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Players respond to Hard Knocks embarrassments

Reshad Jones was on fire today. He had three, count them in French -- un, deux, trois -- or in Spanish -- uno, dos, tres -- interceptions during today's practice.

Very impressive. Very, very, very impressive. One of his picks came as Ryan Tannehill, who was also enjoying a good practice, was marching the first-team offense down the field in the two-minute drill. Jones stepped in front of a seam route throw from Tannehill to Anthony Fasano to end the drive at the 15 yard line.

That's the highlight of today's final training camp practice. Yes, the Dolphins are breaking camp today. Veterans get to go home to their families.

Rookies remain in the hotel for the most part. And among those is Michael Egnew, who was featured prominently on Hard Knocks Tuesday night. If you read the post about Hard Knocks you know that both Egnew and Roberto Wallace came off looking badly on TV.

Wallace was the butt of coaches' jokes as they watched tape of a practice. They called him "Ankle Weights Wallace" as they all sat around the table joking. I can tell you that Roberto Wallace put on a good face for the media today about that episode.

But he's not happy.

"At the end of the day it's a show," Wallace said. "That''s what they'll do. Obviously they pointed out all of the negatives which is part of the show. People like drama more than anything. They did it to Vontae (Davis) last week. I try to come out here and try to get better. Whatever criticism the coaches have, I can't control that. What I can control is my effort and my attitude. So I come out here with a positive attitude every day and leave it at that."

Egnew, who has been virtually invisible in practices except for his missed assignments, got ripped by Mike Sherman on Hard Knocks. I thought the kid was going to break down.

"Terrible, terrible," Sherman tells Egnew of his work in practice. "I would cut you today if I was the general manager. I would cut you."

Egnew this afternoon was asked if he got any texts from friends or family after the show last night, either offering support or perhaps some good-natured ribbing.

"I shut my phone off," he said without smiling. 

"I guarantee any player can tell you the experience. It's one of those things that happens a lot because he wants the best out of his players. It just so happens that mine made the episode and it's ok."

Wallace, Egnew and tight ends Charles Clay and Les Brown all are obviously working toward not being the goats on future Hard Knocks episodes. They put in extra work after practice (which you see below) to try to avoid the unwanted scrutiny.


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Listen -- I love the all-access nature of Hard Knocks.

Only playbooks, gameplans etc (things that create direct competitive disadvantage) are off limits. This week proved it.

Great for Fans. TERRIBLE for coaches. I'm sure at every training camp, the coaching staff jokes about underperformers (ankle weights etc), but how can it be anything but dreadful for team unity and loyalty to have the coaching staff making fun of the players be nationally televised each week.

This is not like televising someone being cut. The moment the cut is made -- that player becomes the past. No future harm there.

But showing the private mocking and dressing down of players cannot be a good thing for future team unity for for long-term player respect for the coaching staff.

I told you we were going to make it difficult for you darlings. More to come.

too much laughter for me by the players.

for a team that lacks talent in a lot of areas, going thru a coaching change. havent had a winning record the past few years, i personally think things should be a little more serious and tigther.

Coach seemed very annoyed himself when the rookie had to remove his hat before the meeting.

if im on another team and see this, im laughing at the Miami Dolphins.

Mando, three in French is trois, not trios ... probably just a typo but in case it's not ...

We are aware, Croc. I believe Syria will decide it.

Gary, how did "Hard Kocks" go for you last night?

As in menage a trois.hehehe

Very good use of the french Oscar!

By the way, you chat up that 87 year old from the last blog, she sounded like a freak ...

Hey, Armando, you guys got your as- chewed today. What happened?


armando, how much $$$ is ross gettin from hboo.?

inquiring axxholes want 2 kno.

Ross was an idiot to do Hard Knocks. He just wanted to pocket the money at the expense of the team. Just like honoring the opponent (Tebow) last year.

Who cares about Hard Knocks it's tv. It will not determine how this team will perform. From the looks of it this Dolphin team seems like the last 10 years no discipline.

On WQAM the callers are saying Cam Philbin because he's so weak lol

jones knows that davis and smith f'n blow so he'd better get a move on.

It's no mystery, at least to me, that Ross along with Mike Dee was the one that came up with this stunt. Like the Gator/TT Homecoming Day last year and many others such. Is he doing it for $? Of course. Totally? Hmm..

ross = jets.

This is what pisses me off about this team.....

WHY are they just now doing EXTRA work after practice....Even last year only BUSH was reported to stay after practice to work on his craft...the result...his FIRST 1,000 yard season....

