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Philbin, Sherman expecting great things from QBs

Mike Sherman and Joe Philbin are agreed. They both think the Dolphins quarterbacks are going to be pretty darn good this year.

"I’m confident about it that we are going to get very, very good quarterback play out of that group," Philbin said Monday. "I believe we have talented players with good arm strength, good mobility with good leadership qualities. I couldn’t be happier about the four men that are in that room and I told them the same thing."

Sherman goes a tad further. He thinks one of Miami's team strengths will be the quarterback play.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never been in our situation," he said. "I know we came in here, there’s a lot talk about the quarterback position and all the angst, and rightfully so. I feel very confident that we’re going to be able to…that will not be a weakness on this football team. I think that will be one of our strengths when we get done this thing.

"We’re not there yet, we still have a long way to go, but in determining who’s the starter, once we do that, that person will now get sufficiently more reps and I think he’ll just keep getting better. I feel very confident about our quarterback position and where he’s headed and I think we’ll have a good starter when we get done."

That's a lot of optimism sprinkled with confidence from both men.


I think Joe Philbin might be a tad happier if he had Peyton Manning in that room. I think the Dolphins quarterbacks will not be a disaster. I'm thinking the QB position will get the benefit of solid offensive line play and more talent at running back and tight end, with the maturation of Charles Clay.

But the receivers still concern me and they and the quarterback are joined at the hip. If they're not good, it's hard for the QB to be very good. So I'm expectant of solid quarterback play.

But a team strength ahead of the defensive line or the specialists?

I'll believe when I see. We all will.

Here is Sherman discussing the past (Saturday's scrimmage) and the future (Ryan Tannehill):


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Ricky hit the bong just so that he could better undersand Sparano.

How ironic would it be if the Jets ended up ith 2012's worst win-loss record. Then make Matt Barkley thier first overall pick.

Then Barkley(USC) replaces anchez(USC). Then Sparano ruins Barkley pulling him out of the gam to ru the wildcat with Tebow.

Yep, Vonte has major issues right now. Especially when your brother is being investigated for murder.

Gotta start using LOL again or you guys will think Im being impersonated. LOL


I'll be the first to say the Jets may not be better than the 2011 Indianapolis Colts this season. LOL

You keep up your fight my friend.
I'am out for the night, You guys be nice tonight.
(Or no ice cream)LOL

Momma Maria, ALoco loves u 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grow the hell up, this is a football blog. Not a group of 12 year old girls insulting and calling each other names.

Sorry to hear about your injury. Had to have a disc removed, and a bone fusion, L-4 & L-5 back in 1991. Spent a year in a back brace. Then, had my 2nd heart attack in 2004. Needless to say, that's why I'm retired now. Anyways, I hope everything works out for you. Just hang tough...

Believe Miami is in fact better off at the QB position and haves many good options

Perhaps it was preordained as Garrard was Ireland's man and choice all along

Still believe team voted MVP who threw 3 TDs y-day and no INTs to Garrards 2 TDs and 2 INTs is the better option

but this is Ireland's team and he really has a thing for Garrard

Either way, Go Phins!

moore worked with 2's on offense in practice. he already proved what he could do in games last year. raw deal as ireland prefers garrard.

When you have a QB controversy... YOU DONT HAVE A QB!!

give me a break with manning talk already. Let's have him play more than 2 games and we can talk. If manning goes down where do you think denver will be? I bet they won't go as far as they did last year with manning. They won't win a playoff game like denver and tebow did last year.

greg z, what's up bro? Hey, you going to camp at all this year?

On another note, don't want to sound like Craig M or anything defending Ireland, but why exactly would you think Ireland prefers Garrard? And even if that were true, why do you think that matters in who the starter is? Joe Philbin (and Mike Sherman) don't seem to me like foot soldiers, doing what they are told (like Sparano was). Just over the last few months, I'm getting the feeling that they will make the football decisions for this team, and won't allow the GM to sway them one way or the other. Actually, I read a quote from Ireland who was amazed at the practice speed and everything going on, sounded like he didn't have a clue what was happening on the field (as far as being part of it, instead of a bystander). I think the lines are pretty well delineated. Ireland is the GM and gets the talent, and Philbin and the Coaches make the decisions on the field.

Just trying to understand why you feel the way you do (knowing you're no fan of Ireland)?

My feeling is Moore is who is always was. Some thought he was some butterfly or something, waiting to hatch from the moth he's been. They saw him play pretty well end of last year, and thought he finally was reaching his potential. I never felt that way. I felt he overplayed last year. And that he really didn't do all that much (if you look at the QB play across the league). He beat bad teams. That doesn't make you great, that makes you adequate. You're SUPPOSED to beat bad teams if you're an ok QB. And that's all Moore's EVER been. And if you look around the league, QBs don't just suddenly become good (or even great) after being mediocre. That doesn't really happen (not saying it can't ever happen).

