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Post-mortem after 2nd loss in 2nd preseason game

Worried about the Dolphins?

Well, it is not exactly time to push panic buttons. But it is time to identify where such buttons are located because another month of this stuff is going to be bad.

"We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina, a game which wasn't as close as the score because the Panthers totally outplayed the Dolphins early when the starters were in the game.

"Yeah, we should be a little concerned."

This was a game that was supposed to give clarity to the Dolphins quarterback competition. It didn't. Coach Joe Philbin was asked if he'll be able to go through with his plan of naming a starter for next week and he seemed at a loss for an answer.

"I don't know that to be honest with you," he said. "I really don't."

Nobody was happy with their work. Ryan Tannehill wasn't.

"Obviously, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go but I was excited to ge out there, compete with the guys and I think it's a starting point," he said.


This also is true: As I wrote in my column Tannehill didn't get much help from anyone. Moore, meanwhile, failed to step up when he had the chance.

"We got a lot of work to do," Moore said. "You have to credit Carolina, they came out and played well. But we have a lot of stuff to work on."

The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times for 37 yards Friday night. Yet Philbin wasn't all that concerned about it. He said it has not been a point of emphasis. That's good. But maybe the Dolphins should start emphasizing it a bit.

Because the regular season is coming.

Check out Tannehill below in part of his post-game talk:


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Right now it doesnt even matter where we are capwise. Way over, way under, or right at the cap. This is still a very talent starved team.

But if it makes you feel any better we're somewhere between 3-4.5 million under cap after rookie signings.

greg, i agree. Philbin is doomed as was Sparano when Ireland cant supply any talent.

well.....brady has made stars out of plenty of receivers that weren't studs......brees won a SB with Colston as a primary target (7th rd pick).....do you think Colston, or Welker (and others) would've been nearly as successful if they played here, catching passes from Lemon, Beck or Henne? You can't tell me Manning didn't make all/most of the Indy receivers a lot better.....

good news is we should have enough of a high first round pick next year to grab a playmaking reciever...

after 4 years of drafting ireland has us right at the bottom of the NFL talent wise. QB's and philbin have deck stacked against them with no playmakers/ballers.

A great QB would make any team a winner. And I read we're 22 mill below the cap.

coalition.....I think the final cap numbers ended up being higher than most teams thought they would, so you're probably right as of now.....but over the winter no one was sure what those cap numbers were gonna be, plus Miami wanted to extend Wake (and still talking about restructuring Long) so I think $ was a big factor in the BM and Bell decisions, thats all.....Manning is an exception.....if they woulve signed him, they would've found the money any way they could.


Even if we had 1st overall pick in 2013. It's far from ridiculous to assume Ireland would trade down thee pick and end up drafting 3 acorns, Then try to convince dolfans what a great 3 for 1 deal it was.

Then when it doesnt workout, he and Ross will make Philbin the scapegoat. Ross then moves the team to LA and Miamians bid the once great franchise good riddance!

Greg Z,

Fans already blaming Philbin. Ive been posting thats incorrect and unfair. Philbin only inherited this talentless mess. Besides Ryan Tannehill, this entire 2012 draft looking very unimpressive.

also agree with greg......philbin doesn't deserve to be ripped yet, or anywhere in the near future.....sparano was a "great coach" when he won with pennington, but stumbled soon after and was eventually run out of town....elmer fudd could win with good players, especially at qb.....just saying that i hope the "ditch philbin" bandwagon doesn't start soon.

BPA...niether of those mentioned were rookies either in their first year...geez, give tanny some time before you expect so much, so fast!!!And we havent exactly had a lot of gems drafted lately by irefiend to compare the likes of colston, welker, or branch to at least not thus far....

This roster is a collection of acorns with only 2-3 Brazilian nuts(impact players) sprinkled in.


This roster's a collection of aorns with only 2-3 brazilian nuts(impact players)sprinkled in.

I dont think Philbin is respected by the players. And I dont hink he has a handle on all aspects of the game. Time will tell.

Ross had better wake the fvck up and begin his ditch Jeff Ireland campaign. Jeff's clueless about impact calibre talent.

and lets not forget that peyton manning the savior who makes everone better around him...is not exactly lighting it up in denver either....3 redzone picks in 2 games and NO touchdowns...some of us really need to chill out on tannehill already!!!

superphin......agree totally that tannehill looks promising, I like him.....was not saying that at all.....was simply saying to YG that while we do need more talent in a lot of places, it does matter, a lot, who the QB is.....that great QBs can make even average players look a lot better, thats all.....was not a comment related to tannehill at all.....you don't need great WRs to be good, as those vet QBs have proven--and adding another quality QB, Barkley or whoever, would only improve our chances of finding a good QB--hopefully tannehill is it.