I am so tired of drafting these lazy bums who you have to push/pull/and prod to get anything extra from them....

the miami jets.jets will have the joe.
phins to la.

I didn't see any work. I saw standing around.

I hear they're flying another Fire Ireland plane sign over the stadium for the home opener.

crack out the whip.

c..r..a..c..k..e..r.. ! !

if the phins lose 2 the texans. yeah.

Is Ross honoring Tebow this year?


Philbin's staff is willing to expose these lazy bums to entire sport nation as lazy bums. Sparano created a culture where laziness could thrive.

That or Sparano's head was bury so far up his italian stringy cheese he couldnt see it.

Tim Couch,

The video was only 1 minute long you goof. Or about as long as your nfl playing career. LOL

Couple of observations:

1. On the last blog about S. Smith being 1 of the best Man cover corners in the NFL. Pass me what that guy's been smokin!

2. Les Brown last week on hard knocks. Dan Campbell saying he is a complete liability in pass pro & run blocking.

Then you see Ireland race to defend him by saying you can't find a better athelete. Guess what D*CK face? He's has to block if he's gonna be a TE!

Jeffy, we don't need atheletes, we need football players! Les Brown is an athelete not a baller!

Get over yourself & stop trying to develop a scrub just cause he's got speed. His reps should go to someone else with a shot. His position coach called him a project at BEST.

Why waste more time to develop someone who won't amount to a hill of pinto beans? Your big head tells you so!

Hard Knocks is not the problem. HBO Sports is a class operation. The coaches are not the problem. A coach is not doing a player any favor by lying to him - a coach is supposed give honest direct feedback. If a coach rips a p;layer for doing a lousy job or being out of shape, so be it. Better to find out now than in the season opener like the defense did last year against N.E. when they were sucking wind (gassed) in front of a national television audience. It took that team a half a season to find themselves and their testicles after that imasculation. Point being, if you are going to be embarrassed, get embarrassed by your coach who is trying to help you get better and where it doesn't count in the win and loss columns. Don't get embarrassed by Tom Brady who is trying to kill you.

The assistant coaches who made fun of Wallace new the cameras were rolling, correct? I think they are completely unprofessional idiots. Had to know it would get back to him and might get aired. Not good. Not nice. We're trying to win football games. I cannot believe an NFL organization would sink to being like the Kardashian/Real Housewives total trash crap "reality" TV like that. I cannot believe it. At a time when we need Wallace to step up.

I just find this entire thing (that we're on this TV show) unbelievable.

knew. knew the cameras were on

tim, it means wallace ain't gonna be around.

Who said Smith was one of the best cover corners? Smith? lol

Wallace had 4 catches for 153 yards the other day.

ireland has had his best draft and gathering of rookie FA this team has seen in over a decade. this draft was going to be judged, fairly or not, on tannehill. heck guys on this blog, we know the names, were trashing the pick for months. most still have the nerve to show their faces!! well not faces, just ridiculous screen names (odin)

You think Odin is a ridiculous name?

Well gee Jaison, I think only FEAGGOTS Are named Jaison, NOW WHAT? Jaison!


See what I mean? Makes my wrists feel all swishy just TYPING IT!

See, I'm pointing out how ridiculous it is too point out my particular name, especially when you consider all the screen names that show up at this "Dive and Dimer".

Just for the record JAISON(Oh gosh, there goes the wrists again)Odin is "The NAME" of the "ALMIGHTY GOD". So, what you just said is tantamount to me saying your Folktale you call Jesus is ridiculous. Except in your Folktale, it really is. Come on, let's be honest. Born of a Virgin? Water to Wine(I can do THAT)? Returning from the Dead?

Enuff said.

Now, as for the draft picks, you're getting WAY ahead of yourself. Plain and simple. Your blowing smoke when you talk about any of Irelands picks. For every Pouncey you name, I can give you a TON of Langford's, Henne's, John Jerry's, AJ Edds, etc, etc.....

It's not just the straight up misses either. How about the BLUNDERS? Marshall and Johnson BOTH right of the bat. BAM! The Odrick/Misi fiasco? Remember how he DIDN'T draft any of those GREAT TE's even though we NEEDED one BAD? How about trading back into the 2nd/spending 3 picks on Thomas, right AFTER landing Bush? Thomas is a possible in my book. But he's unproven and NOT worth three picks when Demarco Murray was still just sitting there the WHOLE TIME-Duh(disgusting).

