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Reasons why Tannehill starts tonight

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin wasn't kidding. He said the quarterback competition was open. It is. He said Ryan Tannehill would have a chance to win that competition. He does.

And that's primarily the reason Tannehill gets his opportunity to start tonight against the Carolina Panthers.

Tannehill may not necessarily be better than Matt Moore right now. He may not necessarily be ahead of Moore. But he starts tonight while Moore comes in afterward because the Dolphins coaching staff wants to go into next week's Atlanta game with their starting quarterback decision made.

And the only way to come to that decision is to see if Tannehill can have the same sort of success against starting-caliber competition while leading Miami's starting offense that he had against backup competition last week.

We know that Moore was good but not great in the starting role against Tampa Bay's first-string defense. Now the Miami coaches have to see how Tannehill does against Carolina's first-string defense. Coaches can then have an apples-to-apple comparison of both their starter candidates against first-string defenses.

That's important because Phiblin would like to go into next week week's third preseason tilt with his quarterback decision made.

And that meant Tannehill had to face starting defenders before next week. Put another way, the Dolphins could not have been certain that Tannehill would face starting-caliber competition tonight if Moore started. Philbin has said he does not contact opposing coaches before preseason games to set play-time plans so he couldn't be certain the Panthers would keep their starting defense on the field beyond one series.

It also helps Tannehill that he's been quite good in practices since joining the team and has shown improvement with each passing week. That's the reason I told you Monday not to be surprised to see Tannehill start against Carolina.

And having said all this, we have to take a very long look at this evening.

Remember that Tannehill starting tonight doesn't mean he's won the starting job by any means. So we must survey the landscape after tonight to see what we see.

If Tannehill plays exceedingly well but Moore does not, that will make Tannehill the favorite to open the season as the starter because David Garrard (out probably another two weeks) is out of that starting picture.

If Moore plays out of his mind and Tannehill struggles, then Mooe will be the favorite to be the starter because coaches will likely believe the rookie simply isn't ready yet.

The gray area will be if both Tannehill and Moore play out of their minds. Or both struggle. Then what?

If both deliver similar performances tonight and we're basically all tied up in the quarterback competition going into next week then Philbin may not be able to have his clear-cut starter by the third preseason game as he hoped.

At that point, the two players will continue to be evaluated -- even into the coming game -- until somebody takes the job. This scenario also raises the possibility Garrard gets the opportunity to start the first or second regular-season game because, remember, he was leading this quarterback race when knee surgery sidelined him.


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Again someone has a horse in this race.

Moore is Inconsistent, Yet if T-Hill struggles today he shouldn't be the starter.

If T-Hill struggles today that just makes it 4-1 in favor of T-Hill.

Who had a better Training Camp? Better Scrimage? Better Game 1? Better Practice?

So if Moore does good today he's automatically the Starter. Please Explain. He hasn't outperformed the Rookie at any point. Unless u go way back to the OTA's. And Really OTA's. Even during the OTA's Moore wasn't the Best Qb on the Team.

I understand if the Decision was between Garrard and T-Hill. But between Moore and T-hill it shouldn't even be close.


I make my living gambling. Trust me, I know the odds very well.

Joe Philbin is best suited to be a circus clown. He brings to the Miami Dolphins a high school football resume.

In South Fl Jeff Ireland is as popular as Fidel Castro. Scum bag Ireland and circus clown Philbin will lead the Miami Dolphins to another losing season.

explanations tonight.

Tanne 3 TD today

Tanny wasnt even good in college losing 6 games as a senior. He'll implode and Moore will be the guy for the near future.

Has anyone noticed how important the numbers 8, 9, and 17 have been this offseason?

1. Garrard's # is 9, Moore's is 8. 8 + 9 = 17(Tannehill)

2. Tannehill picked #8(Moore's # and guy he replaces) overall

3. Garrard(#9) declared unable to start against Tampa Bay Thurs Aug 9th. Game was Friday Aug 10th

4. Tannehill #17 has been announced tonight's starter Aug 17th.

Guys, all of this incuring with these specific numbers is strange. Is it coincidence or fate? LOL

the performance of each are going to say who the best

Than start the WR that he feels comfortable with. Why not start Pruitt Wallace Bess Hogan.

