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Preseason's second depth chart is out (yawn)

I kindly urge you to take the following with the proverbial grain of salt:

The Dolphins just released their second depth chart of the preseason. Matt Moore is listed as the starting quarterback with Ryan Tannehill second.

That does not mean Moore will start Friday night against Carolina in the second preseason game. It means he's simply the first-team guy right now. The Dolphins practice Tuesday and Wednesday and things can change before Friday.

The depth chart:



WR 19 Legedu Naanee 11 Julius Pruit 83 Jeff Fuller 86 Rishard Mathews

16 B.J. Cunningham 81 Chris Hogan

*10 Clyde Gates

LT 77 Jake Long 76 Lydon Murtha *69 Ray Feinga

60 Will Yeatman

LG 68 Richie Incognito 65 Erich Steinbach 63 Chandler Burden

C 51 Mike Pouncey 64 Josh Samuda 62 Ryan Cook

RG 73 Aris Hicks 75 Nate Garner 74 John Jerry

RT 71 Jonathan Marin 67 Andrew McDonald 61 Will Barker

TE 80 Anthony Fasano 42 Charles Clay 88 Jeron Mastrud 84 Michael Egnew

87 Les Brown

WR 15 Davone Bess 14 Marlon Moore 18 Roberto Wallace *82 Brian Hartline

QB 8 Mat Moore 17 Ryan Tannehill 7 Pat Devlin *9 David Garrard

FB 41 Jorvorskie Lane 6 Ryan Mahaffey 35 Jerome Messam

RB 22 Reggie Bush 33 Daniel Thomas 23 Steve Slaton 44 Lamar Miller

34 Marcus Thigpen

46 Jonas Gray


LE 98 Jared Odrick 79 Derrick Shelby 70 Jarrell Root

DT 94 Randy Starks 78 Tony McDaniel 66 Chas Alecxih

DT 96 Paul Soliai 97 Kheeston Randall 95 IsaakoAaitui 90 Ryan Baker

RE 91 Cameron Wake 50 Olivier Vernon 52 Jamaal Westerman 72 Jacquies Smith

LB 56 Kevin Burnet 59 Gary Guyton 49 Jonathan Freeny 48 Shelly Lyons

LB 58 Karlos Dansby 53 Ausin Spitler 45 Cameron Collins

LB 55 Koa Misi 93 Jason Trusnik 57 Josh Kaddu

CB 24 Sean Smith 28 Nolan Carroll 25 Jonathan Wade 47 Trenton Hughes

32 Marcus Brown

CB 31 Richard Marshall 21 Vontae Davis 36 Quinten Lawrence 38 Kevyn Scot

43 Vincent Agnew

S 30 Chris Clemons 27 Jimmy Wilson 26 Tyrell Johnson *37 Kelcie McCray

S 20 Reshad Jones 29 Tyrone Culver 40 Anderson Russell


P 2 Brandon Fields

K 5 Dan Carpenter

KO 5 Dan Carpenter

H 2 Brandon Fields

KOR 34 Marcus Thigpen 44 Lamar Miller 23 Steve Slaton *10 Clyde Gates

PR 15 Davone Bess 86 Rishard Mathews *34 Marcus Thigpen *10 Clyde Gates

LS 92 John Denney

2012 Rookies Underlined

*Did not dress last week


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Yawn is right. This depth chart means nothing.

Kris is a Wimp without his ODO to snicker along.

It's a well known fact that only inflated ego air heads talk about themselves in the 3rd person like, like illiterate boxers, basketball players, and Dashi, who incidentally makes frequent references to who will blow him.

But some people here need a friend to talk to, any friend, and for them, Dashi, PriceMaster, and VIO will do.

Kris is on edge without his ODO to snicker along.

And some people are "demented" not paranoid.

U schizophrenic freak

Tanne still hasn't gotten the nod to be the starter going into the next game....

Hopefully he still gets some first team reps in the game....

yep yr right!!! yawnnnnnnn

Agreed kris, T-$izzle looked just as bad as Moore today. Hopefully he picks it up the rest of the week.

The future is now. Might as well start the kid. He played way better than weeden and they got pop's starting.

I was one of the one's who has been advocating to wait until week 8 of the regular season before starting T-Hill. But with garrard done. And T-$izzle improving might as well.


I always wanted him to start from day one...but with Garrard shining...I got resigned to the fact that this wasn't his year...

now with Garrard out of the picture...I want him back in as the day 1 starter....

