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Post-mortem after 2nd loss in 2nd preseason game

Worried about the Dolphins?

Well, it is not exactly time to push panic buttons. But it is time to identify where such buttons are located because another month of this stuff is going to be bad.

"We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina, a game which wasn't as close as the score because the Panthers totally outplayed the Dolphins early when the starters were in the game.

"Yeah, we should be a little concerned."

This was a game that was supposed to give clarity to the Dolphins quarterback competition. It didn't. Coach Joe Philbin was asked if he'll be able to go through with his plan of naming a starter for next week and he seemed at a loss for an answer.

"I don't know that to be honest with you," he said. "I really don't."

Nobody was happy with their work. Ryan Tannehill wasn't.

"Obviously, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go but I was excited to ge out there, compete with the guys and I think it's a starting point," he said.


This also is true: As I wrote in my column Tannehill didn't get much help from anyone. Moore, meanwhile, failed to step up when he had the chance.

"We got a lot of work to do," Moore said. "You have to credit Carolina, they came out and played well. But we have a lot of stuff to work on."

The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times for 37 yards Friday night. Yet Philbin wasn't all that concerned about it. He said it has not been a point of emphasis. That's good. But maybe the Dolphins should start emphasizing it a bit.

Because the regular season is coming.

Check out Tannehill below in part of his post-game talk:


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Its only preseason so I dont want to put too much into it but Fins need WRs badly....The D looked terrible but were playing without arguably their two best players (Wake and Dansby) and Burnett who really improved the 2nd half of the season at LB. No pressure on QB and any D looks awful. THill looked good considering the Oline protection was poor. No ill advised picks which is way worse than taking a sack. I think he should start going forward. I am willing to give Martin a pass since he was going against a guy who averaged 10 sacks for the past two seasons (no stiff there)and is only a rookie (anybody better than Colombo). Myrtha looked awful however. Matthews(#86?) is an interesting prospect (catches the ball well this week and he returned kicks last week very well)....BUT there is definitely a need for WRs and TEs

Logan Thomas is a way better prospect than Barkley. The kid has size, speed and arm.

I can't believe I'm agreeing with Mr.equal sign.

L.Thomas= Way better than Barkley

Also, the fins seem to be a well disciplined team. Who does that fall on? The soft head coach?

The fins haven't committed alot of penalties. The only real problem I see is Martin and his false starts. Even Vontae he acted like the bigger man in front of Steve smith. I just want someone to 1 hit quitter that angry little man. Or lay 'em out James Harrison style.

I thought Tannehill played about like he should for his first start with the 1s. He'll be fine. No doubt he should start on opening day assuming the offensive line steps their game up. We don't need another David Carr situation.


Ask yourself, how many times in the history of the NFL has a team drafted a QB in the top ten two years in a row?

Ain't happening.

Before many of you can get smarter, you first have to learn how dumb you are.

Difficult task.

T-Hill is good enough we don't have to worry about a qb in next years draft.

Now notice how 2 of the top 5 wr's for next years draft play for USC. Also 1 of the top Rb's in the country. Barkley is like Ken Dorsey, he's playing with a loaded team. Barkley shouldn't even be sacked once this season with the team he has.

We should be looking at USC Wr's not their Qb.

They had 2 guys that almost had 100 catches each. Yeah that's some great qbing alright. More than 80% of his passes went to 2 guys. A lot of thinking going on there matt Barkley.

Now name 1 Wr on VTech? Exactly, another reason Thomas is a better qb.

Why do you guys get so ballistic over something you have ZERO control over and ZERO ability to do anything about? It's like you were yelling at the sun for rising in the East.

If the team is bad this year, so be it. Won't change my life a bit aside from Sundays being a little less fun for a couple of hours.

And if you say you "care" more, I'd ask why? Are you still a child? It's a GAME that doesn't mean a damn thing performed by players and coaches you will never meet and who could care less about you.

Get a life, people. Or at least a grip.

@ zero - under the new CBA it may start happening. Having two then trading out when another team is over a barrel and desperate for a QB is not so far fetched.

Look, it doesn't matter who plays QB, if your OL sucks..also your running game is never gonna be efficient.everyone should know that everything depends on the play by your lineman.. the same goes for your defense.. the lineman set up the entire play..nothing goes right if your lineman don't do their jobs..Steven

i think the trash talking is over... this franchise needs to pack its bags and move to LA!!!! leave us our name and heritage and lets get the next expansion franchise. thats the best thing that can happen. please stephen ross pack your team up and i will drive you to the airport!!!!

Zero is right. It's next to impossible.

That means u just wasted 2 top 10 picks on 1 position.

U can do it with any other position, just not the qb. U can even draft 2 rb's in the top 10.

Some of u are just lost. Who love to spew negativity, u can't possibly lead a successful life like that.

Cause it's not even criticism, it's just straight out hating.


Cameron to Philbin?

T-$izzle to Henne?

Watching the game....

Remember the Cam Newton = Jamarcus Russell comments....LOL......where are those guys now....

Well they guys are still here...only the names have changed...

