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Post-mortem after 2nd loss in 2nd preseason game

Worried about the Dolphins?

Well, it is not exactly time to push panic buttons. But it is time to identify where such buttons are located because another month of this stuff is going to be bad.

"We know we're better than what we've showed," Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore said after last night's 23-17 loss to Carolina, a game which wasn't as close as the score because the Panthers totally outplayed the Dolphins early when the starters were in the game.

"Yeah, we should be a little concerned."

This was a game that was supposed to give clarity to the Dolphins quarterback competition. It didn't. Coach Joe Philbin was asked if he'll be able to go through with his plan of naming a starter for next week and he seemed at a loss for an answer.

"I don't know that to be honest with you," he said. "I really don't."

Nobody was happy with their work. Ryan Tannehill wasn't.

"Obviously, it didn't go the way I wanted it to go but I was excited to ge out there, compete with the guys and I think it's a starting point," he said.


This also is true: As I wrote in my column Tannehill didn't get much help from anyone. Moore, meanwhile, failed to step up when he had the chance.

"We got a lot of work to do," Moore said. "You have to credit Carolina, they came out and played well. But we have a lot of stuff to work on."

The Dolphins ran the ball 12 times for 37 yards Friday night. Yet Philbin wasn't all that concerned about it. He said it has not been a point of emphasis. That's good. But maybe the Dolphins should start emphasizing it a bit.

Because the regular season is coming.

Check out Tannehill below in part of his post-game talk:


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Here we go again REBUILD, please tell me ONE team in NFL history that has been rebuilding for thrity years.
Bring back Shula!

If this defense plays lke this during the regular season.It isnt too farfetch to say we could go 0-16 no matter who we start at qb.

Yup, time to breakup the defense and rebuild. But it's probably going to take a new GM too. ow I dont trust Ireland to rebuild it with the "flawed" principles he used too build this crap. Acorns, low rd picks, high rd underachievers, and making a slightly above ilb belike Dansby highest paid ilb in the nfl.

We have 11 starters on defense and only 1 consistent player(Wake) on the entire unit. hats bad, really really bad.

Damn, either I need to go out and buy a new keyboard. Or start proof reading before I post. My keys are sticking like hell! LOL

Our d has ZERO to do with Martins inability to block. The score was 3-0 and on back to back plays he got run over by the end and stopped bush for -4 yd run and next play steamrolled on his back for an almost sack. 2 deflections were a. Result of martin getting pushed back. The first sack was a direct result of martin not holding up. Another run play he completely wiffed.

His apparent lack of strength has nothing to do with the defense. That's a weak excuse if I ever saw one. The guy is simply, not nfl material right now.

Knock on him coming out was he is a finesse player, not very strong. Its a dead on assesment right now.`

Its not so bad.....we could be the AZ....word on the street is that KOLB is SKEERED.....


Its not a bad idea to start Tannehill at WR. He's probably an improvement over most and we sure need some help there. Its apparent he's not ready at QB.

My take on the game.....

1) Tannehill had major breakdowns in pass protection which rattles any QB including vets. I said last week I felt J.Martin needed work given his showing and we saw more of it last night, kid needs to work on Strength conditioning and also tends to lunge forward when looking to clear his man and has been swept aside or tossed backward because he's out of control, in his defense B.Bulaga had all the same quirks as a rook in G.B. and steadily got better to now very good . Even if we sit Martin the prospects (Murtha, Garner) underwhelmed blocking a 3rd team D for Moore.

2) We need to either bite the bullet at WR in 2012 pull a trade for Wallace from Pitt. or somebody else quick because the group as a whole isn't very good but Tannehill needs work tossing it in the flat which was a knock on his resume coming out. The group will produce 2 to 3 back ups or numbers 3 to 5 in pass down sets but needs 2 starting caliber players quick and thought it interesting that every time they ran a go route the DB always went with them and never bit.

