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Players respond to Hard Knocks embarrassments

Reshad Jones was on fire today. He had three, count them in French -- un, deux, trois -- or in Spanish -- uno, dos, tres -- interceptions during today's practice.

Very impressive. Very, very, very impressive. One of his picks came as Ryan Tannehill, who was also enjoying a good practice, was marching the first-team offense down the field in the two-minute drill. Jones stepped in front of a seam route throw from Tannehill to Anthony Fasano to end the drive at the 15 yard line.

That's the highlight of today's final training camp practice. Yes, the Dolphins are breaking camp today. Veterans get to go home to their families.

Rookies remain in the hotel for the most part. And among those is Michael Egnew, who was featured prominently on Hard Knocks Tuesday night. If you read the post about Hard Knocks you know that both Egnew and Roberto Wallace came off looking badly on TV.

Wallace was the butt of coaches' jokes as they watched tape of a practice. They called him "Ankle Weights Wallace" as they all sat around the table joking. I can tell you that Roberto Wallace put on a good face for the media today about that episode.

But he's not happy.

"At the end of the day it's a show," Wallace said. "That''s what they'll do. Obviously they pointed out all of the negatives which is part of the show. People like drama more than anything. They did it to Vontae (Davis) last week. I try to come out here and try to get better. Whatever criticism the coaches have, I can't control that. What I can control is my effort and my attitude. So I come out here with a positive attitude every day and leave it at that."

Egnew, who has been virtually invisible in practices except for his missed assignments, got ripped by Mike Sherman on Hard Knocks. I thought the kid was going to break down.

"Terrible, terrible," Sherman tells Egnew of his work in practice. "I would cut you today if I was the general manager. I would cut you."

Egnew this afternoon was asked if he got any texts from friends or family after the show last night, either offering support or perhaps some good-natured ribbing.

"I shut my phone off," he said without smiling. 

"I guarantee any player can tell you the experience. It's one of those things that happens a lot because he wants the best out of his players. It just so happens that mine made the episode and it's ok."

Wallace, Egnew and tight ends Charles Clay and Les Brown all are obviously working toward not being the goats on future Hard Knocks episodes. They put in extra work after practice (which you see below) to try to avoid the unwanted scrutiny.


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Cant believe all of you who are so upset by the coaches calling out wallace. Have any of you ever played organized football? It is a mans game. If you cant even take critism from your coaches you will not be playing much longer.

I have to agree with some earlier comments. Coaches calling out players publicly no less millions on TV is beyond amateurish. Try bush league.

I worked in supervision/Mgmt. for more than 25 years and one of the first things I learned was never to berate or make fun of an employee in front of others. You call the employee off to the side and talk to him.

These guys should know better. It must have been their '15 minutes'.


For years you have been one of the more enjoyable posters to read here. However, your 5:28 PM post is far premature.

HBO has set up camp here. Pretty much whereever there are players and coaching staff there's a camera. Same things that would have been said are being said, vice versa done and done. The lone exception is cameras are now everywhere.

Ross wanted Hard Knocks. Everything you see comes with the package. What kind of team would bwe be putting on the field this year if the staff had to change everything they do for how it may look on the camera?

There's no p[lace to run to, no place to hide. Cameras are all over the place at Davie and they are all rolling at same time. HBO just gets to choose which segments will air.

I guarantee, even the janitorial staff are on edge with all of the cameras rolling at Davie. Before Hard Knocks these guys could probably hide out for a couple hours and nap. Now even they could end up being fired on national tv.

I still dont understand what is it about a football show called "HARD KNOCKS" that you bguys dont understand. Its not called "SOFT KNOCKS" for a reason you know.

Go "soft knocks" on your wife/girlfriend and see how long she stays around.

i wanted us to pick Ladarius Green.SD got him in RD 4.
here is what they are saying about him in the SD news:
"the rookie is coming along,looking more comfortable in the Chargers offense. On Tuesday,quarterback Philip Rivers called him the player he's seen make the most progress over the past two weeks.Second-team quarterback Charlie Whitehurst has found the rookie often,taking advantage of Green's combination of size and speed that are a mismatch for defenders. There's a smoothness to Green's catching ability,locating and capturing the ball over shorter defenders with ease"

Granted he's with an established QB and Gates and McMichael,but this guy egnew??? We'll see.

I'd say Egnew looks about as promising a rookie as Manny Wright, Pat White, or Jamar Fletcher.

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"Great for Fans. TERRIBLE for coaches. I'm sure at every training camp, the coaching staff jokes about underperformers (ankle weights etc), but how can it be anything but dreadful for team unity and loyalty to have the coaching staff making fun of the players be nationally televised each week.

Ever play organized football? You should quit the team if crying over a few jokes from the coach gets you down, the players are even harder. Didnt you see the dude with no eye brows with some big junk carved onto his whole skull?

Cam Philbin has no control over the lockeroom. Thats pretty evident already.

Just read through the comments. They gave me a flash back to the last time I had diarrhea.

Philbin is like the wise, level headed leader. He lets his coaching staff bark and growl and intimidate. I like it.

Just read through the comments. They gave me a flash back to the last time I had diarrhea.

Posted by: Chico | August 15, 2012 at 07:34 PM

My sentiments exactly. What a bunch of blow hard krap.

The problem with these blogs is there is nobody here with inside experience to moderate, to point out things none of us can see or even thing about it. For most fans they watch some youtube clips and believe they have a keen eye. In reality, they have no insight. They don't talk to the players coaches, teammates nor have access to nearly as much film, and then there is the stuff none of us are really aware of.