Run D looks good early....

Cam Newton's 1st Pre-season start in 2011:

Comp Att %Comp Yds TD Rate
7 14 50.0 66 0 64.5

Cam Newton had his chance, Tannehill deserves his as well... Let him be the starter, and see what he has..

biggest problem right now is line of scrimmage control

Tanne does his best Henne impression with a batted down pass....

Who are the Dolphin scouts? Do these guys ever watch SEC college football or just the crap teams in the Northeast?

They could have at least tried to sign the fastest man in college and now pro football, Jeff Demps this week. A REAL football player and game changer unlike the wasted draft pick Clyde Gates. Instead, Ireland must have been out looking for the next Michael Engew to blow a high draft pick on next year. The product on the field has "gross incompetence" written all over it. I doubt the Miami Dolphins could beat LSU or Bama this year.

Flag or no flag....nice pick by Sean SMith...he located the ball...and made a play on it....something we have rarely seen ANY FIN CB do in recent years.....




A) Yes

B) No

C)Who cares? Lets Go Heat!!

Matt Barkley come on down!

Tanne showing good recognition....

and going thru progressions....

He is @ least were Henne was in year 4.....

Tannehill is the 2nd coming of Chad RoboHenne.

Very strange what's going on in here. Nobody tackles in the 1st half and everybody converges on the ball on the 2nd half. 2nd unit OL sucks big dic- protecting Tannehill then they do a better job protecting Devlin, also in the 2nd half. The 3rd string QB plays better than the 1st and 2nd ones, for 2 weeks in a row. Who can understand this now?


I like what I have seen of Tannehill so far. I don't think he shows that "deer in the headlights" look, even though the headlights were really shining on him.

Given the defensive pressure he was under, and the dropped passes, I thought he looked more tuned in to the offense than Moore. Obviously he needs to work on throwing lanes, but improved o-line play may help with that issue.

As far as Henne, last night for Jax he seemed to do his best impression of a qb barely hanging on.


2 games...2 quarters...2 touchdowns....I like it....

This team is far worse then I thought.


course we wouldnt draft barkley, but we would deal it to someone who would for a ransom

Well, Tannehill showed why he wont be the starter this year. Too many sacks, tipped balls, and just way behind on the speed of the NFL game. Hopefully, he learns from Moore and will be ready next season.

You know guys maybe we are just playing vannila. We had a bunch of starters resting their egos or something. So maybe we will come out fresh.

I still think (dont laugh) Gerrard is going to be the starter, just a feeling. I think Moore deserves the first game just because of last year.

Tannhill seems to look his receivers a lot. Now if we can get them to look back at Tann and catch the ball.

Really scratching my head on the running game. I fully understand not pounding Bush. But the rest of the Rb's need to step it up.

Go Dolphins!! Think (Hope) this is more being really basic and not getting people hurt than anything.

Inferences? Obviously and for some reason the Team is starting slow. The Coaches are looking to dispose of the garbage, veterans or not. Tannehill, when pressured, needs to step up in the pocket. Others.

We had receivers but crap for QB's. Now MAYBE we have a couple of QB's but crap for receivers. Can u say dysfunctional Dolphins?

Fuc- you.

No running gams, no passing game. No run defense, no pass defense. This team does NOTHING well. Pathetic.

Friends dont let friends buy Dolphin tickets.

Tanne looks fine....

This team will be fine.....Ireland may have stumbled on to a real starting QB....Tanne didn't give up 17 points in the 1st quarter....

Garrard has a 2.75 million dollar GUARANTEED contract for 1 year. But only if he's on the roster Sept.2nd

Just sayin'

Philbin needs to name Tanne the starter TODAY.....

He needs ALL the reps he can get...lets go into the 3rd pre-season game looking sharp....END THE QB COMPETITION.....

Jonathan Martin looks worse then Marc Columbo and John Jerry. YIKES!

No running gams, no passing game. No run defense, no pass defense. This team does NOTHING well. Pathetic.

Posted by: The Signal | August 18, 2012 at 01:54 PM

I think you've got your Signals crossed.

yeah trying to force feed us martin is a joke

If Tannehill starts it will be at WR. .

I was a little off: Base 2.25 mil. Signing bonus: 1,000,000. Incentives: 100,000. Cap hit: 3,350,000


First time I saw Matt Ryan I was wow! That guy is going to be good. When I saw Flaco i said man he is going to be great. When I saw Rodgers I said no doubt he got championship written all over him. Rivers Cam Newton also very good QB. Those are the top future QB in the NFL. Now last night I saw Tannehill play not bad needs seasoning. He no doubt a project. Doesn't make my toes tingle. Will Tannehill be great, I don't know but nowhere close to their skill set. Please don't come on here and say we don't have WR Lot of people has come on here multiple time saying the QB makes the WR. Tannehill. BIG PROJECT!!! And comparing the two teams we have played against our talent level is below average!
Too many red flags. No many holes to fill.
So is JI still doing a great job stock piling talent on this team! Really????

