fins went from 4th in the AFC east to second just for what the jets aquired.

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