3) The DE's are undersized with the exception of Odrick whose not very good in run support and it showed. K.Misi as the Mike LB in a 4/3 will need to improve dramatically in pass coverage. I thought the DB's did alright and were the victims of bogus calls. S.Smith was in perfect coverage for his pick and the Davis Personal Foul should have been off-setting. The S.S. spot looks sowed up by R.Jones but feel Clemmons the weak link with Wilson not doing much to push him.

4) The kick coverage looks like the best we've had in a long time and feel another performance like the one last night by Thigpen will put him on the roster also good work in the slot by him late. versatile player with good speed.

The issue once again goes back to Ireland who from all appearances blew the Marshall 3rd Rd. pick with a bust at T.E. and the team is still considered rebuilding and I for one wonder when the Ireland apologist think it's fair to grade his roster building for this team. At this point I feel Egnew gets the ax before the final cut only the ego and pride of Ireland can save this kid. Vernon who I love is another head scratcher because every time I look at him I see a 3/4 OLB, IMHO! ect....

On the whole T-hill start vs wait thing. The talking heads on NFL radio threw out an interesting stat in this. Since Dallas drafted and started Aikmen, all rookie QB's still I'm the league 46% Started 1st year vs 42% waited to start. So it dosn't really matter if Tanny starts or not. His (and the Dolphins) success will be based on his talent and the sooner you know if he's "The Guy" the better off you are. So I vote start him now, get him the reps he needs in practice and turn him loose. Also, Hogan played really well. He is the next Welker, get that kid some 1st team reps. I like Bess, Hogan and Flatline (that's too funny). Those three with Clay/Fasano at TE and Reggie in the backfield you might put some points on the board. Good luck Philbin, coach 'em up and GO Fins!

Few positives and plenty of negatives to talk about and its been this was for many years now. I just hope Tanny and Coach Philbin can survive this mess until next season.
Its looking more and more like the Ireland haters have a legit gripe. We have no cap space and a team full of underachievers collecting that cash.
My last gripe of the post. Trading Marshall wasnt a big deal. There have been a ton of good WR's available the last few seasons via trade or FA and Ireland didnt even bother looking at them. Most of the Fins cash is invested in the O line and Dansby which looks to be some of our biggest problems. You would be hard pressed to find a positive about this team right now.

Forget Mike Wallace. He won't look half as good without Ben throwing to him.

It's Preseason...

The expectations should be low considering how many changes were made in one year...

I will give Philbin at least 3 years to "Put his stamp on the team" as turn-style personnel has never helped any business succeed. After being around GB for so long...he should know what a good football team should look like on the interior in both coaching staffs and players.

Unlike most, I don't blame Ross. He is a Billionaire and has a toy he is trying to fix. I do believe as an owner/fan he wants to win. He puts his wallet where his mouth is and inks big players when asked (Dansby, Marshall, Bush and some other costly yet ill advised FAs (Smiley and Gerbil Wilson to name a couple). If Philbin is the guy, things will get better and Ross will have some redemption.

May the Football Gods give our players softer hands to make better receptions, quicker brains and legs to diagnose,process and run down the ball carrier. In actuality speak that will mean clipping players over time and getting better, stronger, faster ones.


With our lackluster WR group as a whole...

As other posters have pointed out it does seem criminal to let powerhouse NE get first shot at the absolute blazer in Demps!!!

Just sayin.


Agree with everything ROB..


3 years is still not long enough...and imo still ='s turn style employment....
Philbin needs @ least 5 years of our continued support....while he continues to show continued improvement....

The problem is this...Ireland will most likely have to go in the next 2-3 years if not sooner....

and if Ireland goes....the new GM comes with a new philosophy.....

If Garrard gets well soon, we will be ok this year with him and Moore. Tannehill might be good trade bait for a pick or decent WR.

The only team that looked decent in the game against the Panthers was special teams and especially Brandon Fields punting. That guy can really punt the football. That being said, you don't want your punter to be the standout guy, but he was. That shows how poor this team is talent wise. The offensive line can't pass block or run block, the defensive line is getting hardly no pressure on the QB at all, the defensive backs can't cover, the linebackers miss tackles, the WR drop passes, the tight ends also drop passes and from what I saw last night I would say a 3 or 4 win season would be good for this squad. Don't get your hopes up Dolphin fans, its going to be another long long season.