When the punter is arguably the best player on the team you know they stink LOL


We can draft qb's #1 every single year for the next 10yrs and it wont really matter. It would only mean because we're spending #1 picks on qb's every year we're still not properly addressing the clustr fvck around them.

Actually jay, that might've been funny last year but this year it could very well be the hard cold truth for this team if they dont show some kind of resemblance of a defense soon...

YG.....yeah, of course they're not gonna draft QBs high every year, i understand that.....just saying that a lot of these other areas probably don't need to be upgraded nearly as much as most fans think if we had great QB play.....hopefully Tannehill develops to that point, but adding Barkley or whoever (or trading that pick) couldn't hurt, and would improve our chances of finding a great QB--that solves a lot of other problems.

If I were Philbin, when the season begins, I would get Martin help on the right side. At least until he can get inmto rythm during a game. When a rookie lineman is getting plowed over like he has early in the game, it destroys his confidence moving forward.

The OC needs to get a TE or RB to chip block help Martin early in games until he builds his rythm and confidence.

Why am I such a Homer? Because I was born a Dolphin Fan. I grew up watching Dan Marino. The Innovator of the Foward Pass. Yeah they use to throw the ball but nobody could ever realy throw the ball until Marino.

Marino is the "Standard" Arm Strength is Measured out of in the NFL. They no longer do who throws the Farthest at the Combine anymore, Because Marino ran out of field on his 2nd attempt.

Yes, Ireland is Ok. Ok, isn't good or Great. But Ok is better than what we've had since JJ left. The Team Jeff and His Daddy got only had Ricky & Ronnie.

Nothing else. No Line's, No Wr's, No Lb's(Porter=Dansby), No Te's, No Kicking Game, No Return Game, No Secondary. Nothing, Nuthin', Nada, Zilch, DiddlySquat.

Yes, Parcells should've hired Rex Ryan over Sporano. But Parcells is Loyal to a Fault. That's why he hired Henning. He thought Maybe if he had someone in the Coaching Staff that could Mentor Tony, that it would be ok.

Parcells also proceeded to go on a shopping Spree in 08'. What was it(Help me if I forget any overPriced FA) WIlfork, McCown, Anderson, Smiley, Torbor All signed to Multi-Year Deals. They also traded for Ferguson and Ayodele. Also Fasnano. Must of the Dead Cap Space come from these Contract. I would like to know how much dead Cap Space the Dolphins have this year? It could give Us a better indication on the real state of this Current Roster. The Fins might be near the cap but they are probably actually playing with a 70 million dollar team.

Parcells also released Zack and Jason for Personal reasons. That was Gaye of him. he would've saved signing most them Lb's for a couple more years and Drafted some new ones that they can groom for a year or 2(REx Ryan would've found a use for them).


After spending a 8th overall pick at qb the previous year, there isnt a gm in America who would spend a #1 at qb the following season. If any team had great enough reason to do that it was the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2011.

Blaine Gabbert looked absolutely terrified the entire 2011 season as a rookie qb. Yet the Jags still didnt use a #1 at qb saying to themselves no way this kid makes it.

Please throw the Barkley thought out of your mind. Youre only mentally masterbating yourself. Youre far away from reality on this.

I agree BPA...u dont need great recievers to be a good QB, but YOU do need reliable targets that can consistantly take the pressure off of your QB and a good Oline to allow you time to throw...and a good TE helps too....people give credit to manning and brady alot but having those things definatly played a huge role in their success as a team...and i promise you neither of those two would say otherwise to this day

Next Year Parcells followed with the Dansby and Marsha experience. Marsha still counts against the cap even if he's not on the team I believe. At least for 1 more Season I think its a % or Something. I'm not Dawn, Can Alias Clown Impersonate Dawn And find me the answer.

Where are you guy getting this crap from? Great wr's are a neccessary requirement to being a great qb. How you can define "great wr" can vary. But what doesnt change is he has to run great routes and has to have great hands.

If a reciever doesnt have at least both of these two qualities there isnt much any qb, no matter the qb quality, can do with them. You would think on the professional level "get open" catch the damn ball" is simple. But it isnt.