The SMF needs to f--- off...You Jet fans only wish you were'nt already trying to replace your Sanchise QB....He's a joke for a QB & everyone knows it, including his joke for an headcoach......

at the end we all want to win. Here is some jets? or patshit?

Maybe even the football gods themselve have gotten so bored of our longterm ineptitude at qb. That with devine intervention they forced Tannehill to lose 6 games his senior season just so he would fall right into our laps in the draft.

And not even Ross and Ireland would be allowed to screw that up. LOL

I believe Moore is more experience and more. Ready to start and win now!


Ur Numerology is Correct. T-hill is also 1 better than henne. #17 to #7

and T-$izzle might be the 17th qb After Marino.

Hopefully the Stars align again for this franchise. I'm With U YG.

Weedon isnt looking so good right now. Browns are kicking themselves in the asss right now for not taking Tannehill instead. Thx football gods! LOL

Dashi @ 6:07,

Youre wrong baby. Henne #7, Tannehill #17 17 - 7 = 10.
Tannehill = 10 times better than Henne. LOL

Armando's said nothing of a live blog tonight.

Some fans are as excited about Tannehill as they were about John Beck and Chad Henne,

I told U Pop's was going to be a bust. He's 29 and comes from a Spread System he only played in 2 years. Plus who had better Wr's in College? Same reason Barkley and L.Jones won't succeed in The Nfl. They played on College teams that were loaded on Offense.

Weeden is a System Qb and The System is not WCO.

The other one we have to look at is the #1 and #2 picks. I hope RG3 turns out to be good. But History shows when the First 2 picks are Qb's in the Draft, 1 of the 2 is a Bust.

kris, vio, fin4life, craig moron and darryl will all be eating cat litter about being wrong on the T.

Actually, though it's not saying much, I was more excited about John Beck than I was about Henne. I had watched Henne's entire career at Michigan and saw zero.

I didnt get to see much of Beck in college, just saw he put up huge numbers being a system qb. Most times taking a 2nd rd qb youre not going to get much sha-bang for your buck anyway. Its usually more wishful thinking than real hope.

Weeden looked darn good last night. Dont know if T Hill is as good as him.


Youre dead on buddy! I made a post yesterday, of the top 3 qb picks(Luck, RG3, Tannehill) T-hill had the least offensively to work with. I didnt even include Weedon. But youre right because Weedon had arguably the best wr in college football.

Was watching a repeat of Cowboys Vs. Raiders and thought it was funny listening to Gruden talk about what a great Coach Cowboys OC Bill Callahan is. How innovative he is and what a good O mind he has making him a perfect compliment to J.Garrett. I wonder IF Gruden has ever been critical or honest as a commentator? I would expect him at the very least to be honest and the color man he was hired to be by saying something more truthful like,

"He was my OL Coach and Al Davis thought he could do the job until I clowned their A S S E S in the S.B. running a carbon copy of the Offense I installed not an imaginative bone in his body"

Seriously, J.Gruden wants to be the next Madden but is such a FAKE A S S PHONY he has become difficult to listen to. He better hope ESPN keeps the Monday gig a 2nd fiddle affair cause if not he'd be the 1st to go, LOL!!

Anybody have a website (other than thefirstrow.eu) for tonight's game?? I DO NOT want to miss Tanne's first start! Can somebody help me out??

Sacked @ 6:20 PM,

Are you out of your mind(Weedon lastnight)? Weedon did nothing but checkdowns all night. Espn as much as reported Browns oc feels Weedon has "a long way to go" and they dont think he's ready to have a steady diet of throwing the ball downfield just yet.

That's why they had him throwing safe passes(checkdowns) all night.

The Hatfields and McCoys are on History Channel right now. Im out. LOL

I never questioned Tannehill's talents.

I took issue with his inexperience and how high he was drafted. I took issue with him sitting and having to learn for a year or two.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope he's ready tonight and throws 4 TD's(that's my prediction ;)

I will GLADLY eat a pound of cat litter, Crow, Dog Meat.......Christ, If he throws 4 TD's I will wash it all down with some Paint Thinner.

Tannehill! Tannehill! Tannehill! Tannehill!

Awriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight MIAMI!!!!

