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Police report: Johnson doesn't give a (bleep) about career

Chad Johnson has officially bonded out of jail at this hour but the details of the Saturday arrest that has his Dolphins career hanging by a thread are coming out via the police report.

According to the report, Johnson and his wife Evelyn Lozada returned from shopping around 7:10 p.m. Saturday. When Lozada was taking grocieries out of the trun of the car she "located a Walgreen's receipt in the vehicle's trunk for a box of condoms."

"The two then sat inside of their black smart car that was parked in the driveway directly in front of the house. They began talking about the sales receipt and their marriage. As they were talking Johnson became upset and without Lozada's permission grabbed her and head-butted her on the forehead causing a laceration. Johnson began screaming and Lozada attempted to calm Johnson down. He began screaming, "I don't give a (expletived deleted)! I don't give a (expletive deleted) about my career!"

"Lozada then fled on foot to a neighbor's house to get away from Johnson."

The police report goes on to say that Johnson claimed it was Lozada who head-butted him rather than the other way around. Johnson, the police report said, had no visible marks or bruises. Lozada, the report says, has a laceration approximately three-inches long.

Interestingly, Lozada told police she wished to press charges and signed an affidavit of complaint stating as much. That was before she was transported to a hospital. At the hospital, Lozada was treated, photos of her injury were taken, and a sworn statement was taped.

So much for the idea she won't be cooperating with the prosecution.


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Please Elaborate

If it's what I think Ur trying to say? U always play Kobe, Stop Ball Hogging

cj is a moron, his wife is hot. and now shes done with him after a month only. cut this guy first thing tomm morrning

..Yg ..Very good points. I'm sure the scenario which you mentioned is how the team will deal with CJ. I also agree that it should be a football decision. I just don't think that he is a good player anymore. I haven't since we signed him. You are right that he should have the opportunity to play his way onto the mix. If he fails, no big deal. I totaly agree.

My point, and addmitedly it is very cheap. For me, this would be the time if I were the Gm for a day that I would just face the music with Johnson. This is all about how I personally feel about him so it is in my mind a no brainer. The team luckily for all of us gets to make the choice here. I just have to ask what is the line for Johnson? True he hasn't been in trouble with the law before. True to some he is a likeable guy, and true he was a pretty good player 4-5 years ago. But how much rope should the team give this guy? To me for the new regime(with any new owners, or managers you need to fire someone buisness 101) should use Chad as an example. He is just not that valuable an assest to have to put up with any of his shenanigans.

Whose turn it tonight. mine or yours?

Posted by: Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of the Closet | August 12, 2012 at 04:44 PM

You Fake Fvcking FeeAGG!

Stop already!

Any bullshyt stuff under my sign in(the one I had to change because of the Fake FeeAGG)just ignore.

I ALWAYS talk football, the Fake FeeAGG, he talks...........he talks about.........he talks shyt!

Just Ignore him. He Hates It ;)

I don't know what your "sheep" comment was all about YG....

The real question is how do you read a post from me referencing belicheat...and comparing Philbin to Belicheat...and YOU make the wild jump to ARMANDO....

Perhaps it is you who needs someone/anyone to do YOUR thinking for you....

Darryl Dunphy,

You are proving to be a bigger and greater self righteous prick than I ever imagined you to be. A famous man once said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone".

DD, better check again, because Im sure you dont have wings on your back and wear a halo over your head.

But Im sure your head's in the clouds and your brains suffers from thin air.

If you have a look at Florida's domestic violence provisions you will realize that the police proceeded in a completely unremarkable manner. DV claims are exceptional in Florida insofar as a complaint can be made without third-party or independent evidence. In addition, the putative victim is required to have injuries documented. This not only to substantiate his/her claims, but also to preserve proof in the event that the complainant attempts to withdraw the complaint. The complaint belongs to the people of Florida, not to the putative victim. All too often,a complainant attempts to withdraw the allegations in the days following the incident.

So --- be careful about reading so much into what happened. If you want to indulge in conjecture, first talk with a lawyer who is conversant in this kind of case.

