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Quickie camp post for Wednesday afternoon

Today was not exactly a stellar day for Miami's quarterbacks but if you're evaluating man versus man versus man, David Garrard versus Matt Moore versus Ryan Tannehill, the advantage again went to Garrard with Moore and Tannehill struggling behind him.

More on that in a few paragraphs ...

First the news: Brian Hartline (calf) and Clyde Gates (hamstring) did not practice today. Rookie Kelcie McCray (broken foot) was scheduled for surgery today.

The Good: The starting safety duo of Reshad Jones and Jimmy Wilson is being asked to come up with turnovers this season. They need to make plays, which the deep secondary for the Dolphins has done very little of in recent years. Wilson picked off Ryan Tannehill today and Jones picked off Matt Moore.

The Bad: Matt Moore threw two interceptions (by Reshad Jones and Anderson Russell) and fumbled on a strip sack by Randy Starks. I asked Moore how he's evaluating himself so far among the QBs. "I'm in the middle somewhere," he said ... Reggie Bush had two fumbles today, one on a rush and one after making a reception.  

The Ugly: Chad Johnson painted his fingernails black. Some of you may dig that kind of thing but I guess I'm not hip like that. Johnson said it had to do with him working with KISS rocker Gene Simmons on some song. I have no clue if he was being serious. Coach Joe Philbin? "In what was probably the wisest approach of the day, he said, "Certain things are important to me ... that's not one of them." Philbin then added, "He should have used light blue or something." 

Special teams note: Davone Bess, Marcus Thigpen and Reggie Bush are taking most of the punt return repetitions at this point. Thigpen is also taking kickoff return reps so the door is open for him to make the team on special teams if he can show that he's actually, you know, special at returning kicks.

The quarterback battle: If the season started tomorrow, I assume coaches, having seen the same thing everyone else has so far, would go with David Garrard as the starter. Obviously, the season does not begin tomorrow. Games will be important and Moore is a so-called "gamer." So we shall see.

Moore has been inconsistent and Ryan Tannehill, spectacular his first couple of days, came back to Earth today.

Let me give you a taste based on team drills.

First team offense versus first team defense:

Garrard complete to Reggie Bush who beats Vontae Davis one-on-one, but Davis strips the ball for a fumble.

Garrard complete to Legedu Naanee for 12 yards.

Garrard incomplete when Roberto Wallace drops a pass.

Garrard to Davone Bess for 8 yards.

Garrard incomplete

Third team offense versus second and third team defense:

Tannehill incomplete.

Tannehill to B.J. Cunningham in flat.

Tannehill to Cunninghamfor 20 yards.

Tannehill to Rishard Matthews for 18 yards.

Tannehill to Michael Egnew in the flat for 4 yards.

Two minute drills to end the practice ...

First teams:

1-10-40 -- Matt Moore to Anthony Fasano for 5 yards

2-5-45 -- Moore incomplete.

3-5-45 -- Moore to Davone Bess for 8 yards.

1-10-47 -- Moore to Marlon Moore for 9 yards against Vontae Davis.

2-1-38 -- Moore incomplete

3-1-38 -- Moore to Chad Johnson for 18 yards.

1-10-20 -- Moore incomplete.

2-10-20 -- Moore incomplete (Charles Clay drops a potential TD pass on skinny post)

3-10-30 -- Moore incomplete.

Second team two-minute:

1-10-40 -- False start.

1-15-35 -- False start.

1-20-30 -- Garrard incomplete when Clay drops a 20-yard gain.

2-20-24 -- Garrard scrambles for 6.

3-14-31 -- Garrard complete to Julius Pruitt for 8 yards.

3-24-21 -- (situational repetition) Garrard 79 yard pass to Roberto Wallace down right sideline for a TD.

Chad Johnson, by the way, spoke the media for the first time since camp opened. It was, shall we say, different. He's engaging, entertaining, enlightening and potty mouthed -- yeah, he uses curse words easily, I don't know if it's for effect or not.

Anyway, the audio is below. I must warn you, this is not suitable for youngsters. It is very much R-rated material. I do not recommend you listen to this at work. It contains foul language. It could be considered offensive to some.

Chad Johnson's first Dolphins presser





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ouu, there's Andy's boy Roberto Wallace again.

Tannehill doing what rookies do. Shining in some moments and looking confused the next. That's ok. In time the good will be a lot more than the bad.

Jimmy Wilson continuing to shine.

Moore continuing to fumble.

Garrard taking advantage of his opportunity. Personally I don't think he's going to give it up. he's a good QB. 2nd best in the AFC East. Unfortunately the best is best by quite a margin.

According to Peter King who was in Davie today:

'Philbin works 'Phins at fastest pace I've seen on trip'.

'Garrard was by far the best QB today. Throws downfield accurately and knows the offence'.

Also from King:

'Tannehill had some good throws today.'

'Bess top WR in camp so far'.

