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Reasons why Tannehill starts tonight

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wasn't kidding. He said the quarterback competition was open. It is. He said Ryan Tannehill would have a chance to win that competition. He does.

And that's primarily the reason Tannehill gets his opportunity to start tonight against the Carolina Panthers.

Tannehill may not necessarily be better than Matt Moore right now. He may not necessarily be ahead of Moore. But he starts tonight while Moore comes in afterward because the Dolphins coaching staff wants to go into next week's Atlanta game with their starting quarterback decision made.

And the only way to come to that decision is to see if Tannehill can have the same sort of success against starting-caliber competition while leading Miami's starting offense that he had against backup competition last week.

We know that Moore was good but not great in the starting role against Tampa Bay's first-string defense. Now the Miami coaches have to see how Tannehill does against Carolina's first-string defense. Coaches can then have an apples-to-apple comparison of both their starter candidates against first-string defenses.

That's important because Phiblin would like to go into next week week's third preseason tilt with his quarterback decision made.

And that meant Tannehill had to face starting defenders before next week. Put another way, the Dolphins could not have been certain that Tannehill would face starting-caliber competition tonight if Moore started. Philbin has said he does not contact opposing coaches before preseason games to set play-time plans so he couldn't be certain the Panthers would keep their starting defense on the field beyond one series.

It also helps Tannehill that he's been quite good in practices since joining the team and has shown improvement with each passing week. That's the reason I told you Monday not to be surprised to see Tannehill start against Carolina.

And having said all this, we have to take a very long look at this evening.

Remember that Tannehill starting tonight doesn't mean he's won the starting job by any means. So we must survey the landscape after tonight to see what we see.

If Tannehill plays exceedingly well but Moore does not, that will make Tannehill the favorite to open the season as the starter because David Garrard (out probably another two weeks) is out of that starting picture.

If Moore plays out of his mind and Tannehill struggles, then Mooe will be the favorite to be the starter because coaches will likely believe the rookie simply isn't ready yet.

The gray area will be if both Tannehill and Moore play out of their minds. Or both struggle. Then what?

If both deliver similar performances tonight and we're basically all tied up in the quarterback competition going into next week then Philbin may not be able to have his clear-cut starter by the third preseason game as he hoped.

At that point, the two players will continue to be evaluated -- even into the coming game -- until somebody takes the job. This scenario also raises the possibility Garrard gets the opportunity to start the first or second regular-season game because, remember, he was leading this quarterback race when knee surgery sidelined him.


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Tannehill shines he starts, Tannehill stinks and Moore looks good he doesn't. Tannehill and Moore play the same, Tannehill starts. Equal = Tanehill, Better = Tannehill.
Only worse = Moore.

Tannehill 2012 = Roethlisberger 2004.

14-1 baby.

A star is born.

Guess you were wrong Bill......it happens to us all....

Pauley Shore Jr = Tim Couch = Kris = Odin = Mando

Breaking news:
Tannehill takes beating while ankle-weights Wallace tries to get seperation.

Oscar, Dashi is never angry, We cool right. Remember Dashi is like The Buddha. When U reach my level of Enlightenment, Weak emotions Cease to exist.

Also can the Clown stop repeating stuff over and Over again this is not f'n detention

" Garrard is the starter and Moore is his backup." -Silly Monkey Fool UR CORNY stop with the Ignorant post/rants

U my Friend are the only one on the M&M bandwagon on the Oregon State Trail. Snap out of it u Corny Fool. This is not the Jets. No QB Controversy in Miami.

We have a QB competition. Meaning 3 guys battling out for a Starting Spot. The Competition started when Philbin got hired so everything Mediocre moore did last season doesn't count.

What can't criticize the O-line, so now u have to talk thrash about the Wr's?

The same line and Wr's T-$izzle uses is the same as M&M. And I rather have T-Hill out there.

Does Matt throw People Open?

Can Matt Move(Not even Scramble) Outside the Pocket?

Can Matt's little hands hold on to the ball better than a Whopper?

**HINT-On Why T-$izzle Starts the Season**

They got rid of Marsha when they knew Peyton wasn't coming.

They got rid of Chad when they knew Garrard wasn't ready for the opener.

Question did the coaching staff do any of those moves because of T-Hill or Moore?

Remember what i said the Fins knew from the Minute they hired Sherman T-Sizzle was a possibility. Look it up.