The worst teams in the NFL DESTROYED us. LOL

carolina is very good. should be in playoffs this year. but i agree we got destroyed. we are most likely the worst team in nfl this year

I remember when the Cowboys took the field with Jimmy Johnson and in his first year, along with a rookie named Troy Aikman, they went 1-16. It took three years and look what happened. I think Tannehill needs to start and get the speed of the game in his head. The coaches and his supporting cast need to keep his confidence up. The right backup is also important. Look at what Don Strock did for Dan Marino. It is also very important to have a young nucleus growing up around Tannehill. We need to create our own set of "triplets" and I think we have the personnel to begin doing just that. Persistence and perserverence. Keep New England in our cross-hairs and everything else will fall into place.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/08/post-mortem-after-second-loss-in-second-preseason-game.html#storylink=cpy

yes 3 years after a hershel walker deal brought jimmy johnson a ton of picks in which he drafted hall of famers. we dont have a ton of picks and we have ireland drafting for us. sadly enough this franchise is done till ireland is fired

Ireland should have taken a receiver in the third round instead of getting Egnew on his face.

The Phins are too satisfied with what they are doing and satisfied with the results. If you will recall a few years ago when Cleveland Brown tried to have off season workouts to improve, the players ran to the players union and work outs not allowed. These types of players have no pride. If they cannot a least have their own workouts to improve, it is time to sign players that have sole. A few years back when the Canes were on probation and unable to sign quality recruits, during the off season the OL recruits they did sign took turn pushing a pickup truck around campus with the back filled with other OL players. Guess what? the canes went on to become NCAA champs. You will not get any more out than you put in. The Phins should be ashamed of their prideless self.

My greatest concern isnt the offense, although its a concern too. My greatest concern is the 1st defense doesnt even look competive in the least bit. Had Cam Newton played the entire game against our 1st team defense he was on pace to put 40pts on the scoreboard. Easily I might add.

Yes, the right side of the oline is still a work in progress(new RT and RG). Plus a rookie qb and young wr's. It's just going to take a little time for that to all come together. But with the defense just being plain uncompetive, a offense still a work in progress, nearly doesnt have a snowball's chance in hell of pulling out wins.

Even Tom Brady would be challenge to win 10 games if he played with our defense. He would have to put 50pts on the scoreboard every single game just to go 10-6 for the season.

yg not hard to see this is the worst team in the nfl

Even the Tampa Bay Bucs winless 70's teams defenses didnt look this bad and gave up points and yardage so easily. The play of our defense over the past 2 preseason games easily borders along absulute worst in nfl history in its play.

This defense couldnt even stop a ncaa division 2 offense from moving and scoring at will. Hate to say it, but presently this defense looks more horrible than one that stumbled out of gates falling flat on it's face to Tom Brady on opening day 2011.

If Brady played us right now he would put 50pts on the scoreboard by halftime.

YG...You are right. The defense last night(the first team that we put out there) was bad across the board. Especially on the edges..Slow is what I am watching again right now. I know that Vernon is supposed to be a backup. But he was a liability. Misi, he does a poor job of containment on the edge.. We have to improve here. The pass rush, the linebackers, the whole defensive backfield actually looked worse then last week IMO(with the exception of Clemons)..

It isn't going to matter who is playing quarterback if this defense does not get the light turned on. I know we were short handed. This doesn't excuse the guys out thehe from being absent, or unable to make a play..It was poor performance.

Has Odrick made a play on the d-line yet? I believe Shelby should be promted ahead him on the depth chart. SDhelby's currently Odrick's backup. Shelby's made far more plays, albeit he hasnt played against 1st team offenses yet.

Although Odrick's play picked upped in sporadic spurts last season. That's just not good enough for a 1st rd pick. The guy totally disappears over portions of the season and has yet to show up at all in the preseason. I never did like the pick as a 1st rd'er.

Jonathan Martin doesn't look like he could play in the CFL right now. He got mauled last night over and over.

Hopefully this is growing pains. If not, expect alot of sacks, hurries, injured QB's, int's 3 & out's & batted passes.

Right now, this guy just looks like he don't belong. NOT EVEN CLOSE.

I think part of the problem with this defense is too many late rd picks, cheap fa's(except for Dansby), and acorns start on this defense. Even the two 1st rd picks(Vontae Davis/Odrick), and the 2nd rd picks(Sean Smith, Koa Misi) are far to inconsistent for thier draft statuses.

Dansby doesnt even play to the level of the highest paid ilb in the nfl. Cam Wake is easily our lone best and most consistent defensive player. This defense is a comp0lete mess, and thats putting it mildly.

Seems whenever they replace a bad player, his replacement plays even worse.


Im not giving Jonathan Martin a complete pass, but for now I give him half a pass. He's a rookie, it's still early, and it isnt totally uncommon to see even highly drafted rookie olinemen have issues this early.

Part of the problem with Martin is our terrible defense. When the offense gets by 10-17pts, the pass rush edge goes to the defense. This makes it even tougher for rookie olinemen because the defense can totally disregard the run. Our crappy defensive play eventually forces the offense to become one dimensional to try and catch up.

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