'Wallace terrific today'.

sooooooooooo, clay sux huh.?

I like Chad Johnson interview that's the old Johnson! He has something to prove, I beat he bounces back!!

johnson = low iq.
he ain't know the kings english.

Nice tidbits Craig.

Defeinitely looks like garrard is openingn a gap and widening it every day. Moore had a rep as a bad practice player and it looks to be costing him again.

Nice to see Tannehill coming along. We all knew he wasn't a finished product and that's ok. things are very encouraging overall for this guy and hopefully the media allows the organization to bring this guy along at their own speed.

No one said Clay sux, where did you hear or read that. I sure didn't read it in This article. Or are you making things up.

hey mando, do you really think its important what color uses CJ85 on his fingernails?, really???

2-10-20 -- Moore incomplete (Charles Clay drops a potential TD pass on skinny post)
3-10-30 -- Moore incomplete.
Second team two-minute:
1-10-40 -- False start.
1-15-35 -- False start.
1-20-30 -- Garrard incomplete when Clay drops a 20-yard gain.
.read. between da lines.

So Philbin said that Tannehill us a work in progress just like every other position on this team! He also said Tannehill is calm almost to calm other QB are more anxious! He said it's not a negative is just the way he operates
Well IMO I like QBs that are vocal aggressive and show and be leaders! Maybe Tannehill just not comfortable yet with his team mates! I guess it doesn't matter as long as he can play QB in this league!

No one said Clay sux, where did you hear or read that. I sure didn't read it in This article. Or are you making things up.

Posted by: Michael | August 01, 2012 at 01:11 PM

Well, I can assure you, dropping TD's and 20 yard passes doesn't make you very good. Practice or not. He dropped a big gainer in a big spot last year too in a game.

I don't see how Moore performed all that poorly in the sequence above. He's going against the 1's & had a TD dropped. Let's not go crazy over these practice reports.

Everyone here lost their minds after a Henne to Marshall 3 TD performance in practice. That sure translated over ino the regular season, didn't it?


Has Ireland been fired yet?

Pretty much all of Ireland's draft picks suck so Clay is no surprise.

As far as the qb race, Matt Moore has the most to lose. Garrard as potential day starter lead seems to increase each practice. Moore cant finish this battle close to Tannehill or he could end up "less" a team. That's being a member of the Miami DFolphins football team anyway.

And Tannehill cant finish a very distant 3rd behind Matt Moore in the qb battle or it could be considered a serious disappointment. After all, Tannehill's a #8 overall pick, rookie or not he should be able to make it a very close race for #2 qb between he and Moore.

No one mentions Garrard had a 79yd td pass today. In this blog I guess you have to be a "white qb" band do this to get "props" here. LOL

Mando -- So Tannehill just had one incomplete pass? Thats not bad
for a rookie or for any QB at this point. Other QB's around the league have
done much worse this week. They had a bad write up on Weedon not too long ago.


YG, Moore is the starting QB. Get a brain.

Garrad is probably the best "deepball touch" qb we've had in Miami since Marino. That's if we're not counting the qb's we've played against post Marino. LOL

David @ 1:40PM,

Come opening day, we'll see who's brain is the pig feet in a pickle jar. Garrard will be opening day starter and you cal be referred to as "twist lid on jar tight". Oink-oink. LOL

not knowing the queen's english doesn't mean you have a low IQ. that's ignorant in itself.

Afre you kidding me Tannehill coming along nicesly? Why isn't he starting already? Why isn't he already getting inducted into the hall of fame? J/K I think he will be fine. I have seen him on several occasions telling the receivers where they need to be in their routes, he throws a nice ball and he didn't just sit on his ass during his holdout he went to work on his own. Not only that but he ended the holdout so he could get in the QB competition which tells me he is competitive and doesn't want to just earn a paycheck from the bench. Good for him and good for us. I think Garrar will do just fine in the mean time. I really hope the fumbles and dropped passes get under control sooner than later. I know these things happen early but I hate reading about them all the same.

I like the interview, not so bad. He probably doesn't have any kids. Anyway, hope it works out, we could sure use the old Chad johnson at WR.

YG, this Ape will not be the starting QB unless there are no more bananas in Davie

Nice blog post. I like the way you like, use words and stuff, man. It is really cool and I would kind of like to do that someday. Right now I am exploring my options but someday I would like to have a swimming pool because it is really hot here and well, like I am hot too and I kind of don't like that so much. Keep up the nice work.

Stupid media asking why chad has his finger nails painted, asking players and Coach Philbin about Chad Johnson finger nails colored black!! Unbelievable that's Miami
Media! But Philbin being the professional and classy person he is, wasn't like Parcells rude and an A-hole!!

man,on 75 right now ,there's a convy of semis full of chiquita bananas heading towards sw ranches.lol

Davie Resident
Go back to Mississippi with all the rest of the kkk!!! Your racist!!! He is better than those other two white boys!

man,on 75 right now ,there's a convy of semis full of chiquita bananas

Posted by: 2 watt | August 01, 2012 at 02:13 PM

I am in hot pursuit.