Stop talking out ur Asz u Super Mandingo Fondler


you sound like a broken record....please find a new tune...geesh...talk about BOOOORRRIIIINNNNG.....

Boring writing=SMF

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Me and Dashi BOTH think you are boring.....


SMF=trained monkey....

next week I will teach you a new phrase monkey....

Dear Dashi, Kris, Tim Couch, oscar canosa, bobbyd12, Cuban Menace, Odin's A sshole, The coalition and all of Mando's other handles,

Garrard is the starter and Moore is his backup.

Get used to it.

Trained Monkey....

I hate you.....this blog has been getting back to the buisness of talking football...INTELLIGENTLY......

either join the conversation...INTELLIGENTLY.....


please never address me again....

Dear Dashi, Kris, Tim Couch, oscar canosa, bobbyd12, Cuban Menace, Odin's A sshole, The coalition and all of Mando's other handles,

By halftime tonight you will ready to off yourself and I will be here to push you over the ledge.

Let's review how we got to this point:
1. Hennne told this team to go f uck itself
2. Next: Matt Barkley stayed in school rather than come here
3. Peyton told the team to go f uck it self
4. Flynn told the team to go f uck itself
5. Garrard, out of football for a year, signed a contract, was immediately moved to the top of the depth chart and 5 minutes before game told team to go f uck itself.

And let's not forget:
1. Bill Cowher told team to go f uck itself
2. John Gruden told team to go f uck itself
3. Jeff fisher told team to go f uck itself
4. Philbin signs and the only coach he can sign with NFL experience is Sherman, the coach that Tanne got fired.

Now we're ready for kickoff!

Daryl D.....

I don't know you you indulged this ignorant SOB last night.....he is like a stray cat...feed him once....he keeps coming back because he is STARVING for attention....its lonely in mommy's basement....

I'm probably more nervous than Tannehill!... Why?.... Because I felt good about C. Henne also.... Lol. I just want our QB struggles to come to an end tonight..... Im ready to start a new era... Brady's gonna be an old man soon, Fitzpatrick doesn't scare me, and both Sanchez and Tebow will wear out there welcome in New York soon... If RT17 turns out to be "The Chosen One" well be in good shape for the next 10+ yrs... Go Get Em Kid!!!

Everyone is all one person to Sweet Man Face.

Dashi=In Ur Mouth

Give it a break Fool. Stop drinking the Sweet Man Juice. It seems to me ur Kock Drunk. Kock ridding everyone on here.

Post about football and don't repeat what ur going to say Over and Over and Over and Over and Over and Over again.

It's Corny, Ur Corny

Moore didn't even look "good" last week. Moore can't play without a #1 Wr. Look it up. M&M doesn't go thru his progressions. Most his passes were to the #1 option on the play. U can count the games with 1 hand, How many games did M&M throw to more than 4 players on his team.

Even RoboQb passed to everyone. He would just malfunction once in a While. Start throwing Bullet Passes everywhere.

More than 50% of the Passes he threw last year went to Marsha. That's a Big percentage for any offense.

T-Hill needs to look off Safeties? Ok, u didn't see the 1st game.

M&M needs to stop locking in on his 1st Progression. He's been doing that his whole Career.

What babies you all are, arguing over this.

Tannehill is probably going to struggle a little, because this is first string. He'll have some good plays, and not so good ones. He might even be sacked, by holding onto the ball trying to make a play on 3rd down after the RB gets 3 yards and Moore or Wallance or one of the other mediocre players drop a pass. Don't slit your wrists. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

And btw Camarillo is out there, he's no worse than what we have now, let's pick him up and give him a 1yr contract. At least we know he's a guy who doesn't drop footballs.

I'm out losers see you at the game tonight!

Samantha ....could you possibly be more GENERIC with your post....

Why didn't you say.....Tannehill with have some good plays...and he will have some bad plays"....

oh wait...YOU DID say that....

We need tannehill as are starter. We need the growing pains, and we need it now. Too high a draft pick, too much money, and too much inconsistency at qb. Anyone can see that.
Also, bengals cut Jordan Shipley today. If he is healthy, we need to jump on that NOW. RIGHT. NOW. Our wide receiver and receiving core in general is a joke. We need him. He is a third down machine, and with bess and him as options our numbers will skyrocket, and he returns kicks. Hes somewhat of a possible welker, he makes plays, he's everything hartline should be but isnt.