ALL QB's need recievers that consistently get open(great route runners) and catch the damn ball! You dont have to have great speed to consistentlyu get open. There are slower wr's in the hall of fame that have proven this.

masterbating, you idiot fuc-?

Do any of you realize we have a head coach that is not simply a dormant, flower pot? Just maybe it was Philbin who wanted to rid the team of Marshall and not Ireland? I don't know, and you don't know, but if you think the GM is running the show like a dictator without any input from the HC/Coaching Staff you are seriously naive.

There were not many FA options for WR unless you are referring to the aging, problem child vets out there with histories no different than Marshall and Chad.


Marsha doesnt count against the cap. When a player is traded the team recieving him immediately begins to take the cap hit. If a player is cut then the former team still takes the hit.

its a 2 or 3 win team not matter how we look at it. number one pick could help us big time

jacksonville, minnesota, only 2 teams that could maybe lose more than us and steal the first pick

On the Wr's the Most Important thing is that they catch the Ball. For Example Mcduffie and Gadsen weren't Great Wr's but they had "Consistent" Hands.

The line just needs to be good not great. The Tackles need to Pass Block. Both of them. Yeah it's great to have a Wall for a LT, but that doesn't Matter if The Qb still gets pressure from the other side. T-Hill better learn a Good Side-Step.

they are gonna start martin which is insane. guy looks horrible, gonna get thill killed

I hate sounding like I support Ireland, but Dashi's right. Ireland wasn't given a team that just needed a few pieces and it would be elite. He was given Cleo Lemon, and a 1-15, aging team, without one single ProBowler (Ricky came back late in the Season and got hurt in the 1st play, Ronnie hadn't made the ProBowl yet). This team didn't have a QB, a WR or a single member of the secondary that was spectacular (Yeremiah was probably the best one). They also had a carousel of QBs and HCs in recent years. And to top it off Ownership changed.

So Ireland came into a sinking ship. And the Trifecta plugged the holes so it would at least stay afloat. We're not a 1-15 team anymore. We're a consistently mediocre team (6-10, 7-9). That certainly isn't good enough, and it's not acceptable 5 years later. But fans like me saw a lot of problems the Trifecta needed to fix. They fixed some, made some by their fixes and left a bunch of problems unfixed. That's the sad and unfortunate state of this team in 2012.

You have 55 more minutes of me watching you here before my Ponies start. Write well!!

I dont see guys like branch or colston or collie and garcon going to the elite status of wr any time soon, their good reliable targets, but they certianly arent great....


Have you noticed? This fo isnt very fond of players who put thier face in fornt of the franchise. Every player that has done this under this franchise has systematically been jettisoned off.

First it was JT/Z Thomas when this fo 1st came in. Then JT came back, then allowed to walk onto the Jets. cameback, played only one more season. retired as a fin. Ricky's gone, Crowder, Porter, Marshall, and the latest CJ. Johnson would have only been here for one season even if it wasnt for the legal trouble with his wife. He's too outspoken for this fo.

Dansby speaks out. Guarantee it wont be too much longer before he's a goner too.

disagree dc on not being a 1-15 team again, this year is a possibilty of that. he has made awful draft moves. and free agency has been a nightmare

dansby over paid bum

I wont go as far as calling us 1-15 bad only becuase the wets and bills dont look that good either and we could be playing in a really bad division this year, but 4-12, 5-11, or 6-10 is looking real promising right now....

not sure if its ever happened but we could have the worst d and o in the nfl. texans im guessing beat us somewhere around 49-13

Yeah, I know that's what you're predicting bill, I just think Philbin will prove to be a better HC than that. And that there ARE some playmakers on this team (Tannehill, Bush, etc) who will do enough to win a few more games than that.

But we'll see, you might be right. I tell you what, if we are a 1-15, 2-14 team again, that SHOULD without a doubt effectively seal Ireland's fate with this team.

bill, go watch the wets play in their first two games....they havent scored one TD yet...their very offensive to watch compared to us...just sayin!!!

Thanks Yg

Allegedly the Fins have over 13 million in Dead Cap Space and they can Restructure or Renegotiate a Couple Contracts for less money against the Cap. I doubt they will because in the new CBA teams have to spend a Certain amount towards the cap. At least 90%.

Here's a Link that explains it pretty well. Funny thing its from a Jets fan. But they have some pretty good tables that explain the Cap situation.

They actually got half marsha salary counting against the Cap this year.

