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Players respond to Hard Knocks embarrassments

Reshad Jones was on fire today. He had three, count them in French -- un, deux, trois -- or in Spanish -- uno, dos, tres -- interceptions during today's practice.

Very impressive. Very, very, very impressive. One of his picks came as Ryan Tannehill, who was also enjoying a good practice, was marching the first-team offense down the field in the two-minute drill. Jones stepped in front of a seam route throw from Tannehill to Anthony Fasano to end the drive at the 15 yard line.

That's the highlight of today's final training camp practice. Yes, the Dolphins are breaking camp today. Veterans get to go home to their families.

Rookies remain in the hotel for the most part. And among those is Michael Egnew, who was featured prominently on Hard Knocks Tuesday night. If you read the post about Hard Knocks you know that both Egnew and Roberto Wallace came off looking badly on TV.

Wallace was the butt of coaches' jokes as they watched tape of a practice. They called him "Ankle Weights Wallace" as they all sat around the table joking. I can tell you that Roberto Wallace put on a good face for the media today about that episode.

But he's not happy.

"At the end of the day it's a show," Wallace said. "That''s what they'll do. Obviously they pointed out all of the negatives which is part of the show. People like drama more than anything. They did it to Vontae (Davis) last week. I try to come out here and try to get better. Whatever criticism the coaches have, I can't control that. What I can control is my effort and my attitude. So I come out here with a positive attitude every day and leave it at that."

Egnew, who has been virtually invisible in practices except for his missed assignments, got ripped by Mike Sherman on Hard Knocks. I thought the kid was going to break down.

"Terrible, terrible," Sherman tells Egnew of his work in practice. "I would cut you today if I was the general manager. I would cut you."

Egnew this afternoon was asked if he got any texts from friends or family after the show last night, either offering support or perhaps some good-natured ribbing.

"I shut my phone off," he said without smiling. 

"I guarantee any player can tell you the experience. It's one of those things that happens a lot because he wants the best out of his players. It just so happens that mine made the episode and it's ok."

Wallace, Egnew and tight ends Charles Clay and Les Brown all are obviously working toward not being the goats on future Hard Knocks episodes. They put in extra work after practice (which you see below) to try to avoid the unwanted scrutiny.


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Listen -- I love the all-access nature of Hard Knocks.

Only playbooks, gameplans etc (things that create direct competitive disadvantage) are off limits. This week proved it.

Great for Fans. TERRIBLE for coaches. I'm sure at every training camp, the coaching staff jokes about underperformers (ankle weights etc), but how can it be anything but dreadful for team unity and loyalty to have the coaching staff making fun of the players be nationally televised each week.

This is not like televising someone being cut. The moment the cut is made -- that player becomes the past. No future harm there.

But showing the private mocking and dressing down of players cannot be a good thing for future team unity for for long-term player respect for the coaching staff.

Posted by: Gary Stevens | August 15, 2012 at 01:50 PM

this isn't always bad. It adds a little motivation. I remember a coach calling me the most nonathletic player he ever coached. I got upset and gave my teammate a concussion and catch a pick every day that week in practice.

Coaches and other players have been harassing and making fun of players who are inept, overweight, unprepared or stupid forever. For those of you shocked by seeing it on Hard Knocks, obviously you have never been on a sports team. This sort of ribbing . . . . . as well as things like the hazing and haircuts are the kind of things that jocks do as a bonding exercise. Of course, within the jokes is a serious criticism. Some players rise to correct errors. Some do not. Welcome to sports.

That said, it is amazing to me that professional athletes who stand to make millions if they are successful - still show up too fat, too stiff, out of shape, no wind or not knowing their playbook. Sadly, I saw that in High School but I would have thought that by the Pros the caliber would have been higher. The people are bigger and faster for sure but the percentage of slugs and laggards is about the same. On the other hand you have people like Bush and Tannehill who are really on the ball.

This show has done nothing but destroy this team so far. Every opprotunity has been taken to embarass any player they pick. And believe me. With this team its any player they want. With a young group like this, this was the wrong thing to do. Another dumb move by Ireland and Ross.

The Miami dolphins are on the clock.....
Hopefully with both Ms. Ross and little Jeffy gone.

Wallace has caught the most bombs in camp to date. Wallace also averaged more yards per catch than any receiver vs the Bucs. The coaches better stop looking at the cover on this book and read it. If the Dolphins don't win this year they'll all be looking for jobs next year. Maybe then Wallace will be laughing.

Maybe "Hardknocks" should stick to the action on the practice field and leave out the reallity tv behind the scenes crap. If I want to watch that stuff i'll do it in the offseason for quality time with the wife.

I love the GAME of football. I don't need the freaking drama!


Typical classless dolphins

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