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Audio and visual edition of Thursday camp update

Rookie qarterback Ryan Tannehill got his opportunity to take a few snaps with the first-team offense today, marking the first time he's done so as a profressional.

He didn't seem overmatched. But neither did he look like the second-coming of Dan Marino. It was simply snaps in a practice in which Tannehill did some things well and some not so well. He had, for instance, a fine pass to Chad Johnson on an in-cut on a play that Johnson beat cornerback Jonathan Wade.

Tannehill also had first-down completions to Davone Bess and Marlon Moore.

All this was done as the Dolphins defense was installing the Bear or 46 front today, meaning they had lots of personnel at the line of scrimmage and they were attacking.

“It was good," Tannehill said. "I think I have a lot of things to learn from the tape, but it was good to get in there (and) see the first defense, see the different things that they bring as opposed to on the other end. (I) definitely have some things to work on, but I think it was a good start.”

Coach Joe Philbin said Tannehill "earned" his first-team snaps by throwing the ball well his first few days at practice. Tannehill split the first-team snaps with Matt Moore.

Watch other parts of the Tannehill interview below to get his reaction to how he did.

It was an interesting day for some Dolphins receivers today. In the Salguero dictionary, interesting can mean inconsistent.

Roberto Wallace, who finished Wednesday's practice with a 79-yard TD pass along the right sideline, started today's work on the field with a practicially identical play.

But ...

Then he dropped an easy deep pass later in practice that went through his hands, down his body and onto the ground. And He also dropped a slant pattern pass in traffic. If Wallace is going to take that next step from project and potential to production, he's got to catch those passes.

Chad Johnson had the catch of the day when a pass was underthrown and he stopped and dove back in front of a defender who expected to make a play on the ball. Johnson snatched the ball out of the air as he dove and foiled the turnover as well -- two negatives turned into a positive for the offense.

Afterward, by the way, receivers are trying to improve their catching skills. Ladies and gentlemen, Marlon Moore:


There was good news and bad news today. The bad news is receivers Brian Hartline (calf) and Clyde Gates (hamstring) missed another day of work. Hartline has practiced only two times this training camp. Gates has missed this entire week.

My opinion? Jake Long delivered the best news of the day today.

As you know, the Dolphins have shifted to a zone blocking scheme this season from the downhill power blocking team of the past few years. Long said he "loves" that. He said it is what Michigan did his final two seasons there and he believes it gives him the opportunity to use his altheticism.

"You get to run and get on guys and finish 'em and take them wherever they want to go," Long said.

That's good.

This is even better: Long said he is the "healthiest I've been in a long time." He added that it has been at least three years since he's been this healthy.

Listen to the interview:

Download Jake Long



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Go Ryan!!!

I get the feeling he's going to be just although you really can't tell it from Mando's write up. The article on the main football page provides a lot more detail.

So it's true that the SS is charging to read the Football entries. I don't think that's going to work either, like the "hits" approach hasn't. Got to find an in-between between the posters and the newspaper Blog.

Hell, I didn't know that Denver's Coach now is Jack del Rio. They are fukked. That guy is dense as hell.

Great news on Jake Long!!!!

Oscar, SS doesn't blcok me at all from reading their articles.

Just glad to hear some positives with Tanny and Jake L.

The thing is that it's not the Blog entry nor the paid commentators that make a Blog successful, rather it's Substance.

I still don't think tannehill should start week 1. Let garrard or moore play. If we tank then he can start later in the year to get ready for next year.

Armando on Tannehill:

"He didn't seem overmatched. But neither did he look like the second-coming of Dan Marino".

Armando, Im sre week 2 of training camp(rookie)Marino didn look like the 1st coming of dan Marino. Stop with the Marino comparisons already. You may find Tannehill mmeasures up at this point in his areer(week 2 training camp rookie season).

great news on Tanny. Lets keep those 1st team reps coming. Gerard is a 10 year vet, he doesn't need them.



Do you really think that Armando can assess talent? Please!!!!!

All these reporters on all the Dolphin web sites write the same exact things.

The Dolphins are the laughingstock of the NFL. Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!!