The problem isn't Ireland. The problem was 4 years of pasta brain Sparano who couldn't even ever figure out which lineman to play where. Damn that guy was just plain stupid.

new gm has to happen before this thing turns around. currently worst franchise in nfl

bill connors,

1. have the dolphins ruined your entire life?
2. have you smiled once in the last 12 years?
3. do you kick poodles?

ESPN Now Reporting:


Ireland is the worst GM I have ever seen. There is not a coach in the world that could survive his incompetence. Philbin is doomed as was Sparano. No coach can make chicken salad out of the chicken shyt Ireland supplies.

I never seen such and endless bunch of whining sissies with nothing better to do but complain about some gm all day long.

What a bunch of sad sacks. Go do something with your life. At least JI has and is making good coin to boot.

Jealous low class lite beer drinking scrubs.

Dolphins remain the laughingstock of the league. I'd like how they'd do against Sabans Crimson Tide.

Again, some of u guys are some resentful people.

Why is Philbin to blame for past problems?

Did we get blown out or we lost on the last play?

The offense scored more points this week, and the defense didn't get massacred by the other team. I say that's improvement.

Cam would've only had 10 pts if that fluke of a call would've been called right. Carolina was holding from the beginning of the game the refs just gave Carolina the 1st qtr.

How many points did Carolina scored after the 1st qtr? They still had starters in in the 2nd qtr.

Also, why would u want to get rid of T-Hill? Or start Moore?

I know it's only preseason but statistically T-Hill is probably the 2nd best qb in our division behind Brady. Same will go for the regular season.

Wallace from Pitt is garbage. He can only run 1 route. The Steelers offense suited his style, but they are switching philosophy this year lets see how that works out.

I hear they'll be flying another Fire Ireland plane sign over the stadium for the home opener. Just wondering if they'll be anyone there to see it LOL

Carolina only scored 6 pts after the 1st qtr

2 field goals.

If you removed odinstank and all of his aliases here, and then removed all the minorities and then the few bible thumpers...there would be maybe 2 or 3 bloggers left, the 2 or 3 smart ones.

For the few remaining knuckleheads (ahem, Finn) who have been saying "it's only preseason" and listing their reasons why the Fins aren't so bad or why we should stay optimistic, tell me how many elite players are on this team. How many? Not how many might be elite or how many are decent. How many are elite? I say two - Jake Long and Cam Wake...and we will see how Wake does in this new scheme.

What we really have are a bunch of safe picks that Ireland made coupled with some acorns he tried to mix in. Newsflash: the elite teams in the NFL have elite talent at the skilled positions. The Fins do not. Not one. Fasano is far from elite. Read through the list of players Ireland has taken..it's disgusting.
2008 - only Jake Long is still on the team. Philip Merling, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford and the rest are gone.
2009 - Vontae Davis - yuck grow up and be a baller. Pat White, baseball prospect. Sean Smith can't tackle. Patrick Turner, Brian Hartline - nice answers at WR (sarcasm). Chris Clemons is a career special teamer or at least should be. The rest...you know, they are gone.
2010 - Odrick could be good, not elite. Certainly not yet. Koa Misi ick. John Jerry fat. The rest are special teamers or playing cuz we suck in the secondary.
2011 - Mike Pouncey is solid. Daniel Thomas is a 3rd down back/goal line back. You don't spend a 2nd round pick on that. Clyde Gates is our deep threat except he has like 3 career catches. Charles Clay - big whoop.
2012 - Tannehill we shall see. Martin is a turnstile. Olivier Vernon is a one dimensional DE. Egnew sucks, we already had TWO TEs on the roster and we spent a 3rd round pick on him instead of drafting a fu$king WR that we needed after GIVING away Marshall. Lamar Miller is a 3rd down back and can't block. The rest are practice squad guys.

