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Post-mortem after 2nd loss in 2nd preseason game

Worried about the Dolphins?

Well, it is not exactly time to push panic buttons. But it is time to identify where such buttons are located because another month of this stuff is going to be bad.

"We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina, a game which wasn't as close as the score because the Panthers totally outplayed the Dolphins early when the starters were in the game.

"Yeah, we should be a little concerned."

This was a game that was supposed to give clarity to the Dolphins quarterback competition. It didn't. Coach Joe Philbin was asked if he'll be able to go through with his plan of naming a starter for next week and he seemed at a loss for an answer.

"I don't know that to be honest with you," he said. "I really don't."

Nobody was happy with their work. Ryan Tannehill wasn't.

"Obviously, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go but I was excited to ge out there, compete with the guys and I think it's a starting point," he said.


This also is true: As I wrote in my column Tannehill didn't get much help from anyone. Moore, meanwhile, failed to step up when he had the chance.

"We got a lot of work to do," Moore said. "You have to credit Carolina, they came out and played well. But we have a lot of stuff to work on."

The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times for 37 yards Friday night. Yet Philbin wasn't all that concerned about it. He said it has not been a point of emphasis. That's good. But maybe the Dolphins should start emphasizing it a bit.

Because the regular season is coming.

Check out Tannehill below in part of his post-game talk:


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This team has no talent.

Garrard is the starter and Moore is his backup.

Watching the game on NFL Network this team is an absolute joke no talent at all. Ireland needs to be fired for drafting numerous acorns. Misi sucks in pass coverage and run support we have another fat Columbo at RT just utter trash all over the field

The Dolphins were going to suck all along. So when this team is getting whipped on a regular basis, there is no reason to search for the panic button and there is no hope for resuscitation in 2012. The nail's already been in the coffin for a long time. Joe Robbie would not be happy watching this franchise turn into a mockery.

joke franchise.
no way out.

O boy do I really want to go back and pick a receiver with the 3rd round pick. I wonder if Ireland is watching these games, because if he is he should start interviewing some receiverss in college right now.

To think the fanbase was jacked up after the draft in April. Well, we're back to reality: this team is a product of some terrible drafting and free agency moves.

One last thing: I really miss the early 1980s. Woodley. Strock. Woodstrock. Whatever. I miss the annual ownership of the AFC East. I still hate John Riggins too.

The Fins are starting to look the part of a really high draft pick if the keep this up.

While I have been around way too long to put too much stock in the preseason as many of the Old Creme-sicle orange winking Bucs used to go 4-0 in the preseason quite a bit only to tank all season.

That said...

A.) They better not even flirt with 0-16. Talk about and evil reversal of fate. That 1-15 season losing so many close games was rough as hell.

B.) They better win enough games not to have a Cameron Turn-style type exit for Philbin.

C.) Jeffy better get his serious talent finding glasses on like yesterday. This team, that he has help construct over a period of time seems shy on talent.

Vanilla Off and No game planning coupled with penalties, lack of execution and it can look pretty bad. Most of it is correctable, hopefully in 2012.

Win, Lose or Draw I'm never jumping ship but, PLEASE help us out Fins...give us a season that is at least laced with some hope.

I'm not pessimistic or hating...just projecting while venting.

Here endith the rant.


P.S. I would have taken WR Michael Floyd but I hope Tanne is the real deal at some point. I say start the rookie QB as he is already behind reps. Moore can come off the bench and Garrard has vowed to be back at some point if things get bad.

Oh Nelie...its going to be a long, long Season...

..So I just watched the first half. Tannehill played ok. He made some good throws, forced some, held on to the ball a bit long a few times. He played like a rookie starting in his first game. I'm not sure he did much to confirm he locked down the starters spot. It sounds like Moore didn't do much in the second half to quiet the debate. If he is going to be the starter(which he still may) it is going to be a rocky road IMO. Not too much in the way of help on the outside.

The biggest issue that I saw was the defense. I understand we were a bit thin tonight. But oh my do we lack speed on the edge. That was pathetic. The tackling...Poor. We were helped by some penalties, it could have been worse. i thought the PI call on Smith was a bad one..Pretty good play I thought. No pash rush what so ever. Will someone step up? Big Paul had a nice hit on Cam, too bad he made a perfect throw.

The refs had an equaly bad first half. Some confusion. Some bad calls both ways(I suppose it was a wash, although the PI was bush).. Hopefully the scabs are gone before the real season starts.

We have a lot of work to do. I'll try to stay positive as it is the preseason. Tough to be excited about what I watched..

PS..What is up with Philbin saying the run game hasn't been a point of emphasis? If Tannehill does get the nod. We better get the run game in order or the team may be in very dire straits..