Dear Mr. Cut & Paste,

I'ma follow Kris's advice and let u live ur Corny Existence. But before I Finish U, Why did U change ur name? Ur ignorance Amazes Me.

I told u stop jock riding Matt Barkley, he's going to be a 2nd rd pick. And the Fins don't need another 2nd rd pick Qb.

Ur list is Straight up Hate from a jets fan. None of it makes sense. Sort of like ur opinion.

Also, Football is not the Be All End All, for everyone here. Just U.

So be Easy and "Swallow Multiple Facials" somewhere else.

Now we're ready for The Bukkake Session on Ur Mom's!!!

Bring the old hag in

This choice was not rushed by desperate fans or troubled owners, so I think it was a wise decision and Tannehill should remain there at least until Garrard recovers. David is good enough to relieve Ryan from excessive pressure and to be his "do as I do" mentor, either as backup or starter, so we shouldn't be afraid of failure. Garrard's body also needs to share the pressure with someone else, anyway, so I hope they would be eager to cooperate with each other.

I would love to see T-Hill connect several times with 7/11!

It will be the new Brady/Welker of the AFC East!

Who is Tanny throwing to tonight? Larry, Moe & Curly?

If he does start the year, beter pray to god he doesn't deal with hits, sacks, int's & drops all season.

As a pro with his guaranteed millions it shouldn't phase him but he is young & you know it will.

"Remember Dashi is like The Buddha."

Except spiritually and intellectually. Still, having a tubby gut and no hair is a sort of start, I guess. You might be the Buddha of Rex Ryan's Future.

Enough of the non football gee blogs please!!!

Let's talk football!! This game has a lot riding on it just not Tanny!!! DEF, WR', and TE's.

This offensive line needs to show that it one of the top in the league too!!

Da da da da.........

Oh yea, forgot the D was playing tonight. Minus Mcdaniel, Wake, Burnett & Dansby.

Tonight should be a GREAT indicator of how the defense is doing with most of it's best players not even in the game.

I'm shivering in anticipation!

I believe Tannehill will be another Phillips Rivers, put up godly stats the first 3 quarters then throw a costly TO in the 4th like he did in college

The days of a top ten high picks most enter in the game are done, the money is not the same as it was, so if the player is not ready there is no constraint to make it so.

Enough of the non football gee blogs please!!!

Let's talk football!! This game has a lot riding on it just not Tanny!!! DEF, WR', and TE's.

This offensive line needs to show that it one of the top in the league too!!

Da da da da.........

Posted by: JOE PHILBIN CLIPBOARD | August 17, 2012 at 04:16 PM


The outcome of the game is completely meaningless and neither coaching staff could give a crap less about playing to win it.

Like all preseason games, it's garbage. And only the foolish and naive attach immense meaning to it.

The bmost important thing is to avoid injury---along with wondering why any fan would ever willingly pay to watch a silly 3-hour practice.

Most of the actual player assessment---BY FAR---is done at camp in Davie.

This is not really a big deal tonight even if some of you desperately want to believe otherwise.

I can't remember a preseason game with this much riding on it.

I'm sorry but I'm going believe that Tanny can't perform almost as good as Newton or Dalton of last year considering they both had a 1/4 training camp when he had a full camp!

Tanny knows the offense!! You can't put price tag on that. And played reciever in this offense.

Another thing to remember is playing QB now as opposed to when Marino, Elway, Kelly, then Favre era were way tougher.

Enough said!

Dashi, are you Odin ???



I believe Tannehill will be another Henne meandering around but never quite getting IT.

Tannehill will be overmatched against 1st stringers. Especially with these crap receivers.

Tannhhill will throe 25 TD and 16 picks his first full year starting

..Kris. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Long day in the sun I guess.

The outcome is meaningful. I bet Carolina -4 with the money I won on Tampa last week.

I was reading the 90% nonsense posts on here and as I scrolled down I was surprised by no meaningless all CAPS posts and then I found one.....of course. Lol

..It's true. I think that on a lot of levels you are right. Tonights game is a huge step in the evaluation process. This cannot be ignored, or denied. The most important position on the field has to be evaluated in a real game scenario. Sure if there is a dead heat in the performance between the 2 Qb's. The tiebreaker would be practice performance. But should one really stand out above the other it will be these meaningless games that is the decidng factor. So as meaninless as these games seem to be..These next 2 are fairly important I would say.