So for the Mr. Optimisms out there, suck on that for a while. And for the people who want to come back with "why don't you find a new team," my answer is simple. I care. I want to look forward to Sundays. I remember the days when winning every week was EXPECTED, not just hoped for. I'm so tired of the occasional caller on QAM or The Ticket saying we are close or it's only preseason or we have talent or we are on the right track. We suck. Epically. Even the Canes have this disease of suck right now. Maybe it's time to cheer for the Lions and fish on Saturdays...

Tannehill looked exactly as what he is a rookie quarterback starting his first game with the 1's against another teams 1's. Yes he did hold the ball to long, WR's dropped numerous pas that should have been caught, the offensive line was as porous as limestone and high school DE could have gotten to our quarterback last night off the right side of the line.
With that being said it is the second preseason game with time to correct those mistakes.
In my opinion the biggest problem is our O line and there is no hiding that the right side is as bad as it was last year. Artis Hicks= failed experiment, John Jerry = failed experiment.
Secondary really Vontae Davis had the nerve to say he and Sean Smith were the best CB tandem in the league last year, somebody have him pee in a cup because he is doing some really good drugs. Vontae Davis = Failed experiment.
Can we throw a blitz against the opposing QB? Or are we going to give them so much time back there that they fall asleep? The defense made the carolina O line look like the great wall of China last night. I think the Miami front spent more time on the ground than they did standing up all game.

I think 6 - 10 will be our record again but that is a stretch based on last nights performance. By the O'line, D'line and Secondary.

Ireland is a country,not a GM | August 18, 2012 at 06:27 PM

Ireland is a GM. To date, two extremely wealthy NFL team owners have chosen to pay him a handsome salary for his services. You can be sure Ireland will be a GM in this league for years to come, whether with Miami or another team.

It appears many of you are simply jealous a guy like that can make 10 times your salary.

Philbin is WORSE then Cameron.

Zonk is fishing for someone to rile up. Zonk is lonely.

Irescum is a waterboy. It'll take 4 years AFTER he's fired to clean up the mess he's made.

MJ is fishing for someone to rile up. MJ is lonely.

Lonely bloggers have nothing else to do,

Lonely bloggers come here to say something that will hopefully irk another blogger.

Lonely blogger waits for a response.

Lonely blogger posts another comment in hopes of a counter response.

Lonely blogger hasn't touched a cute girl in years, so he comes here to take out his frustration.

Many lonely bloggers come here.

Observation, do you think the Fins would earn a BCS bowl game this year?

Sample lonely blogger posts:

Ireland is scum.
Dolphins are the most embarrassing franchise in sports
Ross is cheap
Philbin is Cam
Philbin is Sparano
Tannehill is Pat White
Tannehill is RoboHenne.

Lonely bloggers don't have much imagination, or much vocabulary, which in part explains why they are so lonely.

Not only do we have lonely bloggers, we have stupid bloggers.

Stupid bloggers are the ones that take the bait of the lonely bloggers and try to debate them. The 'feed' the lonely bloggers what they are hungry for.

Then there are the desperate bloggers. The desperate bloggers will respond, debate, converse with any blogger unconditionally. For example:

A desperate blogger will eagerly converse with a blogger who has spent the last two hours, or two months, talking about nothing other than load swallowing. The moment the load swallow blogger mentions football, the desperate blogger suddenly has found a friend to talk to and it matters not that they are talking to a childish pervert.

Ireland is scum.
Dolphins are the most embarrassing franchise in sports
Ross is cheap
Philbin is Cam
Philbin is Sparano
Tannehill is Pat White
Tannehill is RoboHenne.
Observation is Jeff Ireland's prostitute

Mostly true. Good post. LOL

Do u guys think maybe if u wouldn't go on an ignorant tirade maybe, just maybe mando or any other reporter might use some of ur stuff. Or do we just want to yell out asinine remarks?

What I say Carolina only scored 6 pts after the 1st qtr and nobody has nothing to say except Ireland sucks?

Funny how u left out a bunch of other players that are still playing. Again look at the pats or any other franchise the last couple years?