It seems like the Fins have uses the first couple of games to work on evaluating personal to see which 53 are the better fit...either that, or we really suck!!!

I truly hope it's the former and not the later otherwise it's going to be a long, long Season...


Why can't anyone catch a football. The QB's are going to be ok i think but no one can hold on to the ball,it just goes through their hands sometimes untouched. It's starting to look gloomey if things don't improve with Atlanta we will be looking at last place in our division or worse.BOHICA. Looks like another great job JEFF.

New offense and new defense and the first year of the genuine rebuild. Surprisingly I'm kind of glad this franchise is finally admitting it needs to start over. This retooling not rebuilding crap has gone on for almost two decades.

Not saying the current GM and coaching staff are the guys to do that rebuild correctly, tune will tell but the Fins are starting over. I'm kind of excited for the first time in years in the Dolphins.

And just to show I'm not a homer, they looked like dog crap tonight.

..I just wonder. I understand that nothing has been decided. I also get the point that we drafted Tannehill to be the quarterback here. When that happens is probably going to be sooner then later. My thoughts, and I don't know if the team is weighing this as a deciding factor, or if I am totaly over reacting to what I saw tonight. What is the honest idea for what this teams ceiling is? Not from the fan base but from within the orginization? What are the realistic expectations from within?

Looking at the personel. Do they make their decison based on what the positives would be to throw Tannehill out there with the group of players we have to surround him? Is there any thought playing him now would be a detriment to his advancement? Do they make Moore, or Garrard cannon fodder, do they protect their investment knowing that it is unlikely much good will come from having him out there. (except valuable experience)

I realize this may be a huge over reaction on my behalf. The team could just be better off by putting him out there trial by fire. I'm just wondering that if on the inside(they would never admit this) that there may be some thinking that it could be a detriment to Tannehills career to play him with the roster of players, and lack of overall talent this team showed tonight. I'm also by no means saying that this is even been discussed. To early to throw in the towel for sure. Is it unreasonable to think that the franchise may base their choice on protecting Tannehill from what looks like disaster?

Trial by fire Darryl, I say play him and if he can't take the heat, Barkley comes out next year. We need to find a long term solution at QB and build around him.

..Darkoak. I think that this will be the end product.(Tannehill playing)..My thought was how much disscusion the team may be having(if any) about if throwing him out there could be a detriment to his future. This would obviously be internal if it is being discussed at all. It may not even be a factor, and I could be totaly out of line. I know it was preseason...... But the whole team looked bad. Tannehill may be the least of our worries as far as how the team plays. Not much to be fired up about after watching the performance tonight. Luckily, we have next week. We will see what adjustments, if any are made between now and then.

Like I said before any positives that come out are nice but we are a long ways off from contending. Now Tannehill is not a sure fire prospect like Peyton Manning was but Peyton started and took his lumps in his first season with the Colts. I think if Tanny really has it he'll get better from it. It's a man's game, and while a year learning the offense might help cover any deficiencies he has temporarily (NFL defenses figure every QB out) he's going to need to step up to excel. He needs real game reps to get any better and we can't afford the luxury of a year to find out if he has it or not IMO.

Investing in some quality linebackers would help too. They are the weakest link. The DB's are not playing great but they can be coached up to serviceable with schemes. The LB's need to make plays and they just aren't. We rely on our secondary to make stops on the run way too much.

..Darkoak..I will say this. If Tannehill can hold his own with this group. It would say a lot for his future potential. It is a team game, and he is only part of the equation(the biggest part in Pro football today)..I don't know what the answer is. I would understand if they proceeded cautiously, I would support the team if they decide to go with him. I think right or wrong, he ultimetly will be put to the fire.

Hey join my rebuild bandwagon. it's a comfy and stress free environment where expectations are low and any success by the team and players is a pleasant surprise. No I'm just interested in seeing how the rooks do and seeing of Philbin can coax a .500 season out of this bunch.

Honeymoon will be over quick for Philbin with a reg season performance like this... and saying the running game hasn't been a point of emphasis. Evidently defense hasn't either, wow.

Finally Darryl on the trial by fire side of things Ponder has looked pretty good so far this year.

..Pretty good game from Matthews...He played well. Just saw the last play..Devlin forced that pass..It would have been nice for that group to have salvaged a win..Something. Shelby played well.. Anyway time to tuck..Good night.

Seriously the tackling with in the down markers is so bad it makes me want to cry.


I have a glass half-full perspective. As far as I'm concerned, we're one day closer to that POS Ireland getting fired. Woo-Hoo!!!

At some point, Granny Ross will wake up and realize, "hey, my team has no talent.........who's in charge of bringing in talent and evaluating players?" Even Teflon Ireland can only hide for so long.