Get it right in the FUTURE JAISON, SHOW ME ONE TIME where I was trashing the players? You can't. I was TRASHING IRELAND and the ignorant way in which he OPERATES!

You can HOPE, you can DREAM, but FACT is, the RESULTS are what matter. Since Jeffy's arrival we haven't seen any. NONE!

I mean, unless you're talking about 7-9, 7-9 and what? An even WORSE 6-10? So, keep clicking your heels together Dorothy, we ain't in Kansas anymore. Thanks in LARGE part to Jeffy, We STILL in the Cellar!

Here it is YEAR 4 for him and he's doing so great, Then tell me WHY were STILL Re-Building?

Finally JAISON, you can Huff and you can Puff, but you'll never........ah.........never.........um............NEVERMIND. With a name like THAT, we won't get into any "Blow Me" talk.


-Odin- ;)

and 27 drops in between.

Yg, on the last post. Yeah Gates time seems to be coming to an end. With Guys Like Hulk Hogan and Pruitt playing better. Tick Tock Gates and Flatline

I saw Hogan run a Patent Welker Route. That Inside Option Route. Where U cut like ur going to run a Out, but U cut/Switch Directions on a dime and turn it into a In route. Hogan has shown the Quickness and FootWork to play Wr. People have to remember he only has 1 yr of College Football and 1 yr on the Fins Practice Squad.

Hulk also outweighs Flatline, Gates, and Moore by more than 30 lbs. And only Gates is Faster. The kid Fits the Prototype of a New Dolphin Wr. Big, Strong, Fast, and Smart. Plus our Wr's need to know how to catch well. Another Philbin Requirement.

I wonder if D Thomas will gain a yard this week?

The coaches didnt embarrass these players. They just gave them the option to prove the coaches right or right. By this I mean:

1. If the players still performed poorly the coaches are right.

2. If the players miraculously performed better, the coaches were right.

Hopefully these players choose option #2.

Flatline, lol hadn't heard that.
Inexperienced coaching staff already getting plenty of exposure, not just bubble players... might be entertaining but I don't see how anyone thinks that's good.

cj is going to change his name back oye cinco and ire will sign him.

Philbin should be disappointed with his coaches for the name calling and mocking of players. Public humiliation never works. You tear people down in private...you build them up in public. Its basic principles of human nature and just good management. The coaches should have got together and spoke about on-camera situations. Just the facts...now Wallace is going to have an issue with his position coach.


You maybe onto something. Ocho-Cinco legally signed the contract, but the Dolphins cut Chad Johnson. Chad Johnson legally headbutted his wife, Ocho-Cinco didnt.

Ocho-Cinco probably has a good court case. Just too bad the case would be thrown out, because we all know he's now Chad Johnson. LOL

Cam Philbin LMAO!!

go fins!

I knew it was only a matter of time until someone called him Hulk Hogan.

What you gonna do, brother?!?!?!?

AZPhinfan is right. He's saying what I'm saying. Exactly. Morale of employees matters. We all know it.

No hc in nfl history was more berating of his players than Vince Lombardi. Now 5 championship titles, 2sb, and the sb trophy now named after. Why should Philbin be disappointed his coaches berated well deserving players? BTW, didnt Philbin come from Green Bay, same as Vince Lombardi?

Dude(AZPhins), maybe you should get back to fingernail painting with the rest of the girls. LOL

Monte, on the last blog. Pretty unbelievable comment.

Monte poses a very valid question.

I'm expecting Cam Philbin to talk about what a nice family Tannehill has! LOL

YG wrong, as usual. Ah, so great to have Fins football again.

or least wife

Tim Couch,

Seems youre into fingernail painting too. Its ok you and AZPhins are soft b1tches. But we dont need them playing on our football team. This isnt a mini skirt tryout, its a football team. LOL

Why should we care if Wallace has an issue with his position coach? he should be licking sac just for an opportunity to bee drawing an NFL salary.

Odin, space on the herald is valuable.

Take your insanely long banter back to Ohio.

Disrespectuflly Yours,

Wow you guys are so sensitive! Thats why you're on this blog and not on a football field (amongst a million other reasons). Who cares, the lowest paid players makes good money to play a great game. This is a tough game and requires tough people! Get over it you pansies! Stopy crying that someone's feelings are hurt! I got an idea lets play nice and coddle everyone and go 2 - 14!

The most feminine thing any person can do is type "LOL" after all of his comments on the internet. Seriously. Look it up.

YG I'd call you a wussy except I know you're no older than 16. So you're just a kid.

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