Moore has the skills to win games in the NFL, he doesn't have the skills (IMO) to be a franchise QB. I actually credit Ireland for understanding that, and bringing Garrard in to compete. Worst comes to worst, Moore would be pushed and win a convincing competition and be the respected starter. As it turned out, Moore has floundered, and Garrard has taken his mantle at the top. Either or, we're getting a caretaker QB until Tannehill is ready, and that's all EITHER OF THESE GUYS were EXPECTED to do. Tannehill is our answer. These other guys are just band-aids (so really, why does anyone care who starts, Garrard or Moore?).

It is times like now that I think of the aching beauty of Michelangelo's 'Pieta' and am calmed by its ethereal magic.

Please join me on this journey, Miami Dolphins fans. I bestow blessings upon you.

It is more likely that Matt Moore has hit his ceiling. We have seen the best of him. This is his 4th system, offensivly in the NFL. 2 here 2 in carolina. Been there for all pre season workouts. He just does not get better.

He is a good guy though, good teammate. But how many of those guys do you keep vs. talent?

Im going out on a limb here: LOL

"Coming into his rookie season, Ryan Tannehill is as good a prospect or even better, than Aaron Rodgers coming into the league in his rookie season."

Sure Rodgers had far more collegiate games under his belt. But, as far as size, tools, and Tannehill definitely edges him out on athleticism. Ryan Tannehill has a "chance" to be just bas good or better.

Im beginning to love Tannehill's dedication and enthusiasm for the game. He seems to be very bright and only needs to gtet the mental aspects of reading pro defenses down to a science, Then I'll have no doubts he'll become nearly or as good as Rodgers running this Green Bay styled west coast offense.

Matt Moore is NOT a franchise QB...I predict he gets cut prior to week one and we keep Devlin at #3(much cheaper).

I agree with Poizen in that Moore's talent level has "peaked" and what you see is what you'll get...a QB who can win games, but never get you deep into the playoffs.

garrard=back ^=6-10.
moore=back ^=6-10.
go w/ the ??.


Earl Morrall took over for Bob Griese(injury) in 1972 and reeled off 11 straight victories on the way to historic 17-0 season. Still coach Shula inserted Bob Griese back into the starting lineup when ready to play in the playoffs.

Morrall was fantastic and went on a fantastic run. Didnt create a qb controversy for Shula though, he wasnt blinded by the light. Matt Moore didnt come close to going on a Earl Morrall-like backup qb run.

Given a choice I would take Morrall over Moore any day. Moore had a nice 6-3 backup qb run. Some folks here need to accept that's all it was, a "backup qb" run. Sure he doesnt practice well. But some here meed to also remember, for stretches of games he also doesnt play very well.

That my friend is very backup-like qb-ish to me.

Scott Mitchell went on a nice backup qb run too. Soon as he left the fins and became an nfl starter. It was like he rode off into the sunset never to be heard from again. Some here need to get over Matt Moore. He was what he was, and is what he is, a slightly above average at best backup qb.

Matt Moore can be a top 5 QB in the league. He was awesome last year and will continue to get better with playing time.

Clyde Gates must have read this blog Yesterday. He already has 2 td catches in practice today. Also, must have read the newly released depth chart and realized he's about to get his ghetto pass if he doesnt step it up. LOL

Fin 77,

I would be a top 5 qb in the peewee leagues. Is that what you mean about Matt Moore? LOL

see last seasons philly game.

or the pick he threw in the NYG game that killed the drive.

pouncey f'n blows out of the shot gun. same thing last season. why didn't the knuckle head practice that all f'n offseason. dope.

Whats so hard about snapping the ball out of shotgun, seems like its a mental issue for Pouncey.

he doesn't want 2 get bull dozed by the nt, so he wings it to the qb who has 2 jump out of his skin to snatch it while skrewing up all of the o's timing 4 the play.


You're right. Drew Brees didn't struggle when he came into the league for the first 3-4 years. Eli didn't struggle when he first started with NYG. Tom Brady was EXACTLY the QB he is today when he was drafted. That's why he couldn't get ahead of Bledsoe. Matt Hasselbeck was an automatic starter in the league as a 6th round draft pick for GB. Everyone knew Romo was a starter in the NFL when he went undrafted. Same with Kurt Warner. Everyone knew at that time that he'd be a 3 time MVP. That's why he was never drafted.

What are you talking about that you never get any better as a QB in this league? What are you saying you don't suddenly become good after being mediocre? Ever look at what Rich Gannon did with the Raiders? Alex Smith last year with the Niners? Are you telling me those guys weren't good after being mediocre? Come on man....weak point!