Remember it's Dead Money. Ross doesn't pay a penny, It's just a Fee against the cap for Releasing High Priced Garbage Players. The Reason they Hired Dawn. And she wants all the other language in the Contracts. So the fins can have more excuses than Monkey Boy.

I dont see anyway Philbin survives here. I wouldnt be surprised if he resigns by seasons end. Or gets fired for going 2-14.

i dont see how philbin gets canned after one year even if that happens dashi...there would ABSOLUTELY be noone that would want this job on account of ross's quick finger trigger on new coaches considering his fiasco with sparano...But I would think that ireland would be forced to resign at that point which would work out even better...

Hey, I'm a little stoked. I've had this disgusting toilet bowl that my cleaning girl tried and said she couldnt get the stains off. So this morning I used SANDPAPER. All the stains came off in 10 seconds. Now its shiny again. YAHOO!


I appreciate you being a very optimistic dolfan. But have you really been paying attention to the defense the first 2 preseason games? We are HORRIBLE!

We will be playing catch up every single game and most like be trying to do it with a rookie starting qb. This season could have wnywhere between 4-12 to 2-14 written all over it. And it wont really be Philbin or Tannehill's fault. Both inherited this mess thier 1st seasons.

Hell, if they fired Philbin, Jeff Ireland may have to take over as HC too. No one would wanna come here and coach his talentless teams.

Disagree Dashi. What Philbin has going for him (if Ross studies history) is he's trying something new. He's installing a WCO. That's a HUGE change. More attention to the pass game (now people are asking for more run plays). More importance on the QB position. Philbin basically FORCED Ireland to Draft a 1st-round QB (not done in 3 decades in Miami). The whole look of the team, towards youth and speed from big and strong is evident. Zone blocking scheme for the oline. More up tempo on offense.

If I'm Ross, this is a strategy I KNOW can win in today's NFL with the right personnel. I let it play out, and see if Philbin can make it work. But 1 offseason and Draft isn't enough for this reconstruction. It will take a number of offseasons and Drafts (3-4). The problem with the Trifecta is their philosophies were outdated, so we were spinning in place. Their goals were ineffective in today's NFL (see 2012 Jets). Philbin's strategy is sound. He just needs the right personnel to make it effective. Now, Croyle I don't know about, having seen much from him so far.

Our next hc wouldnt be real hc. His true title would be assistant Ireland asss kisser.


Same old song and dance, another 3-4 yrs and we'll be a great team again. We've been saying this for 15yrs now. Isnt anyone tired of saying this yet?

In another 3-4yrs, we'll still be saying in another 3-4yrs. Dont you get it yet?

If anyone would be a one and done after a bad year this year...it would easily be croyle...that i agree with DC on...

YG, I'm only optimistic because I like Philbin's mindset and I see glimpses of something good in Tannehill (and I like Sherman). Not optimistic in the team's record one bit. I was predicting 8-8 before Pre-Season, and now I'm right where you guys are at 4-6 wins.

Right now I'm teetering on hoping we play better this year, and joining bill and rooting for failure so we can get a better Draft pick. But even if we get the #1 or 2 pick, when's the last time someone drafting a WR that high? Philbin comes from GB, where they like to draft WRs in the 2nd/3rd rounds.

So, that's why my hopes rest in Tannehill gaining experience (and making the best of it) and the team mastering the WCO and 4-3 defense. And there are enough players to form the core of next year's rise.

DC, Philbins WCO may be a good strategy but we dont have the players for it to be effective. The way Ireland drafts we'll never have the players. And Philbin doesnt look like he would be a successful HC even if he did have the right players. The players dont respect him.

Ross may be smarter than we think. He'll keep having crappy teams in Miami until, not only will we care if he moves the team, the city of Miami will "PAY" him to do it. Hell, I might even chip in. LOL

Screw that, another 3-4 years my @ss....I'd only give them one year for transition(and hopefully a better GM) but i would expect to see some resluts next year..no way should they rebuild for 3-4 years, if thats the case, ross wont have a leg to stand on becuase there would be so many dolfans that would kneecap his @ss!!!

DC, I got Cloned by Monkey boy. @12:14 and 12:22

Everyone here knows I'm all for Philbin. and Ireland is doing OK.

I thought we could've been OK before the Pre-Season. Before the Garrard Injury.

Now I have us at 7-9 at best. 4-12, anything less than that I would consider Firing Ireland but I will still keep Philbin on Board.

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