I watched Weeden in the Fiesta Bowl head to head Vs. A.Luck and while Okla. St. won I was not impressed. There were what on paper (stat sheet) looked like 2 long T.D. passes to Blackmon but if you saw the game you knew he threw both passes right into a zone D and was lucky to have Blackmon snatch them out of the air and Big Boy everybody to the finish line. In the NFL both those passes get picked. I thought the guy stunk in honesty and posted it plenty, so not surprised by his performance and what a pickle Holgrem paints himself in.

odin @6:31

I felt the same way about Tannehill, I watched his Pro Day from College Station were S.Mariucci ran him through drills and thought he had great potential but was weary of the long wait for the Pro turn over.


Good Point on Weeden.

I said it from the git go. If anything, Blackmon deserves ALMOST ALL the Credit Weeden got!

If Blackmon can avoid the Diva Pitfalls and get his head screwed on straight, he will be a Force To Be Reckoned With!

since we have very little chance of seeing the dolphins in the super bowl this year, anyone not named tannehill should be carrying a clipboard going forward.i'm not so worried about tannehill,what i really want to see is 2-3 of these young wr's make some plays.

Saw a replay of the jest-bengal game & tebow told the sideline reporter that tony sputterano's offense was really exciting.good thing he's in good with God or lightning may have struck him dead right on the spot for that lie.


Youre correct, Blackmon saved Weedon's asss on many occassion. Blackmon had over 1700yds recieving. A good many of those yard, as you put aptly put it, he "big boy'd" his way to excellence.

Weedon clearly was a product of Blackmon's talents. It isnt even close trying to compare it the other way around.

fin4 and his bf vio already starting to weasel out over their bad take on tannehill. no surprise. now they are 'clarifying' their position.

how convenient ;)

Don't get me wrong - Tannehill's okay. I just think Henne is better and got a bum deal from Ireland...so please value my input!

As finfans, in the end we may all have to come before the football gods and bow in unisom for them suffering Tannehill to lose 6 games his senior season.

If not, he'ld definitely be a Cleveland Browns right now instead of Miami Dolphin. All hail the football gods! LOL

I would love to see Tannehill go into Carolina and steal Cam Newton's thunder tonight. LOL

Vipbox.tv - Tom Brady's favorite Website to watch other teams play.

YG, I'm with U on that I wasn't convinced with Henne. The Guy lost to Appalachian State as a Senior. Where is Mike Hart now? Jake Long made both of their Careers.

I like to think the Fins had to draft Henne in order to take Long. Jake is worth the Multiple Picks. The Man is The Wall for a Qb. I believe Half of Henne's salary was automatically given to Jake in his Rookie Deal. Jake held the Player Option to keep henne this year and he didn't.

Also if the Qb competition has anything to do with who's Wife gets along with the Wife of our best Player?

We all know T-Sizzle and his better half have the Moore Family beat. Just look at Hard Knocks for Proof.

5 things that excited me about sparano's offense:

1-dominant o line play
2-continued use of the wildcat as it gained .0005yds per carry
3-all the passes (2 in 4 years i think) out of the wildcat formation
4-superior use of the last 2 minutes before the half and the end of the game.
5-the lingering endearing image of the fist pump field goal maneuver.

postscript on the sparano era(error):
the ghost of woody hays called sparano to tell him his dolphin offenses were boring.

Live blog up

I NEVER had a BAD take on Tannehill and IF you read anything I posted you'll remember me saying I watched the Pro Day from College Station which is a pretty distinct name for an Athletic College Complex. I said he had the goods but had things to work on like selling play action which West Coast GURU Mariucci ran him threw plenty also needed work on his accuracy in the flat which we all saw coincidentally on his 1st Pro Outing.

I was however critical and still will be of Jeff Ireland even if Tannehill turns water into wine!!. His MESSIAH Fats Tuna said that he was instrumental in every draft after 08 and IF you take the FAT MAN at his word then the grade is a BIG FAT F!! I could go on and on from passing on Calais Campbell for Merling, P.White over Maualuga, passing on the 2010 trifecta at T.E. with another 3rd Rd bust this Yr in his Marshall pick ect...

You can blind yourself to death if you deem fit but it is a FACT and LA VERDAD that there are exactly 4 players drafted since 2008 that are CONTRIBUTING on the Dolphins roster with only J.Long at a high level!! That makes for some young nucleus, NO???

hello everyone, where can I watch the game live online?
Please help.

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