We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina

Someone said the same thing after the Beat-down by New England last year in game 1, How did that go the next month in a half?
It's gonna be a LONNNNNNG season Iam sorry to say.

Wow, it's Pre-season, relax. Preseason is individuals not team. Coaches put the players in under pressure to see how they react! Regular season is about maximizing talent and fitting that in to the team.

I'd rather lose every preseason game and make the playoffs than go undefeated in the preseason and not go to the playoffs.

During preseason focus on individuals and their assignments rather than the score.

The RT, Martin actually looked like a downgrade from Marc Columbo last night. That hole will have our QB killed. I thought RT17 played really well, he is hampered by a non-existent run game... The receivers don't get time to go deep, he has to throw within two seconds or face being sacked.

The true question is will Hard Knocks be around for the next Fireland rally...

Phins fan n AZ well the individuals FAILED in their assignments...

What's the price of Phin Kool-Aid?

For anyone to think there is nothing to worry about and it is only preseason is COMPLETLY CLUELESS!!!!

This is a disaster!!!!

Darryl D...wasssup padna!

Hey I always enjoy your takes and they make such great reads Armando should be paying you... Your game recollections are spot on. I thought the Sean Smith arm check thing was tic tac as well.

Vontae Davis??...what are doing man? Are you reading the Chad Johnson "How to claw to the top" book?

That said, I am TOTALLY on the other side of the fence. With Cam, Andy Dalton, way back to Aikman and Marino...if ya got it, ya got it. Throw Tanny in NOW! Like Belichek said...figure out now

I am always so curious why the whole "throwing a young QB in auto wrecks his career" mentality comes from? I mean, if people are basing it off of David Carr not being a stud? He did get sacked a ton...but the guy is still playing. The NFL is a talent influx is always a crapshoot. You never know who has the

Dalton AND Newton (that many including me thought would be a runner and too confused by complex NFL defenses to be a good QB) had ZERO training camps and offseason...they are both doing fine. Hell even Blaine Gabbert looked good in his work vs N.O. and he was sacked a ton last year.

I guess I just don't see why people never seem to go with the "the guy just couldn't cut the mustard at the NFL level" instead of saying the "coaching wrecked 'em or he was hit by lineman too often."

Tanny went #8 overall. It is criminal to me if they don't at least give him a real chance to fail. With Garrard down and Moore blowing his chance...why not?

If Tanny is not the guy in a year or two...NEXT!!! By next I mean draft another QB to put pressure on him like the Bolts did with Brees when they got Rivers.

I like what Bellick said...throw him in now and in 1-2 years he will have lots of experience and the front office will know if they need to move on or he's a keeper.

No China Doll coddling for my would be QB. If Tanny was missing passes right and left and seemed clueless I would do the clipboard jockey thing for a year


Someone posted above what they missed about the Dolphins, well, from a fan from its inception, what I miss most is Joe Robbie/Don Shula. Ever since this Franchise was taken over by the used car clown and then Shula was forced out, this team has got what it has deserved, nearly 20 years of the worst ownership/coaches in the NFL, from a washed up JJ to Junior Soprano it is a joke and it has been, so there is no worry it will continue as a joke. My question will this team win more than 2 games.

too many acorns;no real playmakers;its all on ireland's misses in the draft/FA. when parcells departed he should have taken sparano and ireland with him.

Two first round picks, one second rounder, and a third rounder, and the free agents that have not worked out and the Offensive line continues to struggle. They can't run block and do not protect the quarterback

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Last seaaon the Dolphins were beating both the Giants and the Patriots when both had to win until the final minute. Under their interim coach the defense was working and so was the offense. So what do they do; fire their offensive coordinator, fire their defensive coordinator and the interim coach who wanted to continue as head coach. All the Dolphins had to do was add a few pieces. Going after a QB (Tannehill)in the first round was fine because Matt Moore was the 12th best QB in the league. So there was time to develop Ryan Tannehill. Either the Dolphins are trying to test their corners by not blitzing or they just are not being coordinated properly on defense. The Dolphins really need receivers with talent big time but we all knew that. The quarterback play is not the problem. When you have tight ends who can not catch the ball right in their hands in the Westcoast offense the lack of talent is the problem. Ireland drafted Egnew in the 3rd round and everyone knows that Fasano has athletic limitations. So if I were Jeff Ireland I would not buy the house on the beach just yet.

the modern day detroit lions. lets take our place at the bottom

Terry King wants everyone to relax while he is screaming! Hit the caps button Terry!