It's easy to believe we would be great GM's or coaches, but I'm sure it is much harder than any of us realize and most if not all of us would fail miserably.

I keep on this blog and others that QB makes the WR great. I think that can be debated.
There are a few receivers and TE that are in the HOF that didn't have great QB's..what you guys think.


We think you should come back when you learn how to write English. Did you go to school?

As an avid world traveler, I find it interesting that it is always the most poverty stricken areas or most poorly educated people that are the most religious, as ray is, and Armando too.

Are these guys the Miami Sharks?

I just noticed the place kicker and he looked......wire-ry....

Judging by some of the comments...I think many posters here don't realize what a tough competitive world it is. They whine about people being called out, they whine if a politician is asked what they deem an unfair question...

Well, in the world I work in, people are challenged brutally by their coworkers, meetings are real debates, job interviews are far more intense than any of this media crap that gets bounced around. I remember Sarah Palin sympathizers saying she was asked unfair questions on the fly. She was asked what she reads to stay abreast of news and world events and she had no answer. No answer. She couldn't even think of magazine name on the fly, yet people were eager to have such an inept human a step away from the presidency. Just one example of too many showing how far society has fallen.

No doubt about it, Roscoe. That's why I became a Psychatrist.

(I know their secrets)

oscar, I am relieved to know at least one person here understands.

Sure, man. Politics apart, residency wasn't easy, not at all. Sometime, I'll relate what I went thru at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami.

But it's not Time(the Moment) yet.

NFL players get paid an awful lot to perform. It's sink or swim. No time for sympathy. Only time for the next challenger.

Many of them make in one or two years what their fans make in twenty years. Think about that. Even if they have a short career of 2 to 5 years, they have already made what many would make in half a lifetime, plenty of money to start a new career or their own business. Plenty. Or simply retire.

- Dr, do you know that Dr. Trujillo is in jail? - Really? If she is to be chaired I volunteer to pull the switch.

Sure, man. Politics apart, residency wasn't easy, not at all. Sometime, I'll relate what I went thru at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami.

Posted by: oscar

oscar, dont bother. WE DONT CARE! This is a football blog. If you're lonely tell your pet fish.

Yeah, and many of them throw it away, Roscoe. Ignorant mofos.

It is becoming evident that Society needs higher Education standards. You really don't want to think about the Alternative.

The thing about Internet, censorship aside, is that commentaries have to be read, and their consequences.

For instance, when I say, Ryan Tannehill will be a great QB, many will Flipp to that opinion and others will fight it. But my commentary did provoke some reaction, now, didn't it?

It is true that if I had a Wife I wouldn't be writing here so much. But I'm Celibate and have no pet fish.


oscar, you and odin are in the same boat. maybe you two and floo each other?

How many times do I have to say this? I'm Celibate, flea.

celibacy is not healthy

women become celibate
men become desperate

Depends on how you handle It, flea.

I will prepare my food now, for I am getting hungry.

Ha!, you shi--ed in your pants!

Is that pulse going down yet, man.

I hope that R. Jones make one, just one interception during the season, not the training camp or the preaseason. Count in French, un, deux, trois, quatre, in Swedish, ett, tva, tre, fyra, in English, one, two, three, four, in.... The number of 'very's' that Salguero used to express his awe about Jones' performance. Gizz, it's emetic this kind joy expessions, specially when Jones performs poorlly in actual games. Typical Salguero's exagerations and hyperbolae.

Oscar, 15 posts in a row. Obsessive much?

Not so! I was interrupted by flea.

Why does Roberto Wallace run all his routes at one speed?
No wonder he can't get open. He needs to learn from Hogan, how to speed up and slow down.

Who the hell is Hogan?

When is Ireland going to stop to try to find "nuggets"? Never.

Who the hell is Wallace?

I guess another nugget, flee.

If Ireland wasn't so talented I would tell him right now, Stop on bringing nuggets and bring us some Meat.

I guess he don't believe in expensive Meat.

Ahh, I was just reminded why I shouldnt read the comments in the Herald articles.

-After reading what you wrote below, I'm convinced you can't read at all. I take that back, maybe you just have comprehension..............issues(ahem)....

I love the one bout Jesus. Turning water to wine is unimagineable...........

-Bhaaaaaaaaaant INSTANT FAIL right there. If you COULD read and/or comprehend what was written, I said, "EVEN I, Odinseye can turn water to wine." Where did you get "unimaginable(you can't spell either)" from THAT?

ROTFLMAO - You can't read, write or comprehend the written word, but YOU make fun of YG/DB?

That's..........that's............that's downright PITIFULLY FUNNY!

Just remember, they weren't laughing WITH you, they were laughing AT YOU! And with Good Reason - Duh!

-Odin- ;)

but evolution of matter to a world of life, pleasures and electronic capabilities ( to list but a few) is accepted.....bawahahahaha. Oh how the wise are confounded.

Posted by: CAVEMANNA | August 15, 2012 at 05:17 PM

-And in YOUR case, the Stoopid too. Just remember, don't give up, YOU can DO IT!



Nobody knows.

Good for you, ALoco.

Nobody knows.

Only an idiot wouldn't know who Chris Hogan is. AKA 711 and the Waffle house.

I need to rest now but I shall return. I'll give you the answer to my riddle, Nobody knows, the crap that odin, et al write here and in other Blogs.

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