I just read your comments on Tannehill from the last blog.

Dude, I HOPE you're just "Acting" the freaking dumb.

Actually, I think the correct term for your comments would be Assinine!

Do us a favor and save it Dude......For REAL ;)

You bet on Football, Mike?

How much?

Do you know the odds at the different Games in a Casino, Mike, from craps to roulette?

The odds of beating the House on Football are worse than any game in a Casino with the possible exception of those machines.

Who is he going to throw to?

The only time you want to challenge the House in Football is DURING the Game, but I don't know if you are up to that or even if it's done anymore.

Oh, I forgot, you have a sure thing tonight.

7-11 might be closed for a while, hehehe.

Armando sez:
The gray area will be if both Tannehill and Moore play out of their minds. Or both struggle. Then what?

Uhhhh. You drafted a guy 8th pick to be your future INSTEAD of Moore. Don't be naive and think there's going to be competition every year. Should he show that he can handle himself expertly on the field - ding! - done deal. If both players played amazing, do you really think Joe has more than a 3 second conversation with anyone that doesn't end with Tannehill starting?

As for them both playing bad?... Same result. We gonna lose with the vet, might as well lose with the rook.

Now shoud Tanny play like a bum, and Moore look like Montana --ok, Moore gets the nod.

This isn't really hard.

Daryl D....

I hear you....we have all done the same from time to time....

Looking forward to Tannehill winning the starting job.....put the # 8 overall pick to work...and the sooner the better...imo....

Now is Tanny, the People's Choice, the Real Deal, and God knows what else.

Odin will admit I'm not him. And Dashi will admit he's not Odin.

Food for thought Me and Odin don't have Beef. Not that I know of.

On the Extra Corny JizzSwallower. What happened? If Dashi is getting spanked why did "U" Switch ur name.

Dashi has over a 1000 Acronyms for SMF.

Ur ignorance again Shows. Stick to football. The Reason they Make the Buddha Fat is Because U are looking at his soul not his physical Appearance. Notice U will never see a Angry or sad Buddha. Cause he's full of life and Happiness.

But I forgot Ur Small Mental Fortitude can only spew hate about the Dolphins. U don't have the Ability to Expand ur Mind and take in more things than just Hate.

Let's not throw lofty Goals and Stats on T-Sizzle til we are sure he is starting the Regular Season.

Tonight it all starts up front. I want to see the O-line get a Push and from the D-line I want to see penetration.

The Lb's- I want to see Depth, and If Misi is getting better in Coverage.

The Secondary- I want to see some improvement. This has to be the biggest Question Mark on this team.

ON Offense

The Qb's- Dashi just wants to see T-$izzle play. I would like to see some improvement and Consistency out of Moore. Also I would like to see Moore Spread the Ball around. Change the Play at the line so the RB's don't run into a blitz like last game.

The Rb's- One of our strengths, Just like to see more Use out of them.

The Wr's- Wallace, Pruitt, and Hulk Hogan. We already know what we got in Bess. I would like to see those 3 step up. Naanee playing good won't hurt either. Gates, Moore and the others also have an opportunity to make some plays tonight.

The Te's- Some Consistency and Play making from Clay and Egnew.

The O-line- I would just like to see a push. This might be John Jerry's last game.


Everything you say in your blog writing is true. However, if Tannehill has a great outing, we can all look back at this moment as Tannehill's starting job to lose. Then he just blew the competition away.

But if Tannehill struggles in the least bit to Carolina's 1st team defense, Matt Moore's probably the day 1 starter. However, Moore cant show any signs of regression or inconsistencies from that point forward or Tannehill can immediately wrestle the starting job back away from him.

I expect Tannehill will make a huge case to be opening day starter, beginning tonight against the Panthers 1st team D.

- Hey, man, you hated that #8 pick. - Fuc-you, now I like it. - Ahh..

If HK is going to eat some Crow, you really don't know what's in store for you.

I expect Bush, Bess, Clay, and Fasano to be Tannehill's primary weapons tonight. I also expect to see the wr Moore and Legeedu sprinkled in for effect too.

Dont be surprised if the first play of the first offensive series is a bomb attempt to Marlon Moore. That's if Moore's on the field at that time. Remember, we tried that during the scrimmage game game a cuple weeks ago, missing the connection by slightly more than a foot.

Tanne today goes to show way his No 8

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