I am against "throwing" him in there. He has very limited experience in college so what do you think letting him struggle with NO true number 1 let alone dominant wr to help him will do? Sit for as long this year as possible learn defenses. The draft all of a sudden doesnt look to great. Egnew is soft as reports said and there were still most of the good wr left on the board when we took him. Dont know about you guys but we need to use the huddle and play clock. Both games we are 3 and out the entire 1st quarter and teams jumped out to a big lead and we are just giving the ball right back to their offense. Philbins body language dont appear like a person that players would go to war with or for...Cameron the second

Nobody should be dissapointed at this point. We have discussed plenty here that this is far from a complete Team. You see?

Without taking anything away from his achievements, Shula was lucky. When he came here the important pieces were in place. Griese was here. Csonka was here. Dick Anderson was here. And others. He cleaned the garbage, made some good trades, developed some Players and got a great Team as a result. This is not Philbins case now.

lack of talent,team is especially devoid of playmakers points to a long year ahead. irelands acorns have cost us dearly. whoever is the QB has no weapons on offense.

Dear Ms. Ross,
How are those ticket sales going?

Is it any wonder that Manning wanted no part of this dysfunctional joke of a team?
"The Miami Dolphins are on the clock."

But I do see some pieces in place here. Long is one of them. Pouncey is another. 1st year players Tannehill and J. Martin will be very good for years to come.

On D not so many pieces. Wake and maybe Soliai.

There is a long way to go for the Dolphins to become an elite Team. 2-3 years.

It is good when Coaches and Players alike say, We have a lot of work to do.

Jeffy Ireland has the big BROWN clown nose.
Ross is a disaster.
A banner needs to be flown that demands that Ross sell the franchise.

I was flipping back and forth between the Fins and the Lions games last night. I grew up in Detroit and felt like I was in some sort of Bizzarro World. The Lions are really good; lots of talent and exciting to watch on both sides of the ball. The Fins meanwhile demonstrated the results of years of missing on draft picks - early round picks who are mediocre at best, lousy at worst.

What exactly is a Koa Misi? Does this guy ever make a big play? Ever? I didn't see Pat White out there last night. Oh yeah, he plays baseball now. Vontae doesn't start. Clyde Gates is the deep threat? John Jerry would be great...in a competitive eating contest. Go to NFL.com and look up the Dolphins draft history. Then you will know why they suck. The list is littered with busts and guys no longer on the team. This is a 3-4 win team...at best. The only thing more annoying than watching the Fins get treated like Jenna Jamison weekly is listening to the overly optimistic Dolphin fans.

Is there any thought playing him now would be a detriment to his advancement?

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | August 18, 2012 at 02:33 AM

I really can't believe how many here believe in that nonsense. You can play or you can't. To say coaches ruin players by starting them too soon is pure nonsense. These are not five year old kids. They are guys trained and paid to be pros and know full well what they are getting into. Aren't many olympic gold medalists 'rookies'?

Is a player going to learn more in the battle playing with the best or watching on the bench and practicing with 2nd and 3rd stringers? The investment was made. Tannehill looks aware and ready and I'd say playing well for a rookie in preseason. Line problems, little time, poor receivers, how good would Brees look with this team?

I say its a no-brainer to start Tannehill. He obviously has more talent and upside than Moore, and Moore, while his experience shows, is not showing he is any better. I honestly think today Tannehill gives us the best change to win right now.

There will be several teams trying to sneak talent onto there practice squads that we can use. I look for Ireland to put in a lot of waivers for these players, many of which he missed in the draft. The roster cuts could be very valuable if our gm and coach can orchestrate the proper talent. After-all, we know that this team was built to play Parcell( saboteur ) football.

Tannyhill may give us the best chance to win right now, and experience is invaluable, but I don't think that throwing him to the wolves without an OL that is even somewhat close to being cohesiveness wise. Also there is a WR issue. The way I see it, Bess, Hartline and Hogan are the best we have. I don't know about sending him to the "school of hard knocks" just yet.

Well, it looked pretty bad at times, but I guess this is a team in transition, that is still learning the schemes that the coaches want to implement.

The worst feature for me was the secondary, which seems to be going backwards under Coyle so far. These were our starters and yet Newton looked as if he could have put up 70 points against them without breaking a sweat.

The tackling was, at points, so bad as to be laughable - if you weren't throwing things at the TV.

I know it's early, but I really am getting worried about Jonathan Martin. Maybe, just maybe, there was a reason he fell in the draft. If our O-line is this bad in regular games, it's going to be a long, painful 2012.

Matt Moore might just have "played" himself out of the starting job. There's no reason so far not to start Tannehill.

On the positive side, I really liked the way Devlin handled himself. He got things moving, looked crisp and efficient until the last throw which he was forced to make into the end zone.

Mike Dee talks too much, and does not let Us watch Football.

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