And please don't be sexist. You might find at the end of the day that Ocho Cinco did not initiate contact; men, too, can be victims of domestic violence. And they are often too embarrassed to be straightforward about what happened.

Darryl Dunphy,

Disregard my 4:54 PM rude post. I thought you were being a self righteous prick. After making my 4:54 post, I read your 4:54 PM post, which clarified matters.

Again, I apologize.

Yg..Not sure where that came from. I agreed with your post it made me think about what I had offered up, and from that??? Whatever

Odin..I think Roberto Wallace is the guy that will emerge as our best reciever this year. He was very good in the game Friday..showed speed, good hands. anyway I think that the young guys need to play. I just don't believe Chad has it anymore.

Your 4:52 PMK post, DD

Screw 85 who in the hell cares!! Anybody see Luck day view?? The first pass TD. In Payton first NFL pass. TD. That's crazy!! Luck will be the real deal no doubt!! Look Tannehill has talent. But a project, it's just going to take a little longer!! Luck Rg3 right now they will be good!! Maybe Weeden? I don't know! But Tanny. Not bad day view!

Baskin Robbins,

MOST domestics ARE misdemeanors, no argument there.

BUT! But the ones that cause personal injury(like say a 3 inch gash across your forhead)those are NORMALLY considered a Felony.

The degree of injury dictates the charge. Malicious intent comes into play as well. But injuries sustained usually trumps all.

As far as Goodell goes, this is his First Offense, he MIGHT get a fine.

Thats how I see it and I'd bet money..............

I don't know who head-butted who, but read this article about Evelyn Lozada first before making any judgments:


Also, Google "Evelyn Lozada behavior" and you'll get a whole slew of articles, written BEFORE this incident, about her psycho, violent behavior. A petition of viewers of Basketball Wives was actually signed by over 1,000 people stating they were boycotting the show exclusively because of Evelyn Lozada's violent, bullyish behavior.

Hmmm...one person with a marked history of violence, the other with none. Who to believe?

Apologists ray? How about calm down for a minute and think. Chad Johnson hasnt been in trouble with the law his entire nfl career. Jeff signed him over keeping Marshall who has been in trouble with the law. So can anyone explain exactly how this is Jeffs fault. Was he supposed to guess this would happen based on the fact it has never happened before? Complete and utterly useless morons in here.


I think Roberto Wallace will emerge as a very good wr for us too. I just dont think he's a great 9-route threat. Hopefully, maybe Pruitt can develop into that.

Also, I hope Tannehill finally becomes our qb that can actually hit our open deep wr's 30-40yds or more deep behind the defense. We've missed that since Marino.

YG..No worries.. I thought you made a great point. Something I hadn't thought about. I am just probably to anti Chad Johnson to offer an unbiased thought concerning him..

Agreed, Coalition. We Good

Daashi Was wondering why the Quick Jab?

It was that "Corny Guy" >

I agree with the Let the Rookies and Bess develop. But that is just to big a risk and if u think the fans think Philbin is inept now. Wait till he does that.

Chad is battling Flatline for a Roster Spot. I've been saying this from day 1.

Naanee appears to be battling Wallace.

Then the other Wr's are playing for 2 spots.

Flatline or Wife Beater
Naanee or Wallace
The Field (Gates, Matthews, Cunningham, Moore)

The way i see it 3 out of 4, out of the top 4 will make the team. Bess is the only lock. Pruitt needs to play the next 2 games like the last or better. But he looks like he is one of those Acorns.

i know its just pre season but wow did the rams look awful which i love with fisher there. and amazing how established luck looked already. guy should be unreal

The ultimate irony here is Chad Johnson in a smart car.

Hasn't Chad Johnson always been controversial??? Let's be real. Ever since Chad has come to the league he has donated more money to the NFL than any other WR or even player in the NFL!! Am I right or wrong? Oh. I forgot I'm a idiot! So what is JI excuse not know what I me a idiot knows!! TELL ME BRO!!!! YES IT IS HIS FAULT!! JUST LIKE HIM GIVING UP TWO SECOND ROUND DRAFT PICKS FIR MARSHALL!!! Explain that one BRA!!!