Ray, Im just joking

Some rednecks in America think blacks are ignorant and lowlife!! But only because they learn it from all those kkk rednecks!!

love the new coaches. same old shitty gm needs to find some wrs. worst wrs in nfl

Who doesnt like a blk joke every now and then, all of us tell them just like blacks tell jokes on whites

Davie, don't you know? It's only white folks who are racist. African Americans are not racists AT ALL.

Can you smell the sarcasm?

the smart ones knew moore was nothing more than a backup. garrard has been a starter for years and will start for us

Craig M... the only thing people in Miami want to hear about Peter King is that he is hanging in a tree somewhere... or something along those lines!

You do have to wonder what Ireland was thinking when he got rid of Marshall and didn't replace him ,he drafted a WR in the sixth rd who probably won't make the team and now brings in CHad whatever his name is this week If hartline can't go we are in trouble and that has to fall on Ireland, and even if hartline can go we still need better WR"S it is frustrating watching Jeff

Ray, anything Davie says is unimportant if he's bringing race into it. Don't fall into that trap my good man. Garrard is an upstanding human being and all around good guy. Unfortunately, that does not translate into a great QB. If in fact he is superior to the other 'THREE' QB's currently on the roster, that does not bode well for Miami. IMO it means Miami will be drafting another QB next April.

no it doesnt, anybody smart knew tanny isnt ready yet, let him sit on bench and learn all year. compete for starting job in 2013 is fine. why rush him, this team isnt good enough either way.

Didnt Henne sit his first year? Guess what when he got in there he still sucked, play the kid, let him go through the ups and downs of a rookie QB, its not like were going anywhere.

guess what henne was awful.

Like watching paint dry. the Dolphins are on the clock!

DOLPHIN FANS... We don't have a Great team, not even a Good one, but if you are not a fan - MOVE ON! Why so many haters? Chose another team to cheer for, very easy. I am glad Chad Johnson is a Dolphin, I'm upset that we don't have Brandon Marshall. I am still going to love the Phins and will continue until I die. This is why it is called a "Diehard fan" no matter what. We will get there one do, as I believe. GO PHINS!

what is about playing Tannehill that is a rush? as much as i hate Parcells he is good for quip and i am fond of the... 'When you don`t know that you don`t know, it`s a lot different than when you do know that you don`t know' one. i think he also mentioned something about a dog not biting if he didn't do it as a pup!?


parcells = blubber mouth.

parcells said when he is eating a hot dog,he doesn't like to be rushed because he does know that it will come back and bite him in the axx later in the day.

parcells is a twat. No need to rush Tannehill. Does nobody any good. he will play when he's ready.

Armando, are you planning an article that talks about Philbin and your impressions of the coach so far?

If not can you tell us what you think? It seems like he's very engaging and treats you guys in the media pretty fairly compared to the past few regimes.

2 Watt, did parcells say that when he was eating a hot dog or sticking one in his cornhole?

I could care less what Parcells says. he's also the same genius who thought drafting a left tackle was a lot better for a franchise than drafting a QB. He can suck wind and anyone who uses any of his quotes for support can follow.

I guess they don't allow the other word for butt even if you use dollar signs for S's. :)

Was saying Armando is kicking Omars butt this year when it comes to camp news. Usually Omar is in the lead but he seems too busy arguing with his twitter fans. Keep up the great work Mando.

As a lifelong Dolphin fan I will not watch a game where David Garrard plays. I will leave the stadium or turn off the TV. Garrard was not good enough for Jacksonville. Why would the Dolphins want him?

Please, everyone refresh your memory on Garrard.

The Jacksonville Jaguars released Garrard on Tuesday, making a "pure football decision"
"He just couldn't get it going," said Del Rio, who added that the team didn't try to trade Garrard. "I had met with him a couple of weeks ago and brought him in and said, 'Hey, listen, you're my guy. I need you to get it going.' He was given every opportunity. He was somewhat apologetic that he wasn't able to deliver." Del Rio turned the starting job over to Luke McCown, who outplayed Garrard and rookie Blaine Gabbert in the preseason.


like some 1 posted above,
if garrard is the starter then the phins r in deep kaka at qb.

i'm with you on that Dan... but apparently the crowd thinks that playing Tannehill is some kind of rush. If the kid can play he can play... if he can't it has nothing to do with playing him right away. Maybe that same crowd thinks Leaf should not have been rushed either?

they r still grooming leaf. what do u mean.?.

moore played v.good last year on a bad team. he will start this year.

moore want good enough for carolina! whats your point. garrard got to and won playoff games

moores done as a dolphin, will be dealt in pre season. moore was never good

does clay ever catch the ball

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