Build for the future or play a guy who does nothing to define the future of how our offense will run?!?!
This is a new era where qb's run pro sets in college , and in particulat this kid has his college coach calling plays.
You cant play scared to ruin a younf guys confidence.
IF hes any good he will play through the natural growing pains.
Do we really think Garrad playing is worth the extra game he might win for us???? Woooho 8 wins instead of 7
Let the future start now unless he pukes all over himself this preseason

"Marino looked good since the first day of training camp", Don Shula.

Sounds like Garrard may be the odd man out.

JPC, but mando sure knows how to gloss over the positives and highlight the negatives though. It's a great sign that Tannehill has earned first team reps in his first week of practice after signing late and performed adequately. As Philbin said, first team reps are not handed out freely, they are earned. He's not exactly up against Lance Painter and John Beck in the quarterback battle. The vets are solid guys. Not wrold beaters but to split time with them or beat one fo them out, you are doing something positive.

YG, Mando seems to forget that Marino didn't win the starting job in his first camp either.

The Elders of a Blog are the ones that give it's Substance.

Caption this, let's see how creative you can get.

Been reading that alot of DB's are getting there hands on interceptions. Hope it's a good thing about the defense, and not just bad QB throws.

it was practice.

Some fans are as excited about Tannehill as they were about Beck, Henne, and Pat White.

Let young Tannehill learn for a while. Let the best QB run this team this year. No rush to get him unless he's the best QB to help this team win. If it truly is Tannehill this early, then play him.

Been reading that alot of DB's are getting there hands on interceptions. Hope it's a good thing about the defense, and not just bad QB throws.
Posted by: doldan13 | August 02, 2012 at 02:20 PM


Its the pathetic WR's. The offence will be a turnover machine lol

The Elders of a Blog are the ones that give it's Substance.

Posted by: oscar canosa | August 02, 2012 at 02:11 PM

Go stroke your aging ego in private. There are kids present.

seriously? comparing him to marino? marino is the greatest pure passer in NFL history. better than brady, better than favre, better than elway, better than manning. you put an in his prime marino on any of those teams and he would have won more than those QB's.

Were talking about practice here, not an acutal game not a game here, practice man, were talking about practice here not an actual game where stats are recorded a practice were talking about.

I want to see Tannehill in the preseason game and form my own conclusion if he takes command of the offense and marches the offense down the field for some scores, he'll be the man

Preseason games are glorifed practices.

Marino was the biggest choke artist in sports history. Always dissapeared when his team needed him the most. Not a big game QB. 1-10 in road playoff games.

i like cheese

As far as our recievers go, Im more concerned about drops, than anything else. Unless a pick or near pick is caused by terrible ball location/terrible accuracy our qb's are fine. But balls bouncing off of "pro calibre" reciever hands is "inexcusable".

Also our defenders getting hands on some of those ball could just plainly mean "great plays" at times by the defense in camp. Dropped balls are like turnovers and in my opinion inexcusable.

Gregg - Choke on some dingleberries

Seriously, Armando? is it that hard to just report a positive note from the team without throwing some snide remark? Yesterday was a stupid sidenote on Chad's fingernails and today is an idiotic comparison to Marino. I'm honestly starting to believe that your are in fact a Jets fan

News I'm disliking most about our qb/wr's is a few more drops than I would like to see. Moore still seems to struggle with deepbal touch/accuracy.

Garrard seems to have gotten on where he left off when healthy at Jacksonville. That's being anywhere between a 7th to 13th best nfl qb. Even in his best nfl season no one could mistake him for a top 5 qb. Bottom 10 maybe, that's it.

Finally, Tannehill appears to be holding his own. Reports suggest he maybe a little "above average" right now in his rookie development. After the catastrophic "Pat White experiment", that's great news to hear!

If Devlin spends another year on practice squad, imo, it may suggest he's being groomed to be Tannehill's future backup. I will be mildly surprised if the loser of the Garrard/Moore battle is still a Miami Dolphin to begin 2013 at the latest.

If Tannehill plays well enough to win backup to the starter, there's really no use in keeping the loser of the Garrard/Moore battle.

