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Post-mortem after 2nd loss in 2nd preseason game

Worried about the Dolphins?

Well, it is not exactly time to push panic buttons. But it is time to identify where such buttons are located because another month of this stuff is going to be bad.

"We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina, a game which wasn't as close as the score because the Panthers totally outplayed the Dolphins early when the starters were in the game.

"Yeah, we should be a little concerned."

This was a game that was supposed to give clarity to the Dolphins quarterback competition. It didn't. Coach Joe Philbin was asked if he'll be able to go through with his plan of naming a starter for next week and he seemed at a loss for an answer.

"I don't know that to be honest with you," he said. "I really don't."

Nobody was happy with their work. Ryan Tannehill wasn't.

"Obviously, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go but I was excited to ge out there, compete with the guys and I think it's a starting point," he said.


This also is true: As I wrote in my column Tannehill didn't get much help from anyone. Moore, meanwhile, failed to step up when he had the chance.

"We got a lot of work to do," Moore said. "You have to credit Carolina, they came out and played well. But we have a lot of stuff to work on."

The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times for 37 yards Friday night. Yet Philbin wasn't all that concerned about it. He said it has not been a point of emphasis. That's good. But maybe the Dolphins should start emphasizing it a bit.

Because the regular season is coming.

Check out Tannehill below in part of his post-game talk:


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To be fair, this team should be worse than last year's. It's a new coaching staff, new philosophies, new personnel, rookie QB. But 1-on-1 matchups should be won from our vets, and so far they haven't been.

These guys will be lucky to win ONE game. There is zero talent and the coaches are awful!!


If anyone thinks any differently is fooling himself.

...new coaching staff, new QB, new defensive scheme, new WCO scheme...new special team philosophy.

The best Dolphins team in recent history is the one Wanstache inherited from JJ...solid D, solid running game, made playoffs.

Since then we have consistently been in the lower half of the league in almost every major statistical category.


I'm personally shooting for a 4-5 win season and anything above that will be gravy for a team in TOTAL REBUILD MODE!

Obviously, we arent going to be very good this year. Everyone should know that coming into the season. Jake Long is basically the veteran of the club and he's been here for 5 years now. Sparano sucked. He should have been let go before last year. That was a huge mistake by Ross because he listened to Parcells and that lackey Ireland. So, I like what philbin is doing. It's preseason. I didnt see the game, but per the box score Philbin is trying to find 4 receivers that can start out of all the rookies and 2nd year players and get everyone on the same page. The Def will be fine. Vontae Davis is another story. who knows what happened to him. And on the bright side, we have a bad year, we get Ireland fired and another good draft pick. We've waited this long, what's another year.

Maybe some good will come of this. Could this be Ireland's last year? We can only hope.


I see. So rookies are supposed to perform like probowlers immediately. Try sticking to the topic which was how many gm's have done better the last two years. Judge Ireland by his peers not your bitter, jaded outlook.

And for the clowns still knocking not picking Dez Bryant, he has been oft injured, and problematic off the field. Just maybe JI was right in passing on him? It sure looks like Odrick will be providing more value than Dez Mom Beater Bryant.

Well, the good thing is if the Dolphins need replacement players due to a strike they can stand pat. LOL

How happy is Brandon Marshall to be OFF this team? lol

This might be the right time to make a play for Kolb. With Skelton playing well, we may be able to get him for a bargain, some to push Moore.

Let's chill everybody! This is only the third year this guy has played the QB position. Didn't we know that when we drafted him? We know Matt Moore is good but not great (won 7 games in last half of last season) so the defense and running game has to be our strength this year, I think we all knew that going in. The staff will focus on the run game I'm sure in the final few exhibition games. As for the defense - pass rush and shut-down corners - I'm not seeing much of either thus far.

Jimbo...they just signed a 10 year labor deal last year...no strikes on the horizon for the next decade.
...but I like your humor.

One game does not make a season...especially a pre-season game.

...but boy the Panthers made the Fins look like a High School team last night.


If you have Drew Brees and Cam Newton still on the board in your FF league, who do you pick?

finn u just named nobody other than puncey

I think our team should change their name to,, not ready for prime time players.. big sigh… tanny locks in on one receiver and has no touch on the ball.. that’s why they knock it down at the line.. this is why tanny needs to sit at least a year maybe two..

Looks like I've got an impostor. I'm out for the day, guys.....just not in the mood with playing with children.

Cam Philbin 1-15 this year. Matt Barkley come on down.

I'd rather play with myself. Bye morons!

cam newton. guy is the man. carolina gonna be very good

Who is going to pay $ to watch this crap?

Finn, no rookies are supposed to play like rookies. But you don't credit the GM for the CURRENT crop of rookies in PRESEASON! You judge him on the former rookies of the last few years. And by ANY measuring stick you'd like to use, Ireland has been mediocre at best. Not many playmakers, not many consistent starters, not many players that go on to have great careers in the NFL (on our team or any other). And the whole grading a GM vs. other GMs is stupid IMO. Since football is a "team" sport, a guy might look better on a good team that a guy with more talent playing for a worse team. So Vontae might have been more talented than Ladarius Webb, but since Webb is on a great Ravens team, he's had a better career so far.

However, let's be honest, a GM is graded on wins/losses (like a HC, like a QB). And that makes Ireland horribly average (6-10, 7-9). Maybe a little less than average. Either way, there's MUCH room for improvement (even Stevie Wonder can see that). Saying Ireland is the best GM last few years is an embarrassingly misinformed statement on your part.


The Pats only had one good pick last year, Solder. Most of you are too lazy to do any research and too happy to be negative nancy.

Take a whole 15 minutes to review the last two drafts by whoever you feel are the top 10 teams. Then compare. Then talk.

Or, stay as you are, ignorant.