Whats so hard about snapping the ball out of shotgun, seems like its a mental issue for Pouncey.

Posted by: Clue | August 07, 2012 at 09:55 AM

Even more reason for Tannehill to start soon. He's a former reciever. He should have very little time catching bad shotgun snaps by Pouncey.

"very little problem" LOL


Bad shotgun snaps by Pouncey to Tannehill should equate to an "uplanned wildcat play" by him. He definitely has the size and athleticism to run or pass.

With Tannehill's size and athleticism, he should have the intangible to at times make great plays from broken plays. He already showed a glimpse of it on the td play to Fasano with Philbin screaming for him to just run out of bounds.


One other point. There is no 'good teams should beat bad teams'. The parody in the NFL is huge. Seahawks went into New York and beat the Giants at home. a bad Browns team beat a very good Pats team a couple of years ago. Anybody can beat anybody in any given week. People want to laugh at it but this team could vry easily have been 10-6 last year. We threw games we had no business losing (Broncos, Giants, Pats and Cowboys). The difference between good a bd bad is very small. Packers win the Super Bowl going 9-7. What were the Giants last year, 9-7? Couple more losses and we're not talking World Champs, we're talking mediocre teams.

Who are the good teams this year and who are the bad? Bucs went from 10-6 to lousy last year. Niners went the other way. Jets could be lousy this year after being 10-6 just a short time ago. Rams should be much better this year. This life in the NFL. There are no givens. Everyone was ready to crown the Eagles as champs last year with all the moves they made. They didn't even make the playoffs. Who are the good teams and who are the bad? Hard to tell.


Good teams beat other good teams. We beat no good teams last year, just some teams slightly worse or more worse. While losing to some teams slightly worse or worse than us.

Pats beat a lot of very good teams even though they lost to a very bad Cleveland team. Giants beat some very good teams on thier way to a 2nd sb win. We beat not one good team last year.

Who are the good teams and who are the bad ones? The fin 6-10 2011 win-loss record doesnt give you a clue. LOL

Tampa Bay going from 10-6 to lousy in a year only makes true a famous quote from Bill Parcells:

"You are what your record says you are". LOL

Good post YG

Football is a team, not a individual sport. No matter how great or lousy a team was the year before, its all about, "what have you done for me lately".

It always has been and always will be. So is life! LOL

The bad nfl teams are identifiable by a change of hc's every 1 to 4yrs at most. Hc's have very short shelf lives on bad nfl teams. Usually so do thier qb's. LOL

suky qb's always find a home in davie.lol

and coaches and gm's and owners.

Check out an interesting article that reveals that Ireland may have done a better job in the acquisition department then many phins fans realize. I know we are critical on Ireland, but he may have come through this offseason. What does the rest of phins fans think?

Man, I enjoy listening to Philbin press conferences. I feel like I come away a little more educated about the team.

Sparano, on the other hand, left me coming away even a little more confused about what I thought I already did know. I know it's early, but, I believe Philbin may prove to be our best hc since Shula himself. Thus far Im very impressed.

Im also glad I went out and bought the New Era 39THIRTY white fins cap. It's the exact same one Philbin wears at his press conferences. Dont confuse the 39THIRTY with the flat billed 59FIFTHY by New Era.

what's wrong db, u don't miss spazano with his hand on his chin leaned over the podium chewing gum like a cow does graxx with him saying after every loss,
those guys down there um you kno. those guys uh huh and ahh.etc.lol

Ireland never drafted a top playmaker in his life.

YG, whats the difference between the hats? And I agree with Ireland we have never drafted a top playmaker and its been 4 years.

Listen, is this Hard Knocks around ALL the time? We need to practice some red-zone stuff and trusting them will be like trusting Bill Belichick.

They say there are 2 rookies in the starting line-up for Friday. I know JM is one, but who is the other?

We looks like we're not getting Hard Knocks here in Canada. I talked to my satellitte provider and despite the fact we get HBO in Canada it looks like we're not able to get the show here. Real bummer! So I'll be relying on you guys for some updates. Guess I'll be watching it like six months down the road....dumb rules!


My guess is the Olivier will also get a start but I don't know that for sure.

I believe NOTHING, until it is proven to me, either way.

I believe NOTHING until it is proven to me either way. Just testing.

Ahh, you are retarded.

Google HBO hard knocks in Miami dolphins and you will hopefully get to see it or google FirstRow.com and you might get!
I seen alot of basket ball boxing on that site check it out to see if you get lucky


If you are familiar with New Era caps then you're aware the 59FIFTHY have "flat" bills. The 39THIRTY have "curved" bills. Still confused, google them, see the difference between the flat billed and curved billed ball caps.

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