@YG. Agree 100% and would think that has been the plan all along. Let Garrard and Moore battle it out and keep just one next year. Still early but I'm starting to like Garrard better. He has more experience and success as a starter.

1-10?. that sux.

I'm not surprised that SpAzano is using Cromartie on offense.

Sometimes you can see the wheels turning in some Great Offensive Coordinators mind!

In Tony's case, all those wheels have flat tires.

It'll be 3rd down and 20. SpOranus will be bring in Cromartie as the ULTIMATE Decoy. He figures NOBODY in their right mind will suspect a fullback handoff up the gut! Not on 3rd and 20 with Cromartie in the game!

The Jets....................

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

dink. pix six huh.?

tanny was a wr so he'll be able to chase down the db's after an int.

Hell, the guy wants to play, let him play, if he's up to it.

Its no fun to be a Dolphin fan anymore. The friggin team cant even win a home game. Every year I get my hopes up and every year they're crushed....At least I wont waste money on them again this year.

If Tannehill played WR here he would be 2nd or 3rd best on the roster

Nahh, Jack del Rio is the D-coordinator. Denver might be allright after all.

The "Will Yeatman" move from tightend to tackle is easily a move flying most under the radar thus far in camp.

I can easily see 1st and goal "tackle elible" plays in the work. Being a former TE, that will give opposing defenses just one more thing to think about during 1st and goal red zone situations. I love it!

I tell you, everytime I try to enter from Phins.com into an article by the SS, some kind of sign comes up and doesn't let me read it.

Tannehill might be the best WR on the roster. Maybe he'll play some WR this yeat.

YG - It can work at least once. After the one time, I'd bet they keep an eye on him.

They want me to pay $3.95 a month in order to read. Can you believe that?

oscar, you have to delete your cookies in order to view SS articles

Can't wait for the first pre-season game!!!

Mad pumped!!!!

tools>>>>internet options>>>>>>delete cookies,history,passwords. Before you go to the site to view SS articles

Oh! The Young Ones are useful after all.

You can bet that whichever QB starts the 3rd pre-Season Game, will open the Season.

Tanny at WR in the Pro's is ridiculous.

He was barely quick and/or fast enough to play it at the College level. He was the Big Possesion type that relied on some very good and precise route running.

He got by on it and was very good at the Collegiate level. But he wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell at this level.

From Redskin camp:

"RG3 is holding onto the ball a little too long".

Rookies do have to learn no matter how great they were in college. If you notice, when Philbin uses superlatives describing Tannehill's play so far, its usually followed up by "for a rookie qb". This suggest he's right at or slightly above "the rookie learning curve". Thats always great news.

Look Mr Ross wanted a QB in the first round and he got it! Remember before the draft Ross said it! Now IMO if tannehil starts its Ross influence on Philbin decision! And the WR dropping passes it training camp everyone is honing their craft fellas!! But would like Gerrard to start but I think Tannehill is going to start because of the #8 pick and the money paid for his services! But Ross is the one who signs the checks and he said that he is going to be more involved, we already seen it with his first camp interview!! Right or I'm wrong and just over reading it!! Just saying!! But what I know I'm a stupid, but loyal dolpfan!!

If Tannehill played WR here he would be 2nd or 3rd best on the roster

Posted by: incendiary | August 02, 2012 at 04:17 PM

Well.........that would be better than 3rd or 4th best QB on the roster.

YG - It can work at least once. After the one time, I'd bet they keep an eye on him.

Posted by: incendiary | August 02, 2012 at 04:24 PM

Just having "a legit threat" to do something can cause a hesitation in a certain area of the defense. This creates a weakness that can be exploited by the offense.

With other threats also in the game, whether you actually throw it to Wheatman or not, the defense has to adjust. All it takes is for Wheatman to be successful a couple times to make defenses have to honor, creating a weakness or mismatch.

You suffer from Vertical Video Syndrome, or V.V.S. Turn that iPhone sideways!

Tannehill will start if competition for the starter job is close or he just wins it outright.

Some of you are sounding utterly ridiculous. Even Ross isnt stupid enough to throw a qb he just invested a 8th overall pick, unprepared to the wolves. Geesh, how some of you find your way home after a short trip around the block is mind boggling to me. LOL

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