Who do the PHINS sign if and only if they release 85??

Wallace, Bowe?

Lee Evans.

bowe signed his deal with kc and is in camp. wallace could be had but it would take a big contract and a first rd pick. sound familiar?

Hey moron, controversial has nothing to do with beating your wife. Lots of teams have controversial players. There are real reasons to dislike Jeff, this isn't one of them. Grow up.

burress in new england today

Darryl Dunphy,
Disregard my 4:54 PM rude post. I thought you were being a self righteous prick. After making my 4:54 post, I read your 4:54 PM post, which clarified matters.

Again, I apologize.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | August 12, 2012 at 04:58 PM

-ROTFLMAO! You kind of went off there didn't you.

I was reading that and started thinking: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

-Odin- ;)

cj is dumb as a rock. he was cheating on beautiful wife and got caught, that pissed him off so he head butted her. his marriage and career are done, as is his reality show that was set for october

Ireland's an idiot for signing this guy. He's not even any good.

Watch A. Luck highlight on nfl.com. 1st pass was a 1yd completion to rb Donald Thomas. Thomas did all the work taking to the house for the other 60yds(score). I can give a Luck a whole lots of props on that td. Donald Thomas was the man.

However, Luck looked just as impressive as T-Hill. He had 188yds passing to T-Hills 167yds. But take back the Donald Thomas 6iyd run of a Luck "1yd pass". Then T-hill has 167yds passing to Luck's 127yds.

Take away the Thomas td catch/run and T-hill and Luck's debuts are pretty damn even even.

The Bucs 2nd team defense is equivalent to the Rams 1st team defense. LOL

bucs and rams 2 awful football teams.

You guys gonna spend the rest of the season bashing Ireland? It gonna make you look like idiots, because its not going to change fact that Ireland will still be fins gm.

You guys bashing Ireland is like knowing a chick has vd, and yet you keep going back and screwing her anyway, no matter how many times she's burned you.

Read my lips, "When nothing changes, nothing changes". What dont you guys understand about that. None of your bashing changes the fact Ireland will still be gm for the entire season. LOL

bucs and rams 2 awful football teams.

And what does that make the Dullfins? lol

Why would u ever marry a girl U met on twitter? Lol.

Just a bunch of fat, lazy dweebs here.





LA LA la la lalalalalalalalalaalalalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllalalal


make the fins? id say we will def be better than the garbage rams but bucs should be better than us

I've prepared martinis we can enjoy on the veranda with my lesbian poodle, Miss Cha Cha.

Your user name is correct! 1% of your brain cells work you freaking idiot!! Yes is JI fault dumb as s !! How about Marshall dumb s h I t!!!!

Armando, you are biased. There is a difference between reporting facts and fueling personal agendas. I wasn't there so I don't know what happened. If it is as it seems, I don't condone or respect the actions, but your "reporting" is garbage

Can't read your lips, but can read your post!! LOL!

It's embarrassing to have my alma mater mentioned in connection with violence of this sort no matter what the cause is.
Apparently you can take the man out of Liberty City but you can't take the Liberty City out of this man.
Don't let our MBSH's reputation be sullied by this diva just so the Dolphins 'might' get a good WR Mr Ross.
It's time to make a stand and show that this behavior will not be tolerated by your team nor any team.
If a stand's not taken then don't be surprised if we start having drive by shootings at the game instead of tailgate parties.

Cutting Ocho Stinko would be the right thing to do here. I dont care about his marital situation. Its not our business. What I do care about is his attitude towards his dolphin career. We dont need his crap here.

According to CBS sports, Chad has been released already.

Good riddance

Armando just wrote a piece last week about how we won't hear of any domestic disputes with Chad Johnson, as we did with Brandon Marshall, saying they're nothing alike in that sense.

i don't want to judge him until the trial is over.

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