Why are we talking about a 5th round pick in Clay as being some kind of superstar in the making. Why?

Too many gullable fans get their panties wet based on what the media says or what comes out of a practice report.

Clay is a nobody as are the rest of the roster Ireland assembled with Long, Wake, Pouncey & Odrick the exceptions. Until ireland is gone, this team is going nowhere. Pray Ross wakes up one day soon.

4 decent players in 5 years is a HORRIBLE track record.

how does Ireland still have a job?


At least be a tiny bit objective. Sparano was possibly the most unqualified HC in NFL history. Can't blame that on Ireland one bit.

He's got scabby lips & dead skin on his knees to show for his continued employment.

Ross and Ireland have to be working for the Jests!


I'd take Sparano over Philbin 8 days a week!

again finn u make no sense. top 10 teams? they are picking at the bottom of the draft

no way would i ever take garbage sparano back.

From what I've seen Philbin is a horrible coach. And he is as doomed as Sparano was with waterboy Irescum as a GM.

just play thill and get the first pick. then deal that pick for a ton of picks


picks are useless with Irescum

fire ireland after season

Philbin appears to be very mild mannered. In a job where he is trying to mold young men into loving their profession & taking it seriously, sometimes you have to raise your voice & yell.

I don't see Philbin as being this kind of coach. Beside the fact the roster is absolute dogsh*t, he's not gonna last very long being the nice guy.


I thought you planned to kill yourself last week. Chickened out? You have yet to post a single positive comment on this blog. Might I suggest finding a new team that will make you happy?

If not, join me at high noon tomorrow for a jump off a tall building.

sam quick name something positive about the team


There is nothing positive about 6-10 and 4 consecutive losing seasons. The team is GARBAGE.

Easy,...this happens every year!!...It's pre-season, PRE- SEASON!!.......Let's give this the proper attention by week 3!!


It's 3 consecutive losing seasons, not 4.

Anyway, why are you a fan if every single comment you have is miserable? I don't get it. What's the point? Find another team. Do you teach your children to be in a permanent state of gloom? You probably do without even realizing it.

bill @ 11:48, come on dude, BRANDON FIELDS. Don't you know we can be a Top 10 team with a ProBowl punter, lol!

Does anyone think the Dolphins could earn a BCS bowl?

Sam, its 4 consecutive losing seasons . Just watch!

It's Saturday. I'd like to invite MJ and a few others here to drink some rat poison with me tonight and we can discuss what is worse, being a dolphin fan or being sick as hell.

sam u still havent answered, name something positive

This team is friggin pathetic. Clowns running the Miami circus.

Even with Marino, Brady, Montana, etc. Etc. This team wouldn't succeed. A guy vs 59 or so players cannot do great thing. Ireland, Ireland, Ireland...Ross, Ross, Ross, that's the common denominator for failure. We need another demonstration in front of the Dolphins headquarters.


Take off the rose colored glasses. Put down the kool-aid and see reality.


Sparano gone is a positive. Worst coach ever. Tannehill looks like he can be the best QB we've had in a very long time. We have a RB's that catch very well, Bush, Miller, Thomas. The oline is in very good shape except for RT where hopefully Martin will improve. Wake, Odrick, Soliai, Starks, Reshad Jones all looking good,

So there.


6-10 is great huh? IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

It doesn't matter. I'm killing myself at high noon tomorrow so none of this will matter anymore.

I hope MJ joins me.


You would lose a debate with a 5 year old. Try paying attention to the subject at hand.

The moderator should delete all posts that say Moore should start over Tannehill.

The attention span of most people is about 13 seconds, just enough to read 1/3 of a web page.

You can't even discuss a single point here because so few can focus on any specific detail being discussed.

The degradation of society is in full force. Most of you are really limited in mental capacity.

Sad, but true...obviously.

rbs that catch well. lol come on man. entire right side of line blows.how is wake looking good, hes not even playing. jones looks awful in games. soliai got his contract, now back to being lazy for him

Wow, all this pessimism. It's preseason and the fins were 1 play from winning the game. Major improvement from the 1st game.

Does Matt Moore look like the 12th best qb in the league? He doesn't even look like the 3rd best qb on the team.

Also, can we stop it with this Barkley crapp. The kid will be a low 1st rd pick, if he makes the 1st. I've already given my reason why he won't cut. Can u Barkley fans please explain to me what makes u think Barkley is a #1 overall talent? The guy is smaller than Andy Dalton. He's drew brees size without drew brees talent. Barkleys arm is average at best. He has good accuracy. Barkley reminds me of colt McCoy with Wr's.

As a matter of fact Barkley isn't even better than colt McCoy.

The running game thing. I don't see the problem with that either. They are trying to get their timing down in the passing game. Sherman is a 50/50 play caller throughout his career. Most WCO team are 60/40 pass.

The only question upfront I see is how long will it take for martin to get his feet under him. He is the weak link on the line right now.

Philbin has actually handled the line the right way. Let it develop as a unit. And he knows the weak link so he's giving him as much playing time to develop as he can.

Bleacher Report predicts Logan Thomas of VT will be first QB taken next draft.

bill connors is a fool. he just comes here looking for an argument. sad fellow.

I know preseason isn't about game planning but, rather to get players in position to see em on tape to make an evaluation. The same holds true for all teams.

In 2 games, the others teams 1's and even 2's have eaten up our starting units. Man to man, they are getting destroyed. That is BAD!

Either our players suck royally or this coachign staff isn't teaching them. In my opinion, they are only a handful of players who are worthy. Long, Bess, Wake, Pouncey & Bush. Tanny solely on the fact that he's our #1 and our hope.

Every other player on this team can use an upgrade. Proof is on the tape. They are losing man to man battles. When the other man is better than you all the time that means you ain't good enough.

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