Dashi, One Question, Who's T-$izzle?

Kris, Garrard isn't out of the picture yet. He had a knee scope to clean cartilage, going to be back in a few weeks at the most. He was beating Moore and Tannehill for the starting position and he very well could come back and outperform them in his first practice. He didn't have a knee replacement or anything so I'm not sure why some people are declaring him out of the picture already. He's healing up and incision wound and some minor flesh tear from the scope. It's not going to hinder his performance. But if he's not ready by the 27th I will agree that he's out of the picture and would want Tannehill to start.

Philbin going by gut feeling on the starting QB!!! Wow. I thought you go by stats who has the best numbers in preseason! Nah. I just dont make any sense philbin is correct he has been coach for 30 years now, so he really knows what he is doing!! I think:)

Man Hartline maybe on the way out?? Boy he better get healthy like really fast!! Or he will be the next victim!!! Or made a example of!!

..Everyone got jacked from Tannehill's good showing game 1.. From the fans to the media, even the ESPN guys are saying he should start...That's when you know you have made it when ESPN cn take time away from talking Tebow..Big time!!

Tannehill may indeed earn the starting job. But lets take a breath, and look at some of the things he didn't have to deal with last week before we do the saftey dance. How will Tannehill deal with pressure? both internally, and from the defense. He went pretty much unscathed Friday night. He didn't see much in the way of anything confusing. I know that the argument will be the only way he gets experience is trial by fire..But say he does get the go with the number ones. Say he looks totaly lost in recognition, or what protection to get into(something none of us will be able to recognize..we will just have to blame it on the line)..What if the team is totaly out of sync, and Tannehill plays like a rookie?

What happens in the same game if Tanny falters, and Moore is the one leading the team up and down the field. If Moore is the one that gives energy to the offense(something Tannehill clearly did Friday)..then what?

My point..Tannehill is going to be the starter here. Probably sooner then later. I hope the team is in no rush to force the issue should it appear obvious Tannehill needs work. As well as he played Friday, and from reports through camp...there is still a ways to go and a lot to prove IMO...

agree tanny will start. guessing we go around 3-13. so we better draft best play maker in draft

The Miami Dullfins (YAWN)

Tannehill is not ready to be the starter. Moore will start until they're out of the playoffs (week 13) then Tannehill will start.

week 13!??! wow ur giving us a lot of credit being around that long

Hartline = another Ireland bust

to be


GARRAD ??????????????????????????????????

4-8 puts em out. sound about right?


HARTLINE IN 4 YEARS QITH THE FINS============= 3 TD .........ONLY IN FL .........


no chance they are 4-8 with this current team. they win 3 total games max

Bill, you could be right.

u play tanny from the start, everyone knows this season is over as far as meaning anything in standings. so let him learn all year and get a great draft pick for 2013

Aloco, Are you casting in your ballot for president of the gang of defeat?

LOL, people were saying 8-8 and now Chad Johnson was cut so they're only going to win three games? Really? Chad was so good he was worth 5 wins? hAHAHAHA

Aloco who in the f&&k is Garrad dude? lmao

Coalition to ban coalition to ban coalition,

Everyone knows who T-$izzle is. The "GWH"

T-$izzle is the "Futures" street name. What they call him on Biscayne.

I'm with Darryl in that it would be good to make sure T-$izzle gets the game speed down. But if the difference between him and Moore or garrard is slim, then go with the people's choice.

I believe if T-Hill doesn't win the competition now. The fins should wait til week 6 to make their decision not week 13. If we are not. 500 by then switch to the rookie regardless whomever is starting. It fits the schedule best. Week 7 is a bye week and we lay the jets in week 8.

Only thing that can beat T-$izzle beating the Texans week 1. Is T-Hill winning his 1st start against the jets.

who would ever say 8-8, id have gone 2-14 if cj was still on team

Wow, it still sucks here.

craig , yg wanted to take u out to eat at buffalo wild wings

I don't believe Chad is the reason that people have come down to reality.

Everyone was expecting 8 wins or better if garrard was still the starter and the defense plays like people were expecting. But if we don't have a top 10 D with better safety play, and garrard at the helm. Then yes this is a 6 win team at best with T-$izzle. 4 wins with Matty less.

My question is with the state of the franchise being the way it is? Will people still have wanted to trade 3-1st rd picks for RG3? Or how about next years 1st for Wallace?