I know u delusional fans don't want to hear this but Ireland is doing an OK job. Nothing spectacular but he is building this team the right way. Specifically the last 2 years.

Looks to me like Tannehill was running the same offense that Henne did. The "prevent" offense.

ireland worst gm probaly ever in nfl, dashi u must be his brother or something. guy is a complete idiot

If ya like Ireland...YOU ARE A JESTS FAN!!

bill connors falls into the above described 'lonely blogger' category.

Those who respond to bill connors would fall into the 'stupid blogger' category, by feeding the lonely blogger just looking to irk someone.

The desperate bloggers are those responding to all those bloggers that continually spout nonsense or adolescent references to gay matters.

I hope this is all making sense now for everyone. Now you can easily identify yourselves.

I didn't cover the normal, healthy bloggers because there aren't enough here to warrant an explanation.

Yo Jeffy....is your momma a hooka?


U should change ur name to rational observation

Even though I wouldn't go as far as u did.

U forgot the Multiple Personality Blogger. The one who post under different aliases. Or we don't want to incriminate ourselves???

Or how about the only say my side of the story blogger. U know the one who doesn't tell it like it is, leaves everything out as long as it's in their benefit.

Yeremiah Bell is deeply missed in Miami. I still believe his release was a mistake (along with a couple of wrong choices made in the last draft). His leadership was the only thing holding our barely-decent Defense together, it's so clear now, and we kicked him out without any regard for his long-standing contributions to the whole team.

Last year, it was, "suck for Luck".
This year, no Luck, we still suck. But I like Tannehill, needs lots more reps with the first team and he'll be fine. The Bozo owner and the Bozo GM are the big problem and nothing is being done about that. 3 to 4 wins for this team this year is about all I see them getting out of this horrible team. The coach is a nice guy but has no fire and inspires no one. The O-line is horrible with only two good players on it. The receivers all suck except Bess. The Defensive backs all suck too. You can't win with all the mistakes this team has made over the last few years. Need a real GM that knows players and has no ego problems. Ireland is a complete failure and until he is out, so are the Dolphins. Get out of that tent and practice in the heat or continue to watch our players get run off the field. It's a total collapse of conditioning sense that air conditioned tent was put up. Tear it down and get in shape to play the whole game.

Dashi, how long have you been watching (I know you never played the game by your comments) football? I mean American football, not soccer.

"mando or some other reporter might use some of ur stuff". Huh?

"What I say Carolina only scored 6 pts after the 1st qtr and nobody has nothing to say except Ireland sucks?" Did you even watch the game?

"Funny how u left out a bunch of other players that are still playing. Again look at the pats or any other franchise the last couple years?" Yeah, I have. Seems like they win alot.

So,please do us all a favor and go back to watching soccer. You obviously don't know enough about football to comment here or anywhere else

Dashi = Gay Asian with tiny pecker.

Anyone else notice that when a college QB goes to good team he almost immediately becomes a good QB (Flacco, Ryan, Rivers, Cutler) and when he goes to a s hitty team he becomes s hitty (Bradford, Leinert, Gabbert, Henne etc).

Anyone else notice that when CashMoney writes he says nothing?

just please beat jeff fisher and the rams and sparano and jets. lose rest and trade first pick

Anyone watching Jets-NYG?
Jets look horrible running Soprano offense.
BACKDOOR wildcat coming soon.

Inventory: 200ml Evan williams Black, 12 Pack Miller High Life, 2 bottles of Blueberry flavored beer, all the time in the world to insult anything/anyone.

None of this means anything until games actually count.

With that said...

If David isn't the starter, then it should be Ryan. Ryan, arguably, has looked better than Matt in two uncounted games.

Start the kid NOW so we know NOW if he is hot million dollar garbage like I think he is.

CashMoney = PriceMaster = TheSMF = Phuc Yu (+others)

According to Ireland, Ryan is just as good as RGIII.

It makes no sense NOT start the kid if he's anything like RGIII.

We need to know now instead of waiting a year or two.

I believe Jonathan Martin will be at least in excellent shape for the beginning of the Season. heheheh

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