Remember last year when the Raider traded 2-1st rd picks for Palmer. Do u think they regret it?

Bill, dont forget 2-7 may not be out of the playoffs mathematically. I think Moore is the far better QB now and will be the starter for a while anyway.



I think the Bills will finish higher then us. actually, I'm pretty sure of it.


Don't be such a wussy wuss. Tannehill will find a way to handle the pressure or he won't. Sitting on the bench for 1 year or 2 years won't change that. I don't buy it. The guy has shown his is up to the challenge and the only way to know if he can handle it is to play him. Many rookie qb's with lesser talent have been thrown in the fire.

My point is don't be such a frightened kitten. He is not 6 years old. He has a tough, athletic build. Play the damn guy!

moore sucks man, tanny already better in this offense

View This:

CB 24 Sean Smith 28 Nolan Carroll 25 Jonathan Wade 47 Trenton Hughes

Nolan Carroll is Smith's chief competition on that side of th field for the startng corner spot. Now I understand why Smith's still a starter. Carroll's not challenging anyone for a starter spot and is only more horible than Sean Smith. LOL

Moore sucks? He's the team MVP and singlehandidly turned the team around last year. 12th rated QB in the NFL.

yes moore sucks, has his entire career. he went 6-7 thats not turning anything around. sure hes better than henne but so are u.


Poop(Moore 2011) never smells too bad when a skunk's in the building.

Moore > Henne
Moore < rodent crap

well said yg

Matt Moore may be the worst qb in nfl history to finish ranked 12th statiscally amongst his peers.

Played in 13 games, started 12. Completed 60% of his passes, only avg 192yds per game passing, with only 16 td's. Like I said, Moore's maybe statiscally the worth 12th rated passer in league history.

either way i could care less about a rating, i wacthed the games. guy is a backup qb

if tannehill plays they'll be 1-15 lol


Matt Moore only averaged 192 ypg passing last season. In today's nfl if youdont have a yards passing per game avgberage well over 200yds, youre garbage as a qb.

Moore averaged "192 yards per game passing" in 2011 folks. Quit defending this, youre looking like idiots. LOL


Guess that means if Moore plays we'll be 0-16. LOL

Well, this team is in a really bad state of flux. I really like Moore because he will take the risk and throw the ball, but if Tannehill is as good as people here on the boards are saying, then play him. Its not like its Henne/Beck all over again.

Tom Bradey could throw for more yards in one half than Moore did in an entire game. Heck, Brady could throw for more td's in a qtr than Moore threw in a game. LOL

Moore was so bad his teammates voted him team MVP. IDIOTS ON THIS BLOG! LMAO!

Half a season off a 5 year career. Doesn't make u good.

What about the other 4 1/2 yrs of Matt's career.

One of Dashi's favorite word "Consistency", Moore lacks it.

Draft eligible Qb talent Moore lacked that.

Question is those of u that love Moore why hate Ireland? He is the one who found him for nothing. Had the foresight to sign him to a 2 year deal.

Again, I'm not proclaiming Ireland to be the Dashi of all GM's. But at least Ireland finds the problem and tries to fix it. All our previous GM wouldn't admit they made a mistake and they will keep players here longer than they should have. Ireland is always looking to improve every position.

Have people realized Jeff has drafted more quarteback in the last 5 years then all other previous gm's in the last 20. He has been trying to fix the problem since he got here. Everyone else tried to get a Average FA.

Same with the Rb's. Would any of the old gm's have drafted l.miller when they had Ricky or Ronnie? Nope

Sissy Krissy got STUFFED! Slam dunked, COLD. And so he ran away. Widout his bruddah odong, he squat.

Only a novice fan would annoint Tannehill the starter after just 1 quarter of one preseason game....against 3rd stringers.

Dashi we don't accept bs here. Your rap ain't so. Clean it up or go find one of your blog bf's to blow you.

Bob Griese averaged about 190yds passing per gae on the ground and pound early 70's sb teams. Folks, you dont have a prayer of being a good nfl offensive team in this era when your qb(Moore) averages 192yds passing per game.

Are you fvcking kidding? LOL

Yardage is meaningless compare to the only thing that counts. The W's.

Guys stating its too early or we havent seen enough of Tanne to make him starter.

"How many games do you think we'll win this year with Matt Moore averaging 192yds passing and only 16 td's for the year?"

We may as well trust taking our lumps with Tanne. He is suppose to be the future isnt he?

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